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🌐 | Ruriko Kojima "I wasted two years" criticized the remarks "Excuse me" "I'll tell you"

Photo Ruriko Kojima (C) Maijitsu 

Ruriko Kojima is inundated with criticisms of "wasted two years" "I'm rude to the other party" "I'll tell you"

If you write the contents roughly
Just two years ago, in January 2, Kojima and the author of the manga "Kingdom" and "Discover the World Mystery!"

Ruriko Kojima, a talent known as "Kojiruri", has been criticized online.Kojima will be released on December 12th ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Hitachi world strange discovery!

"Hitachi world strange discovery!(Hitachi Sekai Mysterious Hakken, English name:Discovery of the World's Mysteries[1]) Is1986 May 4からTBS seriesEvery weekSaturday21:00-21:54 (JST) With the theme of each country in the worldCultureQuiz show.. The abbreviation is "Mysterious discovery!. "TV Man UnionとTBS TVCo-produced program.The main sponsor isHitachi Group.


History, climate, culture, etc. from all over the worldStrange, Mystery, and mystery, the report of the local interview will be introduced in the studio by the general moderator and the answerer in the form of quizzes and talks.1986 May 4[2]It has been broadcast for over 30 years since it started broadcasting.Longevity program.

In 2007, it was the first time for Japanese TV media to cover the ruins and natural heritage of each country for the first time as a TV program.Egypt OfmummyWe are covering the casket pulling work at the excavation site.The countries covered by the interview areJapan,America,Chugoku,France,United Kingdom,Italy,Egypt,India,Peru,Germany,Mexico[3]It goes to each country in the order of. Since the 2000s, projects that are tied up with the latest movies to be released are often broadcast.

After 2020Global pandemic of new coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, there are restrictions on overseas locations, so we are responding by increasing the number of times that the subject is in Japan from the usual year, and by appointing local residents as reporters when dealing with foreign countries.

JNNBroadcast on 28 stationsHitachi Group OfSingle sponsorIn the program, before September 1997Hitachi, Ltd.It is a program provided by one company, but since October 1997, it has been provided by each "Hitachi Group" company.In order to avoid the promotion of the company name beyond the program frame, the previous program "Hitachi TV City』Similar to the era, the description in the program guide and after the CM and the end of the previous programJunctionThen, "Hitachi" is omitted and "World / Mysterious Discovery!" Is used in the title.See also details below.. 『world Heritage』Unlike, even if the coverage is in Japan, the local affiliated stations do not participate in the production cooperation (however, the local affiliated station may produce the CM for the relevant time).

2006 May 4FromHigh definitionIt is,2005 OctoberThanstereoBecomes

The catch phrase at the start of the program is "Saturday night when the head is frolickingIt was something like.



General Chairperson

  • Hitoshi Kusano(Ex-Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) Announcer) --Program started (TBS at that time)Exclusive contract) To March 2005, he was in charge of the general moderator alone.From April 3, when an assistant (TBS female announcer) joined, "Super Quiz MasterI was appearing with the title[7], After the special episode on July 2013, 7, the name disappeared and "General ChairpersonI returned to.I have been the general moderator from the beginning of the broadcast to the present, but if I have been the general moderator after April 2022, 4,Panel Quiz Attack 25』, Served as a general moderator for 36 years from the beginning of the broadcastKiyoshi KodamaBreaks the longest moderator record in the history of quiz shows in Japan.In addition, most of the times from the beginning of the program to the present, "See you next week in a mysterious world"To conclude the program.


Performer positions that have been established since 2005.Initially, a female announcer from TBS was in charge alone, but since June 2019, 6, it has become a two-person system with Okada.

  • Mai Izumi(TBS announcer) --Appeared from 2009.
  • Kei right Okada(Masuda) --After working as a semi-regular answerer, appeared as "SP Assistant" in "2019 Specials" broadcast on January 1, 19.At this time, he was in charge of one shot, but he officially became an assistant from the broadcast on June 1500th of the same year, and has appeared regularly since then.[Note 1].

Past assistant

  • Maya Kobayashi(TBS announcer at the time of appearance) --Appeared from 2005 to 2008. The program was dropped at the same time as leaving TBS.
  • Yu Kobayashi(TBS announcer at the time of appearance) --Representative when I was absent from the flood.

Regular answerer


  • Tetsuko Kuroyanagi --Appeared from the first time.In this program, he appears in kimono almost every time.
  • Makoto Nonomura ――Although you have appeared from the first time, the first stage is semi-regular. Regular appearance from the broadcast on April 1991, 4.


Guest answerers were initially writers, etc.Cultural personや中高年の芸能人が主だったが、2000年7月のリニューアル以降は20代・30代の芸能人が多くなった。1997年8月9日と8月16日、1998年7月25日と8月1日の4回[9]Is a publicly recruited audience (both)Social studiesTeacher) participated.

Regular performers

Mystery hunter

The program's own reporter, "Mystery Hunter," will interview overseas and ask questions, and proceed in the studio.Hitoshi KusanoIn contrast to the above, female actors, talents, models, announcers, etc. who belong to theater companies are mainly acting, but there are cases where men are acting depending on the content.The first mystery hunterFukumi KurodaAnd the most appearances areTakeuchi Hainan River.

  • 1992 broadcasts in 300[2], 2002 times in 800[10], In commemoration of the 2013th anniversary of 1300, a public recruitment of mystery hunters was made.The 300th is 2 people, the 1992st on May 5, 9[9]2 peopleEgyptI interviewed.In the 800th time, two people eachPeruとルーマニアInterviewed on January 2003, 1 Special[11][12]Broadcast on TV, one of the 300th episode and two of the 1th episode later appeared several times. 800 times each 2 peopleセネガル,India,MexicoIt was interviewed and broadcasted in a special episode on December 2013, 12.
  • Six people were selected from the open call for participants in 2014 as well, and as the first part of the 6th meeting on December 2014, 12.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Italy,GuatemalaAs the second part of the 3th session on January 2015, 1, the three people in charge ofCosta Rica,Thailand,IndiaEach of the three people in charge of was broadcast.
  • 2010-hour special on October 10, 23[13]In addition to the usual mystery hunter, regular performers including the moderator and guest performers went to the site and interviewed[14]MoreLater.

Successive mystery hunters

Guest mystery hunter

Male mystery hunter

The 300th Anniversary Public Offering Mystery Hunter

  • Ashikaga Uzume
  • Yoko Yamashita

The 800th Anniversary Public Offering Mystery Hunter

The 1300th Anniversary Public Offering Mystery Hunter

Mystery Hunter University Recruitment 2014 Open Call

  • Aya Ito
  • Yumi Sasaki
  • Naoki Fujikawa
  • Yuri Maeda
  • Rimi Yamazaki

Quiz rules

March 1986, 4-March 19, 1986

There are 4 questions.Gold coinGold dust bag containingGarimpeiro) Have 10 pieces in advance, and bet a gold dust bag from among them at the time of answering according to the confidence in the answer, if the answer is correct, the bet Galinpeiro will be doubled, and if the answer is incorrect, the bet Garinpeiro will beConfiscation(Boschut). If you get 20 or more, an object that represents the equivalent of 10 written as "10" will be set up in the answering seat.Also, if you answer the question specified by Kusano (mainly the final question) from the middle, you will get 10 "Large Artisanal Mining" in addition to the bet.The number of possessions will be carried over to the next appearance and will be carried over.

