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📦 | Waseda University / Hayakawa, Kindai University / Sato compete with 4 teams Draft Conference XNUMX


Waseda University / Hayakawa, Kindai University / Sato compete with 4 teams Draft Conference XNUMX

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Waseda University's fastest 155km left-handed pitcher Takahisa Hayakawa and Kinki University's Teruaki Sato infielder, who broke the total home run record for Kansai Student Baseball, each nominated four teams in first place.

Waseda University / Hayakawa and Kindai University / Sato compete with 4 teams Draft Conference 14 Photos October XNUMX, XNUMX, P ... → Continue reading


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Fastest 155 km left arm

Kansai Student Baseball Federation

Kansai Student Baseball Federation(Kansai Gakusei and Kyurenmei, English notation:Kansai BIG 6 Baseball League[1] ) Is composed of baseball clubs from 6 universities located in the Kansai area.College baseballIt's a league.All Nippon University Baseball FederationUnder the umbrella

Prior to the formation of the federation in 1982, there were two student baseball federations with completely different names at different times, both of which were related to some of the federation's member schools. Each is a completely different organization with no continuity in terms of time and content (see each section for details on those items, although mentioned below).



Post-warSchool reformIn 1951, after the birth of the new universityAll Nippon University Baseball FederationWas inaugurated, and in 1962Kansai Roku University Baseball Federation (former Federation)(Hereafter, former Kanroku) accepted repeated merger requests from the Kinki District University Baseball Federation to which university baseball federations other than the former Kanroku belong in the Kansai region, and as a result, a qualification match with the former Kanroku at the top. Combined byKansai University Baseball UnionWill be integrated as.However, about 20 years later, in 1982, it was decided to cancel the qualification match for Kanroku, as the claims of the people concerned who advocated "the crisis of the Kansai University baseball world in the future due to the qualification system" passed.At the same time, the Kansai University Baseball Union was dismantled. (For details on the processKansai University Baseball Union(See section)

Birth of Kansai Student Baseball Federation

The process leading up to the cancellation of the qualification match.Kwansei Gakuin University and Kansai University insist on fixing by canceling the qualification match.Doshisha University, the secretary school, was against it until the end, but Ritsumeikan University agreed to rescue Ritsumeikan University, which had fallen into the Keiji League at the bottom at that time. The three schools were united, and due to the efforts of Kansai University, although there was a great deal of doubt about the movement of Kansai University, Kinki University, which had a great say and was the strongest in Kansai at that time, also joined the new league. The conditions for consenting to participate were shown and I had to tune in, and finally I agreed, and finally Doshisha University had to tune in with these series of movements, so I was in line with Kansai University.Kyoto Sangyo University and Osaka University of Commerce have remained as they are, and the names of Kansai3 Baseball League have been taken over.

Therefore, I withdrew from the Kansai2 Baseball League and invited two schools from the former lower part at a later date.Kansai Student Baseball FederationIt means that a new league has been formed.

In addition, regarding the past records of the old league including the era of coalition formation, the new systemKansai Roku University Baseball FederationAn agreement has been reached at the time of reorganization by sharing with the side.


* Some of the organizations that the current school is deeply involved in before the formation of this federation are also described.


Kansai Student Baseball Federation during the old vocational school era

Kansai Student Baseball Federation during the old university days

  • 1927 Kwansei Gakuin High School of Commerce (Kwansei Gakuin University from 1923) and Osaka Higher Commercial School (Osaka University of Commerce from 1932), which was established in 1928 and is based on the Kwansei Gakuin Baseball Federation. Joined and renamed the Kansai Six School Baseball Federation (* 1).
  • 1928 Kobe High School of Technology(New Kobe University Faculty of Engineering in 1949) joinedKansai Student Baseball FederationRenamed (former federation).From the Kyoto University College Baseball Federation in the Kyoto areaOld universityBe independent,Otani University,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine[2],Kyoto Imperial University, Ritsumeikan University,Ryukoku UniversityEstablished the Kyoto Five University Baseball Federation at five universities.
  • 1929 Kansai University, Doshisha University, and Kyoto Imperial University start a three-university competition
  • 1930 The Kansai Four University Baseball Federation was established with the addition of Ritsumeikan University.
  • 1931 Kobe Commercial University of the Kansai Student Baseball Federation (former federation) transferred to the Kansai Four University Federation, and Kwansei Gakuin also joined in duplicate, and the league match of the Kansai Six Baseball League (* 2) started in the fall of the same year
  • 1932 The Kansai Six Schools Baseball Federation, which was formed in the fall of the previous year with the promotion of the former university of Kwansei Gakuin,Kansai Roku University Baseball Federation (former Federation)Renamed to
  • 1941 Osaka Vocational SchoolJoined the Kansai Student Federation (former federation).
  • 1942 At the end of the spring of the same year, all baseball competition activities nationwide will be banned by wartime orders.
* 1: Different from the predecessor federation of the Kansai Roku University Baseball Federation (former federation) of the same name, which was established in 1931.
* 2: Different from the federation of the same name that was established in 1927.

