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🌐 | "Dating with a junior actor" Eddie Peng defeats a hoax on the net and reports a trouble solution over a year


"Dating with a junior actor" Eddie Peng defeats a hoax on the net and reports a trouble solution over a year

If you write the contents roughly
Another photo is an apology advertisement published in the newspaper by Eddie Peng at the request of the company.

The management side of actor Eddie Peng (Peng Yu Akira) has recently become the source of the spread of hoaxes on the Internet ... → Continue reading

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Newspaper advertisement

Newspaper advertisement(Shinbun Kokoku) is literallyNews (Chinese)Published on the paper ofAds.

There are many general advertisements that advertise products, services, and the company itself, but there are also unique advertisements that are rarely seen other than newspaper advertisements.

Japanese newspaper advertisement

Various products and services, promotion of the company itself, etc. can be mentioned.In many cases, only the company name or product name is written in a small space, but the eye-catching one-sided (full-face) advertisement itself may be taken up in other media to obtain further advertising effect.

In addition, newspaper advertisements are expensive to publish and can be easily stored on paper, so simply appearing in newspaper advertisements may give consumers a sense of trust.Especially for one-sided (entire) advertisements made with the same appearance and design as this page.clientIt is indistinguishable whether it is the advertisement that is the responsibility of the (advertiser) or the text that is the responsibility of the newspaper company.As a result, fraudulent products are rarely posted and used for sale, such as "in the newspaper."For more informationArticle advertisementSee.

In Japan,May 10Is "Newspaper Advertising Day".

Opinion advertisement

Newspapers express their thoughts to people who advocate various principles, as many people read through them.Opinion advertisementIs often posted. MaintenanceinnovationRegardless of eachCivic groupsAiming to place an opinion advertisementCivic movementAnd so on.

Company announcement

Non-promotional information called company announcements may be posted.Of the productRecall / collectioninformation,ShareholderGuidance to, owners and foundersIntelligenceThis is an advertisement for a limited number of related parties such as product purchasers, shareholders, and business partners to notice, such as notifications of changes in internal personnel including such as.Usually, the lower 2 to 4 steps of the social aspect are devoted, and the design is often sober.

→Wei  CeSee also

Apology advertisement

Companies and government agencies apologize and apologize for scandals on newspapers.Announcement of apologyThe letters may be applied.

Relatively many are against past advertisementsFair Trade Commission Freebie display methodbased onExclusion orderIf you apologize for the issue, or if an individual is seriously damaged by a company or government agency,trialPlaintiffs may ask to place an apology ad in the newspaper[1]..This is also the lower part of the social aspect.

For apology advertisements, you can request to do this by request in the proceedings.[2], About ordering an apology ad through the court1956/(Showa 31) A constitutional decision was issued by the Supreme Court on July 7.[3].


A small advertisement with 2 to 10 lines.Originally there were 3 lines, but in recent years the number of lines has increased or decreased.in particularSports paper,Evening paperMany, mainlyRestaurant business,pachinko,Newspaper shop,Civil engineering-constructionRelationship,TaxiFor specific industries and occupations such as driversJob offerRecruitment, miscellaneous matters,Money lending businessUsed for.Also in the evening newspaperSex shopIn many cases, the advertisement alone occupies several sides.

In the example of the job offer, the minimum information such as "Construction machinery operation up to 40 years old, salary 20-50 JR ○○ station □□ Construction KK 0xx-xxx-xxxx" is posted, and other basic information Is a concise notation under the constraints of advertising costs and the number of characters[4]There are many things that do not require detailed explanation for those who specialize in that path.

Book advertisement at the bottom of the front page

Sankei ShimbunFor general paper except for, divide the lower 3 tiers on one side into 6 to 8 pieces.BookIt is devoted to the advertisement of. (Sankei does not put book advertisements on one side)

Job ads on Sunday

Weekday three-line advertisements for sports newspapers and evening newspapersJob adsOn the other hand, general newspapers are mainly published on Sundays, and often contain job advertisements that take up a larger space (2 columns, 1/8 or more).As for the type of business and occupation, major famous companies and foreign-affiliated companies, which are not found in sports newspapers and evening newspapers, often advertise, and information such as job openings is properly posted.More detailed information is posted at the same timeJob information magazineAnd job listingsWebsite, Most of them are described as referring to the website of the recruiting company itself, which shows the difference in readership.

American newspaper ad

In 2010, spending on paper advertising such as newspapers was 227 billion dollars (about 8000 trillion yen), while total Internet advertising spending was 1 billion dollars (about 9000 trillion yen). , Internet advertising spending exceeded spending on paper advertising such as newspapers for the first time[5].

Material value of newspaper advertisement

The newspaperNewspaper reduced editionAs manylibrarySince it is preserved in, it is often taken up in the subject of research as a representation of the past world.

