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Started multi-carrier SIM "FIELDCONNECT eSIM" service that can be used by automatic switching between two major mobile carriers

Started multi-carrier SIM "FIELDCONNECT eSIM" service that can be used by automatic switching between two major mobile carriers

Data communication eSIM that can seamlessly use the service areas of both NTTdocomo (5G/4G/3G) and KDDI (au4G) with smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, etc. is born!

PORTALFIELD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kohei Takahashi), which provides the "FIELDCONNECT" mountaineer monitoring system compatible with Sigfox communication, can use the service areas of both NTT docomo and KDDI. The communication multi-carrier SIM “FIELDCONNECT eSIM” service will start on Friday, July 2023, 7, and new applications will be accepted at the official online store “PORTALFIELD ONLINE STORE”.
FIELDCONNECT eSIM is a service that allows mobile data communication by automatically selecting a carrier with better communication conditions according to the location of the terminal with just one eSIM, even if the carrier to be used is not selected in advance.
It can be conveniently used for backup lines in the event of a disaster or communication failure, as a countermeasure for distress during mountain climbing, for use in outdoor activities, and for work in mountainous areas. It can be used for various purposes such as easy understanding of the cost of equipment and flexible equipment operation due to the increase in options for installation locations.


[Official Website] FIELDCONNECT eSIM(service information)

[Official EC site] PORTALFIELD ONLINE STORE(Service contract)



FIELDCONNECT eSIM is a multi-carrier SIM dedicated to data communication that allows you to use both NTTdocomo (1G/5G/4G) and KDDI (au3G) radio waves (service areas) with just one eSIM contract. We are collaborating with Transatel, a French company that is a member of the NTT Group and provides global cellular connectivity solutions and IoT connectivity around the world.




FIELDCONNECT eSIM is not multi-carrier compatible in the sense that it is a provider that combines multiple SIMs or provides each SIM of multiple carriers, but it is characterized by being able to use two carriers with just one eSIM contract.


Benefits of using FIELDCONNECT eSIM

Depending on where the smartphone, tablet, or IoT device is used, the carrier (NTT docomo or KDDI) with better communication is automatically selected at the time of communication and mobile data communication is possible, so there is no need to manually switch carriers in advance. In addition, the advantage is that you do not need to be aware of which carrier's service area you are using the terminal.


Use scene

・As a backup line in preparation for disasters and communication failures

Even in the event of a disaster or a communication failure with a mobile carrier, you can use another carrier, so you can be prepared for peace of mind as a backup in case of emergency.There are no restrictions on which telecommunication companies can be used together, so if you can use it, you can add FIELDCONNECT eSIM to the plan of your current main mobile phone company (including cheap SIM companies) as it is. increase.


・For the disaster measures of the mountain climbing

If you are in an accident while climbing or hiking, depending on the situation, you may need to notify your family, acquaintances, or workplace of the emergency. It makes a big difference whether

Since FIELDCONNECT eSIM is only for data communication, it does not support phone calls (including emergency calls such as 110 and 119), but voice calls and messages can be used with communication apps such as FaceTime, LINE, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. can.In such a case, being able to use a service area that combines NTT docomo and KDDI (au) not only creates a great sense of security, but also leads to quick rescue.In addition, by reducing the number of out-of-range areas, it will be easier to use when combined with various climbing apps and mountaineer monitoring services such as FIELDCONNECT.


・For outdoor activities and work in mountainous areas

Even if it is necessary to communicate during outdoor activities such as camping and winter sports, the availability of two communication carriers reduces the out-of-service area and makes it easier to contact.It is also recommended to use a multi-carrier SIM such as FIELDCONNECT eSIM on a daily basis in areas where radio waves are basically poor, such as when working in mountainous areas.


・Easy cost understanding in IoT cellular communication

FIELDCONNECT eSIM demonstrates its power not only for use with smartphones and tablets, but also for use with IoT devices.The flat-rate system makes it easy to understand the cost, so it is safe even for IoT solutions with a large number of terminals.


・Expansion of options for operating IoT devices in mountainous areas

Even in areas where cellular radio waves are unstable, such as in mountainous or mountainous areas, the use of radio waves from two major domestic telecommunications carriers not only stabilizes communications, but also expands the options for installing IoT devices.