If the number of acquisitions reaches 50TravelingAcquired (Seven Wonders of the World Travel).On the contrary, if you lose all of them, you can borrow 10 of them, but at that time, the name of the performer on the answering plate will turn red.If you lose that much and become "minus 10", you can play harsh punishment games by overseas locations such as "thrown into a snake", "put in jail", "sell wind chimes on the beach". have to receive. If the number reaches 50, the answerer who received the punishment game with minus 10 will be restarted from 10 from the next appearance due to the following problem.

March 1986, 10-March 4, 2000

The number of questions is also 4 questions.In place of the gold dust bag, the mascot "Hitoshi-kun Doll" modeled after the moderator Hitoshi Kusano has appeared (the doll is).GarimpeiroI carry it on my back).The answerer had three "Hitoshi-kun dolls" and one "Super Hitoshi-kun doll" representing three "Hitoshi-kun" who would get the correct answer, for a total of four.

At the time of answering, bet one of "Super Hitoshi-kun" (3 pieces) and "Hitoshi-kun" (1 piece), and if the answer is correct (correct answer), the bet amount of "Hitoshi-kun" will be the score. Exchange "Hitoshi-kun" for 1 normal Hitoshi-kun and "Super Hitoshi-kun" for 1 normal Hitoshi-kun dolls.At that time, the companion attaches a gold dust bag to the "Hitoshi-kun" doll and moves it to the space in front of the answering seat.If the answer was incorrect (wrong answer), the bet "Hitoshi-kun" was confiscated (Boschut).

"Hitoshi-kun," who has scored once, cannot be used for betting again.

The top prize will be decided by the number of Hitoshi-kun dolls acquired at the end of the quiz.HomeIt will be an award). If all 4 questions are correct, the number of Hitoshi-kun dolls will be 6, and "PerfectYou can win "Prize" (The answerer is only the prize of the top prize, and the viewerTravelingInvited by lottery).However, in order to avoid becoming the top with only one question of Super Hitoshi (= 1 Hitoshi), the conditions and criteria for winning the top prize are the highest performers who have won 3 or more out of 6 Hitoshi dolls (HomeWas set as the answerer).The top prize was related to the theme of the quiz, and the brand products, crafts, and folk crafts of the country of coverage were presented.In some cases, it was a sponsor of Hitachi's electrical appliances.

March 2000, 7-March 15, 2005

The number of questions was reduced from 4 to 3, and the conversion of "Super Hitoshi-kun" was also reduced to 2 "Hitoshi-kun dolls".Therefore, the perfect number is 4 dolls.The condition for winning the top prize (the condition for not being the top with the correct answer only for Super Hitoshi above) has been abolished, and if two or more top prizes of the same number appear, it will be the top prize at the same time.Due to a major change in the quiz production, the 2-second thinking time that had been used up to that point was cut, and after asking the answerers for hints to Kusano, the answer was changed to open immediately with the SE sound. ..

March 2005, 4-March 9, 2008

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the start of broadcasting, the viewer will vote for the answer that seems to be the correct answer from the program format in which the answerer challenges the quiz and aims for the top prize, and the prize will be given to the viewer. do(Viewer participation program)TelegonChange to format.The top award has been abolished, and TBS announcer as an assistantMaya KobayashiJoined the facilitator.

ModeratorHitoshi KusanoCalled himself "Super Quiz Master" from this year[7], If the answers of 6 people are divided into 4 or more types, select 3 from them and select them.TelegonSelect 1, 2, or 3 options.Kusano's act of selecting this telegong option (excluding answers that are too far from the correct answer) is called "master's choice."However, if the answerer's answer is within 3 types, "Masters Choice" will not be selected. After "Master's Choice", the answerer who wrote the selected option chooses one from "gold", "silver", and "copper" Hitoshi-kun dolls according to his confidence in the answer.However, this does not affect the score or prizes, it is only for reference when voting by telegong.Since there are cases where all the answerers are incorrect, 4 "No correct answer" is also available.Character font colorDigital broadcastingAccording to the color of the remote control of the receiver, 1 is "blue", 2 is "red", 3 is "green", and 4 is "yellow" character fonts. As of April 2006, there is no interactive service that allows you to choose an answer via digital broadcasting.

Questions that are given in 3 choices are also given, but in that case there is no 4 "no correct answer".The same applies to the problems raised in "Audience Only! Last Question". From June 2006, 6 broadcastTeledomeBecause the service was switched to, not only NTT East / West subscriber phones, but also NTT East / West subscriber phonesMobile phoneYou can now participate even in such cases.Before the rule of this period, when the rule was to bet Hitoshi-kun dolls and Super Hitoshi-kun dolls and compete for points, the wrong answerer was'boschut'in the sense of'confiscating'the bet dolls. Although the Hitoshi-kun doll had nothing to do with the score and only showed the confidence level of the answer, the wrong answerer, Hitoshi-kun doll, still said "Boschut" and restored it.The correct answer, Hitoshi-kun doll, continued to appear irreversibly before entering the VTR of the next question.

March 2008, 4-March 5, 2012

From April 2008, in addition to the telephone voting format up to that point, the format for competing for the top prize for the first time in three years has been revived.Answerers bet gold, silver, and bronze Hitoshi-kun dolls according to their confidence in the answer, and if they answer correctly, they can get 4 points for gold, 3 points for silver, and 3 point for bronze, respectively.In other words, it became a form close to the rule betting "Hitoshi-kun doll" and "Super Hitoshi-kun doll" before March 2.There is no deduction for incorrect answers.Regardless of whether the answer is correct or incorrect, you cannot use a doll of the color you bet once.In other words, if the answer to 1 questions is perfect, it will be 2005 points.And since there is no rule like the condition for not being the top with the correct answer only for Super Hitoshi mentioned above, for example, the answerer who answered only one question correctly for the question bet gold and the question bet silver and bronze respectively. Respondents who answered only two questions correctly were like the top prize with a tie.In addition, Master's Choice has been abolished (that is, in Telegong, you can choose from a maximum of 3 choices (3 choices), which is the sum of all the types of answers given by the answerers, plus "no correct answer". All correct answers will be boshed as before March 6).In addition, the display of the score status is different from the format in which the Hitoshi-kun doll is placed before March 1, and the score is displayed in numbers on the monitor, but now, in addition to this, every time the quiz ends (in the middle of the process) When the score status is announced (the final result is announced) and the score status is displayed on a small screen at the bottom right of the screen (the number of correct answers 2-7 (perfect) is the top prize).

From the broadcast on December 2008, 12, the quiz rules have been retained, and the telephone voting format for each question introduced in April 20 has been abolished.The gold, silver, and bronze Hitoshi-kun dolls have numbers of points that can be earned, such as 2005, so that the points earned by each answerer can be seen at a glance.The doll bet by the wrong answerer was returned as Boschut, but the doll bet on the question answered correctly by the correct answerer was not restored and was left out until the end of the program.Therefore, the meaning of Bosch-to is revived.If you answer correctly, the number part on the head of the bet Hitoshi doll will blink and turn on later, and immediately after the final result after the quiz is announced, only the answerers who achieved the top prize and perfection won. The number on the head of your doll flashes.Also, since the monitor screen that was under the floor of the previous studio set has disappeared, every time the quiz ends (score status in the middle) and when the top prize is announced (final result announcement), the monitor screen and the sub screen at the bottom right of the screen There is no longer a format to display the score status, and the assistant verbally announces the progress score status and the final result.Before the final notice of the program, there is a viewer present quiz (viewer-only last question) in the form of a telephone vote.

