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🌐 | "Kamakura-den" Tokimasa Daddy's net "Kakke" [Spoilers] Pressure on the Pope in combination with Yoshitoki

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"Kamakura-den" Tokimasa Daddy's net "Kakke" [Spoilers] Pressured by the Pope in combination with Yoshitoki

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Emperor Go-Shirakawa is firmly under pressure.

The 13th "Episode of the Endless Triumph" of the NHK Taiga drama "The 19 Lords of the Kamakuraden" was broadcast on the 15th, and the main character, Hojo Yoshitoki (small ...) → Continue reading

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Emperor Shirakawa

Emperor Shirakawa(Shirakawa Tenno,1053/7/7TianxiFirst year6/19)>-1129/7/24Daiji4/7/7〉) isJapanThe 72thEmperor(reign:1073/1/18Enkyu4/12/8〉- 1087/1/3Virtue3/11/26>). The貞仁(Sadahito).

Emperor GosanjoThe first prince of.His motherMr. FujiwaraKanain styleKiminari FujiwaraDaughter,Fujiwara no YoshinobuIs the adopted daughter ofShigeko Fujiwara..To her same mother and sisterPrincess Tokushi(Emperor HorikawaNakamiya).


Emperor Go ReisenThe first of Tomiya and Takahito (Emperor Gosanjo)PrinceBorn as.Both his mother, Shigeko, and his grandfather, Yoshinobu, died at an early age, and his father, Takahito, was Kampaku.Fujiwara no YorimichiWas treated coldly.CalendarNew Year (1065/) At 13 years oldFormer clothes..4th year of the Jiryaku calendar (1068/), With the coronation of the fatherProclamationIn response, he became the Imperial Prince of Sadahito.Next dayEnkyuNew Year (1069/Standing Taishi..Kampaku later in the same 3 years (1071)Fujiwara no MorozomiAdopted daughterFujiwara no KenshiHas entered.

Enkyu 4 years (XNUMX years1072/), From GosanjoTransferBeing at the age of 20CoronationTo do.Fujiwara no Norimichi, MorozaneKanpakuEnkyu 5 years (XNUMX years)1073/) After the death of Emperor Sanjo, just like his fatherParenthoodAiming forManor arrangementFocus on such things asNagahoNew Year (1081/Usa ShrineBuilding a Shinpo Tower in the precincts, etc.[1],CustomsStrive to weaken the power of.Also, inside the regents, there is a teaching about the status of Kampaku.NoboruThere was a conflict between father and son and teacher.

Father, Emperor Gosanjo and his motherPrincess TeishiIs the half-brother of Emperor ShirakawaMitsui, And that younger brotherPrince RensukeHas the will to succeed to the throne, and at the time of the transfer, Sanehito-shinnoCrown princeI decided.Emperor Shirakawa opposed this, but there was also the will of Emperor Go-Sanjo and other aristocrats of anti-customers during his lifetime (Emperor Shirakawa has Kampaku's adopted daughter, Kenshi as the Chugū, which is a favorable situation for anti-customs politics. I had to admit this.HoweverVirtue2 years(1085/), Sanehito-shinno passed away, and as a result, Otoku 3 years (1086/In November, Emperor Shirakawa was not the Imperial Prince Sukehito, but his real child, the 11-year-old Imperial Prince Sukehito (8rd generation).Emperor Horikawa)Crown princeI made a transfer on the same day.In addition, Nakamiya and Kenko, who was the mother of Emperor Horikawa and loved by Emperor Shirakawa, died at a young age the year before the death of Sanehito-shinno.Emperor Shirakawa, who became Emperor Daijo, took charge of his own affairs to guard the young emperor, so-calledPoliticsHas appeared.After that, Sessho and Kampaku continued to be established, but the actual situation gradually became closer to the nominal existence.

However, Emperor Shirakawa did not have strong power from the beginning.He was a customs officer during the reign of the emperorFujiwara no MorozomiThere was no big difference from the regent politics in the pro-government period and the early cloister rule in the actual policy-making process, partly because Morozane did not like the conflict.Great HallAs, of Emperor ShirakawaHospital officeWas deeply involved in the personnel affairs and the construction of the Gosho).As mentioned above, the purpose of the early abdication was to succeed to the throne by transferring to the Imperial Prince Yoshihito, and the mother of the Imperial Prince Yoshihito was the adopted daughter of the teacher, Kenko. For two consecutive generations, Mr. Fujiwara became a consort kin of the Emperor's family, and it can be said that this was actually a return to customs politics.When Emperor Horikawa grows up, Kampaku opposes the emeritus' political intervention.Fujiwara ShimichiAt the same time, there was a time when he was successful for a while as a pro-government, but he also allowed this because he fulfilled the purpose of guardianship of the young emperor and because he was a priest as described later.

