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🌐 | "Pumps" with the image of Eva will be released, and fans will pay attention to the degree of perfection


"Pumps" with the image of Eva will be released, and fans will pay attention to the degree of perfection

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The pumps released this time are based on the image of Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Shikinami Asuka Langley, Kaworu Nagisa, and Makinami Mari Illustrious.

Fashion brand "mayla classic" is the character of the popular anime "Evangelion" ... → Continue reading

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Ayanami Rei

Rei Ayanami(Rei Ayanami) is an anime "Evangelion" series.[Note 1]andCartoon version of the same workA fictional character who appears in.Voice actor TheMegumi Hayashibara.


Common to anime and manga versions

One of the heroines.Evangelion (EVA)Unit XNUMXpilot..The boss is the chief of the NERV Strategic Operations Department, Operations Bureau, Section XNUMX.Ibaraki Misato..Hairstyle is a light blue shortcut.

  • Date of birth: unknown[Note 2]
  • Blood type: unknown[1]
  • Age: X NUM X[1]
  • Affiliation: NERV /EVA Unit XNUMXExclusive pilot[1], 3rd New Tokyo Municipal 2st Junior High School XNUMXnd grade A group

Old century version

A slender girl with fair-skinned red eyes.Evangelion Unit 1 Pilot (XNUMXst Eligible Person =First Children). He was seriously injured in the accident of the start-up experiment of EVA Unit XNUMX, and appeared in a bandage when it first appeared.[2]..All past careers have been erased[1], the largestkey personPlays an important role as.


He doesn't show his emotions, is quiet and always expressionless,Hideaki Anno"I just don't know how to express emotions," he says.当初はat firstGendouI was open to onlyIkari ShinjiBy meeting him, he deepened his ties with him, gradually showing various emotions, and budding what could be called an ego.

pessimismHe has a sparseness of existence that is different from that of the other, and declares that "riding Eva is everything, nothing else", and resolutely manages whatever dangerous mission he has without taking care of his own life.I think that riding Eva is the only way to connect with others, and I value the "bonds" with others that are built by it, and I am trying to find out the reason for my existence.[1].


Old housing complex ("New Theatrical Version: Introduction"Third New Tokyo CityMunicipal housing No. 22 Construction staff housing complex No. 6 "), living alone in room 402.The room isExposed concreteA murderous landscape with a patterned wallpaper.The curtains are closed from daytime, with only a small amount of light.In my room, only the minimum necessary items for daily necessities and home appliances are placed, and there are no ornaments or furnishings.He is the only one who possesses and stores Gendou's glasses that were broken during the start-up experiment of Unit XNUMX.There were no scenes where he wore plain clothes, and in many cases he was active in school uniforms.

I hate meat[Note 3]So, when I went to eat ramen once, I ordered garlic ramen without char siu.[Note 4]..It is unclear if he recognizes it as a hobby, but he is often depicted reading, such as reading the original genetic engineering book written in German.

Alternating current

Although she rarely interacts with others in her daily life, she does not consciously avoid it and is attributed to her personality of not having more conversation than necessary.[1]..However, after the second episode, the tears shed involuntarily make me feel unconsciously lonely.

Ikari Shinji
At first, he didn't show any particular interest, but after he smiled at Shinji in Operation Yashima, the name changed from "you" to "Ikari-kun," and he gradually became more open and conscious.[1]..Shinji is involved in most of the facial expressions that appear to be manifestations of emotions such as worry, blush, embarrassment, surprise, anger, and sadness that are shown in the play, and unlike Gendou, Shinji treats him as an equal person. Eventually, I began to have special feelings that could be taken as love, and I got what I should call an ego.Then, in contact with the apostle, he notices the desire to be with Ikari with tears for the first time, but he self-destructs with the apostle to help Shinji.After that, he was revived by another body, but he did not inherit his emotions, and he returned to the original way of dealing with him, such as becoming "you", and when Shinji knew the truth, he was separated again.
However, maybe that feeling remained, in the old drama version, in response to Shinji's rage, when he left Gendou saying "Ikari-kun is calling", he returned to Lilith and headed for Shinji, and he told the future of humanity. I entrust it to and show the way.
Ikari Gendou
At first, Ray was the only one who opened his heart and trusted him.It was a source of soul, such as keeping Gendou's broken glasses in a safe place, smiling and showing a conversation.[1]But I also realized that I only saw myself as a substitute doll or tool.[3]..Still, it seems that it was an important existence for Ray, and the image of Gendou is flashed back in the event of a suicide bomb.
In the movie version, when he reacts to Shinji's rage, he leaves behind saying, "I'm not your doll," betrays Gendou, and leaves him.
Soryu Asuka Langley
Ray showed little interest,AsukaFrom now on, they are called First, Honor Student, and Doll, and their credibility as the same pilot and their intimate relationship with Shinji gradually lead to hostility that is close to jealousy and hatred, and the relationship worsens.I advise when Asuka's sync rate begins to drop significantly, but it results in anointing the fire, which is incompatible in the end.[4].
Kaworu Nagisa
After meeting him as an apostle, the third Ray realizes that he is closer to an apostle than a human being.[3].

the truth

There are many mysteries about the origin, and at least because there is a description in the script decision draft that Ray that appeared in 2010 is "looks 7 years old but 5 years old"Yui IkariHe was born in 2005, the year after his death, and has grown faster than a normal human being.

Born in the 3rd branch of the artificial evolution laboratory in Terminal Dogma, he spent his childhood.The light and water that make up Rei's deep psyche are strongly influenced by this place, and it's because of this that the room in the housing complex where Rei lives is bare concrete and looks bleak.[5].

Naoko Akagi, who saw her childhood appearance, is so similar that she recalled Yui at a glance, so Yui'scloneIt's easy to think that the soul is Lilith's soul, and the body was obtained from Yui's salvage left behind in EVA Unit XNUMX.[6]..Therefore, although the body can be said to be a copy of Yui, it cannot be said to be a clone.

There are many soulless Ray clone floats in the underground plant located at the Central Dogma, and if Ray dies for any reason, he will be revived by transferring his souls to those new bodies.Since the memory was backed up regularly, the memory that was last saved in the previous body is passed on to the next body, but the emotional aspect is not saved, and as a result, the emotions associated with the memory are inherited. Absent.However, it is said that there is a reverberation of the soul, for example, when the third Ray shed tears.The soulless body is used as the core of the "dummy system" for activating Evangelion without a pilot, and Rei Ayanami's personal system is also used.

