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Photo Kenshi Okada

Kenshi Okada makes a live broadcast saying "I'm caught in a corona vortex" ... The net is "cute!"

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However, because he was so seriously appealing for the highlights of the movie, he said "I thought it was Corona Uzuru" and "Corona Uzuru Corona Uzuru" twice, but it's cute. So OK "" Kenshi Okada forgive me at all "" Kenshi Okada's corona vortex is too cute!

俳優の岡田健史が1日、日本テレビ系「スッキリ」に生出演。「コロナ禍」を「コロナ渦(うず)」と言ってし… → Continue reading

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Takeshi Okada

Kenshi Okada(Kenshi Okada, 19995/12 -) isJapan OfAn actor.Soseikan High SchoolBackground[1].


In the second grade of elementary schoolbaseballStart[2],mainlycatcherServed as[3]..中学1年生の冬に初めて芸能事務所・The entertainment agency for the first time in the winter of the first grade of junior high schoolSpice powerScouted from.以降、5年に渡ってスカウトを受けていたが、甲子園を目指し野球に没頭していたため断り続けていたSince then, he has been scouted for five years, but he kept refusing because he was absorbed in baseball aiming for Koshien.[2].

After retiring from the baseball club in 2017 when he was in his third year of high school,theaterScouted by the club's adviser teacher, he plays a kamikaze member and participates in the tournament.Originally I was planning to go on to college and continue playing baseball, but after participating in the prefectural tournament, I began to feel that I wanted to be an actor, so I called the current office myself.

TV drama that started broadcasting in October 2018 ``Junior High School Diary』(TBS), After auditioning, he was selected as the opponent of the main character and made his debut as an actor.[4]..The audition took a year, and the total number of people was over 1.このドラマで、『週刊In this drama, "WeeklyThe television』Sponsored 99thDrama Academy AwardReceived the Supporting Actor Award[5].

The 2019st photo book "Beat" will be released on June 6, 12.Reprints have been decided before and after the release.

July 2019, 7, Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation 19th Anniversary Special Drama ``Don't you think Hakataben girls are cute?The first starring a TV drama[6].

In 2020, the screen debut work "Yayoi, March-30 Years I Love You-5 movies including ”will be released.For the first time in a year and a half since his debut, his second commercial TV drama "MIU404].

Of 2021NHK taiga drama"Hit the blue skyWill appear in[1].


  • HobbyMuscle trainingAnd my favorite food isRamen[4]..His specialty is fried rice.
  • His specialty is baseball.高校時代は将来的にHigh school in the futureAdult baseballI wasn't interested in scouts from the office because I was going to[2]. Also,Professional baseball-Hanshin Tigers OfRiku KawaharaIs a junior in the baseball club, Okada is a catcher, and Kawahara ispitcherAsbatteryWas playing in a team[3][7].
  • It is said that it was the principal who recommended to the drama club who was looking for a helper on the stage[8].
  • In "Meet Me After School", he lost about 10 kilograms when he played the role of a junior high school student.
  • I love Ghibli works, especially "Princess Mononoke".


TaiziIs the star.

TV drama


Delivery drama


Advertising / model





Photo book


  • "Kenshi Okada Calendar 2020.04 --2021.03" (February 2020, 2)[39]


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