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📦 | Rakuten, Nippon Ham, and Giants have a total of 15 players out of force The first notification period starts... Summary of the 1rd

Photo Rakuten/Keizo Kawashima, Nippon-Ham/Masaki Tanigawa, who received a notice of non-combat force [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

A total of 15 players in Rakuten, Nippon Ham, and Giants are out of force.

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In addition, Rakuten has notified Yasunaga Makishi, the head coach of the 1st Army, that he will not sign a coaching contract for the next season.

Rakuten notified veterans Fukui, Kawashima, and Fukuyama that they were out of force. On the 3rd, Rakuten, Giants, Nippon-Ham… → Continue reading


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