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📦 | The last day of the China-North Korea trade exhibition for the first time in 7 years, is it really going on?

Photo The 2015th China-North Korea Commodity Exhibition Trade Fair held in October 10

The last day of the China-North Korea trade exhibition for the first time in seven years, is it really going on?

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Chinese companies that trade with North Korea are concentrated in Liaoning and Jilin provinces, which border on each other, and are concentrated in Dandong, the largest border city among them.

An online exhibition that Koreans don't even know "It's not rumored, but is it true? At a Korean company that you know ... → Continue reading

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Liaoning(Liaoning,Simplified Chinese: Liaoning Province,pinyin: Liáoníng Shěng,English: Liaoning) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaNortheastに 位置 す るprovince..The provincial capitalShenyang, As another major cityDalianThere is.Formerly known asShenyang,laterMukden.


NortheastJilin Province, NorthInner Mongolia, WestHebei ProvinceIn contact with.In the southwestLiaodong PeninsulaThe sea area is divided at the boundaryYellow seaBohaiFacing the southeastern partDPR KoreaContact with (North Korea).


In LiaoningManchurian,Mongolian,Hui,Korean,SibeIt is home to 43 ethnic groups, with an ethnic minority population of 655 million, accounting for 16% of the total province.the 1950sFuxin Mongol Autonomous County and Harqin Zuoy Mongolian Autonomous County were established in Japan.Reform and opening upLater, Xinbin, Qingyuan, Xiuyan, Benxi, Huanren, and Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, 6 ethnic minority towns, and 35 ethnic hometowns (Ethnic Union Autonomous County) were established.


Before modern times

Before recorded historyHongshan cultureSuch asLiaokawa civilizationCan be seen.Sengoku periodToswallowThe power ofLiaoheExtend to the basin,In the teenLiaodong CountyWas set up, but due to the subsequent turmoil in ChinaNaivety,Goguryeo,Khitan,JurchenIt became a land dominated by different ethnic groups.LightAlthough the Han Chinese forces advanced to Liaodong again in their generations,ManchurianRise upclearEstablished the morning and conversely ruled all China.BeijingIt was the capital before the transfer of capitalShengkyo TheFutenfuRenamed asSub capitalWas treated as.The local administration of Manchuriainside ChinaRegardless of the ministry system such asEight BannersIt was decided to be by the generals (General Shengkyo, General Jilin, General Heilongjiang).The current administration of the entire Liaoning Province was initially under the jurisdiction of General Liaodong, a defense general located in Liaodong, but was moved to Mukden and renamed General Mukden.General ShengkyoWas renamed to.clearIn the morning, a ban on the settlement of Han Chinese in Manchuria, the land of ancestors, was adopted, but Russia's southward policy has become prominent.1860The ban was completely liftedShandongMany Han Chinese settled there.Eventually, the Russian-Japanese power struggle over ManchuriaRusso-Japanese WarAnd various parts of Manchuria become battlefields.

Modern times

Late Qing dynasty1907Make Mukden the provincial capitalMukdenIs placed, and at the same time General ShengkyoViceroy of the Three ProvincesIt came to have jurisdiction over the areas that were once under the jurisdiction of General Jilin General and General Heilongjiang.After the fall of the Qing dynastyWarlord eraToZhang ZuoAnd his sonZhangThe Fengtian clique dominated the region.1929The name of the ministry is "Liaoning", The provincial capital"ShenyangIt is said.After that, Zhang Xueliang caused his father's death (Zhangsaku bomb murder case)ButKantoBased on (Dalian)Kanto ArmyWhen he learns that it is a conspiracy, he wipes out the Japanese color and shows a confrontational stance.On the other hand, the Kwantung Army1931ToManchurian IncidentThe last emperor of the Qing dynastyArmorTo supportManchuriaWas established.The Kwantung Army expelled Chang Hsueh-li and abandoned the previous name change order and changed the old name.MukdenWhile returning to1934To Fengtien,Andong Province,JinzhouDivided into 3 provinces.Japan at that time made a large amount of heavy industry investment.

1945, Manchuria collapsed due to Japan's defeat, the Government of the Republic of ChinaLiaoning,Andong Province,LiaobeiWas installedNational warByCommunist Party ArmyIn areas under the effective control ofLiaoning,Andong Province(laterLiaodongIntegrated into),Liaobei(laterLiaoxiAfter undergoing complicated administrative division transitions such as the establishment of1954The integration of these was carried out and the current Liaoning Province was established.It was these regions that supported the economic base of the People's Republic of China, which had just been founded.China regarded Liaoning Province as China's largest heavy industry base and built a number of state-owned enterprises.