The major changes were the turmoil inside the regents due to the sudden death of Moromichi, the subsequent demise of Emperor Horikawa, and the 74th generation of the prince and grandson of Pope Shirakawa.Emperor TobaIt is believed that the coronation of was an opportunity.With the outage of regent politics, his father, Pope Shirakawa, began to assist the emperor in place of regent, and the reappearance of the young emperor (Emperor Toba) following the demise of Emperor Horikawa and politics. Immature young regent (Faithful FujiwaraIt is believed that the appearance of) resulted in the concentration of power.permanentNew Year (1113/) Is said to have occurredEternal strangeIn, the still-anticipated King Sukehito was driven to the downfall.

Pope Shirakawa, who seized political authority,ReceiptFrom class or samuraiA close vassalTyranny was carried out using.especiallyinvestiture-Eye removalIntervene heavily and take control of personnel rights.This is the first jimoku after Emperor Toba's practice.KajoIn the New Year's Jimoku, many of the recent lessons were assigned to the zuryō of the countries with the most fruit.Munetada FujiwaraDescribes that attitude as "thinking about the dignity of Emperor Daijo Tenno, he is already the same as the lord.[2]..After this jimoku, the personnel intervention of the institute was an unofficial document called "Carrot Origami", which was written by the emperor and others.regentMade by passing to[3]..The samurai was founded as a guardian of the instituteSamuraiAnd so on.especiallyKowa4 years (1102)Security guardNew Year (1120/,Political change in the first year of securityThe suspension of Fujiwara no Tadazane's authority twice in) showed a decline in the authority of customs clearance both inside and outside the country.Furthermore, from the lessons of Sanehito-shinno Royal Prince, for the half-brothers of Horikawa, Toba, and Takanori,ProclamationAlsoSubject descentWithout admittingPriestAnd stripped the right to succeed to the throne (HosshinnoThe creation of the system also has an aspect of consolation to them.In addition, it is a half-brother of Sōtoku.Emperor KonoeWas born after the death of Pope Shirakawa).She also said she was the first princess with KenkoPrincess YasukoWith the implication of pouring deep love into the world and strengthening the position of the young emperor, Princess Yasuko was named Emperor Horikawa.JunboageNakamiyaI made him stand up.After non-spouse (Honorable Empress) Is the beginning.Also, my cousinFujiwara no KinzokuIs a deceased childRiko FujiwaraAs an adopted daughter, and later as the Chugū of Emperor TobaEmperor ChongdeEnthroned as.Emperor Sutoku's genealogical grandfather is public, but the actual grandfather is not the deceased, but his adoptive father, Pope Shirakawa, who also plays a role in ceremonies as the emperor's grandfather.[4].

Enthusiastically believe in BuddhismKaho3 years(1096/) Was priestly priest after the death of his beloved princess, Princess Yasuko.also,Hossho-ji TempleMany temples and Buddhist statues were made, but their economic power utilized the ones received.successHas become even more rampant.

After the demise of Emperor Horikawa, he had a cloister for 74 years with his grandson, the 75th Emperor Toba, and his great-grandson, the 3th Emperor Sutoku, for three generations.Such "reigns of the emperor" who exercise political power that transcends the kingship of the emperor are referred to as posterity.Haritoku no KimiWill be called.

He died at the age of 4 on July 7, 7 (July 1129, 7).


Female relationship

Because he was a prince of Tomiya in an unfavorable situationCalendarNew Year (1065/), But the princess did not enter.EnkyuNew Year (1069/), After becoming a prince, he became a cousin in the same year.Michiko FujiwaraEntered the market, and in the same year (3), KampakuFujiwara no MorozomiAdopted daughterFujiwara no KenshiHas entered.

NakamiyaThe woman who was recorded as having a relationship with Emperor Shirakawa in the life of Kenshi was very enthusiastic about his relationship with Kenshi.WomanOther than Michiko who becameSamurai-Fujiwara no TsunekoIt is a degree, and the number is not necessarily large.After Kenko's death, she did not include a formal afterlife or nyōgo, and had relationships with many lady-in-waiters and wives who served her aides.Became the princess of her later years and had her powerGion no NyogoEven though he was born into a lower aristocrat, he was openly loved.In addition, because he gave the favorite women one after another, Emperor Sutoku and othersKiyomori TairaThe rumor that "is the illegitimate child of Pope Shirakawa" has been the cause of widespread belief since that time.

Pope ShirakawaBisexualI think it was[5]..Along with free-spirited female relationshipssodomyAlso liked it very much and was proud of his power as a close vassalFujiwara no MunemichiOr of the Hokumen no BushiMorishige Fujiwara, Are all said to be from mistresses in male sexual relations.

Three worlds

"Heike storyThere is an anecdote that Pope Shirakawa lamented, "The water of the Kamo River, the dice of Sugoroku, the mountain lawyer, and the ones that I cannot match my heart."