From the broadcast on March 2011, 3, it is the same to bet gold, silver, and bronze Hitoshi dolls, but the score display is now displayed on the number panel installed in front of it instead of Hitoshi dolls. ..In addition, an answer system was introduced, and an answer VTR, answer woman, answer man, etc. appeared in the studio for each problem, and a system to explain the problem in detail appeared.Along with this, the "correct answer" when announcing (displaying) the correct answer to the question was changed to "answer".

Program 25th anniversary special project

In October 2010, a three-week special project was broadcast to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the program. On October 25th and October 3th, all the questions were three choices, and all of them were viewer present quizzes in the form of telephone voting.

On October 10, the same year, a two-hour special (23:2 --19:56) was broadcast.All the performers of the program at that time landed in Hawaii, and while interviewing the two teams of answerers and the moderator, they gave a telephone voting quiz for the viewers.After that, based on the results of the interviewHitachi treeA special set was set up in front of the group, and the team of answerers held a televoting-style quiz showdown.In addition, the diary of the mystery hunter also covers the local elementary school.I drew a picture to decorate a special set with elementary school students and gave a telephone voting quiz.

October 2012, 1-

From the special episode broadcast on January 2012, 1, "Super Hitoshi-kun Doll", which was once abolished from 28, has been revived, and the score display has been revived by Hitoshi-kun Doll, and the rules have been changed again to those before 2005. Was done[16].

1 point for normal, 3 points for Super Hitoshi.In other words, if you get 3 correct answers and 5 points (2012 special version, 4 questions and 6 points), the perfect prize winner and the viewer will be invited to travel abroad by lottery. Since the 2012 special edition has one more problem, the number of normal Hitoshi-kun dolls that can be used will increase by one.Although the rules have been returned to the middle of 1, the conditions for winning the top prize have not been restored, and not only the correct answer for only one question for Super Hitoshi (= three Hitoshi) but also one question for Normal Hitoshi. Sometimes you can win the top prize just by answering the correct answer.

The unused Hitoshi-kun doll is stored in the box next to the answerer's seat.The Hitoshi-kun dolls that can be obtained by answering correctly are preset in the space in front of the answerer's seat, and the Hitoshi-kun dolls for the points earned will appear.In the previous rule using Hitoshi-kun and Super Hitoshi-kun, the respondent moved the bet doll to the place where the score is displayed as it is, but from this rule, preset dolls will come out. The doll bet by the correct answerer remains out and disappears in the same way as Boschut after or before entering the VTR of the next question.In addition to the top prize, Crystal Super Hitoshi will be presented to the answerers of the Perfect Award.


If the answer is incorrect, BGM will be played and Artisanal → Hitoshi-kun doll will be confiscated in the form of being sucked into the answering seat.About this confiscationModerator OfHitoshi Kusano TheBoschutIs called Kusano's nickname, "HBK(Hitoshi Bosshoot KIt is also the origin of "usano)" (originallywrestlingGroupWWEProfessional wrestler,Sean MichaelsNickname "Heartbreak Kid (Heartbreak Kid)HEart Break Kid) ").

Artisanal mining → Hitoshi-kun The appearance of the doll being sucked in is similar to a dust chute, so "Confiscation"When"Dust chuteIt is a coined word that is multiplied by.When there was an inquiry from the viewer, he explained that it was "a combination of" confiscation "and" shoot "."Originally, there was a meaning to confiscate Artisanal mining (before using Hitoshi-kun doll) and Hitoshi-kun doll, which would be scored if the answer was correct, bet by the wrong answerer.However, Boschut continues even after the time of the rule when Hitoshi-kun dolls are no longer related to the score and even after the bet dolls do not move to the place where the score is displayed.

Hitoshi-kun doll design

The first person to plan and design this dollMonchhicIs also the author ofYoshiharu Washino..It was very expensive to meet the conditions of very elaborate uniforms and props, a swaying design, and durability that could be dropped from a certain height during Boschut, and each one was handmade. In 2008, in commemoration of the 1000th broadcast, piggy banks, swing figures, swing mascots, mascot straps, etc. for each Hitoshi-kun doll were commercialized.

Hitoshi-kun doll (basic form)

First generation: October 1986-March 10, 2005
It is a two-headed, swinging doll.ExplorerWearing a costume, a map on his left shoulder, a hammer on his trouser belt,GarimpeiroI carry one on my back.
Hat on the head (Pith helmet), And the initials on the front are "H"(HItoshi) characters are drawn.
The color of the hat, clothes and trousers is cream.
2nd generation: April 2005, 4-Present
The basic design of the costume is the same as the first generation, but it has changed from two heads to three heads, and it is no longer a design that shakes the head.Also, I no longer carry Artisanal mining, the color of the buttons on my clothes changed from black to red,bodybuildingThe pose has changed from a double biceps-like pose to a pose of "Mysterious, Discover!" Performed by Kusano.
As mentioned above, due to the appearance of "Gold, Silver, Bronze Hitoshi-kun Doll" due to the rule change, only CG animation such as the opening appeared for a long time until January 2012, 1.With the rules returned on January 21th of the same year, a new second-generation figure was finally produced.

Super Hitoshi doll

First generation: October 1986-March 10, 2005
The color of the clothes is the same as the Hitoshi-kun doll, but only the hat and trousers are red.The Hitoshi-kun doll carries one Artisanal mining bag, while the Super Hitoshi-kun doll carries two.The mark of Artisanal mining on the front of the hat on the head (TutankhamunIllustration) imitating the golden mask of.
Second generation: April 2, 2005-August 4, 9
The above-mentioned mark drawn on the hat of the Super Hitoshi doll was changed to the letter "H" in gold without carrying the Artisanal mining on his back.
At first, the second generation had only CG animation as well as Hitoshi-kun doll, but a figure as a prize for the answerer who later achieved the perfect award (Trophy) Was produced.
3nd generation: April 2012, 1-Present
Due to the rule change, a new figure was produced.The costume design and color are the same as the second generation, but redCloakThe word "SUPER" is drawn in gold on the hat.

Gold, silver and bronze Hitoshi dolls

  • Due to the rule change in April 2005, a new Hitoshi-kun doll wearing three-color costumes has appeared.Of these, the gold and silver Hitoshi-kun dolls were later mirror-finished.
  • The doll is already set in the answerer's seat and can be taken out by pressing a button.

Crystal Hitoshi doll

  • From April 2005, a skeleton-type Hitoshi-kun doll, "Crystal Hitoshi-kun Doll," will be presented to the correct answerers of the quiz for viewers.Later, the answerers who achieved the Perfect Award were given the "Super Hitoshi-kun Trophy".
  • From January 2012, 1, Crystal Hitoshi, who will be presented as a perfect prize, has been changed to the "Crystal Super Hitoshi-kun Trophy" wearing a clear red cloak (however, the actual gift will be presented to viewers. The same crystal Hitoshi-kun doll as the prize of).
  • Since April 2020, due to the influence of the coronavirus, the Crystal Super Hitoshi-kun trophy has not been presented when perfect is achieved.


Theme song

  • First generation: Program start-2003,Koshibe NobuyoshiComposition
  • 2nd generation: 2004, the first arranged version
  • 3rd generation: 2005-CurrentlyShinya NaitoArranged version by arrangement


Until June 2012, 6, various copyrighted songs were used for the ending theme, and they were changed every 30-2 months.

