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🌐 | Morning Dora, Yui Okada's line of sight is suspicious day by day.

Photo Yui Okada

Asadora and Yui Okada's line of sight is suspicious day by day.

If you write the contents roughly
On the official website of "Come Come-", it is explained in the introduction of Yukio's character that "for some reason, I have mixed feelings about Yasuko."

Yui Okada, the new maid of the Pheasant family, has appeared this week in the NHK TV series "Come Come Everybody". → Continue reading

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Camu camu

Camu camu(scientific namemyrciaria dubia) IsMyrtaceaeEvergreen shrub.Peru OfAmazon riverBasin熱 帯 雨林It is produced in Japan and is called by names such as Camu camu, Camu Camu, Camari, and Camo camo.For closely related plantsJabuticabaAnd(English edition)There is.


The tree height is about 3m.flowerIs white, shiny and fragrant.leafIs a few centimeters to 20 centimeters long and 1-2 cm wide.It grows naturally on the water's edge. The name "camu camu" is when fish eat this fruit that has fallen into the water.OnomatopoeiaDerived from.

fruit TheCherryIt has a reddish purple color like.Actually about 100mg per 2800gVitamin CIncluding[1],this isLemon50-60 times that of fruit juice.Besidesamino acid OfValine-Leucine-SerineAndFlavonoid,Ellagic acidEtc. are also included[2]..The fleshcitrusIt has a sweet and sour taste likeSoft drinkIn addition to being processed intoice cream,ConfectioneryAlso used for.In addition, powdered or encapsulated pulp is available in developed countries.healthy foodIt is sold as a product, and is especially exported to Japan.Research on the nutritional function and active ingredient of camu camu has not been sufficiently conducted, but research on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects[3][4]There is.In recent years, experiments using hypertensive rats have suggested that camu camu may have a blood pressure-suppressing effect.[5].

Wild camu camu has long been used by indigenous peoples, but only recently has it been cultivated.Alberto FujimoriCultivation was encouraged as part of the then president's agricultural policy.It is easy to cultivate and grows well in hot and humid climates.It likes water such as along rivers and can withstand floods. It bears fruit in 4 to 6 years.

Recently, the use of wild camu camu has increased so much that it is threatened with extinction, and cultivation is encouraged locally.Until now, the Peruvian government has banned the export of plants such as raw fruits, trees and seeds, except for processed real products.2004 With special permissionLake Hamana Flower ExpoThe tree was released for the first time in.Now downstream of the AmazonBrazilHowever, it is cultivated, and Brazilian seeds and seedlings are now available in Japan.


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  2. ^ Fracassetti D, Costa C, Moulay L, Tomás-Barberán FA (2013). “Ellagic acid derivatives, ellagitannins, proanthocyanidins and other phenolics, vitamin C and antioxidant capacity of two powder products from camu-camu fruit (myrciaria dubia). ”. Food Chem 139: 578-588. two:10.1016 / j.foodchem.2013.01.121. PMID 23561148. 
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  5. ^ Hiroyuki Tanaka, Osamu Kashimura (2014). “Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) on the expression of endothelial nitrogen monoxide synthase (eNOS) protein and angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) receptor protein in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Impact ”. Nutrition magazine 72 (1): 33-40. two:10.5264 / eiyogakuzashi.72.33. 

外部 リンク

Black robe

Black robe(Kurogo) iskabuki,Ningyo JoruriThen, he appears on the stage under the promise that he cannot be seen by the audience, and as a guardian, he is in charge of helping actors and puppeteers, handing props to actors, and lowering them from the stage.It is also a special black costume that they wear.KurokoAlso called (Kurogu).

KurokoAlso called (Kuroko), "Kuroko" isJapanese alphabet, "Kuroko" is a syllabary, and both of them are not correct, but they have become commonplace and have become popular (originally written as "Kuroko" and "Kuroko".moleRead).

Kuroko in Kabuki

Kind of black robe

There are two types of Kuroko in Kabuki.

  • Kuroko who becomes an actor
    An actor wears a black costume and assists the performer on the stage.The contents include quick change of costumes and assistance for dressing up.PropsHanding over (tools), removing unnecessary items and corpses on the stage, etc.DifferenceManipulating butterflies, birds, mice, human souls, etc. attached to the tip ofPlush DollI sometimes manipulate animals.These black robes are often handled by the disciples of the actors who are assisted and the supporting characters who do not appear in the scene.guardianshipAlso called (Kouken).
  • Kuroko who becomes a prop
    PropsThe person in charge wears a black costume,Stage equipmentWhat to operate.The content is laid on the stagescreenRemoval andback groundThere is a conversion of.PropsAlso known as (Odogu).

Kuroko in different colors

It is a promise that the black robe cannot be seen, but depending on the scene, the black color may be rather noticeable.Therefore, there are different colors of costumes, and blue costumes are used for sea and waterside scenes.Hagoromo(Namigo) ・ White costume for snow scenesYukiko(Yukigo).

慣用 句

The meaning of "Kuroko / Kuroko" has changed from the original "person who is supposed to be invisible" and "person who is not supposed to be there". It is sometimes used to mean "a person who does not give out" or "a person who devotes himself to the back".


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外部 リンク


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