"Kamogawa water" has long been known as a rampage river that repeatedly floods.Kamo RiverBringFlood damageThat. What is "Sugoroku Dice"?Board SugorokuTwo ofDiceIt is the "Sai no Me" that is issued by[Annotation 1].. What is "Yamaboshi"?Hiyoshi Sannosha OfMikoshiSnow slump into the cityGosoRepeatedMt. HieiEnryakuji TempleMonks (Monk).

The Pope complained that only these three things couldn't be thought of, and eventually this became widely known as the "Three Unexpected Worlds".Today, this is often taken in the paradoxical sense that Pope Shirakawa's power was so great that he would boast that anything other than these three would be what he wanted.However, "Kamogawa no Mizu" is a "natural disaster" and "Sugoroku dice" is a "probability". Even if the name is "godly", it is actually "politics".The imperial court tried to give or donated existing incentives to other temples and shrines.ManorTheKokujiEvery time he tried to embezzlement, Enryakuji used the rampage portable shrine of Sanno Shrine as a shield to twist down the Hyakkan-na. The true meaning of "Tenka Sansui" lies in the appearance of Pope Shirakawa, who is in agony at Enryakuji Temple.


Genealogy of Emperor Shirakawa
16 The 64th Emperor Enyu
8. 66th Emperor Ichijo
17 Fujiwara no Senshi
4. The 69th Emperor Go-Suzaku
18 Fujiwara(= 22)
9. Akiko Fujiwara
19 Minamoto no Rinko(= 23)
2. The 71st Emperor Gosanjo
20 The 63rd Emperor Reizei
10 67th Emperor Sanjo
21 Fujiwara no Choko
5. Sadako's prince
22 Fujiwara(= 18)
11 Fujiwara no Kenshi
23 Minamoto no Rinko(= 19)
1. The 72nd Emperor Shirakawa
24 Fujiwara no Kinki
12 Minari Fujiwara
25 Ariakira-shinnoFemale
6. Kiminari Fujiwara
26 Chen Masaru Fujiwara
13. Chen Masao Fujiwara
3. Shigeko Fujiwara
7. Tomomitsu Fujiwara


71 Emperor Gosanjo
72 Emperor Shirakawa
Prince Rensuke
Princess Tokushi
73 Emperor Horikawa
Kakugyoho Ou
Kakuho Hoho
Princess Yasuko
Arihito Mina
74 Emperor Toba
75 Emperor Chongde
77 Emperor Goshirakawa
76 Emperor Konoe

Queen / Prince

Posthumous name, additional number, synonym

A magnificent temple called "King's Temple" in the land of Rakuto ShirakawaHossho-ji TempleWas built, and the Shirakawa Kitaden was built on the west side of the building to make it the Imperial Palace.On the occasion of his demise遺諡By yourselfShirakawainIt is said that he decided to add a posthumous name.AlsoRokujo EmperorThere is also a synonym for.After the Taisho era, the institute name was suspended.Emperor ShirakawaIs said to be.After abdicationEmperor ShirakawaIs said to be.The name of "Rokujo-in" isGrandchildren(Grandchildren's great-grandchildren)ShunrenWas posthumous.

Reigning era

Mausoleum and mausoleum

Tomb(Misasagi)Imperial Household AgencyByKyotoKyoto CityFushimi WardLocated in Takeda Jobodaiin TownJobodaiin MausoleumIt has been ruled by (Jobodaiin no Misasagi).The format on the Imperial Household Agency is Houoka.

In the neighborhood of this tomb, there is another promising candidate site for the tomb, which is here.Tomb reference siteAsImperial Household AgencyIt is the jurisdiction of.

In addition, Pope Shirakawa initially, after his deathBurialHoping to be done, he often communicated his intentions to those around him, but he was also buried.Fujiwara ShimichiBut he was in conflict with him before he was aliveKofuku-ji TempleHe learned that the monk soldiers had uncovered the tomb in retaliation and planned to humiliate the body.CremationIt is said that he ordered to do it.ThenTenei2 years(1111/), The Pope built a three-storied pagoda at the Izumiden of the Toba Rikyu as his own graveyard.However, at the time of the demise of the Pope, it was still necessary to pay the remains.JobodaiinWas not done, soKinugasaAt the foot of the mountain, the body of the Pope was attached to the cremation mound (the cremation mound is in Kyoto City).Kita OfKinkaku Elementary School(Existing near),Koryuji TempleWas once buried in.andTenshoNew Year (1131/) In July, when Emperor Toba completed Jobodaiin, he reburied the remains of Pope Shirakawa there.

othersImperial PalaceThen,Imperial palace(Miyanaka SandenIn (1), the spirit of the emperor is enshrined along with other successive emperors and royal families.

Appearance work

TV drama


注 釈

  1. ^ In recent years, a new interpretation has been made to this "Sugoroku dice". "The skill of Pope Shirakawa himself who does not improve" or "the epidemic of sugoroku gambling where the crackdown does not progress".


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