Three Rays appeared in the film, and the first Ray was before NERV changed his name from Gehirn when he was a little girl.Naoko AkagiTo her, she told her the secret of Gendou as it was, and she was in a rage.StranglingBe done[Note 5]..Shinji first met Rei, the second person in the story of the second pick-up.Aluminum SaelThe third person to appear after suicide bombing in the war.This resets the way Shinji is treated and returns to the original state, but in the movie version, when he reacts to Shinji's rage, he returns to the name "Ikari-kun" like the second person and heads for Shinji.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2According to 』, Adam and Lilith also serve as guideposts to guide the soul when making a third impact and invoking the complementary plan, so Zele has Adam's soul.Kaworu Nagisa, Gendou secretly prepared Rei Ayanami, who has the soul of Lilith.Gendou was planning to have Ray-Lilith lead the soul of mankind to the first machine (Yui).

There are also scenes where Rei talks to Lilith, who is deep in her heart, and Lilith, who is crucified underground and is only a physical body.And because her soul was transferred and became Rei Ayanami, she has almost no memories of when she was Lilith, and the reason she can't keep her body as Rei Ayanami for a long time is because of her original self. It is said that it is because it is not a physical body.

Comic version

In contrast to the anime version, it is depicted as a human character in every sense.In addition to calling it "Ikari-kun" from the beginning, there is no depiction of Shinji blaming the anime Gendou, and since Operation Yashima, a depiction showing a more intimate attitude toward Shinji has been added. ..

The love for Shinji, which was only glimpsed between stories in the anime version, is clearly thought of in the manga version.[7]..In addition, Shinji is also in love with Rei, and the setting that the two were in love with each other leads to the final story.

When Shinji visited for the second time, he tried to bring Shinji home and make tea, but in fact he had never made it before, so he didn't know the proper amount and was trying to add a heap of tea leaves.Also, when Asuka is asked to accompany Misato in the base where there is a power outage because it is "convenient to walk in the dark", he simply refuses because it is not related to him, but Asuka gives it to Kamochi. There are also comical depictions, such as worrying about the letter entrusted to Shinji.

There are also depictions that Gendou seems to care about himself and actually realizes that he is thinking about another person (Yui), and that reveals the connection with Shinji's mother, Yui. Has been added.Although the purpose, effect, and purpose are not specified, he is receiving medicine from Ritsuko Akagi after his face is about to collapse.

It was told in her own monologue that Shinji's existence gradually became larger than Gendou, and when Shinji's salvage was taken into the first machine after the war with Zeruel, he said, "Return Ikari to me." Call on the first machine and contribute to Shinji's return behind the scenes.Then, when he tells him that he had various emotions every time he touches Shinji, there is a scene where he tells Shinji that he wants to touch it himself.

She is jealous of Shinji going to visit Asuka every day, and when she is eroded by an apostle, she wants to monopolize Shinji.After that, as in the anime, the second Ray died, and Shinji saw that and was sad, "I don't want to lose you," and the depth of the bond was drawn.

From the death of the second suicide bomber, the development is almost the same as the anime version, but especially in the complementary world, it is clearly drawn that the second person has the emotion of Ray as it is, and it is described as the same person.While accepting Shinji's refusal to complement and "I want to hold hands with you again", when I say thank you and say goodbye to meeting with tears, Lilith's body collapses, and Shinji's wish is put on the ground. It poured down like snow."I'm waiting for Shinji to return (to the world)," he says in a monologue.After the third impact, it has probably been reconstructed as a new world where people live in peace over a long period of time.

Parallel work

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Steel Girlfriend 2nd"(Manga:Fumino Hayashi) Is based on the character of Rei Ayanami, a transfer student who appeared in the possibility of the complementary world of Shinji Ikari in the final episode.Although the background is the same as the original, such as the background of the birth being wrapped in a mystery, the emotional expression is rich and bright and lively.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Ikari Shinji Training Plan"(Manga:Takahashi) Is a character that is quieter than Steel 2nd and more sociable than the original anime.In this work, Asuka has a love triangle over Shinji, but the relationship is relatively good compared to the original.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Fallen Record"(Manga:Sleeper) Is a character close to the original.In addition, the personality reminiscent of some natural characters is also hidden.

New movie version

One of the heroines, the pilot of EVA Unit 1 (“first girl”).The first person is "I" and the second person is "you".It is called "Eco Hiiki" by Asuka.

One of Yui's clones called Ayanami series, or Ayanami type.In the old century version, the settings of `` having the soul of Lilith '' and `` the soul resides only in one body '' are gone, and Gendou says that it is an existence created for rituals in "Shin". be done.Outwardly, he is as indifferent and unfriendly as the old century version, and Ritsuko says, "I can't think of that child doing something for others" and "It's impossible (the reason for doing something is love)". .The conversation between Gendou and Fuyutsuki shows that the degree of encounter and proximity between Rei and Shinji, as well as the awakening of Unit 02 by them in "Break", was planned.In addition, "REI-XNUMX" is written on the collar worn in the scene where it is immersed in a cylindrical water tank.

In addition, Ray himself does not appear in "Q", and he has the same appearance.Rei Ayanami (tentative name)(See below) will appear. In "Shin", it is "a pure life form created with a pure soul without males and females, which is a sacrifice for Adams' vessel."Advanced Ayanami SeriesAppears, but the details are unknown as only a person with a similar appearance to Rei Ayanami appears on the screen.

In the play

There is no big difference in the description in "Introduction" from the old century version, but while there is a description of storing and carrying broken Gendou glasses,Operation YashimaIn the scene where Shinji comes to rescue after the end, there is no cut that reminds me of Gendou, and a cut that Rei puts his hand on Shinji's extended hand is added.

In "Break", after being moved by Shinji's home cooking (miso soup), he plans a dinner party to shorten the distance between Shinji and Gendou.When she goes to school and enters the classroom, she greets "Good morning" and responds with a smile to Shinji who calls her.Unit 3It becomes more human than the old century version, such as thanking Asuka for taking the place of the test pilot of the start-up experiment.In the scene where he talks to Asuka in the elevator, he says, "(I have only Eva), you have a way of life that doesn't rely on Eva."

Shinji abandoned the 10th Apostle invasionS-DATsis brought into the entry plug, and she says, "I will make it so that Ikari-kun doesn't have to ride the Eva anymore." N2Although he tried a special attack with a weapon, he failed and was preyed on and absorbed together with Unit XNUMX, but was salvaged by Shinji and the awakened Unit XNUMX, and later saved inside Unit XNUMX even after Shinji was salvaged from Unit XNUMX. It will be.

In the D part of "Sin", he reappeared in the plug of the first machine with his hair stretched all the time, and after the additional impact was activated, "There is a way of life that does not ride Eva" "(for that reason) there is no Eva. Shinji advised me to rewrite it into a world where I could do it, and shook hands with "Thank you" and returned to this world.After that, in the rewritten world, the back view of a person who seems to be Rei talking with Kaworu at the platform on the opposite bank with Shinji is drawn.

