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🌐 | Tomorrow Net gives a lecture at "Next Contact Center Summit 2022 Summer" ~Users...


Tomorrow Net will give a lecture at "Next Contact Center Summit Summer 2022" ~Users...

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It can be used regardless of the device (PC, smartphone, official app, phone) used by the user, and can be linked with various DBs, core systems, request/reception systems, BI tools and call centers already used by companies. All-in-one support for communication between users and companies.

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    Request/reception system

    BI tools

    BI tools(BI system,Business intelligence tools,English: Business Intelligence tools) IsBusiness intelligenceUsed fortool(tool)Is a general term for.

    Business intelligenceAndBusinessAboutIntelligenceThat is, it means knowledge used for business decision-making and data collection / analysis / distribution for that purpose. BI tool is thisBusiness intelligenceIt is a general term for tools that support. Excel etc. are also used as BI tools.There are many products that sing that operations such as data shaping and cross tabulation can be performed more efficiently, and the labor required for analysis and document creation leading to judgment is greatly reduced.Systematic analysis using tools enables real-time information collection, analysis, and management decisions.

    With self-service BI tools, employees who make decisions, such as managers, become data analysts and can operate the system to collect, analyze, and create report materials on their own without the intervention of others.Application softwareIs.Using this, the employees themselves extract, process, and analyze the data generated by the system in the company.The analyzed data is used for corporate decision making[1].


    IBM researcher in 1958(English edition)But"A Business Intelligence SystemHe wrote a treatise entitled "Today's Business Intelligence Tools and Concepts Leading to Machine Learning."Although he is called the father of business intelligence[2], The progress of computers for accumulating and analyzing data has taken time.

    The first comprehensive business intelligence tool was in the 1970sIBMAnd Siebel Systems (in 2006)OracleWas acquired by) etc.[3][4]..At the same time, small and medium-sized software companies proposed various ideas and grew up, leading to today's major system companies.[5].

    1988,RomeThe "Multiway Data Analysis Consortium" was formed by a group of experts and vendor companies.The experts gathered to consider how to manage and analyze huge amounts of data efficiently and how to provide it at a price that even ordinary companies can afford.2000By then, many data analysis systems and report material creation systems have appeared from major software companies such as the United States.[6].

    Before the Internet was always connected and speeded up, BI systems were installed on servers operated by the company and maintained and managed by the company, which was expensive.On-premisesIt was a type system.the 2000sAs a result, enterprise software makers have become interested in developing BI tools that can be widely applied so that they can be considered by small and medium-sized enterprises that have relatively low installation costs and low maintenance costs.This movementCloud hostingAt the same time as the spread of data, data and applications are placed on an external server connected to the Internet.SaaSType BI system will appear[7].

    2006Since then, with the progress of cloud hosting of data storage and data management, mobile support has also progressed.Even outside the office, it has become possible to search for fine-tuned data, analyze it, and obtain visual analysis results in the form of graphs and the like.Also, not dedicated softwareブ ラ ウ ザVendors have been enthusiastic about the great success of the corresponding version.Android ,iOS We have also released mobile-only products specializing in[8].


    The main categories of BI tools are:

    Excel,Google spreadsheetSpreadsheets, extracts, graphs and tables using
    • Report generator
    Extracting data from the database (query), sorting, creating various forms (reports)
    Create a "dashboard" that can list appropriate graphs and tables on one screen
    Analyze huge data and perform pattern discovery, cluster discovery, prediction, etc.
    • Business Activity Monitoring
    Monitor business performance, receive alerts and analyze
    A system that accumulates all past data by purpose and in chronological order, saves it in a form optimized for analysis, and instantly retrieves it.
    • Local information systems
    A system that accumulates and analyzes data for each region
    Improve data quality by correcting / deleting typographical errors, notational fluctuations and duplications in the data

    With the exception of spreadsheets, BI tools are a single application and a set of various software.Software suite,ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) softwareIt is provided as a component of the system, a function of the core information system for special industries.Data warehouseBI tools may come with the system.

    BI tool product

    For BI toolsOpen source softwareThere is something that is, among themApache Hive,D3.js, KNIME,Orange, Pentaho,R languageFree products such asJasper Reports, Palo, Pentaho, TACTIC and other paid products.

    ProprietaryThere are many free products, as well as paid products from major companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.

    BI tool development company

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