The song broadcast on October 1986, 10 uses the song used for the ending talk (the song that flows from the announcement of the top prize to the ending scene of the studio. This song is different from the opening theme song, but the composer is the same). Was there.

(* Since the time described in the note used the song used for the ending talk as it was for the next notice and the end roll, it flowed longer than the normal time)[Note 4]

Ending theme

"Hitachi World, Mysterious Discovery!" Ending theme song
Song titlesingerPeriod of use
1. Love is energyAkiko Kobayashi1986/4 / 19-1986 / 10/4
2.Akemi Ishii1986/10 / 18-1987 / 12/27
3.ONE HEARTNakamura Ayumi1987/1 / 10-1987 / 4/25
4.Chiyono Yoshino1987/5 / 2-1987 / 7/11
5.Jurokuya MonogatariNaoko Kawai1987/7 / 18-1987 / 9/26
6.Blue RainCheckers1987/10 / 3-1987 / 12/26
7.HoldCCB1988/1 / 9-1988 / 3/26
8.Price Of LoveBon Jovi1988/4 / 9-1988 / 6/25
9.SEASONTetsuro Oda1988/7 / 2-1988 / 9/24
10Misato Watanabe1988/10 / 1-1988 / 12/24
11HoldChiharu Matsuyama1989/4 / 8-1989 / 6/24
12Why don't you say you like itCarlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe1989/7 / 1-1989 / 8/26
13Akemi Ishii1989/10 / 14-1989 / 12/23
14Forgive meTakuro Yoshida1990/1 / 6-1990 / 3/31
15Holding handsYakushimaru Hiroko1990/4 / 14-1990 / 6/30
161990/7 / 7-1990 / 9/29
17Toshinobu Kubota1990/10 / 13-1990 / 12/22
181991/1 / 5-1991 / 3/30
19SING LIKE TALKING1991/6 / 1-1991 / 7/27
20Tokyo Latin SenoritaBlast slump1991/8 / 3-1991 / 9/28
21Eikichi Yazawa1991/10 / 12-1991 / 12/28
22THE LOST LOVEKadomatsu Toshio1992/1 / 11-1992 / 3/28
23Yumi Tanimura1992/4 / 11-1992 / 6/27
24Glass MemoriesTUBE1992/7 / 4-1992 / 9/26
25Wilson Phillips1992/10 / 10-1992 / 12/26
26LADY BOOGIENakamura Ayumi1993/1 / 9-1993 / 3/27
27.ALIVEMitsugi Kurosawa1993/4 / 3-1993 / 6/26
28BluebirdMiki Imai1993/7 / 3-1993 / 9/25
29MAYBEFumi Hisamatsu1993/10 / 16-1993 / 12/25
30The reality you want to breakZYYG1994/1 / 8-1994 / 3/26
31That sky againCHASE1994/4 / 9-1994 / 6/25
32Mayuki Hiramatsu1994/7 / 2-1994 / 9/24
33Matsuzaka Akiko1994/10 / 8-1994 / 12/24
34apricot1995/1 / 7-1995 / 3/25
35Morooka Nahoko1995/4 / 8-1995 / 5/27
36On the streets of midsummer ~ WILD BOY at 3:XNUMX am ~Eisaku Yoshida1995/6 / 3-1995 / 7/29
37Before happinessNakanishi Yasushi1995/8 / 5-1995 / 9/23
38Last Good-byeFIELD OF VIEW1995/10 / 7-1995 / 12/23
391996/1 / 6-1996 / 3/23
40. On the earthLetit go1996/4 / 6-1996-5 / 25
41Call my nameTHE BOOM1996/6 / 1-1996 / 7/27
42. Looking for meIshikawa Yoshihiro1996/8 / 3-1996 / 9/28
43.WideShowChisato Yamasaki1996/11 / 23-1996 / 12/21
44. With my beloved starYui Nishiwaki1997/4 / 5-1997 / 7/5
45. Summer songMisato Watanabe1997/7 / 12-1997 / 8/30
461997/9 / 6-1997 / 11/1
47Love is ...Ryuichi Kawamura1997/11 / 8-1997 / 12/20
48. GinzaToko Furuuchi1998/1 / 10-1998 / 3/21
49Being swept away by the lightAnri1998/4 / 4-1998 / 5/30
50Sister of the RainbowTHE ALFEE1998/6 / 6-1998 / 7/25
51PRIDETHE ALFEE1998/8 / 1-1998 / 9/26
52THUNDERBIRDTMRevolution1998/10 / 10-1998 / 12/26
53.SMILING GIRLSMiki Imai1999/1 / 9-1999 / 4/3
54. Jurokuya ~ IZAYOI ~Megumi Kobayashi1999/4 / 10-1999 / 7/3
55GlareKoji Yoshikawa1999/7 / 10-1999 / 8/14
56. The moon of the thirteenth nightTakezen Sato1999/8 / 21-1999 / 9/25
57A small miracleJunichi Inagaki1999/10 / 9-1999 / 12/11
58RecollectionTokunaga Hideaki2000/1 / 8-2000 / 3/25
59Do You Believe In Magic?Cymbals2000/4 / 8-2000 / 5/27
60Wandering seagulls are foreverSpitz2000/6 / 3-2000 / 7/29
61SPIRITSuga Shikao2000/8 / 5-2000 / 9/30
62. Long secretHoff Dylan2000/10 / 14-2000 / 12/2
6324/7 -TWENTY FOUR / SEVEN-DREAMS COME TRUE2000/12 / 9-2001 / 2/17
64Lonely sunElephant Kashimashi2001/2 / 24-2001 / 4/21
65RiverCurly2001/4 / 28-2001 / 7/7
66Let's talk a little about loveFlower * flower2001/7 / 14-2001 / 9/29
67LiveMiho Karasawa2001/10 / 6-2001 / 11/24
68. PromisePetting2001/12 / 1-2002 / 1/26
69. Natural BeautyCORE OF SOUL2002/2 / 2-2002 / 3/23
70In motionhide2002/4 / 6-2002 / 6/29
71Tina2002/7 / 6-2002 / 8/3
72. Shiawase's sunlightKiyotaka2002/8 / 10-2002 / 11/9
73eternal whiteMAX2002/11 / 16-2003 / 1/18
74. Under the cherry treeAyano Tsuji2003/1 / 25-2003 / 3/22
75Under the same skyBetel oyster2003/4 / 5-2003 / 7/19
76. Kimino MikataBaby Boo2003/7 / 26-2003 / 12/13
77. Gentle windFuture -MIKU-2003/12 / 20-2004 / 6/19
78夢SOPHIA2004/6 / 26-2005 / 2/26
79Touch the futureSpace switch2005/3 / 5-2005 / 5/7
80MelodeaMai Hoshimura2005/5 / 14-2005 / 7/9
81GirlfriendK2005/7 / 16-2005 / 9/17
82. As it isMaki Yano2005/9 / 24-2005 / 11/26
83.I'm in LoveShinshin Brothers2005/12 / 3-2006 / 2/4
84Just a littleMakihara Noriyuki feat.KURO from HOME MADE family2006/2 / 11-2006 / 4/22
85. Sunset on the right hand Sunrise on the left handHirosawa Tadashi2006/4 / 29-2006 / 7/1
86another dayMONKEY MAJIK2006/7 / 8-2006 / 8/12
87YOUR STORYFlavor hall2006/8 / 19-2006 / 10/14
88First breathbird2006/10 / 21-2006 / 12/9
89. White cityTheSoul2006/12 / 16-2007 / 2/10
90roadGReeeEN2007/2 / 17-2007 / 4/21
91.MorenaRockamenco2007/4 / 28-2007 / 6/16
92Everyone SummerMetis2007/6 / 23-2007 / 8/11
93Heart FlowerBookmark2007/8 / 18-2007 / 10/27
94ONE ON ONEB'z2007/11 / 3-2007 / 12/22
95. Rainbow panoramaNakayama uri2007/12 / 29-2008 / 2/23
96.MY FRIENDSKELT 8 BAMBINO2008/3 / 8-2008 / 5/3
97. Shari La RilaEri Takenaka2008/5 / 10-2008 / 6/28
98WE LOVE YOU.Makihara Noriyuki2008/7 / 5-2008 / 8/30
99. RenaissancePUSHIM2008/9 / 6-2008 / 11/1
100New songMotohiro Hata2008/11 / 8-2009 / 1/31
101With you on the clouds (epilogue)Kyushu man2009/2 / 7-2009 / 3/28
102Wake up from a dreamTHE BOOM2009/4 / 11-2009 / 6/13
103. The sky of timeEmi Tawata2009/6 / 20-2009 / 8/29
104weatherKaori Mochida2009/9 / 5-2009 / 10/31
105Mugen no Kanatahe ~ To infinity and beyond ~Makihara Noriyuki2009/11 / 7-2010 / 1/16
106It's My LifeSayuri Sugawara2010/1 / 23-2010 / 3/13
107Phantom Girl's First LoveMiu Sakamoto2010/3 / 20-2010 / 5/22
108. The sun rises againHeidi2010/5 / 29-2010 / 8/21
109roughTamurapan2010/8 / 28-2010 / 12/4
110. Tokyo KumikyokuHotarubiyori2010/12 / 11-2011 / 2/12
111. Cherry Blossom SongFujisawa Norimasa2011/2 / 19-2011 / 4/23
112Reach out for thatJunichi Inagaki2011/4 / 30-2011 / 6/25
1137COLORSMizuki Nana2011/7 / 2-2011 / 9/10
114blue skyYoung husband2011/9 / 17-2011 / 11/12
115. RiverErino Yumiki2011/11 / 19-2012 / 1/14
116.Magic ~ Let's hold hands ~Stardust review2012/1 / 21-2012 / 3/10
117. Haru ArashiCrystal kay2012/3 / 17-2012 / 5/19
118. Army Amiko! Army Amuzi!Color bottle2012/5 / 26-2012 / 6/30




