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📦 | Rakuten / Masaru Tanaka lost 6 goals in the 5th inning and did not win the 7th time.

Photo Masaru Tanaka, the starting pitcher who throws power

Rakuten's Sho Tanaka conceded 6 goals in 5 innings and failed to win his 7th win

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After all, this big inning resonated, and he dropped out with 6 hits and 11 runs in 5 innings.

"Rakuten-Seibu" (13th, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) It turned out to be a big storm.Rakuten's pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is 6 cheap in the XNUMXth inning... → Continue reading

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6th in 11 hits 5 runs

    Big inning

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      Big inningIsbaseballA large number of points were recorded ininning..The criteria are not clearly defined, but generally 5 points (pitcherIt is reported that the innings with more than 5 runs) were big innings.[1][2].

      Big inning example

      Major League

      Major league baseballThe highest score of one inning in18839/6Chicago White Stockings (nowChicago Cubs)ButDetroit Urbanes18 points recorded in the (non-existent) battle.Modern baseball established1901After that19536/18ToBoston Red Sox Detroit Tigers7 points recorded in the bottom of the 17th inning of the battle[3].


      Japanese professional baseball

      Japanese professional baseballIn20096/11ToChiba Lotte Marines Hiroshima Toyo CarpThe most 6 points (15 RBIs) recorded in the bottom of the 15th inning of the game[4].. The 14 consecutive points are a professional baseball tie record, and 1 inning and 12 hits is the second place in history.At this time, a total of 2 batters are standing at bat in Lotte's attack innings.this houseNaotsu OmatsuIs 1 inning 3At-batHas been recorded (another person (Kazuya Fukuura) Is a substitute runner () after going to the second at batKoichi Hori) Was sent and changed on the way.The moat also has at-bats during the innings), which is also a professional baseball record.[5][6].

      high school baseball

      Selected High School Baseball TournamentThen.1971 OfToho High School11 points,National High School Baseball ChampionshipThen.1923 OfRitsumeikan Junior High School14 points is the highest record.


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