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🌐 | 4% of elementary school students and 7% of junior high school students have mobile phones ... Internet classes for elementary school students are held in Omura City


4% of elementary school students and 7% of junior high school students have mobile phones ... Internet classes for elementary school students are held in Omura City

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The prefecture is calling on parents to set up a filtering function, saying that they will have more opportunities to play online indoors in the summer when the temperature rises.

It is said that there will be more opportunities to play with smartphones in a cool room in the hot summer. For elementary school students in Omura City on the 1st ... → Continue reading

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      JapanAs a term used inGuardian(Hogosha) is a specificIndividualAgainst, individuallawTo protect based onobligationRefers to someone who has.

      Parents, by each law,CustodyThose who do (Parental authority: 父mother,Adoptive parent)andGuardian(Adult guardianandMinor guardian).also,MinorInvolved insystemIn addition to this, in fact, minorsCustodyThe person who does it may also be a guardian.For those who actually protect minors,Foster parents,Child welfare facility OflongEtc. are included.

      Typically,Minor,Adult ward(Family court OfRefereeThere is no guardian under the law unless he is a guardian of an adult.but,Mentally handicapped individualとIntellectually Handicapped IndividualAs a general rule, the person who has custody, the guardian,spouseEtc. must be parents. ((Law on Mental Health and Welfare for Persons with Mental IllnessArticles 20 and 21.Intellectual disability welfare lawArticle 15-2, Paragraph 1. )

      In addition, it represents the person who is protected in general.the termBut notWelfare Act(Showa 25"" And "" in Law No. 144),Rehabilitation Protection Business Act(Heisei 7Law No. 86) stipulates the special term "protected person".

      Definition of guardians of minors by each law

      Of the guardian of a minorDefinitionIs stipulated by individual law, for example, as follows.

      • Child Welfare Act(Showa 22Law No. 164) Article 6 Full Text
        In this law, a guardian is a person who has custody, a guardian of a minor, or any other person.ChildrenThe person who actually guards.
        (In the Child Welfare Act, a child is a person under the age of 18. Article 4 of the Child Welfare Act)
      • School education law(Act No. 22 of 26) Article 22 Paragraph 1 Beginning of sentence
        Guardian (childWhen there is no person who has custody or custody of the person, it means a guardian of a minor.same as below)
      • Juvenile law(Showa 23Law No. 168) Article 2, Paragraph 2 Full Text
        In this law, "guardian" isjuvenileLegally custody againstEducation OfobligationA person who actually protects a certain person and a boy.
        (In the Juvenile Law, "boy" means a person under the age of 20. Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Juvenile Law)
        (It is said that "persons who are legally obliged to have custody education" include those who have custody (parental guardians), guardians of minors, and heads of child welfare facilities.)

      Definition of parents for adults by law

      • Mental health welfare lawArticle 20 and below (abolished due to law revision enforced in April 26)
        • For people with mental illness,GuardianOrConservator,spouse,Parental authority, OrCivil lawupperSupportThe obligor becomes the guardian.
        • When a dependent becomes a guardian,Family courtAppointed byRefereeis necessary.
        • Parents have an obligation to receive medical treatment for persons with mental illness (medical protection obligation) and an obligation to protect property interests (property obligation).The obligation to supervise a mentally ill person so that he / she does not hurt himself / herself or harm others (supervision obligation to prevent self-harm and other harm), which has been stipulated in the past due to requests from the family of the mentally ill person, , Abolished by the 1999 revision of the law.
        • Parents are based on their medical protection obligationsPsychiatric hospitalToHospitalizationdo it治療If the patient's consent cannot be obtained even though it is necessary to do so, he / she agrees to the inpatient treatment on his / her behalf (Medical protection hospitalizationreference).
        • Since it is necessary to protect those who have no relatives, the mayor of the municipality will be the guardian if the guardian is unknown or if he / she cannot perform his / her duties.However, in reality, even if the mayor of a municipality is requested to take office as a guardian, the procedure for consenting to take office may take time or even be refused.For this reason, if the person who was the guardian died,Emergency hospitalizationThis is a problem in the case of hospitalization with a time limit.

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