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🌐 | Tweet of screenshot image is "copyright infringement" What kind of effect does the Tokyo District Court decision have on users?

The photo image is an image of a screenshot tweet

Screenshots of screenshots are "copyright infringement" What impact does the Tokyo District Court ruling have on users?

If you write the contents roughly
"In the first place, the requirement for'fair practice'is very abstract, but it is'a case that is actually practiced as a citation of a copyrighted work in the world and is considered to be a valid case as a social sense'." It is understood that they match (Moriyuki Kato, "Copyright Law Articles Lecture 2021th Edition New Edition" / Copyright Information Center / 302/XNUMX).

Posting a screenshot of someone else's tweet is a copyright infringement.Such a ruling was last December ... → Continue reading

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Written by Moriyuki Kato


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