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The honeycomb structure absorbs shocks and has cushioning properties, so it is resistant to friction and scratches.

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    Honeycomb structure

    Honeycomb structure(Honeycomb Kozo,English: Honeycomb structure)Regular hexagon or Regular hexagonal prismIt is a structure in which are arranged without gaps.What is a honeycomb?Englishso"honey (Honey) ofcomb (Comb) "from"Honey bee OfnestIt means, and it was named because many beehives have such a shape.

    In a broad sense, it is not limited to regular hexagonal prisms.Solid figureArranged without gaps (3D space filling) Is called a honeycomb.

    If you make a hole in the plate-shaped material,StrengthNeeded without much damageIngredientsCan be reduced.If you increase the size and number of holes, the structure of the bar will eventually remain.Similarly, if a hole is made in the lumpy material, the structure of the plate material remains.These are honeycombs.

    Honeycomb shape

    If you make the hole smaller, the strength will increase, but the unitareaThe amount of mortar will increase.Therefore, let us consider how to make a hole with the smallest amount of bar material by keeping the area of ​​the hole constant.this is,

    What is the shortest circumference in tessellation with figures of the same area?

    It can be a mathematical problem.In addition, by doing so, it can be generalized to various problems not limited to the relationship between strength and the amount of material.

    The figure with the shortest circumference in the same areaYenIs.However, when trying to fill a flat surface with a circle, a distorted gap remains, and it is not possible to fill with a circle alone.For figures that can be tessellated,triangle,Quadrangle, Parallel hexagons, etc., but the one with the shortest circumference isRegular hexagonIs.This can be intuitively understood from the fact that the regular hexagon is the closest to a circle among the tessellated types.

    Similarly, in 3D

    the samevolumeWhat is the smallest surface area in 3D space filling with figures?

    (""Kelvin problem") Can be considered.This problemunsolvedBut the best known answer isWeaire-Phelan structureIt is a filling consisting of dodecahedrons and tetradecahedrons of equal volume called (1993Until this was discoveredTruncated octahedronWas so).However, under certain constraints (eg, the hole must penetrate, the space in question is thin, complex three-dimensional processing is not possible, etc.), a regular hexagonal prism is the answer.

    Honeycomb structure in nature


    Transport equipment

    Building material

    • Honeycomb beamSteel frameBeam material processed by cutting the web part of H-shaped steel material into a trapezoid and welding it up and down (when combined, a hexagonal sleeve is formed and equipment piping can be passed through).

    Audio equipment


    • サ ッ カ ーgoalConventionally, a grid-like net was used as the net,2000Honeycomb-shaped nets have come to be adopted for the dramatic reason that balls shot from the front and back are entangled in the net and appear to pierce the goal.
    • Thinness, lightness and strength are requiredSingle-lens reflex cameraHoneycomb structure is used on the surface of shutter curtains (particularly models that achieve high shutter speeds).
    • Digital cameraThen,FujifilmBut"Super CCD Honeycomb"CCD image sensorAdopting technology.This is a system that uses an octagonal CCD element.
    • glassesIn the lens of, Rebra Co., Ltd. (formerly Sakusan Optical)[1]There is a high-performance lens Revra: Revra with "Netspek Coating (NP coat)" from the company.This is because a metal film with a honeycomb structure is attached to the lens surface to create a dimming area for light with different transmittances, which causes light to interfere with each other. And high contrast.
    • Honeycomb structures at the atomic level are also considered, where the hexagonally bonded carbon is combined with other hexagons to create a cylindrical structure that produces the strongest bond in any atomic bond.This new material is "carbon nanotubeIt is about half as light as aluminum, 100 times stronger than steel, and twice as hard as diamond.This material is said to be one of the materials needed to create an elevator to go to space in the future.


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