Net stations and broadcast time

Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameseriesAirtimedelayRemarks
Kanto wide areaTBS TVTBS seriesSaturday 21: 00 - 21: 54Production Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido BroadcastingSimultaneous net
AomoriAomori TV
IwateIBC Iwate Broadcasting
MiyagiTohoku Broadcasting
YamagataTV You YamagataFrom the opening of the station in April 1989
FukushimaTV You Fukushima
NiigataBroadcasting System of Niigata
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting
YamanashiTV Yamanashi
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcasting
ToyamaTulip TVFrom the opening of the station in April 1990
IshikawaHokuriku Broadcasting
Chukyo wide areaCBC TV[Note 5]
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcasting
Shimane -TottoriSanin Broadcasting[Note 6]
HiroshimaChina broadcasting
Yamaguchi TV Yamaguchi
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureRSK Sanyo Broadcasting
EhimeAi TVFrom the opening of the station in April 1992
KochiTV Kochi
FukuokaRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System
NagasakiNagasaki Broadcasting
OitaOita Broadcasting
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting
OkinawaRyukyu Broadcasting

Past net stations

Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameseriesAirtimedelayRemarks
AkitaAkita BroadcastingNippon TVseriesThursday 19:00-19:54
Saturday 12: 00 - 12: 55
5 day late
7 day late
March 1995, 4-March 20, 2020
FukuiFukui BroadcastingNTV series
TV Asahiseries
March 1995, 10-March 19, 2020
TokushimaShikoku BroadcastingNTV seriesThursday 19:00-19:54
Saturday 13: 00 - 13: 54
March 1995, 4-March 20, 2020

Remarks about Internet stations

Initially it was broadcast on Saturday from 22:00 to 22:54, but1987 May 10The frame was moved from 21:00 to 21:54.The first broadcast after moving the frame was delayed by 30 minutes from the basic broadcast time due to organizational reasons.In addition, there were times when it was delayed by more than 30 minutes due to the influence of sports broadcasts.

CS broadcasting OfTBS channelThen,2004 In the same yearAthens OlympicsAccording to the eventAthensAnd the Olympic-related themes were rebroadcast.

Non-affiliated ABS / JRT / FBC started in 1995 (ABS / JRT started in April, FBC started in October).At the beginning of the non-affiliated net, Thursday 4: 10-19: 00 (at that time it was a local frame "Call! A rosy rare student !!Was replaced), but as of March 1999, the local frame for golden time was abolished in the NTV series.[Note 7]Therefore, it will be the current broadcast time.Since the program name includes a specific company name, there was no change in sponsorship even in broadcasting by ABS, FBC, and JRT (so-called staggered sponsored net).However, due to changes in the business environment and business development of the sponsor Hitachi Group, advertising and promotion activities for personal products such as home appliances have been reduced, and broadcasting on these three non-affiliated stations will be on June 3, 2020 ( It was discontinued with the TBS series broadcast on June 6, the same year).

