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🌐 | "Kyoko Hasegawa's Now" over 40 years old The second photobook in 16 years Kyoko Hasegawa's photobook "Ju ...


"Kyoko Hasegawa's Now" over 40 years old The second photobook in 16 years Kyoko Hasegawa's photobook "Ju ...

(Photo by Hajime Sawatari) On the 17th, the photo book "Just as a flower" (Takarajimasha) by actress Kyoko Hasegawa twice ... → Continue reading


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Photo album

Photo album(Shashinshu) means dozens to hundreds of写真By a certain conceptEditWhat I did. Often printed matter,Photographic paperOne that is composed of itself,CD-ROMThere are also digital media such as.

Target subjects are various, such as people, animals and plants, buildings, minerals, and celestial bodies.There are various themes such as news, sports, nudity, and landscape.

There is also a way of thinking that there are two main cases, one is when the subject of photography is emphasized and the other is when the photographer is emphasized.[Source required]..The former is, for example, an idol photobook (talent photobook), a photobook of animals such as cats and dogs, and some news photobooks (such as "photographing the 20th century"), and the latter is, for example,Henri Cartier-Bresson,Andre CertesIt is a photograph collection of photographers such as.


The origins vary depending on how you define a photo book, but as a beginning of "a duplication of multiple photos"TalbotBy1841 made"Natural pencilIs mentioned. The inventor of TalbotCarotypeWas common until thenDaguerreotypeAgainstnegative-PositiveIt was possible to make a duplicate by law. So he decided to publish it in the form of a photo book in order to spread the technology of carotype. (One of these "natural pencils"Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of PhotographyIt is stored in

Chronological Table

Photo historyHere are some events related to the photo book that are important for viewing.

Major publishers of many photo books

Reference books

  • "The best 338 complete guide to read photo books"ISBN 4839820104
  • "Read the photobook <2> Best 338 complete guide" ISBN 4839820244
    • Also, although it is a Western book,MagnumBelongs toPhotographers “The Photobook: A History” ISBN 0714842850 And "The Photobook: A History volume 2" ISBN 0714844330 In, the photo book of the world including Japan is explained with the photograph.
  • History of Japanese photo collection 1956-1986 (Ryuichi Kaneko, Ivan Valtanian, Akasha,Toshifumi Liu/ Cover photo)
    • Photobooks featured
    • Hiroshi Hamaya/Snow Country
    • Shuntaro Tanikawa, picture book
    • Yasuhiro Ishimoto, one day there
    • Graphic group/Untitled
    • Eiko Hosoe, a man and a woman
    • Ken Domon/Chikuho Children
    • Ichiro Kojima・Tsugaru
    • Yoichi Midorikawa/Inland Sea
    • Yasuhiro Yoshioka/Yasuhiro Yoshioka Works
    • Collection of Kozo Nojima and Kozo Nojima's works
    • Fumiari Kuwahara, Minamata disease
    • Kikuji Kawada/Map
    • Tomatsu Lighting/Japan
    • Mt. Sasayama Kishin, Mt. Sasayama Kishin and 28 women/Nude
    • Nobuyoshi Araki/Sentimental Journey/Okinawa Nobuyoshi Araki Photobook 2 Sentimental Journey/Tokyo Nobuyoshi Araki Photobook 3
    • Daido Moriyama/Japan Theater Photobook
    • Kazutaka Narahara, Europe, Stationary time/Japanesque
    • Takuma Nakahira, for the coming words
    • Kenji Kanasaka, Underground Generation
    • Katsumi Watanabe/Shinjuku group robbery 66/73
    • A meeting to publish "what is October 10st" and what is October 21st
    • Kenji Ishiguro/Hiroshima
    • Tetsuya Ichimura・COME UP
    • Sugino Yasushi-feeling scenery
    • The eyes of Ihei Kimura and Ihei Kimura
    • Yutaka Takanashi/To the city
    • Sawatari Saku and Nadia Forest Doll Museum
    • Shioya Sadayoshi and Shioya Sadayoshi's masterpieces
    • Koshio Kuwahara, Tokyo, Showa XNUMX
    • Kiyoshi Suzuki/Flower Song
    • Hiromi Tsuchida
    • Tsukiji Jin / Vertical, (Area)
    • Shigeo Ushizu・SELF AND OTHERS
    • Miyako Ishiuchi・APARTMENT
    • Kazumasa Suda/Fuzo Kaden
    • Jun Morinaga/Kawa-Kage
    • Keizo Kitajima/Photo Express "Tokyo" No.1 12
    • Kento Watanabe, a town already seen
    • Fukase Masahisa/crow

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Kyoko Hasegawa

Kyoko Hasegawa(Kyoko Hasegawa,1978 May 7 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model.ChibaI'm fromRepro entertainmentBelongs.


When I was in the third year of junior high schoolscoutI had been asked, "I had something to say ... and when I was in middle 3, I had to take the high school exam," and said, "I became solid," and refused at that time.[3]..I entered high school, got an offer from the same person, and entered the entertainment world[3].

1996 When I was in the 3rd year of high school,CanCam"ofExclusive modelPassed the audition. Before that, the magazine "mc Sister], teens magazine "Seventeen] Was also a model.

1999 Started full-scale modeling business and decorated the cover of "CanCam".

2000 Since AprilFighting sportsInformation program "SRS』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Was appointed as the third generation fighting visual queen (the first generation wasNorika Fujiwara, The second generationHiroko Hatano).The omnibus drama "Love / Chat』Debuted as an actress.

2002 Graduated from "CanCam" at the end of the February issue.

2004 Appeared in 10 products from 11 companies such as NTT DoCoMo and KoseCMThe amount of exposure of is the first place and is called "Queen of CM"[1].

2006 "April-June broadcast"Delicious proposal』(TBSSeries) first starring a serial drama.

2019 Start in JanuaryGutan Nouveau2'' (Kansai TV) For the first time to host a talk show[4].

2020 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,YouTubeChannel opening[5].

2021 In May, launched the lingerie brand "ESS by"[6].


Nickname isHasekyo,Hasekyon,Kyo-chan.

In the model era of fashion magazines, popularity became a social phenomenon and "The phenomenonWas born.

2008 October 10, rock bandPorn graffitiGuitaristHaruichi ShindoMarried in 3 months of dating[1][7].

2009 Boy who will be the first child in May[7],2012 I gave birth to my second baby girl on January 1th.[8].

2021 On October 10, he announced that he had divorced Haruichi Shindo.[2].


TV drama

Serial drama

Special drama

Delivery drama



News program

  • Akira Ikegami's SP thinking about the war-Why the war begins and ends-(August 2010, 8, TV Tokyo)

Documentary program

  • Dream Heritage ~Beyond the Leader's Dream~ (October 2019, 10 -, TV Tokyo)-Narration





Image dvd

  • La fille naturelle (2001)

Photo album

Model activity



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