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📦 | Rakuten / Tatsumi Increased by 1300 million yen to 3300 million yen The challenge is "I want to grow soon"

Photo Tatsumi (provided by the team) attending a press conference after negotiations to renew the contract

Rakuten / Tatsumi increased by 1300 million yen to 3300 million yen The challenge is "I want to grow soon"

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Currently undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing right elbow joint cleaning surgery in November.

Rakuten's Ryosuke Tatsumi outfielder faced negotiations to renew his contract at the baseball team office in Sendai City on the 8th, increasing his salary by 1300 million next season to 3300 million ... → Continue reading

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October(Juichigatsu) isGregorian calendarでYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 30 days.Fall:とWinter:It may be the season that marked the border.

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheShimotsukiIt is called (momotsuki) and is nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for November. "Shimotsuki" literally means a frosty month. In addition, there is a theory that it is an abbreviation for "Oshimonotsuki," and a theory that "Mitsukitsuki" and "Suetsutsuki" are accented. There are also other names for "Kagurazuki" and "Nezuki".

EnglishMonth name in November Means "9th month" and means "9th" in Latin novem It is derived from the word.What is different from the actual month number is46 BCWas used up toRoman calendar OctoberIt means the 3th from March.[1].

September is the yearOctoberSame asDay of the weekStarts with.In normal yearsOctoberBoth start on the same day of the week.


  • Kagurazuki (Kagura Moon)
  • Kamikizuki (God return month)
  • Kenshigetsu (Kenkotsuki)
  • Kogetsu (Tsuzuki)
  • Shimotsuki (Shimotsuki)
  • Shimo Furizuki (Marbled Moon)
  • Shimo Mizuki (Shimomitsuki)
  • Tenshogetsu (Tenshogetsu)
  • Chizuki Yuki (Yukimachitsuki)
  • Yofuku (Yin and Yang)
  • Ryusengetsu (Ryusubetsu)

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  1. ^ Similarly, October, November, and December of the general calendar are the 9th, 10th, and 12th months of the Roman calendar, respectively, meaning the Latin words "7,8,10th," "7th," and "8th." "septimus", "octavius", "decimus" Derived from.

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2022 October(Shimotsuki)
365 days
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