ス タ ッ フ

  • Composition: Yasushi Nomura, Kotaro Nishizawa, Makoto Inahara (Studio) / Akihiro Ishida,Hirokazu Yamana, Morihiro Mizuno (VTR coverage)
  • musics:Koshibe Nobuyoshi / Takanori Arisawa / Toka Akasaka
  • Arrangement:Shinya Naito
  • TD: Tomoaki Yanagita (formerly CAM), Satoko Naka
  • CAM: Tatsuyuki Hirooka, Miho Kajitani, Masayuki Sato
  • VE: Hiroshi Kinouchi, Yoko Aoyagi, Shizuka Goto, Tomomi Aoki (Beauty), Yoko Sato, Rimi Minato, Yuta Kato, Ryuji Mori, Nozomi Sato
  • Voice: Hikaru Harada, Shinobu Fujii
  • Lighting: Kazuhiro Yamamoto
  • VTR: Minato Satomi
  • VTR editing: Takashi Ono, Masashi Kobe, Tamori Mizutsu, Ai Yoshida, Takeshi Magome, Ayami Takasugi
  • MA: Hiroto Morioka
  • Sound effects: Hiroko Mizoguchi
  • Title CG: Naoaki Watagawa, Takahiro Yasuda (Animation Staff Room → Liverdy Animation Studio)
  • CG: Kengo Mizutome / Yuki Kuze (MandB Design), Kojiro Osawa / Yoshinao Oguchi (IMAGICA Lab.), Yuki Miyai, Yoshiyuki Shima
  • Art Producer: Junichi Komino
  • Art design: Naoto Suzuki, Minoru Saijo (temporary withdrawal → return)
  • Art production: Michio Hirahara, Ryuji Ochiai, Miyuki Asano
  • Equipment: Masato Suzuki (occasionally in charge of props)
  • Mechanical system: Keiichi Otani
  • Illuminations: Shigeaki Serizawa
  • Costume: Takako Okazaki
  • Program promotion: Ryoji Hayashi (TBS)
  • 編成:松岡洋太・川口佳太(共にTBS)
  • Assistant director: Tetsuya Sugiyama, Kanako Kudo, Satoko Ayuba
  • TK: Naoko Abe (temporary withdrawal → return)
  • FD: Yasuto Hayashi (Park), Wakana Mutaguchi, Tsuyoshi Miyamoto, Akira Matsumura, Hiroko Fukushima (Hayashi / Fukushima → There are times of location production), Masanari Tomiyoshi, Katsuhiro Harada, Rina Shimada
  • Production Produced by: Kiku Ichii (formerly General Desk), Masayuki Iizasa (formerly Assistant Director → FD)
  • Casting: Noriko Imayama
  • Production assistant: Masanori Kusachi
  • Planning and public relations: Naoyuki Suganuma, Masanari Tomiyoshi (formerly assistant director)
  • Overseas production: Aki Kuroda
  • Overseas desks: Rie Kanai, Emi Shimomura, Ami Iwata, Yoshiko Takada
  • Location production: Masanari Tomiyoshi (formerly assistant director → production), Kanako Kudo, Akihiro Nomura, Takao Yamazaki, Akira Kito, Yohei Suzuki (Kito / Suzuki → former assistant director), Himiko Kubo, Toshikazu Sato, Masanobu Miyoshi , Haraguchi Karin, Murakami Kou, Abe Sanaka, Kobayashi Takeo (formerly FD), Grainzaki Maiko
  • Directed by: Naoyuki Suganuma (previously assistant director and producer), Noboru Takagi (formerly assistant director), Toshikazu Sato, Kanako Kudo, Akira Oshima, Taro Usuda (Usuda → FD) / Toshihiro Kato
  • Executive Producer: Toshikazu Sato, Shuichi Otsuka (formerly director), Toshiro Uratani (formerly production producer ► producer), Yasushi Iwagaki (temporary supervisor ► formerly production producer → producer → executive producer → composition / location director / director) , Ryuta Saito (formerly assistant producer → location director → executive producer)
  • Producer: Yutaka Shigenobu
  • Technical / art cooperation:TBS ACT(OldHigashidori,ア ッ ク ス,Tamco,NST,TLC, Tect),NTT Resonant,KEN ART,Kanai Scene Shop, Union Planning, Nextage
  • Recording studio:Tokyo Media City
  • Production:TV Man Union,TBS

Past staff

  • Producers: Susumu Minegishi (directed), Masahiro Nishiyori, Eiichi Triangle, Tsunehisa Kanoya, Masatoshi Nakao, Yasuo Fujii,Sasaki Taku(All TBS)
  • Organization: Naofumi Kaminari, Hiroshi Ota,Tsuyoshi Katayama・津村有紀・上田学・福田健太郎・荒井麻理子・高橋智大・矢野大亮・吉田健一(全員TBS)
  • Program promotion: Hiroyuki Kono (TBS)
  • Comprehensive production: Masahiro Nishiyori (TBS) → Masahiro Nishiyori (TBS), Naoya Nakatani → Naoya Nakatani (formerly directing) → Yukitaka Hongo (formerly assistant directing)
  • Directed by: Kei Kasahara, Ikuo Toda (all TBS)
  • Location production: Ayako Kono, Yo Ichikawa, Kazuichi Takahashi, Yoshihiro Murata, Sekiichiro Ueno, Taketo Uchiyama, Kiyogo Koyama (Murata / Koyama → formerly assistant director)
  • Assistant director: Masao Kishi, Aki Yamada (Yamada → TBS), Sadao Kokubun, Yasunishi Kabuki, Kyoichi Kuraoka, Keisuke Hattori, Tsutomu Wayama, Keisuke Takagaki, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Akiko Nakura, Tatsuya Sano, Himiko Kubo, Tomoyuki Matsuda , Toshihiko Nagi, Eitaro Yuri, Atsushi Hagiwara, Koichiro Shimizu, Kiichi Kumagai, Ryosuke Kanai, Noboru Nakajima, Naoko Miyahara
  • Venue charge: Nobuyuki Hironaka (TBS)
  • Production assistant:Hiromitsu Sugita, Junko Kanahiro, Tsutomu Wayama, Masanori Kusachi
  • Produced by: Junko Kanahiro
  • Overseas production: Yoko Hatakeyama, Megumi Kimura
  • Casting: Shiho Sato, Nami Kawamura, Yuko Ishida
  • Constitution:Masami Shimoo, Shin Maeoka, Nobuya Matsubayashi,Masanao Takase, Ichiro Tanaka, Shigeo Zeniri, Atsushi Hori,Tomoyuki Inoue, Toshiyuki Fujioka
  • TM: Toshiyuki Kobayashi (TBS)
  • Technology → TD: Kazuo Tachibana, Yoji Sato, Kenichi Kanazawa (all TBS, Sato → formerly in charge of voice), Masayuki Hirose, Yoko Hirai (formerly in charge of camera), Akira Shirai, Hiroshi Ota, Hiroshi Akimoto
  • Color adjustment → VE: Masahiro Kudoku, Tsuneo Sasaki, Makoto Yagi, Kazuo Tachibana, Takao Nakamura, Toshiyuki Takagi, Toshiyuki Tanno, Yasuaki Kurashima, Satoshi Harada, Shinji Katayama, Toru Sato, Nobuhiro Yamamori, Hideki Okumura, Hiroyuki Seto, Nao Nonomura , Tsuneo Iizuka (all TBS)
  • Video → CAM: Mototaka Nagase, Masayuki Hirose, Kuninori Yamada, Akira Shirai
  • Photo: Toshiaki Sato, Ryutaro Yasuhiko, Atsushi Suzuki, Satoru Tateoka, Tomoaki Kasai, Shoji Arai, Masami Uematsu, Ryutaro Yasuhiko, Takashi Seki
  • VE: Hiromi Tsushima, Taizo Sekine, Sadaji Kuroki, Toru Sato, Katsutoshi Ueyama, Yoshiaki Ike, Kazushi Hoshino, Hisaya Kudo, Haruhiko Iwasa, Yoshihide Ishihara, Hiroshi Miyakawa
  • Voice: Makoto Oguchi, Takeshi Sakai, Yu Sakuma (all TBS), Norihiko Kuramoto, Yurio Matsumoto, Susumu Takahashi, Shigeki Hashizume, Toru Takabayashi, Katsuya Yoshida, Osamu Oguchi
  • Lighting: Akira Matsumura, Takao Suzuki, Toyoji Tanaka, Hiroaki Ishikawa (all TBS), Kenji Umeda, Akihito Hayashi, Hironori Maida, Hisao Kato, Kazuaki Igarashi,TLC, Mitsuhiro Endo (Dome)
  • Special machine: Circle, Kenta Takizawa
  • title:Kentaro Moriya, Katsutoshi
  • Edited by Fumi Miyajima, Aki Miyajima
  • VTR editing: Kuniharu Aonuma,Takao Arai, Fukushima Kanehiro, Oishi Yasuhiro, Ukiya Yasushi, Noguchi Yoshihiro, Nakagawa Takashi, Nomura Mitsuhiro, Iwatate Toshio, Tanaka Moriyasu, Noda Tomoo, Kugimiya Fuyuhiko, Akiba Takehiro, Hara Yasuko, Matsuda Kazushige, Ito Eiji, Hasegawa Tomokatsu, Kamikaji Takuya
  • Research: Chihiro Yabashi, Ayumi Koga, Yumiko Yanagisawa, Koichiro Sueto, Miyuki Yamamori, Nao Hijikata, Yukari Hayashi, Noriko Tomita, Tomokatsu Furui, Akiko Okuma, Anna Nishikawa, Kei Kure, Atsuko Sagara
  • Assistants: Ayumi Kasama, Kaori Kurumiya, Reiko Kurihara, Saya Nishina, Ayumi Takahashi, Yuko Maeda, Asami Takahashi, Setsuko Mishima, Ayumi Maeda
  • MA: Takeshi Uematsu, Motoko Hotta, Mishiki Aza
  • Sound effects: Tadayuki Tateno, Toru Hanto, Takashi Higashiya
  • CG: Satoshi Katsutoshi, Takashi Sakurai, Kunihiko Mita, Shinichiro Yoda
  • Art Producers: Hiroo Kawase (TBS, formerly art producer), Minoru Iida (TBS Television Art Center)
  • Art design:Toshiaki Miyazawa, Hiromi Uno, Seiji Takeuchi
  • Art production: Ai Iwai, Toshio Kanano
  • Mechanical system: Toshio Kanano
  • Illuminations: Masao Fujiyama, Daisuke Ikenae
  • Props: Michiyasu Watanabe
  • Props: Yoshitaka Sugawara, Yoshikazu Usuda, Eiichi Kawahara, Eiji Furui
  • Costume: Mitsunori Hayafune
  • Tokoyama: Seiya Mizuguchi, Akira Shiga
  • Title picture:Maiko Kido
  • Makeup: Permanent Makeup Toki
  • Special Makeup: Tony's Lab SFX
  • TK: Noriko Kurebayashi, Ayako Izaki
  • Desk: Yumiko Sugiura, Fumi Miyajima, Maki Yakushiji
  • Advisor: Yukiko Kosagi (formerly assistant director)
  • Supervisor: Naoya Nakatani
  • Technical cooperation:Take Systems,Techno max,NTT Media Cross
  • Recording studio:Take studio,Tokyo Tower Studio

