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🌐 | Isao Harimoto is struck by the women's boxing cove.

Photo Isao Harimoto (Tokyo Sports Web)

Isao Harimoto is struck by the women's boxing cove, and on the net, "Apology like Mr. Harimoto"

If you write the contents roughly
After that, he apologized in response to the protest of the Japan Boxing Federation.

Isao Harimoto (XNUMX), a baseball critic, will make a live appearance on "Sunday Morning" (TBS series) on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Japan Boxing Federation

Japan Boxing Federation(Nihon Boxing Renmei,British: Japan Amateur Boxing Federation, JABF) in JapanAmateur boxingIs the competition governing body of.Japan Olympic Committee,International Boxing Association (AIBA),University Sports AssociationIt is a member of (UNIVAS). Renamed from Japan Amateur Boxing Federation on April 2013, 4, formerMinistry of educationJurisdiction.


Before establishment

Japanese boxing historyThen it corresponds to the current JABFAll Japan Amateur Boxing FederationEven before the inauguration of, an amateur boxing tournament was held.1925 (Taisho14) The 5st National Student Boxing Championships were held on May 16th and 18th.The host organization at this timeYujiro WatanabeIt was founded.However, the Student Boxing Federation at that time was not a well-defined organization.The second competition was held on November 11th and 14th of the same year.These two tournaments triggered the establishment of a well-organized amateur organization.[1]..In the following year, the movement to establish an organization became active among student athletes, andKeio UniversityThe YaMeiji University OfKintaro UsudaPreparations for the establishment of a full-scale new federation have begun, centered on Kanjiro Izumi and others.[2].

After establishment

1926 (Taisho 15)May 7At, the opening ceremony of the "All Japan Amateur Boxing Federation" was held with "".The president of the student federation is Yujiro, and the president of the amateur federation isImperial Japanese ArmyLieutenant general OfBunjiro HoriuchiWas appointed[1].

1926 (Taisho 15th year)May 11On the 28th, the 1st All Japan Amateur Boxing Championship was held (the venue is the same as the student championship).Yasukuni ShrineSumo ground)[3].. Next day1927 (Showa2 years) In JanuaryDainippon Athletic AssociationYujiro Hanma was appointed as a director of this sports association.[4]..In addition, on June 6th,Aoyama Kaikan"The XNUMXst Keio Battle" was held between Keio University and Meiji University[4]..In the fall of the same year, a boxing competition was added to the 4th Meiji Jingu Athletic Meet, and three groups, the Amateur Federation, the Student Union, and Dainichiken, participated.[5].

Dispatch of athletes to the Olympics

1928 In October (Showa 3),OlympicIn order to play, Ishikawa's three members have completely changed the rules of the Amateur Federation.Furthermore, in order to fill in the deficiencies of the organization, the National Student Boxing Federation was first renamed to the Kanto Student Boxing Federation, the Kansai Student Boxing Federation was established in Kansai, and the All Japan Student Boxing Federation was newly established from these two organizations. ..The student championships are also held in both Kanto and Kansai, and the winners compete against each other to determine the student champion.On June 3, the same year, the 2st East-West Opposition All Japan Student Championship was held at Kudan. It was held from July 6th to August 17th, 1928 (Showa 3). NetherlandsHeld in AmsterdamAmsterdam olympicAnd with the efforts ofFuji OkamotoAnd Usuda were dispatched.However, from the amateur side, there was a rejection reaction because Usuda and Watanabe were involved in professional boxing.As a result, the forces trying to boost boxing won, and Usuda and Watanabe became able to participate in the Olympics.[6]..However, this led to a worsening of the relationship between professionals and amateurs.

Women's official recognition

2001 (HeiseiSince 13), the international competition for women's amateur boxing will be held.2002 JABF certified women in (14) and held the first women's boxing tournament "6st Tokyo Tournament" in June.Next time2003 In (15), from March 3th to 15th, in TokyoHino cityThe "1st All Japan Women's Amateur Boxing Tournament" was held in.Not only practical competitions, but also "acting competitions" that boys do not have were held.[7]..The All Japan Women's Championship became the Japan Championship from the 2010th in 8 and was renamed to the "All Japan Women's Amateur Boxing Championship".

2008 In (20)World Women ChampionshipFor the first time, a player was dispatched from Japan.In addition, women's boxing has been added2010 Asian GamesAlso dispatched.Will be similarLondon OlympicsHowever, he was defeated in the World Women's Championship, which also served as a qualifying round, and no one could be sent to this tournament.

Currently, national level tournaments are limited to the All Japan Women's Championship,2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIt was a hindrance to strengthening towards.Therefore, in the federation2013 From (25), the new tournament "Women's Boxing Challenge MatchWas newly established, and the firstKorakuen HallAnnounced that it will be held at[8][9].