Reasonable and secure monthly fee system

Most multi-carrier SIM services in Japan are pay-as-you-go services that charge only for the amount you use. It's safe.As of July 2023, 7, this is the lowest usage fee in Japan for a multi-carrier SIM for data communication.

・Comparison with major multi-carrier SIM services in Japan (As of July 2023, 7. According to our research. Prices include tax.)

・Comparison with sub-line services of major domestic mobile carriers (As of July 2023, 7. According to our research. Prices include tax.)


FIELDCONNECT eSIM service overview


・Available services

FIELDCONNECT eSIM is a data only eSIM.There is no voice call function or SMS function. It is possible to use IP phone apps and message apps.


·service area

It can be used in NTT docomo (3G/4G/5G) and KDDI (au4G) service areas in Japan. 4G = LTE.


·usage fee

■ IoT plan

It is ideal for IoT devices that send and receive a small amount of data.

Monthly fee: ¥290 (¥319 including tax)

Available data volume: 150MB

■ Minimum plan

Taking advantage of the strengths of multi-carrier communication, it is safe to secure a backup line for emergencies such as disasters.

Monthly fee: ¥490 (¥539 including tax)

Available data volume: 500MB

■ Light plan

Ideal for those who occasionally use multi-carrier data communication as an addition to their current communication carrier contract.

Monthly fee: ¥890 (¥979 including tax)

Available data volume: 1GB

■ Value plan

This is the most recommended plan with a little leeway, such as when using multi-carrier data communication almost every weekend.

Monthly fee: ¥1,290 (¥1,419 including tax)

Available data volume: 1.5GB

■ Performance plan

This high-capacity plan is ideal for using multi-carrier communication for daily work in places where mobile phone reception is unstable, such as in mountainous areas.

Monthly fee: ¥2,490 (¥2,739 including tax)

Available data volume: 3GB

*The amount of data communication is calculated in KB for each plan. 1GB = 1,000MB = 1,000,000KB.


・Available terminals

It can be used on devices that are not SIM locked (SIM lock free) and that support eSIM (smartphones, tablets, mobile routers, etc.).

■ iPhone XS, iPhoneXSMax, iPhone XR and later iPhone models


■ Apple iPad

iPad (7th generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), 11-inch iPad Pro (1st generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) and later iPads that support cellular communication Each model.


You can use it with any model that supports eSIM, but please note that some models cannot use the KDDI (au) line and can only use the NTT docomo line.In that case, it will not be multi-carrier communication.Please note that we have not confirmed the operation of which models can use the KDDI (au) line.

■ eSIM compatible mobile router

*In addition to the SIM slot (SIM card or eSIM) currently used on your smartphone, you will need an eSIM slot for FIELDCONNECT eSIM.Depending on the terminal, only one eSIM can be used at the same time, so if you are already using an eSIM from another carrier, please check if you can use two eSIMs at the same time.

*Please note that we do not guarantee the performance of the terminal operation.



PORTALFIELD Co., Ltd. develops and sells GPS trackers using Sigfox, which can communicate even outside the mobile range, in addition to the "FIELDCONNECT eSIM" service, a multi-carrier SIM that allows you to use the service areas of multiple carriers with just one eSIM contract. We are developing the "FIELDCONNECT" business, a messaging and tracking service that can be conveniently used by climbers and those who are active in mountainous areas.

As a media business, based on three services: "PORTALFIELD News" for general news, "mikketa" for free weather forecasts for mountain huts and mountains, and "Yamamedia" for mountaineering-related information, We are sending you information.


Company Info

Company name: PORTALFIELD Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki Geisha Portal Field)

Head office location: 101 Jimbocho SFI, 0051-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 41-202

Business description: Data communication service business, climber tracking business, IoT service introduction support and operation, news and mountaineering information media operation, web service construction and operation

Established: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day

Capital: 1,000 thousand yen

Officer: Kohei Takahashi, Representative Director

Accreditation: Notified Telecommunications Business Operator (A-03-19359)

Sigfox Application Partner

Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform Member

IoT Promotion Consortium Member