Books / games

  • Book "Discovering the World, Mysterious! American History Learned with Quiz" (1989 ,Shogakukan)
  • Book "Discovering the World, Mysterious! European History Learned by Quiz <Greece and Italy>" (1989, Shogakukan)
  • Book "Discovering the World and Mysteries! European History Learned by Quiz <France / Spain>" (1989, Shogakukan)
  • Book "Discovering the World and Mysteries! Seven Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" (supervised by Sakuji Yoshimura,1996 ,Gentosha)
  • Book "World, Mysterious Discovery! This is the New Seven Wonders of the World" (1997 , Gentosha)
  • Book "World, Mysterious Discovery! South America, Disappearing Golden Civilization" (1998 , Gentosha)
  • Book "Manga version of the world, mysterious discovery! The robbed Nobel Prize" (2017 ,Gakken plus)
  • WindowsGame software "World, Mysterious Discovery! Troia" (Publisher: TBS)
    With the same nameDream castIt has been transplanted (released on July 1999, 7).
  • ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム"Discover the World Mystery! Game" (1991 Release, Publisher:Epoch)
  • DVD book "World Mysterious Discovery! Naughty Panda Mysterious Discovery!" (2009 May 7Release, Publisher:Publishing culture)
    An excerpt of a work about pandas and made into a book for children.
  • Nintendo DSGame software "Discover the World Mystery! DS Find the Legendary Hitoshi-kun Doll!" (2009)May 8Release, Publisher:Flue)

About sponsors

From the 1stHitachi, Ltd.It was provided by one company (hereinafter referred to as "Hitachi"),1997 With Hitachi from OctoberHitachi GroupThe sponsor was changed to "Hitachi tree] Is used as BGM, and a commercial that shows a list of group participating companies has begun to be broadcast.This was provided by the Hitachi GroupNippon TV OfSunday 19:30This is because the sponsor frame was exchanged with.

The font of the provided telop uses Ishii Gothic.

Even under the name of each Hitachi Group company, commercials other than Hitachi Tree are basically Hitachi, Ltd. or group companies that are engaged in Hitachi's home appliances (currently:Hitachi Global Life Solutions), And the sponsorship of each group company is only the roll subtitle display in the CM of this Hitachi tree.[Note 8].

InitialCredit providedThe screen will be reduced to the lower right at the opening greeting of the moderator, and then again before the CM at the end of the first question.Blue backgroundWas displayed, but2000 From the end of May, the format was changed to animate the provided telop against the background of the image of the world landscape.After the broadcast on July 5th of the same year, the format was changed so that the provided screen is displayed at the same time as the studio screen is projected after the OP video is over. The ED is the same as before.Along with this, the CM was changed to a format that flows after the answer is announced and before the answer is announced.The pattern of the provided animation was changed in April 7 (when changing to the telegong format).

Initially, the CM frame provided was 6 minutes, but from October 2005 to the end of March 10 after the end of the main storyJunctionAt dawnHitchhikeCM[Note 9]Was broadcast, so the CM frame provided was 5 minutes and 30 seconds (including 1 minute of "Hitachi Tree").[Note 10]It was.

Since the CM frame provided from the broadcast on April 2014, 4 has been shortened to 12 minutes and 4 seconds, the rear cleats are now displayed in the lower right (when the VTR of the last question is over and the studio is switched to, "Provided HITACHI" "Inspire the Next") The provided reading was only the previous clerk.Along with this, the hitchhiking commercials were expanded, and CM30-1 came to be included in the main story as Hitachi's CM for 3 seconds each and CM90 as a 4-second hitchhiking (so-called multi-company offer frame).According to this, the CM broadcast of "Hitachi Tree", which had been broadcast at the end of the program, has moved to the middle of the program.In addition, after the posterior clerk is displayed, the program title display in the next notice etc. is not "Hitachi World Mysterious Discovery" but "World Mysterious Discovery", and the company name is off.Also, around 90, the CM of Hitachi Tree was supposed to be played twice during the program. .. Two versions are being broadcast in turn, once before 2019 and around 2.

In addition, even if the broadcast time frame is significantly expanded, such as the 2007-hour special commemorating the 3th broadcast on March 17, 1000, it will be provided by one company of the Hitachi Group, and will be sponsored by other companies.Spot CMDid not enter at all.

The overseas travel presented to viewers is "Look JTB" (JTB..Currently JTB World Vacations[Note 11]Provided by)[Note 12]..Formerly the moderatorHitoshi KusanoIntroduced "Always the newest trip. Look JTB", but TBS announcerMaya KobayashiWas replaced by becoming an assistant.Currently, it is introduced as "Look JTB for overseas travel", and Kusano himself is the CM character of "Look JTB".At the beginning of the program,Kinki Nippon TouristWas in charge of overseas travel.

As mentioned earlier, the Hitachi Group is the only commercial for this program during the broadcast time, but there are some commercials that are only broadcast during the broadcast time of this program (Digital Hi-Vision Plasma TV ""Wooo"CM etc.Available on Hitachi's website). In the special broadcast on March 2007, 3, a 17-minute mini-drama-style CM that was limited to this day was aired, in which a father who works for Hitachi and his son talk while watching "Mysterious Discovery". In the special broadcast on January 3, 2017, a special edition CM limited to this day was broadcast, which interweaves the famous scenes of two regulars in commemoration of the 1th anniversary of the start of broadcasting.