Rei Ayanami (tentative name)

In "Q", another person "Ayanami Rei (tentative name)" appeared while having the same appearance as Rei who appeared in the previous work. EVA Mark.09The color of the plug suit that you board and wear is based on black as opposed to Rei Ayanami, who was based on white.[Note 6].

Shinji is called "Ikari-kun", but he doesn't know it, so he only treats him indifferently. A container-shaped hut without a ceiling in the basement of NERV headquarters[Note 7]Although she is sleeping, most of the time Shinji was absent even when she visited.It is said that they are usually waiting for orders, and they do not try to do anything other than orders.Fuyutsuki is called "Ayanami type No. 6" and Asuka is called "Ayanami type initial lot".According to Kaworu sheLilinIt is a copy of the soul, and because the location of the soul is different, it is not possible to perform a ritual using a spear.Like Shinji and Asuka, you can be in a place where the L barrier density is so strong that Lilin cannot approach.Rei Ayanami had taken off her clothes, but Ayanami Rei (tentative name) carefully folded the clothes she had borrowed when she left the village.

"Q" midfield,VilleBattleship AAAWunderIs attacked with Mark.09, and Shinji is taken to the NERV headquarters.Unit 13 Longinus SpearとCassius SpearWhen I accompanied him as an escort to get rid of him, Shinji told me that he wasn't Ayanami, and after that he began to question who he was.Then in MaliUnit 8, Engaged with Asuka's Kai No. 2 and when the control of Mark.13 was taken away by Zele with the awakening of No. 09 and was bitten by Kai No. 2, he asked, "What would Rei Ayanami do in such a case?" Asuka returned "What do you want to do?", And as a result, the entry plug was forcibly ejected and escaped.After that, he acts with Shinji and Asuka.

At the beginning of "Shin", Rei Ayanami (tentative name) was picked up by Kensuke along with Shinji and Asuka.Village 3Arrive at.When Hikari called him "Ayanami-san," he denied that "I'm not Ayanami," so he was later called "look-alike" by the people in the village.By living in the Suzuhara family, I will learn human emotions, languages, and culture through taking care of Mr. and Mrs. Suzuhara's babies and helping with farming in the village, and deepen my friendship with the villagers.[Note 8]..When I visited Kensuke's house to meet Shinji, Asuka told me that his thoughts on Shinji were designed by NERV, along with information about Shinji's runaway and his whereabouts, but he said, "I feel good." I'm accepting.Leaving home, visiting Shinji spending time on the lakeside of the NERV facilityRationI gave him and talked to him, creating an opportunity for him to move.He asks Shinji to give him a name because he "needs it to live here (the third village)" because the villagers who couldn't stand to keep calling him look-alike asked him to give him a new name.However, she realized that she could only live under NERV's control. Her body was beginning to disintegrate, and she realized that she had little time left. Leaves the paper as a letter and leaves the Suzuhara family.The next morning, she visits Shinji at the lakeside of Nerv Facility Ruins and returns her S-DAT.Given the name "Ayanami Rei" again by her Shinji as her "Ayanami is Ayanami", she said goodbye to her heart and returned to LCL.

Game version

SegaからSega SaturnIn many game works, including the game series released as software, they have appeared as characters that faithfully reproduce the impression of the original (animation version), and the images are almost the same.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Nurturing Plan with Asuka Complementary Plan], Etc., a character game with Ray as the main, which is completely different from the impression of the original, has also appeared.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2], When Ray dies, a new Ray appears many times.If you die in a battle, the result of the battle will not be "death" but will be announced as "unconscious".The third and subsequent rays, who are inexperienced, are considered to be mentally immature, and there is a large difference in parameters and tendencies from the default rays.In addition, the feelings of friendship and affection that Ray had before have been reset.

"Super Robot War seriesIn ", it often leaves in the middle of the suicide bombing event of Unit XNUMX. "3rd Super Robot Wars α To the Ending Galaxy』In the combined attack of the first machine and the second machine, and the spear of Longinus is equipped as a deadly weapon, but in addition to not remembering the mental command to increase the hit rate and attack power, the spear of Longinus disappeared in the latter half of the story Therefore, the ability on the attack side is low.唯一の利点はThe only advantage isPass queue machineAt the time of the event where the pilot's energy is going down, with the cyborg lion king KaiSteel Jeeg,VirtualoidTemjin, Faye Yen, Hatter, and Rei Ayanami are all sick (Kai and Zieg are said to have no effect because they are cyborgs, but no one points out Rei).

Origin of the name

The origin of the surnameImperial Japanese NavyBlizzard destroyer"Ayanami'[8]..The name is the anime "Sailor MoonSailor Mars =Rei HinoDerived fromKunihiko IkuharaThe aim was to attract staff involved in the series to the production team, but this attempt was unsuccessful.[8].. Also"zeroIt is also a kakekotoba with "(Rei)"[8].

Impact on character settings

There were quite a few character images that were expressionless and lacking in emotional ups and downs, and were somewhat reminiscent of "dolls" before Ayanami was born, but they were not very noticeable.しかしそれらを全て体現しながらも物語の枢軸に据えられた「綾波レイ」というキャラクターの登場で、後のアニメのみならず、ゲーム、漫画、ライトノベルなどのHowever, with the advent of the character "Rei Ayanami", which embodies all of them but is set at the axis of the story, not only later anime, but also games, manga, light novels, etc.Character Design, Had a great influence on modeling.Characters born from such a phenomenon, or characters belonging to the same system, are called "silent system", "Rei Ayanami system", "non-emotional system", and the like.

Anime magazine "Monthly new typeIn addition to the heroine lines (normal type, young lady type, male-dominated type, sexy type) that had already been established since the dawn of anime (1970s-), when the project article to analyze the anime heroine was written in 1990 It is systematized by interpreting that the "fifth" type heroine newly cultivated in the 5s was Ayanami.


Image motif acted as a character designerYoshiyuki SadamotoFromMuscular girl beltOne of the things that got the image of Ayanami's bandage in the song "Stamps that can go anywhere"[9]..By the way, the lyrics of "Stamps that can go anywhere" areMaruo SuehiroCartoon ofGirl camelliaIs modeled after the main character "Midori-chan", and this isMorita DojiIt is derived from "Midori-chan" that appears in the song "Celluloid No Shoujo".

The appearance of fair-skinned, blue hair, red eyes, etc. is "If the hair is blue and the eyes are red when it is made into a game in the future,Dot pictureBut you can see it as Ray "for commercial and design reasons.[9]..The following is Sadamoto's remarks about the process of character setting.

