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🌐 | Takeru crying in the defeat on the net "Don't retire" "Because I ask you to continue kicking" Voices wishing to continue active duty

Takeru Segawa takes down the left hook of Tenshin Nasukawa (right) once in the photo = 1th

"Don't retire" "Keep kicking because I ask" to Takeru who cries in the defeat

If you write the contents roughly
It was the first defeat in 3668 days, and Twitter said, "Let's see it yet ~~~", "I want you to retire", "Because I ask you to continue kicking without retiring or switching to other competitions", the K-1 champion further Many voices expecting a fight are written.

19-23 to Tenshin Nasukawa (0) at "THE MATCH" (5th, Tokyo Dome), which was named "The Battle of the Century". → Continue reading

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