Reform and open era

But since the 1980sReform and opening upWith the progress of policy, centering on ShanghaiYangtze RiverDelta andGuangzhouCentered onPearl RiverAs Delta introduced foreign capital and made economic breakthroughs, the reaction made Liaoning's state-owned enterprises obsolete with large debts.Currently, the coastal areas centered on Dalian have introduced foreign capital and are growing economically.

After the founding of the country, the Liaoning area was established in Liaoning, Liaoning, Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Fushun, and Benxi.1954In August, Liaodong and Liaoxi provinces and municipalities under the direct control of the central government were abolished and integrated into Liaoning province.

Administrative division

2 at the bottomDeputy cityAnd 12CityHave jurisdiction over.

Liaoning administrative division
Liaoning prfc map.png
numberNameChinese notationpinyinarea
Government location
Deputy city
1ShenyangShenyang cityShěnyáng Shì12860.008,106,171Honan Ward
2DalianDalian CityDàlián Shì12573.856,690,432Xigang District
3Anshan CityAnshan CityĀn shān Shì9252.003,645,884Tiedong District
4Benxi CityBenxi CityBěnxī Shì8420.001,709,538Pingshan District
5ChaoyangChaoyang CityCháo yáng Shì19698.003,044,641Shuangta District
6Dandong CityDandong CityDāndōng Shì15289.612,444,697Zhenxing District
7FushunFushun CityFǔ shùn Shì11272.002,138,090Shuncheng District
8Fuxin CityFuxin CityFù xīn Shì10354.991,819,339Xihe District
9AshijimaHuludao CityHúlu dǎo Shì10414.942,623,541Longgang District
10JinzhouJinzhou CityJǐnzhōu Shì9890.623,126,463Taihe District
11Liaoyang CityLiaoyang CityLiáo yáng Shì4743.241,858,768Wensheng District
12Panjin CityPanjin CityPán jǐn Shì4071.101,392,493Xinglongtai District
13Tetamine CityTieling CityTiělǐng Shì12979.692,717,732Yinzhou District
14Yingkou CityYingkou CityYíng kǒu Shì5365.462,428,534West District


Taking advantage of the large land and long coastline,Agriculture:-Fishery:Was thriving.Agriculture is mainly corn, which is suitable for dry areas, but paddy rice is also cultivated in areas north of Anshan, Panjin / Jinzhou, and Dandong, and "Panjin rice" is particularly famous.Recently, many vegetables and fruits are cultivated around big cities.Marine products are actively produced on the coast facing the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, and are currently being exported to Japan and South Korea.

Second World WarThrough front and backHeavy industryWas thriving.PanjinLiaohe oil fieldIs also the third largest in China.Nowadays,light industry(Shenyang's automobile / aircraft industry) and IT industry (Dalian's software industry) are also becoming popular.

January-September 2016 in Liaoning Provinceeconomic growth rateWas the lowest among the provinces nationwide, down 2.2% year-on-year.[1].

"Five points one line" plan

Liaoning Province in January 2002Changxing Island Lingang Port Entertainment ZoneTheProvincial Economic Development ZoneIn 2006, it announced the "Five Points and One Line" coastal industrial zone plan of Liaoning Province.This is Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal industrial base, LiaoxiJinjuBay Coastal Economic Zone, Dalian Changxing Island, DalianZhuangheHuayuankou Industrial Zone, LiaoningDandongWith five industrial parks, the westAshijimaDandong east of Suizhong CountyDonggangIt is a big plan to connect the coasts up to with highways.[2]


  • Shenyang (Provincial Capital)
    • Liaoning Radio TV Broadcasting Station



Higher educationIs two big citiesShenyangDalianIt is concentrated in, but it is also located in other major cities.The main ones by region are

world Heritage


  • Horse dragon(Maryu)-Table tennis player
  • Ma Lin(Marin)-Table tennis player
  • Wang Nan(Ounan)-Table tennis player
  • Lee Xiao Xia(Rigyoka)-Table tennis player
  • Liu Poon(Ryu Shibun)-Table tennis player
  • Lang Lang(Lang Lang)-Pianist
  • Con Lee-actress
  • Wang Wei Jia (Wang Weijia)-Basketball player
  • (ShanXiaona)-Table tennis player (German national team)
  • (HanYing)-Table tennis player (German national team)
  • Yu Mengyu(YuMengyu)-Table tennis player (Singapore national team)
  • (ZhouYihan)-Table tennis player (Singapore national team)
  • (XuMinghao)-Dancer (SEVENTEEN)
  • (Siin Fung)-Singer (Kumanekodo ProducePandas


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