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🌐 | "Anything Zenmai" crowdfunding released, buzz on SNS to commercialize


"Anything Zenmai" crowdfunding released, buzz on SNS to commercialize

If you write the contents roughly
The product is a playful toy that looks like everything is moving with a clockwork just by sticking it with a magnet.

On May 5th, TFF is a toy that can be used as a clockwork for anything by simply sticking it with a magnet. → Continue reading

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ClockworkWas rolled upspringIs backElastic forceTo rotational motionpowerTo use asmechanism.

Since ancient timesMusic box,Tea-carrying dollUsed for etc.The material of the royal fern used to beBaleen whale OfBeardWas used, but in modern timessteelIs used.

Storage battery,Accumulator,electric motorWas widely used until it became widespread, but nowtoy,Music boxThe use of clocks, emergency radios, flashlights, etc. is limited.

In other notationsMechanical device,Clockwork,Clock work(English: Clockwork) and so on.

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