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📦 | Anna Tsuchiya makes a strong guts pose even without a no-ban at the opening ceremony in the Rakuten match

Photo Anna Tsuchiya who appeared at the first pitch ceremony and excited the audience

Anna Tsuchiya throws a strong fist pump in the opening ceremony against Rakuten

If you write the contents roughly
It was frustrating that my sports spirit was aroused, so I want to retrain and take revenge."

"Rakuten-Seibu" (14th, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) Image character for "BOATRACE Night Game"... → Continue reading

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    regrettable revenge

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      Sports soul

      Sports soul(Sports cheating) is20043/29から20074/1for three years untilTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It was broadcast in seriesSports newsis.Abbreviation:sport soul(Spokon).


      1983から2004Broadcast overGekisei! Sports TODAY”, and changed the title to “Spo Tamashii!” on weekdays and “Sports Tamashii” on Saturdays and Sundays.Women on TV Tokyo on weekdaysannounceris in charge of each day (20054から9Untiltalentwas also employed).The main caster of the weekend is a talent known as a baseball expert.Ijuin Hikariserved consistently.

      After the discontinuation of this program, a new program that integrates the brands of weekdays and weekendsMegaspo!(The main caster of the weekend edition was alsoManabe Kaorireplaced).

      Broadcast date

      • Weekdays "Supotama!"
        • 23:58 --0:12 (2005)4/1Until 23:55 - 0:09 "Spopara"first half)
      • Weekend "Sports Spirit"
        • Saturday 23:45 --0:25
        • Sunday 23:24 - 24:00 (20059/11will be broadcast simultaneously on BS Japan.(This is due to the special organization of the election ballot report.)

      *With some independent UHF TV stationsBS Japanis a staggered broadcast (because there are no partial cuts,Take outbroadcast). BS Japan may not be able to broadcast some overseas sports news videos due to rights issues. appears at the bottom of the screen, and only the audio flows, but most of the rights issues have been cleared, soCover broadcastingThere are very few cases where


      Successive casters
      periodWeekdays "Supotama!"Weekend "Sports Spirit"
      2004.32005.3Rie TatsudaEri MizuharaMiho OhashiIjuin Hikari
      Miho Ohashi
      Eri Mizuhara
      Maeda Mariko
      2005.42005.9Yuki MatsumaruKyoko KameiMari KuranoKaori Kifune
      Haruna Nishio
      Ayano Takii
      2005.102006.3(unknown)Maeda Mariko
      2006.42006.9Eri MizuharaAyano Takii
      2006.92007.4Sachi OhtakeKyoko Kamei

      All TV Tokyo announcers except Ijuin, Kifune and Nishio (every other week).Of the casters at the start of the program, all except Ijuin continue from "Super Sports!".
      The days of the week in charge are basically fixed, but overseas coverage, vacation of the announcer in charge, "World Business Satellite] Due to the balance of irregular appearances, etc., the announcer in charge of other days of the week, and the new announcer who has just finished her first cry (announcer debut) may take over.Although rare, there are cases where an announcer who has appeared in the past temporarily acts as a substitute.20073/23Although it is not made public, due to a strike by the unionMasaru KubotaThe announcement director acted as a substitute (by the way, "World Business Satellite" on this day was progressing only with freecasters).

      Past Commentators (Weekend "Sports Soul")
      • Tokuhiro Komada(Professional baseball 20051After performing up toTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesDropped once to become a batting coach.then due to the dismissal of the coach2006more return)
      • Kenjiro Kawasaki(Same as above, appeared in February 2005 as Komada's successor. Although he will continue to appear after Komada's return, the two will not appear together.)
      • Tetsuya Asano(Football, from 2007Shonan BellmareLeft without waiting for the end of the program to take office as a coach)
      • Maesono Masaki(Same as above, mainly appearing as a field caster irregularly. After leaving Asano, he will take over the regular charge.)

      Komada and Asano continue from "Gekisei! Sports TODAY".In the professional baseball corner, TV Tokyo's sports announcer acted as a listener.

      Main corner

      Weekday version "Sport Spirit"

      During the professional baseball season, there is no clear corner, and it is often composed of straight news.

      On the other hand, during the professional baseball season off-season, the amount of news on the day may be less, so mini special sections with themes for each day of the week may be set up ("Real Scene", "The Roots" in 2006). "The Day I Was a Handkerchief Prince" etc.).

      Weekend edition "Sports Soul"

      Basically, there are no clear corners other than the following, and it is a format in which special corners, interviews, etc. are sandwiched around the results and commentary of the sports that took place on the day.

      light play
      • It would not be an exaggeration to call it the highlight corner of this program.Every Sunday during the season, I picked up some good defensive scenes from professional baseball games that were held for a week (rarely Japanese major league players appear), and selected from them.Hikari play of the weekannounced.At the end of the year, the annual grand prize will be decided.KING of Hikari PlayTo decide.
      • Main KING of Hikari play winners
        • 2005...Hirokazu Inaba-Masahiro Araki's W combination (combi between two games)
          • After the decision was made, the play that was the subject of the "KING of Hikari Play" was reproduced at the Chunichi Dragons' indoor practice field.
        • 2006...Keiichi Hirano
          • He crashed into the fence at Chiba Marine Stadium and did not let go of the ball despite being seriously injured.In addition to Ijuin and Kawasaki this yearShigeru Iguchi(at that timeChicago White Sox)WhenYoshio Mizukami(TV Tokyo commentator at the time) participated in the selection of the grand prize.

      外部 リンク

      Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system WeekdaySports news("Spopara] Band program frame)
      Previous programProgram nameNext show
      TV Tokyo weekendSports news
      Sports soul


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