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🌐 | "Seaman" in the Reiwa era! – Appeared in a rainy day collaboration, nostalgic voices one after another


"Seaman" in the Reiwa era! – Appeared in a rainy day collaboration, nostalgic voices one after another

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"Seaman" is a fictional creature that appears in the breeding simulation game "Seaman ~ Forbidden Pet ~" released for Dreamcast in 1999.

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    Pet ~ "

    Training simulation game

    Computer game genre > Simulation games > Training simulation game

    Training simulation game(Ikusei simulation game) focuses on improving the ability of things to grow and the growth process.Simulation games..Racehorses, children (mainly daughters), orPlayer characterYou can mention yourself.baseball,サ ッ カ ーEven games of the type that strengthen the team, such as, may be included in the training simulation game by regarding "improvement" as "training".Popular nameRaising game.


    In many common games, a character's abilities are expressed numerically, and increasing the number is an important way to advance the game in an advantageous way and win.The main purpose of the training simulation game is to raise the value.for exampleRPGThen, as the story progresses, you will encounter numerous enemies, and as you go through battles, your character's abilities (numerical values) will increase, and you will be able to defeat the final enemy.In a training simulation game, not only simply tracing the story prepared by the creator, but also various events occur depending on the player's repeated choices and the resulting fluctuations in the numerical values.

    It can be roughly divided into a game whose purpose is to train characters and a game whose purpose is to conquer a tournament by training characters.In either case, when the character's lifespan has expired, the number cannot be increased any further, and the game will reach a break.Game overThe ending will be displayed according to the result, and the next training target (in some cases, the ability of the previous character may be inherited by mating etc.) will be started and the goal will be continuously achieved.Determining the timing of choosing various options in order to achieve high numbers within a limited period of time is the decisive factor in the game.

    Main training simulation games

    Person development game

    A game in which the training target is anthropomorphic

    Racehorse training game

    Sports team training game

    Fictitious creature breeding game

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