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📦 | Did you know?In fact, "Cold Stone" ice cream that you can buy online


I knew? Actually, "Cold Stone" ice cream that can be bought online

Did you know that you can buy that popular ice cream "Cold Stone Creamery" online?e… → Continue reading


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Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery (Cold Stone Creamery) Isice cream OfbrandIs. Headquartersアメリカ合衆国ArizonaScottsdale.

Product features

The biggest feature is ice cream after orderingnuts,fruitsSuch as mixin (toppingName) was cooled to -9°CGraniteThe original name of the original ice cream is provided to each customer by mixing it on the top, and it is also the origin of the brand name. The unique luxury and mixing in front of the customerperformanceIs for sale.

The ice cream sizes are "Like It", "Love It", "Gotta Have It", and "Take Out Pint" for take-out. ) Is called.

Clerk performance

When ordering ice cream, the largest size "Gotta Have It" order andチップIf payment is made (or if there is a request), Climar (role name that provides ice to customers) mixes ice and expresses the feeling of "Make People Happy".[1]It offers a singing service, and all employees sometimes sing along with a hilarious melody. Mostly sungMickey Mouse March,High ho,Witch doctorIt is a parody of etc. In Japanese stores, songs are sung regardless of their size and whether they have chips or not. However, we also consider customers who feel embarrassed to wait while listening to the song, and the customer can cancel the song.


1988å¹´Donald & Susan Sutherland (actor)Donald SutherlandEstablished by another person) and Arizona in the United StatesTempeOpened in.

1995年ArizonaTucsonToFranchiseSince opening its first store, it has opened more than 1300 stores throughout the United States and has grown into a big chain.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-Times SquareToFlagship shopHas,Alaska,Hawaii,カナダ,Caribbeanarea,Guam,プ エ ル ト リ コAlso opened a store.

2004å¹´Lawrence Maltz becomes a counselor partner. Takashi SawadaIntroduced Cold Stone Creamery to Sawada, who was appointed Chairman of Cold Stone Creamery Japan in 2005.[2] 2005å¹´(Heisei17 years)11/3As the first store outside the United StatesTokyoMinato-ku-Roppongi HillsOpened in.Store development in Japan is steadily expanding from Hokkaido to Okinawa at its peak, but it has shrunk rapidly since the latter half of the 2010s, and as of December 2020, it has seven stores.

さ ら に2006年7/15To South KoreaSeoulCentralJongnoOpen a store in the district,AsiaWe are promoting penetration into the district.

Deployment in Japan

JapanWas operated by Cold Stone Creamery Japan Co., Ltd., but on January 2014, 1Tsukiji Gin DakoRunHotland Co., Ltd.Became a wholly owned subsidiary of[4].


cityStore opening facilityOpening dayClosing date
HokkaidoKitahiroshima CityMitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima2010å¹´04/222020/8/26
MiyagiSendai cityAoba-kuSendai Parco2008/8/232012/8/26
IbarakiTsukuba Cityiias Tsukuba2008/10/312016/01/11
TochigiNasushiobaraNasu Garden Outlet2008/07/17
TochigiSano CitySano Premium Outlet2006å¹´03/04
ChibaNagareyamaNagareyama Otakanomori S/C2007å¹´03/122015/02/15
ChibaFunabashiLalaport TOKYO-BAY2006/05/19
Chiba印 旛 郡Shisui TownShisui Premium Outlets2013年04/192020/2/29
SaitamaKoshigayaAEON Lake Town2008/10/022021年1月31日02
SaitamaSaitamaUrawa-kuUrawa Parco2007/10/102013/01/31
SaitamaKawaguchi cityAEON MALL Kawaguchi Character2007/10/262016/01/11
SaitamaIruma-shiMitsui Outlet Park Iruma2008/04/102015/02/15
TokyoMinato-kuRoppongi Hills2005å¹´11/032016/09/11
Minato-ku, TokyoEcuteShinagawa2007/09/262012/10/28
TokyoToshima wardIkebukuro Sunshine CityHIGH2006/10/272021年1月31日0
TokyoShinjuku wardLUMINE EST Shinjuku2008/08/19
TokyoShibuya WardShibuya Mark City2007/04/192020/5/31
TokyoMusashimurayama-shiAEON MALL Musashi Murayama2006/11/182013/02/27
TokyoMachida-shiMinamimachidaGranberry Mall2006/03/172017/02/12
TokyoSumida-kuTokyo Skytree TownSolamachi2012å¹´05/222020/8/31
KanagawaKawasaki CityKoku-kuLAZONA Kawasaki2006/09/282015/08/27
Kanagawa横 浜 市Naka-kuYokohama World Porters2007/07/202018/08/26
Yokohama-city kanagawa prefectureNishi-wardYokohama Landmark Plaza2006/04/272017/12/10
Yokohama-city kanagawa prefectureTsujiLalaport Yokohama2007/03/152020/5/10
ShizuokaGotembaGotemba Premium Outlets2008å¹´03/252013/02/27
ShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai DistrictShizuokaParco2007/03/152012/05/06
ShizuokaIwataLalaport Iwata2015/10/242018/09/02
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya CityNishi-wardmozo wonder city2009/04/212015/05/10
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya CityNakamura WardNagoyaMeitetsu2008/09/122013/09/13
Okazaki City, Aichi PrefectureAEON MALL Okazaki2008/11/282015/05/06
GifuToki CityToki Premium Outlets2007/07/192017/08/27
GifuKakamigahara CityAEON MALL Kakamigahara2014å¹´09/262015/05/10
MieKuwana CityMitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima2007/09/20
ToyamaOyabe CityMitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe2015/07/162020/2/24
OsakaOsakaChuo-kuNamba Marui2008/12/122015/11/13
HyogoNishinomiyaHankyu Nishinomiya Gardens2008/11/262016/01/11
HyogoKobe CityTarumi WardMitsui Outlet Park Marinepia Kobe2009å¹´03/082020/2/24
OkayamaKurashikiArio Kurashiki2011/11/252016/08/21
FukuokaFukuoka CityHakata WardCanal City Hakata2008/08/222017/08/31
SagaTosu CityTosu Premium Outlets2008/04/242012/05/06
OkinawaNakagami-gunKitanakagusuku VillageAEON MALL Okinawa Rycom2015/04/252020/2/16


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