It was Mr. Anno who turned his eyes red.Anno-san told me to go with that. … (Omitted)… (Producer) told me that something was missing.I asked them to make their hair color and eye color look like anime.Make it a color that makes you understand the character the moment you see it. … (Omitted)… So, only the blue hair is from the previous project, “Ur』Only one hero is blue.Bring that much, girls, all the characters are black, but only girls want to make their hair blue.Then, Anno-san started to say, "Why don't you look red?" "Well, red eyes?" So when I applied it, it was cool. — Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, from page 165 of "Skizo Evangelion"

The reason for wearing black socks is that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto recognized that "fighting girl = black socks" when he saw all the female handball team members wearing black socks when he was in junior high school.[10].


  • In the official popularity poll held after the end of the anime broadcast, he won the first place, far behind the second place and below.
  • rock band·BUMP OF CHICKENThe song "Alou』, Said that Fujiwara, a vocalist who really fell in love with Rei Ayanami, wrote and composed the song with the initial RA (RA) as the song title.[11].
  • "That girl likes Rei Ayanami" (Ginkgo BOYZof"DOOR』Recorded).
  • Megumi Hayashibara, who spoke to her, was also selected for the role of Misato Katsuragi and the role of Soryu Asuka Langley, but Director Hideaki Anno said, "The role of Rei Ayanami is"Christmas in JanuaryI thought that Megumi Hayashibara, who was appearing in the movie, is right for me, so I was cast as it was.[12]..またアスカ役であるAlso the role of AsukaYuko MiyamuraWas selected for the role of Rei Ayanami.
  • Novelist·Tatsuhiko TakimotoAlso known as an enthusiastic fan, he once talked about the strength of his feelings when he appeared on the program.
  • ActressChiaki KuriyamaThe program calls Rei Ayanami the "ideal female image" and Nagisa Kaworu the "ideal male image".[Detailed information for identifying documents]I am talking during the performance.
  • Comedy oriental radioAtsuhiko NakataSaid that "Rei Ayanami is the first love person" and "the ideal female image".
  • "Celebrity mail order king deciding match that can be lined up] InOriental radioBecame a presentation presenter, and made and sold a life-sized figure produced by the modeling group Akiyama Kobo and supervised by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto for 43 yen (total sales 86 yen).[13].
  • 2009, guitar makerFender USADesigned RayStratocaster-TelecasterWas produced.Limited production of only two by master builder Yuri Sisov,Yahoo! auctionWas put up for sale at a high price[14].
  • "Dancing Great Investigation Line Year-end Special Warning SpecialAt the beginning of the story, the name of the TV reporter reporting on the visit of the Austrian First Lady to a hospital in Suginami Ward is Urara.[Note 9]..She is the extra edition of the same workGulf Police Police Story Early Summer Road Safety Special], and the main character of this work, Natsumi Shinohara, has been added as a junior college classmate.She is riding in the car of a TV program producer who was caught in a drunken driving checkpoint at night, and half-jokingly asks Natsumi to cover up the producer's violation, saying, "I think I can get a new job." (Natsumi refuses).

Appearance in other works

TBS TV animation broadcast on August 2018, 8 ``Shinkansen deformation robot ShinkalionEvangelion collaboration was held in episode 31, and a very small number of Eva characters, including Shinji and the apostles, appeared.[Note 10]did.Hayashibara is in charge of the voice as in the original text.The movie version of the same work, "Theatrical Version Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Mirai no Kamihashi ALFA-X," is also collaborating in the same way.[15].

In November 2019, in addition to major characters such as collaboration, Shinji Asuka Misato, etc. at Phantasy Star Online 11, the first machine and the sixth apostle (new movie version) also appeared.

Voice actor in the foreign version of Japan


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Ikari Shinji

Ikari Shinji(Ikari Shinji) is an anime "Evangelion" series[Note 1]And itsComic versionA fictional character who appears in the same workhero[1]..In chargeVoice actor TheEmi Ogata.


Common to anime and manga versions

hero.My fatherIkari Gendou,Mother isYui Ikari..The co-resident is the landlord, boss and guardianNERVTactical Operations Department, Operations Bureau, Section XNUMX ChiefIbaraki Misato, EVA Unit XNUMXpilot OfSoryu Asuka Langley, Misato's pet and penguinsPen.

Evangelion (EVA)Shows a genius in synchronization with.

Character DesignWas in charge ofYoshiyuki SadamotoAccording to Shinji, Shinji was not a traditional hero-like hot-blooded man, but was created as a "modern kid" character who creates his own shell with feminine delicacy and cleanliness, as well as a cold and unmotivated feeling.[2]..In terms of design,Ushima-maru,Nippon TaketakaThe image of a neutral boy in an ancient Japanese hero image, such as, has a feminine element of "The mysterious sea Nadia』Girl characterNadiaThe face is gently drawn, the eyelashes are removed, and the hairstyle is changed.[2].

  • Year of birth:20016/6[3]
  • Blood type: A[3]
  • Age: X NUM X[3]
  • 身長: 157cm
  • Affiliation: NERV / EVA Unit XNUMX Exclusive Operator[3], 3rd New Tokyo Municipal 2st Junior High School XNUMXnd grade A group
  • Special skill:CelloPerformance,Cuisine

Old century version

The main character of this work.Born as the son of his father, Gendou, and his mother, Yui.Evangelion first unitPilot (third qualified person =Third children).First person is me[Note 2].


He lost his mother in front of him in the start-up experiment of the first machine in 2004, and soon after that he was entrusted to a person called "teacher" by his father.And in 2015, which is the stage of the work, suddenly my father has the NERV headquarters.Third New Tokyo CityCalled by and ordered to be the exclusive pilot of the first machine.I will live with my boss Misato Katsuragi, and as an EVA pilotApostleWhile taking on the task of annihilation, he will attend Municipal Ichi Junior High School in the city.

He is the pilot, including repeated battles with the apostles, feuds with his father, and Misato.Ayanami ReiAnd Soryu, Asuka Langley, and become friendsToji Suzuhara,Aida KensukeDuring the encounter and interaction with Shinji, Shinji suffers and struggles, grows little by little while being hurt, and seeks his own significance.

However, the situation gradually becomes harsh, and Shinji becomes mentally exhausted from repeated tragedy.Meanwhile,Kaworu NagisaCompletely closed my heart by killingSeeleBy its unstable spiritInstrumentality of Mankind PlanOf activationRelianceWill be said.LilithRei is entrusted with all the decision-making powers by the will of Rei who fused with, and once hopes for a world where others do not exist and is free of betrayal and hurt, but in the end, from the feeling of "I want to meet everyone again", a complementary plan is made. bankrupted.Also, in the TV version, by affirming his own existence, the complement is broken.


