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📦 | Rakuten's new corona-infected person 2 positive test for 2 people in the army

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New Corona Infected Persons 2 at Rakuten Positive Test for 2 People

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On the 18th, the outfielder Haruki Nishikawa received a positive result and the team was deregistered as a player.

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    Haruki Nishikawa outfielder

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      Player registration

      Player registrationWhat is "Shutsujo Senshu Touroku"?SportsInplayerBe registered to be able to participate. eachCompetitionIt is defined in each rule. In North AmericaRoaster registration(Roster Registration)". If you register, you will be able to enter the bench.Bench registrationSometimes called.


      Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

      Current regulations from 1997

      First Army RegistrationIt is also expressed as (Ichigun and Uroku). The maximum number of players that can be registered is 29 (baseball agreement, Article 81, paragraph 2). Of these, the maximum number of players that can actually participate in the match is 25 who were nominated before the match. Usually starting pitchers who do not plan to pitchWith benchGo off from (commonly called "Agari")[1]). Participants are referred to as one army when taking unregistered players who may be registered to the expedition. It is safe for a player registered in the first army to participate in a second army match.Concurrent player・ A dual-role coach can enter the bench as a full-time coach / coach even if he / she is not registered as a player.

      Until 2018, it was 28 people longer than the old regulation, but from 2019 the number of registered people has increased by 1 to 29 people.[2][3].

      Foreign players(野球協約82条)の出場選手登録は最大4名で、野手または投手として登録できるのはそれぞれ3名までとなっている(野球協約82条の2)。つまり投手のみ、あるいは野手のみで4人分の「外国人枠」を満たすことは許されていない(1998年から2001年までは、「投手1人に野手3人」または「投手3人に野手1人」で4人分の「外国人枠」を満たすことも許されていなかった)。

      Registration for players to start the race must be applied 3 days before the start of the race, and this registration cannot be changed until the start of the race, but registration and deletion can be done from the next day. Registered players who can enter the bench in the opening race will be announced on the day before the opening.[4].. The registration period is the final round of the team's regular season (4th-6th in the league), orClimax seriesUntil the date of defeat or the end. Participant registration and deletion are announced,Japan Baseball OrganizationIt can be viewed from the official site of each team.

      If the registration is canceled (commonly known as "falling the second army" or "going to the farm"), you will not be able to participate in the official game of the first army from that day, and you will not be able to re-register for 10 days (Article 84 of the Baseball Rules).However, during the seasontradeDue to this, it is not possible to change the affiliated team due to the change (In this case, the registration of the participating player/controlled player in the former affiliated team will be deleted, and it will be possible to participate if the controlled/registered player registration in the destination team is completed. Will be).

      Japan Championship SeriesThen this system does not apply. Forty players are selected as "qualified athletes", and a member with a bench is selected for each match.

      All player registration cancellation

      From 2011, if the match interval is 10 days or more for some reason, all players will be automatically deleted from the participation player registration, and all players at the time of re-registration will be registered for the number of days related to FA rights and additional participation fee ( A system has been introduced that allows a maximum of 1,500 million yen to be added depending on the number of registration days if the minimum annual salary of one army is less than 1,500 million yen.

      This system2010In the regular seasonClimax seriesThere was a schedule between the final stagesChunichi DragonsDeregisters everyone[5]Based on that, it was established in 2011.[6].

      Most of the application cases are "between the regular season and the climax series final stage" as mentioned above, but on July 2021, 7,Tokyo OlympicsDue to the event, the official game will be suspended until August 8th of the same year, so all players have been deregistered as participating players.[7].

      Exception rules

      Special measures to delete concussion registration

      From the middle of the 2016 season, due to interplay during play etc.ConcussionA special measure has been introduced that allows players to re-register without being registered for 10 days if the registration is canceled due to[8][9].. By this special case, if you want to delete the registered player registration, you can specify the substitute player to register as a participating player, and if the deleted player returns within 10 days, this substitute player will be deleted as a participating player. This substitute player may re-register as a competitor even if 10 days have not passed since the deletion. In June 2016Takahiro ImamiBecame the first applicator[10].

      Retirement match player registration special measures

      From the middle of the 2017 season, special measures have been introduced that will allow players who are retired to register to be able to register beyond the limits of registered players for one day without deleting the currently registered players.[11].. By this special rule, players who play a retirement match can register more than 1 registered players in one match. There is no limit to the number of players that can be registered, but the number of players who can enter the bench in a match remains at 29. In addition, players who are registered for this registration will be automatically deregistered the next day, after which they will not be able to register until the end of the league official game including the climax series. However, it will be possible to register for the Japan Championship Series that does not apply this system. If the match is canceled after registration, you can register again on the day designated by the team. Played a retirement match on September 25, 2017Shigeru Iguchi(Chiba Lotte)[12],as well asMorino Masahiko(Chunichi)[12]Will be the first to apply this system.

      Special measures due to the effects of the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection

      Since 2020,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIn response to this, special measures have been enacted regarding the expansion of the number of registered athletes and the deregistration and re-registration of infected athletes.