Holding elementary and junior high school student competition

Until now, JABF has limited athletes to high school students and above, but due to requests from instructors, it has become a direction to hold a competition called "child boxing" for elementary school fifth graders and above.[Annotation 1].

Participation qualification is required to have more than one year of practice experience and to have a certain level in shadow boxing.The game will be 1 and a half minutes 1R for elementary school students and 3 minutes 2R for junior high school students[10].. Prefectural level competitions will be held within 2009,2012 (24) February 4Hino City Citizen's Forest Fureai HallHeld the 1st All Japan Childhood Boxing Tournament at[Annotation 2][11].2014 From the 26rd (3)National Under Junior Boxing TournamentWas renamed to.

Currently, the tournament at the elementary and junior high school level is sponsored by the Japan Kids Boxing Association.National Chibikko Boxing TournamentFrom 2008 (Heisei 20), the professional boxing world will play a central role.National U-15 Junior Boxing TournamentIs also held.Some prefectural federations have already held competitions for elementary and junior high school students.

Melting snow with a professional

As mentioned above (#Dispatch of athletes to the Olympics), Since the exchange with the professional boxing world has been in conflict over participation in the OlympicsAnnual commendation playerIt has not been officially held except for the joint commendation, and especially since the mid-1990s, there was a de facto disconnection between professionals and amateurs.Athletes aiming to turn professional were also excluded from the strengthening designation[12].

In addition, it was virtually not allowed for amateur officials to come into contact with professionals in any way, let alone the conversion of former professional players to amateurs and professional amateur exchange games.In the past, there were cases where amateur player registration was suspended and a trial was reached because he participated in a professional exhibition in junior high school.[Annotation 3].

It was a pro-Am relationship where such a cold situation continued for a long time,2010 (22)Akira YamaneBecame Vice Chairman of JABF in the same year at a party celebrating his inaugurationJapan Professional Boxing Association(JPBA) Inaugurated as ChairmanHideyuki OhashiShake hands and promised mutual cooperation[13].

In addition, even at the time of the disconnection, there was no player-level exchange such as sparring between the Japanese Olympic athletes and the world champions, but it was rarely made public and was tolerated.It became an officially recognized form, and the state of sparring was taken up in the boxing media.

In addition, some JPBA member gyms are also affiliated with JABF and are also engaged in amateur activities, but in the official JABF game, the place of work of the athlete is treated as belonging instead of the gym name, and JBC license holders are prohibited from entering the second. Was[Annotation 4].

February 2011, 23 (Heisei 8),Hidekazu AkaiIs decided to be the first applicant of the amateur boxing instruction qualification according to the rules that allow professionals to return to amateurs.

August 2013, 2,Yuta MurataThe need to conclude a gentlemen's agreement with professionals was discussed in response to the issue of professional conversion.[14]..The day before, I received a suggestion from JPBA Ohashi that "the acquired gym should donate the strengthening fee to the federation."[15].. JOC (Japan Olympic Committee) Although there is a consignment from[16]According to the research report of the third-party special investigation committee established by the JOC, boxing competition is the lowest among the Olympic competitions in the 2010 ordinary income and the 2012 competition group rank by the JOC, which is the standard for the allocation of reinforcement costs. Received a level evaluation, the financial scale of the federation is said to be about 5,446 million yen[17][18], The federation is spending strengthening expenses on training camps and overseas expeditions to train players[15]..The federation has stated that athletes strengthened with national funds are the property of the federation, and will establish internal rules regarding prohibition of direct solicitation and guarantee of life after athletes retire.[14], The bylaws of the amateur rules were stipulated at the general meeting on May 5, the same year.These bylaws came into effect on July 26, the same year.Registered athletes must submit in advance a pledge to comply with the Amateur Boxing Charter, Code of Ethics, Amateur Rules, Competition Rules, and Bylaws of Amateur Rules, and apply if they are solicited by a professional or if they are competing for compensation. book(Professional aspirations) Must be submitted for federation approval[19][20][21][22]..After that, at the emergency executive committee held on July 7, it was resolved not to require registered athletes of Under Junior (elementary and junior high school students) to submit a written oath.[23][24].


Has international qualifications in the 1990sUmpireThe number of referees has decreased, and the dispatch of referees to international competitions has been stopped, and the differences in the criteria for judging matches between Japan and overseas have become noticeable.Akira YamaneWas appointed Vice Chairman in 2010, and the qualification of referees and overseas dispatch were resumed.[12], Along with actively dispatching players and officers to international games, representative players of major international competitions have come to be decided through selection meetings.[25].. Next day2011 When he became chairman in (23), he started reforming the federation centered on internationalization with the motto "Athletes play a leading role".[25]..It was decided to fully introduce the AIBA official rules at the domestic competition as well.The 81st All Japan Championship will be the first tournament to adopt the same rules, and will be adopted sequentially thereafter.Equipment for official gamesWinningFrom 2012 (Heisei 24)ア デ ィ ダ スWas changed to[Annotation 5].