He lost his mother when he was a child and was abandoned by his father, so he didn't know about family ties and affection.traumaIt has become.From that, he was intensely hungry for love, questioned the value of his existence, and was a little.NaiveHas an introverted personality.They tend to seek their own place, but try to keep a distance that doesn't hurt each other because they are afraid of pain, and as a result, they tend to interact superficially.

While he is not good at his father and repels him, he has a refracted feeling that he wants to understand and be loved from the inside, and the reason for riding EVA is "I want to be recognized by my father". The lines that tell you, "Don't run away," not only express your obsession, but also the director'sHideaki AnnoIt also reflects the feelings at the time of his own production.[4].

Deep with otherscommunicationAlthough it is said that he is not good at it, there is no description that he is not extremely good at people other than Gendou, he can talk with anyone without difficulty, and on the surface he is sociable.While speaking on an equal footing with adults, he appears to be an ordinary junior high school student and gradually expresses his emotions.In addition, he is a type who acts more than he thinks in a dire situation, and sometimes shows a brave attitude and facial expression in the battle against the apostles.In addition, it is often regarded as a modest personality, indecisive and easy to be swept away by the situation, but Anno thinks, "If you decide, you will not move even with a lever, you are stubborn and do not care about others. "[5]..In addition, Misato Katsuragi's room has been cleaned up, and Rei Ayanami's dusty room has hesitated.

Exchange (old century version)

Ibaraki Misato
Cohabitant, guardian and boss.Since Misato rarely does housework at home, she takes charge of housework instead, and although she is amazed at her sloppy personality, she becomes a big presence for Shinji who does not know her family, and gradually opens her heart while receiving encouragement.However, while the words "No, run away. From my dad, above all from myself" at the time of the first boarding were boosted, Shinji's heart was suppressed like an obsession.[3].
In the movie version, they hit each other's bare emotions, kissed and handed a cross pendant, and Shinji squeezed it to the end and put himself into a complementary plan.
Ayanami Rei
A colleague and classmate.She was interested in being closer to her father than herself, and her empty but resolute attitude shocked Shinji's heart.[6]..With Operation Yashima as a boundary, something like a bond is born with her, and the distance gradually approaches each other.While being aware of her, she sometimes feels motherhood, and the involvement of both parties, who are not good at expressing their feelings, promotes each other's personal growth.However, at the end of the day, Shinji was confused when he learned of her death and the truth.
In the movie version, during the supplementary plan, Shinji selects a world in which there is another person who wants to meet everyone again in a conversation with her.
Soryu Asuka Langley
A colleague, a housemate and a classmate.Her personality, which can be said to be the exact opposite of Shinji, has the effect of turning Shinji's heart outward, and there are also scenes where she argues with each other.[6]..At times, he was conscious of being of the opposite sex, but he became confused by Shinji's feelings of opposition and love and hate.
In the movie version, she asks Asuka, who is sleeping on medicine, for help, and is lustful for her half-nakedness that was accidentally exposed.MasturbatingAnd violently self-hatred.She is strongly loved and hateful in the spiritual world, but Shinji's feelings are so vague that she is rejected for seeking her presence as a comfortable place to stay.After that, she becomes the first stranger in the world with others she wants.[7].
Ikari Gendou
Father and boss.Shinji repels and hates Gendou, who has abandoned himself, but seeks affection and turns his refracted emotions.[3].. He has been cold-hearted since he joined NERV, but the 10th Apostle War[Note 3]By being praised as "Well done, Shinji", I became aware that the reason for riding EVA was "I want to be praised by my father".[6]..Although not finally settled, the EVA given to his father allows Shinji to find his place and the existence that needs him.
Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida
Classmate.Their existence, which became friends through twists and turns, is unexpectedly large, and Shinji shows a boyish look when he is with them, leading to improvement of his introverted personality.[3].
Kaworu Nagisa
He was the first person to say "I love you" about him, and he affirmed himself.That's why Shinji's heart was deeply wounded when he found out that he was an apostle, and by killing him with his own hands, Shinji's heart was further hurt.

Comic version

Comic versionThen, in the scenes where he didn't say the characteristic line of the anime version, "Don't run away," and when he tried to face Gendo, who hated him, on his own will, and when he first rode the Eva, he said, "Hmm, Isn't it fun?In the anime version, Shinji is straight forward to be naive, but in the manga version, he is a character called "an ordinary boy" or "cold child".According to Sadamoto, who is in charge of the manga version, these differences are due to the difference in Shinji's personality between Director Anno, who was the chairman of the committee in elementary and junior high school, and myself, who was a dropout. Shinji is an honor student, but the manga version of Shinji is childish and twisted."[2].

After the death of his mother, Yui, he was entrusted to his uncle (Yui's older brother)'s family by his father, Gendou, until he came to Tokyo-3.[8]..On the surface, he lived a mediocre life, but grew up in a complex environment because he was concerned about rumors about Yui's death, the public, and his relationship with his uncle's family.This forced Shinji himself to live a life of "must be a good child," affecting his personality.In addition, although he was originally a well-mannered person, he acted as an introverted honor student who was cold and uncoordinated around him.

There is almost no change in the progress of the story, which is psychologically cornered in the latter half of the story, but there are many depictions that deepen the friendship with Rei, and he cares about Rei well, holding hands and communicating with each other. At the time of her death, she cries "I don't want to lose you", and I can see the strength of her feelings for her.The apostle Tabris (Kaworu Nagisa), who is a Fifth Children, appears earlier than the anime version, but he often treats Kaworu with a bullish attitude because he does not know how to take a sense of distance and does not hesitate to contact him, like the anime version. I didn't depend on or devoted myself[Note 4]..This feeling came from the consciousness that "it is better not to have friends from the beginning (if you lose and hurt)", but after killing with the first machine, I thought that I should not like him, but before I knew it He is telling Misato that he was attracted to.

Asuka is often swayed or confused like the anime version, but sometimes he is conscious of the opposite sex, and unlike the anime version, which was a sticky kiss, he regrets holding both shoulders of Asuka and trying to do it. Also, when Asuka collapses, she goes to the hospital room almost every day to notice it.According to Sadamoto, Rei is a symbol of motherhood for Shinji, while Asuka is positioned as a symbol of the opposite sex of Shinji's longing.[9]. Also,IsrafilAfter the war, he lives with Asuka at his request.