In 1996, Makoto NonomuraNihon Keizai ShimbunWas appointed as a campaign character of.On the contrary, the image of Nonomura's poor performance in this program is used to study at Nikkei.The advertisement had three types of copies in Nonomura, who read the newspaper, "Mr. Kusano, look", "Mr. Kuroyanagi, wait", and "Mr. Bando, laugh".

From 2013, only Hitachi's commercials ("Hitachi for the Earth" series) will be broadcast with subtitled lines.


World supplement discovery!
Fuji Television Network, Incof"Brain Esthetic IQ Supplement』Broadcast on July 2005, 7, the parody problem of this program was asked.
Discovering the Seven Wonders of the World Noritake Kinashi's Trip to Korea
On December 2010, 12, TBS's variety show "Ochanomizu Hakase』Broadcast in.The moderator (master) isNoritake Kinashi..The assistant is Mai Demizu (same as the original).Using the same set as the original, instead of "Hitoshi-kun doll", "Ken-kun doll" and "Super Ken-kun doll" modeled on Kinashi are used.
The answerers are Hitoshi Kusano (original moderator), Makoto Nonomura (original regular), Kazuki Otake, Masakazu Mimura, Shoko Haida / Shintaro Morimoto pair, Miyuki Oshima / Osamu Suzuki pair, Tomoko Murakami / Kazuko Kurosawa pair.
Mysterious Home Page Office Worker NEO
NHK"Office worker NEOThe news contest that was held in 2005 during the one-shot broadcasting era.Of the original mystery hunterMizusawa fireflyAppeared in the role of a reporter at the scene of the incident at Tale, and asked a question (problem) as in the program of the head family, "What on earth are you doing at this scene?" ).Katsuhisa NamaseAnswered in the same way as the original program, imitating Eiji Bando.
World Mysterious Ohacken
Nippon TV(Nippon Television News 24)of"Oha! 4 NEWS LIVE』Broadcast on December 2010, 12ChristmasSpecial project corner.The opening is the original one of the head family.The rules are the same as the head family (Hitoshi-kun doll just changed to the program mascot Ohana).The problem is a three-choice question about "what happened this year" from an overseas station of NTV (a correspondent in New York, Paris, and Cairo).The moderator is the main caster on the day of the week.Moeko SakakiIs in charge.
Host mysterious discovery
TBS variety show "To Masahiro Nakai's Friday smartphones』Broadcast in.The moderatorMasahiro Nakai..Mystery hunterShinobu Otake.. The second generation set, the music of the sinking time at that time, and the "Masahiro Nakai doll" and "Super Masahiro doll" modeled on Nakai are used.I asked four quizzes about the host industry.
Respondents were regular at the timeIijimaai,Ryoko Shinoharahe.
Discover the mystery of the world of Yo Oizumi!
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHokkaido Television Broadcastof"How about Wednesday Classic・ Broadcast within "5 nights 6 days tent life Yukon 160 km (6)".Oizumi HiroshiIntroduces "Mystery" that was discovered along the way by the mystery hunter, Kusano, Kuroyanagi, and Bando's impersonator in the same format as the program.
Discover world worries!
From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTOKYO MXInformation program ofRose color dandy』Broadcast as a Tuesday corner.The title logo resembles the head family, but the content is a corner for worries.Eiji Bando, a former regular of the head family, is appearing as a regular commentator (dandy) on Tuesday (others).Tomoko Nakajima(OriginalOthello),Takei SoAppeared).
Hentai mysterious discovery
Broadcast on August 2015, 7Fuji Television Network, Inc"Such a stupid man』Broadcast in. The BGM after the VTR was almost similar to the original one.Also, instead of Hitoshi-kun doll, a locally exposed doll (blurred on the broadcast) was used."Hentai hunter" as the role of mystery hunter in the head familySaki NanjoIs in charge.Program regular 3 quizzes about past metamorphosis casesBanana manWith two ofBakarismAnswered.
New World Mysterious Discovery!
Broadcast on August 2016, 10讀賣TV"Secret Kenmin SHOW 10th year rush SP! Broadcast in "Tozai Yakisoba Showdown & The Mystery of Osaka Shinsekai".The title used was similar to that of the head family, and the BGM in the VTR was the one used by the head family.
Audience rating mysterious discovery!
April 2017, 4 (Saturday) 22:19 --00:21 broadcast on the same station "Job tune Anno's secret secret! Popular moderators & actors and actresses gather!At 3:21, when the regular version will be broadcast on "Buchake XNUMX Hours SP on the Back of the TV", "Audience ratingWas broadcast in the corner about.Kusano made a guest appearance in this time's "Job Tune", but only in this cornerネ プ チ ュ ー ンI was in charge of the moderator on behalf of.Miki Shiraishi is in charge of the mystery hunter.
Toilet! Mysterious discovery
Broadcasted on December 2021, 1Ariyoshi's Money Discovery Charge! Kaneo-kun』(NHK) Will be broadcast as unreleased on October 2020, 10.Introducing the unusual toilets in the world, BGM is the program MC, which is used by the head family.Hiroyuki AriyoshiI was thrust into.Playing the voice of KaneoChidoriKnobAccording to him, he used it because he thought it would be a good song to watch TV.
Discover the world!
Broadcasted on December 2021, 2Wide enough for cats』(Kanagawa(Tvk)) The corner inside.World Heritage TestHas passedYusuke Negishi(Tvk announcer)[Note 13]But,world HeritageA corner to introduce.The title and direction were similar to those of the head family, and Negishi wore a hat like a Hitoshi-kun doll.
Discover more mysteries in the world!
October 2021, 5So far, Commission NP』Broadcast to.Introducing the secret societies of Russia, China and North Korea, the BGM of the head family was used.
Quiz! Discover the world!
October 2021, 5Saturday Plus』(Daily broadcast production nationwide net) broadcast within.As for the title and BGM before entering the sinking time, the one that resembled the head family was used.In addition, mystery hunterEquivalentThe role ofAkemi Masuda, RespondentsAmmica.


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注 釈

  1. ^ However, even after taking office as an assistant, it is not listed in the column of regular performers on the official website of the program.
  2. ^ As for the broadcast that Bando appeared in from January 2013, it was broadcast by editing without any reflection of Bando.
  3. ^ PresentTV Asahiannouncer
  4. ^ This time "Orient ExpressIt was a time to deal with "Travel in Europe", but it is unknown why the ending theme was not adopted.Two years later (2)Orient Express '88Was carried out in Japan, but this is not a TBS project. (* This project isFuji Television Network, IncThis is a project to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station, and was co-sponsored by Hitachi, Ltd.)
  5. ^ Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. until March 2014, 3 (the final broadcast date of 15) before the transfer to a certified broadcasting holding company and separation.
  6. ^ Broadcast on October 2010, 6 is "2010 FIFA World Cup"Japanversus NetherlandsWar broadcast (TV Asahi(Production) was broadcast, so it was broadcast on the sponsored net with a time difference of 6 days at 24:19 on June 5, the same year.
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  13. ^ Originally serving as MC on TuesdayKatsumi KobayashiIs on sick leave, so she appears as a substitute MC.


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