In 1992, the Olympics changed from a national representation system to a continental representation system.Barcelona GamesSince then, the number of Japanese national team players has dropped sharply,[26], 2012London OlympicsThen, for the first time in 5 tournaments, 4 people will secure a representative slot and participate[12]..Before the tournament, we also adopted attempts such as dispatching players to South Korea on a match-style expedition.[27]For the first time, achieved the result of winning multiple medals in one tournament[12][Annotation 6]..Yamane was able to achieve good results at the London Olympics due to reforms such as dispatching athletes to international competitions and increasing player reinforcement costs.67th Gifu National Athletic MeetOn October 10, the same year during the event, at the National Athletic MeetGifu Industry HallUnanimously appointed chairman for life at the board meeting held in[29]In December of the same year, the Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) was elected Chairman of the Year for the annual award that was newly established to thank and encourage the people concerned, taking advantage of the breakthrough of Asian boxers.[30][31].

Professional organization established by AIBA in February 2013APBApproved to establish a specialized committee to consider involvement in[32]..In addition, due to the change in AIBA rules, the rules will be revised in domestic games after July 7st of the same year.The main changes are the adoption of the 1-point method (a deduction method with a maximum of 10 points, avoiding 10 to 10 scoring. Conventionally, an addition method).CSRTo abolish TKO (the referee minimizes stops), abolish headgear in adult men's games, allow up to 3 seconds (previously 2), and limit the age of participating players to 41 years The day before the birthday (previously the day before the 35th birthday)[20], One-day soft contact lenses are declared and allowed to be worn.


From 2012 (Heisei 24), it was approved to remove "amateur" from the organization name and change the name to "Japan Boxing Federation", but due to problems such as procedures, the name change for the year was postponed.[33].. On February 2013, 2, in light of the increasing number of organizations that remove "amateur" from the name worldwide, "Amateur" was held at an extraordinary general meeting.Japan Boxing FederationThe name change to "" is decided.It will be implemented from April of the same year[34].

From April 2013, 4, it was transferred to the Japan Boxing Federation.[35].

Tournament match

2013 (Heisei 25)/10/7 Akihito the Emperor-Michiko EmpressBut,Hino City Citizen's Forest Fureai HallHeld at68th National Sports FestivalTo visitBoxing competitionBoy's sectionLight flyweightAnd flyweight semi-finals total 4 games,Akira YamaneI watched the game while receiving the commentary[36]..There is a spectacle match in which Emperor Showa watched the boxing of the national polity, but this is the first spectacle match of Emperor Akihito.[37].

Accusation from 333 people concerned against Akira Yamane

2018 May 6, "Meeting to revive Japanese boxing" by volunteers of the prefectural federationAkira YamaneIt became clear that we are seeking support for the "request for withdrawal" [38].

May 7, Prefectural federation officials, university boxing club,National High School Athletic FederationNara judgment from 333 people including officials and former Olympic athletesAccusationIn response to the accomplice, he pointed out 13 items such as "incitement and concealment of misappropriation of athlete subsidies", "opaque exclusive sale of match gloves", "systematic referee fraud in official matches", and "suspicion of assault by Chairman Yamane". The shape isJapan Olympic Committee-Japan Sports Association-Ministry of education-Sports Agency-Japan Sports Promotion CenterWas sent to[39][40][41][42]..However, on the Yamane sideMay 7, Federation officialWebsitePosted a counter-thesis saying "There are many parts that are different from the facts"[43],afterwardsMay 8, Yamane announced his resignation from the chairmanship at the recommendation of his family, but he denied these allegations until the end.[44].

"Japan Boxing Revival Association" demands the expulsion of Yamane and the dismissal of all directors[44], Next day2019 May 2As a result of the meeting, Yamane's expulsion was officially confirmed.

Successive presidents

Major competitions

Senior section

Junior section

Under Junior Division


Seniors and juniors follow the ranks set by AIBA, but ranks above the middleweight division are often not held due to the thinness of the athletes.

On the other hand, for under juniors who are not under the jurisdiction of AIBA, the classes for elementary and junior high school students and for both men and women are set independently.Under junior (old child) classification by weight (PDF) See.


Retirement advice
Permanently will not be allowed to participate in domestic games and AIBA-related games, including the Olympics.After retiring from active duty, it is possible to return to the amateur world. 2013,Yuta MurataWas applied for the first time.Murata was able to return to amateurs without accepting the recommendation because it was not binding, but he refused.[46].
De facto permanent expulsion.No involvement in the amateur world, including trainer seconds[46].


注 釈

  1. ^ In the boxing world, "boy" means high school age.
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  5. ^ However, children who are not in the AIBA category will continue to use Winning products.
  6. ^ For the good results of this tournamentAjinomoto National Training CenterAlso contributes to the stabilization of[28].


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