Strategic Self-Defense ForceAt the time of the attack on NERV headquarters, I saw the first EVA machine that was hardened and sealed with Bakelite, and unlike the movie version that gave up and did nothing, I called on the first machine to "Move, mother !!" Show the willingness to fulfill the promise of[Note 5]..Then, after boarding the first machine and going out to the ground of the headquarters, Asuka was cornered by a mass-produced machine.Unit XNUMXEven though he rescued him in the nick of time and fought well, when he was cornered by the restarted mass-produced machine, the synchro rate reached 250%, and the first machine spreads four wings like the movie version and calls the spear of Longinus from space.And, just like the movie version, it will be used as a substitute for the Human Complementation Project, and along with Rei Lilith's question, the past, including the missing memories of childhood, will be revealed.FlashbackI wish for the end of the world and the world without sorrow and hurt, in order to stay in my own shell and "do not suffer anyone" because everything was wasted and despaired.

However, in the complemented world, from the experience of being able to communicate with Rei even for a moment, and from the ``promise'' with Yui when he was young, he affirmed everything and said, ``People cannot understand each other. Whether it's true or not, I have to find out for myself." He decided to join hands with Rei once again, deny complementation, and wish for the original world.After that, she probably went to Tokyo to take the exam for Meijo Gakuin in a world that took a long time to restore from the main story.[Note 6], Asuka and Kensuke when getting off the train[Note 7]Meet.At the end, while linking to the beginning of the story, Shinji's positive solitude, "The future is endless. Search for your own path with your own feet," alongside Misato's pendant, opens the story. Closed.

Parallel work

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Steel Girlfriend 2nd"(Manga:Fumino Hayashi), Although insensitive, he is depicted as a kind and healthy boy.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Ikari Shinji Training Plan"(Manga:TakahashiIn), both parents are alive and well, and they are depicted as ordinary junior high school students in a world without battle.Because of her style, she rubbed the women's breasts and thrust her face into her skirt.Lucky lewdThere are many depictions as characters.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Fallen Record"(Manga:Sleeper), in addition to having a personality similar to the manga version, settings such as "I have a friendship with Kaji" have been added.

New movie version

hero. The pilot of EVA Unit 3 ("third boy").The first person is "I".My father is Ikari Gendou and my mother is Ikari Yui[Note 8].

In the new movie version, Shinji will be more actively involved with the people around him, including Rei, and will be drawn to protect him.This does not mean that Shinji's personality setting has been changed, and Tsurumaki also commented that "Shinji in the beginning is the same as the first to sixth episodes of the old century version."The difference can be seen because, compared to the old century version, Misato's reaction to Shinji has changed due to changes in the response of the people around him, including the fact that Misato has come to face Shinji.

However, 3 years ago ("break") after the third work "Q"Third impactHuman relations deteriorated at a stretch because it became unintentional due to the cause of the accident.Kaoru, who fostered a temporary friendship, also died in order to protect himself, which is as deeply traumatic as the final stage of the original story.

New Theatrical Version: Introduction

Like the old century version, he is selected as Evangelion's third pilot (third child or third boy).It is almost the same from the beginning to the middle, but when it was dying after being attacked by the 3th Apostle and refused to board Evangelion, Misato gave L-EEE (Level Triple E: Central Dogma on the door). I was taken to (notation of) and learned about the existence of the second apostle Lilith.There, Misato tells us that when the apostle comes into contact with Lilith, humankind will be destroyed, and that the NERV headquarters are also fighting the apostle with the intention of dying.Furthermore, gaining understanding such as Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida became a clear reason for riding EVA, and when he engaged with the 3th Apostle again, he showed a fearful but bold attitude and made the Apostle. Destroy.

In the old century version, the school bag was a handbag, but in the new movie version, it is a backpack.

New Theatrical Version: Destruction

At the beginning, I visit Yui's grave with Gendou.Prompted by Misato, she is honestly happy that she was able to talk with her disconnected father.Meals, dishes, lunch boxes, etc. are used to interact with others, and the appearance of actively engaging with others is depicted.As with the TV version, he begins living with Asuka, who was transferred from Euro.She visited a marine research facility with her classmates, and became especially concerned about Rei from the beginning of the story. There are obvious changes such as making, acting on Asuka, Misato, and Rei.She is also invited by Kaji to help her with her farm work, learns why Misato joined NERV, and begs to protect her.Shinji's kindness had an effect on Asuka and Rei, and Asuka, who had been pretentious about her loneliness, opened her heart to Shinji and began to love her.Rei, who is unaware of her romance, also begins to like Shinji, and she plans a "dinner party" to completely reconcile Shinji and Gendo.

Like the TV version, the motive of "riding the EVA to get my father's approval" is clearly drawn, and he confesses it to Asuka.Her favorite S-DAT was her father's long ago, and using it seemed to protect her from the world he hated.He is also outstanding as an Eva pilot, and even after the three Evas were defeated in the 8th Apostle Battle, Shinji's synchro rate was still in the 60% range, still maintaining a high figure.

However, in the 9th Apostle War, everything goes dark.Initially Ray was supposed to rideUnit 3Asuka, who was concerned about the schedule of the "dinner party", got on board, and was taken in by the 9th Apostle.Gendo uses a dummy system after giving up on Shinji's Unit-9, who hesitates to attack because Asuka is inside the plug.Unit XNUMX, which leaves Shinji's hands, destroys the entry plug with Asuka on it after trampling the XNUMXth apostle.It is the same as the old century version from anger to this incident to the first unit, but in "Break", it is not just a threat, but actually destroys NERV headquarters and increases the compression density of LCL from the outside. I was forced to give up.He also discards S-DAT due to his rejection of Gendou.

Firmly refuses to ride Eva and leaves Nerv.He takes the monorail to leave the third new Tokyo city, but before arriving at Kamigora station, an emergency stop is made due to the attack of the tenth apostle, and he evacuates to the shelter of Geofront.However, due to the conflict between the 10th apostle who invaded the Geofront, Eva Unit 10, and Unit 1, the evacuation shelter was designated as a dangerous area, and an evacuation order was issued to another shelter, but one person remained in that shelter. to a suicidal act.Coincidentally wrecked Mari ridesUnit 2Plunged into the shelter and was urged to escape, seeing the tragedy of Geofront, and the predation and absorption of Rei Ayanami by the 10th Apostle along with Eva Unit 10, and decided to ride Eva again.Appearing in front of Gendou, who continues to force the start-up of Evangelion Unit XNUMX, which rejects the dummy system, he insists, "I am Shinji Ikari, the pilot of Evangelion Unit XNUMX," and boards Unit XNUMX.The XNUMXth Apostle attacks NERV headquarters directly, and Misato and other NERV staff appear in the nick of time in a situation where they are prepared to die, and save them as a shield from the apostle's attack.