      Infection spread prevention special case 2020(Common name:Exception 2020)

      In the 2020 season, the number of registered athletes will be increased from the current 2020 to 29 and the number of athletes on the bench will be increased from 31 to 25 according to the special rule "Infection Spread Prevention Special 26" established by the influence of the new coronavirus. Increased[13][14]..In addition, the number of foreign players in one army is limited to 4 or less (up to 5 on the bench), but if either the pitcher or the fielder is 4 or less, the breakdown may change thereafter. Can not[13]..In addition, even if you are suspected of being infected with corona due to poor physical condition and your participation registration is canceled, if the test is negative, you can re-register within 10 days.[13]..For athletes who have been waiting at home due to being positive for corona or being recognized as a close contact, the actual number of days from the date of deregistration to the date of returning to practice will be added to the number of registered athletes.[15].

      Infection spread prevention special case 2021(Common name:Exception 2021)

      Special rules enforced during the 2021 season.The number of registered players and the number of players on the bench have not changed from the special 2020.The number of foreign players has not changed, but the restrictions on the ratio of pitchers and fielders have been changed, and even after changing one of them to four, the breakdown can be changed. Not all 4 can be pitchers or fielders[16].

      Infection spread prevention special case 2022(Common name:Exception 2022)

      Special rules that came into effect during the 2022 season.There are no basic changes from the special case 2021[17].

      Related regulations

      Participation player additional participation reward
      The minimum annual salary for one army is set at 1,600 million yen (Baseball Agreement Article 89-2), and for players with less than that annual salary, the difference from the amount of registered players is 1,600 million yen, which is 150 minutes per registration day. Is incremented by 1 (censored when there is no difference).
      Free agent right
      When the number of registration days reaches 145 days a yearFree agent right"1 year", which is the period required to obtain the qualification of For years less than 145 days, the total number of days that have not been reached is counted as one year every 145 days.
      Relief provisions/special measures
      As a relief provision for additional participation compensation and FA rights, deregistered players by concussion special measures,All starStarting pitchers who were deregistered before and after the event, and from the day after the final round of the team's regular seasonClimax seriesAthletes who have been automatically deleted because they have more than 10 days free until the first day will be treated as registration if the registration is re-registered by the specified date. In addition, even if the pitcher is not registered at the beginning of the season and is registered by the stipulated date and has started, the pitcher will be treated as registered from the beginning of the day.

      Old regulation

      This system was called "active player registration" until 1991.

      1992 - 1996
      • Before the start of the seasonRegistration under controlFirst of all, 70 people were assigned to 40 troops and 30 troops. 28 players in the army who can enter the bench are "registered players".
      • After that, up to 5 people were allowed to be replaced in the middle of the season (initially only before the All-Star holiday, but later added in early June).In addition, regardless of this period, for a player who was seriously injured for more than 6 months after healed.Disability listEntered and was demoted to the second army. The reinforcement of the players was recognized by the second army for the number of people.
      • From September, the distribution is removed, and if it is a registered player under control, you can freely replace the first and second armies.

      The system was established, but since 1997, the allocation of 40 troops for one army and 30 for the second army and replacement restrictions have been abolished.

      Japanese amateur baseball

      In the official game of amateur baseball, it refers to the member who entered the bench before the tournament. It is often impossible to switch players after registration. The maximum number of people depends on the competition, for examplehigh school baseballIn 18 people is the basic number. However, in local competitions, the number of members has been increased by the judgment of each prefectural federation, and is often set at 20. There are many 25 baseball and adult baseball players.

      American professional baseball

      サ ッ カ ー

      Japan Professional Soccer (J League)

      Japan amateur soccer

      The maximum number of players for adult soccer is 18 as in the J League, and the maximum number for university and high school soccer is 20.

      England professional football

      Premier LeagueIn, the maximum number of people that can be registered in the top team is 25 people, there is no registration limit for foreign national athletes (work permit may be required). Athletes who are out of registrationReserve LeagueBelong to. There are 7 people on the bench (reserved).

      Spanish professional football

      Liga EspanyolaInEUUp to 3 players can be registered as outside players. There are 7 people on the bench (reserved).

      Italian professional soccer

      Italian Football FederationExpanded the number of people on the bench to 2012 from the 13-12 season[18].. Up to two players outside the EU can be acquired per season, and when registering a new foreign player, the existing foreign player must be released.

      Professional basketball


      B.LEAGUEPlayer registration is 10-13, of which participation registration is limited to 12.

      One of the predecessors of B.LEAGUEbj leagueThe maximum number of registered players was 15, but bench registration was limited to 15 home teams and 12 away teams.




      V LeagueThen, you can register up to 1 players for each match of one team. If there are more than 14 people registeredLibero playerMust register 2 people, but if registration is 12 or less, Libero player can register from 0 to 2 people[19].

      Professional football


      NFLIn, up to 53 roasters can be registered, but 1 of them can play in one match.


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