Newspaper advertising revenue

In the case of TV commercials and magazine advertisements, the publication fee is usually prepaid, but in newspaper advertisements, it is customary that the publication fee is postpaid.In the case of newspapers, in the case of a sudden major accident, we may remove the advertisement that was planned to be posted for the purpose of forming a special paper and put the article there, and in such a case with the client The purpose is to prevent the occurrence of troubles.

As for the advertising fee income of newspaper companies, in addition to the advertising fee income of newspaper advertisements, there is also the advertising fee income of the electronic version, but it is pointed out that the advertisement on the Internet has less "good taste" than the newspaper advertisement.[6].

Next-generation newspaper advertising

August 2010, 9,Volkswagen TheIndiaProbably the world's first "posted" unique newspaper ad in.A voice chip was placed inside the newspaper, and when the newspaper was opened, the newspaper automatically spoke the advertising phrase to the reader, which was called the "Talking Newspaper Campaign."With melody in Europe, America and JapanChristmas cardThe technology is becoming widespread, but 6 million chipped newspapers were distributed to six major cities in India, which surprised readers.While there are positive opinions from the advertising industry as a breakthrough method, there are also problems.

A tip that makes a beep before the dialoguebombThere were a series of situations where I misunderstood and reported to the police, and the police phone was left on that day.MumbaiThen.Explosives disposal groupBecame a fuss about being dispatched.In addition, the newspaper that suddenly started talking surprised the elderly and was flooded with complaints that they felt sick.Other criticisms have been received, such as "I was forced to hear a 15-minute commercial during a precious and relaxing time in the morning" and "The maid was frightened that there was a ghost in the newspaper."[7].


  1. ^ To something similarLabor Committee Unfair labor practicesThere is an order to remedy about (note that this order isLabor union lawBased on Article 27-12, it is an order to make advertisements for relief, damage recovery, or prevention of future outbreaks, etc., without clearly stating that advertisements are required by law. ), This is the delivery of documents to the parties and the posting of apology documents at the workplace, etc., and the apology advertisement on the newspaper is dissatisfied with the Labor Relations Commission (and its non-order) even if the worker requests it. The situation is that it is not recognized by the court that filed the complaint.
  2. ^ What is currently clearly confirmed to be legally permitted is:Civil law723 article OfLibelRestoration,Copyright law115 articleMeasures such as rehabilitation ofUnfair Competition Prevention LawArticle 14 Credit Recovery Measures,Patent law106 articleCredit recovery measures (Practical new methodArticle 30,Design lawArticle 41,Trademark law(Applicable mutatis mutandis in Article 39), etc. (As one of the "appropriate dispositions", "necessary measures", etc. under those laws, there is the acceptance of a request for an apology advertisement by convention (or as appropriate in the conventional wisdom).)
  3. ^ Supreme Court En Banc Showa 28 (e) No. 1241 Request for apology advertisement July 31, 7 Judgment dismissed Minshu Vol. 4, No. 10, p. 7 (However, the content of the advertisement is only to confess the truth of the situation and express an apology. There are supplementary opinions and dissenting opinions in the judgment. In the judgment, about the apology advertisementCivil Execution Law171 article(At the time of the judgmentCivil Procedure CodeArticle 733)Alternative executionIt is shown that it is possible to take the procedure of (Civil Enforcement Law)172 article(Article 734 of the Code of Civil Procedure at the time of the decision)Indirect coercionWhat you do by is not completely excluded. ). )
    In addition, when requesting an apology advertisement in a lawsuit, even if the request is made as a restoration to the original state, it can be understood as a property right claim, and in this case, the value of the lawsuit is actually It is considered appropriate to calculate by the advertising cost for advertising in apology advertising media such as newspapers (Supreme Court Third Small Court Showa 28 (e) No. 1044 Request for apology advertisement August 33, 8 Judgment dismissed Minshu Vol. 8, No. 12, p. 12). (So, of courseSummary courtEven in a proceeding with a total of 140 million yen or less that can be filed in, if the total amount of the proceedings is within 140 million yen, it is possible to request an apology advertisement there. (In addition, in the case of a request to make an apology advertisement in the official bulletin, which is often seen in proceedings against local public bodies and the national government, a low cost is applied in the official bulletin () reference:Official Bulletin Publication Fee | Official Bulletin Announcement | National Public Bulletin Sales Cooperative), It is possible to request an apology advertisement for about 1 yen (22 characters x 9 lines = 198 characters, 1059 yen x 9 = 9531 yen (as of October 2019)). )
  4. ^ For example, "Company insurance = complete social security" "Complete dormitory = complete dormitory" "Severance pay (non-return) = Resume sent and not returned" "Bring a resume = Bring a resume" "Details = Details After an interview, there are "Resume is acceptable = Experienced person is better" and "Prize withdrawal = Bonus / retirement allowance available".
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