Although he struggled with the severe pain of having one arm dropped by the 10th apostle, he ran out of energy, and the 10th apostle made him hit the ground together with the first machine, and Shinji himself spewed a large amount of blood from his mouth.However, along with Shinji's words, "Give Ayanami back," the first machine restarts, awakening to the first pseudo-synified awakening form.Knocks down the 1th Angel with overwhelming power.In addition, even if Rei himself, who was taken into the 10th Apostle, refuses to help, he forcibly drags Rei out of the apostle's core, saying, "Ayanami is the only Ayanami."At this time, the plug depth exceeds 10, and his eye color has turned red.Misato encouraged Shinji, who wanted to ride Eva for the first time on his own will and help Rei on his own will, saying, "Go."

When the fusion of the first machine and the tenth apostle fell into an awakened state and the third impact by the first machine, which became close to God, was about to begin, suddenly from aboveCassius SpearPenetrates the first machine, the occurrence of the third impact is temporarily stopped, and Kaworu Nagisa boardedEva Unit 6 (Mark.06) Comes flying.This is "Q" in the next workNear third impactIt is called.

New Movie Version: Q

Fourteen years after the previous work, his actions in the 14th Apostle War caused him to suffer a deep despair far beyond imagination.

After the 10th Apostle War, it was in a state where it was sealed outside the atmosphere together with Unit XNUMX while it was taken into Unit XNUMX, but it is an anti-NERV organization formed by former NERV staff except Gendou and Fuyutsuki.WILLEwas salvaged as "specimen BM-03" from the first unit recovered in ', and reunited with Misato and others, but his own actions to help Rei caused a near-third impact.Kitakami MidoriHe was held a grudge by the members of Ville, who were originally from the general public, and soon after he was told the essential truth, Misato gave him a collar with a bomb around his neck.DSS choker', and he was confused when he was told not to do anything, not to mention riding the Eva, and the synchro rate with the Eva was 0%, and 14 years had passed since the end of his memory. When he learned that Asuka was safe, he was happy to meet again, but he was angry and cursed.Eva Mark.09 WunderAfter hearing the same voice as Ayanami's, he is convinced that Ayanami is still alive. I headed there.

At the NERV headquarters, which has become almost abandoned, Gendou, who reunited with him, was told only to ride Eva when the time came, and Rei Ayanami (tentative name) took a casual attitude, resulting in a completely isolated state.In such a situationKaworu NagisaHeals his heart in a way that depends on him halfway, but when he sees the name "Toji Suzuhara" in the automatically provided shirt, he asks Kaworu the truth of the matter and asks Kaworu the world. While being shown the tragedy of, human beings were devastated by the third impact, and the cause was the near third impact caused by Shinji's wish to "help Rei Ayanami".[Note 9]I was shocked to be told that I had even taken the lives of many people, but I told myself that I was able to help Rei, but due to Fuyutsuki, my mother, Yui Ikari, was the first to Eva in front of Shinji. As a result of the entry experiment to the core of Unit, "even the memory was erased", the truth of the Ayanami series including Ayanami Rei (tentative name), and above all, Ayanami who thought that he helped was not helped. As a result of being told that, my consciousness became cloudy and I rejected Eva and people, everything, and closed my heart.

Even Kaoru, who is the only supporter, refuses from distrust, but Kaoru removes the "DSS choker" attached to Shinji and attaches it to his neck.Longinus Spear, "Casius's Spear", andUnit 13Tell Shinji that you can use to restore the world, believe that word, and join him in Unit 13Central dogmaHe decided to ride Eva again to pull out the two spears from Lilith, and engaged with Asuka's Kai No. 2 machine, which tried to prevent Nerv's plan at the deepest part of Dogma, and dismissed it while struggling.However, due to the trap of Gendou and others aiming for a human complementation plan, both spears have become "Longinus's spear", and although Kaoru who noticed the truth just before stopped him, he said, "Get the spear and start the world. I wanted to return to the straw, so I operated Unit 13 at my own discretion without hearing the restraint, and as a result of forcibly pulling out the spear, the erosion of the 06th Apostle who revived from Eva Mark.12 In response, Kaoru was defeated from the 1st Apostle to the 13th Apostle, and with him as a trigger, Unit 13 absorbed the 12th Apostle and awakened.Force impactHas been activated.

He believed in his own will and acted, but as a result, he only acted as a piece according to Gendou's wishes, and again caused misery due to his own mistakes, which made him feel guilty and guilty. In the middle, Kaoru's "DSS choker" was activated so as to revenge, Kaoru died, Unit 13 which had already left Shinji's control opened the door of Gaff, and Mali's Unit 8 urgently ejected the entry plug. As a result, the force impact converged, the gaff door closed and the situation converged, but asuka and Ayanami Rei (tentative name) who also survived appeared there, urging Asuka to be completely exhausted mentally and fell into a collapsed state. Then we started walking to the red earth together.

Shin Evangelion Movie Version 𝄇

All About NEWSAccording to Kazuki Ishikawa, the voice actor is replaced only in the last scene that has grown into a young man.Ryunosuke KamikiIs playing[10].

Exchange (new movie version)

Ibaraki Misato
Boss and guardian.Initially, Shinji was supposed to live alone, but due to his sympathy for Shinji, Misato will live with him.
Ayanami Rei
Same EVA pilot with classmates.After seeing Ray's injury, he decides to ride EVA. In "Break", Miso soup is given to Rei, who hates meat, and Shinji will make lunch boxes for school.
Shikinami Asuka Langley
Same EVA pilot with classmates.Asuka appears from "Break" and lives with Shinji in Misato's house.Initially, it was called the surname "Shikinami", but in the 8th Apostle War, it was immediately called "Asuka".From the first meeting with Shinji, he was uncomfortable with Shinji's position as a pilot of Eva because he was Gendou's son, and he called him "Nanahikari", but after the 8th Apostle War he decided to call him "Bakashinji". , Allow to call it "Asuka" instead. In "Q", Asuka, who is still 14 years old but is 28 years old, treats Shinji, who is 14 years old in the spirit of frozen sleep, as a younger person and calls him "Gaki" or "Gaxinji".
Ikari Gendou
NERV Commander-in-Chief and Shinji's father.After living separately for a long time, Gendou calls Shinji to Tokyo-3 to put Shinji on EVA.Even after becoming a pilot, he continued to live separately, but in "Break", the two of them went to visit Shinji's mother, Ikari Yui's grave, and praised Shinji for his hard work.In the 2th Apostle War, the parent-child relationship is the worst because Gendou ordered to defeat Asuka who was taken in by the apostle.
Toji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida
Classmate and Shinji's friend.Touji's younger sister (Sakura Suzuhara)[Note 10]) Is involved in the battle in the 4th Apostle Battle and is injured, so Toji hits Shinji.After that, in the 5th Apostle Battle, the two of them escaped from the shelter to see the battle, and was helped by Shinji's first machine, and when he saw Shinji suffering from the battle, Shinji and Touji reconciled.After that, they will act together at school, including going to and from school, and will accompany them on a tour of the Marine Research Institute.
Kaworu Nagisa
A boy Shinji met at the NERV headquarters, which was mostly abandoned.Shinji was wary when he first met,PianoBecame friends after exchanging duet and watching the starry sky together.

Game version

In the additional ending of "Neon Genesis Evangelion Steel Girlfriend Special Edition", he is showing off coffee that is not hot sake, and there is a scene where he continues to drink more than 14 cups of coffee and gets drunk at the garbage dump.

In "New Century Evangelion 2", unlike the original that could not be reconciled until the end depending on the conditions, you can see the ending that reconciles with Gendou and fishes side by side.

In "Detective Evangelion", his introverted personality hasn't changed much, but he has a genius brain that ranks first in the mock exams common to all over the world, and is appointed as a special investigator of NERV.It is said that Shinji's reply resolved 1 unsolved cases.

"Super Robot War seriesIn most cases, he has a bearish personality, reflecting his introverted personality.

It was the first time to participate in "Super Robot War F] In a certain scenario, he refused to sortie and was wandering around the city.ArgamaProtected by, "If there are other robots, the apostle can be defeated and I do not have to fight on Eva"Bright NoahHe refused to sortie during the One Year War and was also beaten by Bright, saying, "Even my father never beat me."Amuro Ray"You are just running away now" and "Even if you are forced to do it at the beginning, if you decide for yourself, let's go through to the end !!" Amuro said, "If you don't want to ride Eva, talk to the Nerv people after the fight." "But before that, why did you ride Eva, why did you fight? Think about it, "and decided to continue as a pilot.[Note 11]..He is also described as "similar to the old Amuro."

"Super Robot Wars α], when he ran away from home and wandered around the city, he encountered a pilot of the Londo Bell Corps, and from their conversation decided to board the Eva again. "3rd Super Robot Wars α To the Ending GalaxyIn 』, he has certain confidence by having fought through the battle of" α ", his personality is also bullish, and he is worried about fighting and after the earth descends.Flay AllsterFrey's lover overSai ArgyleViolentlyKira YamatoThere was also a scene that reminded me.

"Super Robot Wars L] After that, it appears in the setting of the new movie version.Until convened and transferred to Tokyo-3MisakichoLive inKoichi HayaseIt is set as a junior.

"Super Robot Wars X-Ω] In "Godzilla seriesIt was painted in the first machine color in "Godzilla vs. Evangelion" that appeared as a collaboration project withType 3 machine Ryuoto typeIn addition to riding on, "Evangelion ANIMA(ANIMA is a work three years after the old century version, but in this work, 3-year-old Shinji in the setting of the new movie version "Introduction" and "Break" boarded as it was).

"3rd Super Robot Wars Z Togoku Hen / Tengoku Hen] Also appeared in the new movie version setting. In "Tengoku Hen", "Q" entered the war for the first time and boarded the 13th aircraft.

"Super Robot War V], Shinji is set as "Touji, Kensuke and friends before boarding Eva".Mazinger Z stopped the runaway first machine almost alone, and as a result, himself, Toji, and Kensuke were helped by one Koji in the first team, and I feel gratitude and dearness.In addition, as an inexperienced trio (Shinji, Banage, Hathaway), he will grow strongly and robustly under the intense training of Ryoma and the getter team.After that, "Defeat the 6th Apostle with the follow-up of friends" "Defeat the 10th Apostle by pseudo-thinning and rescue Ayanami, and Ryoma rescued Asuka from the 9th Apostle, and both survived. "No near-third impact will occur" and "Stop the runaway Mazinger ZERO", showing full growth, and the final story will be reached as Shinji who is strong both physically and mentally.

Origin of the name

The origin of the surname is of the shipAnchorWhen,Hideaki AnnoFrom Yoshihiko Ikari, a friend of mine in college and an advertising designer[12]..The name Shinji is from a movie director who is a friend of Hideaki Anno.Shinji Higuchiから[13].


  • Since the role of Shinji was not decided by the audition, the second audition by tape examination was done, and he did not participate in the first audition.Emi OgataWas chosen[14]..According to Ogata's autobiography "Rebirth (tentative)", in the summer of 1994, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SWhen he participated in the program trip, Anno, who was in charge of directing, was asked to participate in the audition in the elevator of the inn.Anno wanted Ogata to play the leading role, but he heard that he was refused to participate in the audition, so he negotiated with Ogata to take the second role.Ogata consulted with the agency that refused the first audition, but the agency was furious, saying, "It is a violation of the rules for the director to negotiate directly with the voice actor, I will never let him participate."After all, Ogata participated in the audition in a way that pushed the opposition of the office.[15].
  • Released in April 2009NTT DoCoMo OfSH-06A NERV(sharpMade byAQUOS SHOT SH-06A"Base" pre-installed in "Shitsuji-kun of the sheepIs wearing Shinji's plug suit.same year8For a limited timeMachi-charaIt was also delivered as.

Appearance in other works

Although it is not a case directly handled by Hideaki Anno or GAINAX Color, the 2018 serial TV animation ``Shinkansen deformation robot Shinkalion(Hereinafter "Shinkalion"), appeared as a driver of the robot "Shinkalion 500 TYPE EVA" that appears in the play.Like the original, Megumi Ogata is in charge of the voice.A collaboration project between the Shinkansen and "Evangelion" developed in the real worldShinkansen: Evangelion Project], it is set as ``Shinji Ikari, who exists in the world of ``Shinkalion''.[16].In the same collaboration episode, the three Horaki sisters (Hikari-Kodama Nozomi), Asuka Langley Soryu, and Rei Ayanami also appear.In addition, Misato Katsuragi also appears, although it is only voice.In addition, a similar collaboration is also being carried out in the movie version of the same work, "Theatrical version Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Godspeed ALFA-X from the future".[17]..Later, the second period of the same work, which has been broadcast since 2021,Shinkansen Deformation Robot Shinkalion Z』Also appeared in the 21st episode, and in addition to the previous Asuka Ayanami, Ikari Gendou also appeared.The aircraft that appeared is "Shinkalion Z 500 TYPE EVA / Shinkalion Z 500Musky TYPE EVA "[18].

Voice actor in the foreign version of Japan


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