Postwar to the dissolution of the former KansaiXNUMX Baseball League

Inauguration of the new Kansai Student Baseball Federation

  • 1982 Kansai University Baseball UnionWas dismantled, and in the process of subsequent reorganization, Kansai University, Kansai Gakuin University, and Kinki University first withdrew from the Kansai Six University Baseball Federation (former federation), and later Doshisha University followed suit, effectively the former federation. Was dissolved, and as a result, the Kansai Student Baseball Federation was newly established.All Japan University Baseball ChampionshipThe number of participation slots will be one in the five federations in the Kansai area, following the coalition era.For the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament in the fall, the championship federation in the spring Kansai area national team deciding match will participate.
  • 1983 All Japan University Baseball ChampionshipThe number of participants in the Kansai area has been increased to two.The Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament in autumn will be attended by the representative federation of the first representative in spring.
  • 1985 From the same year, the Kansai area representative deciding match was held at the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament.
  • 1989 Participation rights in the Kansai area of ​​the Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship have expanded to three.In addition, Kinki University achieved the first two consecutive victories of the federation representative at the same tournament.At the same time, Kinki University achieved the second national championship in spring and autumn (3 university titles * 2) both nationally and as a federation.
  • 1991 Acquired the right to participate independently as the number of participating schools in the Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship increased
  • 1994 Kansai district university baseball 5 league competition started
  • 1997 Kinki University has won the national championship in spring and autumn for the third time both nationally and as a federation.At the same time, it was the last tournament in the fall of the same year.All Japan Amateur Baseball Championship MatchHowever, he won the championship and won the only five university titles (* 5) among universities nationwide.
  • 1998 Kinki University achieved the second consecutive victory at the Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship.This is the second feat of Meiji University in Japan.
  • 2000 To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Battle of SekigaharaTokyo Roku University Baseball FederationAnd East-West competition
  • 2005 The Kansai area representative frame of the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament has been increased to 2 schools
  • 2009 Kansai University declined to participate in the autumn league due to scandals. Held at 5 schools
  • 2013 Kinki University declined to participate in the autumn tournament due to the arrest of a member. Held at 5 schools
  • 2020 Spring league matchNew CoronavirusIt was postponed due to the announcement of a state of emergency by the Japanese government due to the spread of the infection, and the opening was once decided from August 8, but a positive reaction of corona came out from a Kyoto university student (non-baseball member) and club activities Comprehensively judging that the whole is in a dormant state and that other member schools are also restricted in practice etc., it is possible to cancel the spring league without re-postponing it. Announced[3]..In the fall, the second round will be round-robin.
* 1: In the university baseball world, the schools participating in the national tournament are not necessarily the winning schools in each league. Due to the fact that there were representative districts and times, the titles of the league championship and the national tournament championship are counted as separate titles.


The Kansai War (Kansai University and Kansai Gakuin University) and the same battle (Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University), which always appear in the history of student baseball in Kansai, are the most famous cards for student baseball competition in the Kansai area, but they are nationwide. Not very well known.It is also a feature of the league that there are two fixed signboard cards in the league, but it is not regarded as a prime project that will be broadcast or become TV news like the Waseda-Keio match.

Similar to Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League, which is rare in college baseballNominated batterIt is also a league that does not have a system.

In the past, in addition to the East-West competition, which was a commemorative event held in 2000, as an East-West competition, several schools of the Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League were invited to Kansai every year, and when it resumed after a break, Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League In the past, he was active in inter-league exchanges, such as inviting several schools from the Tohto University Baseball League in addition to the federation, but this is no longer the case.

The league name is "Kansai Student Baseball FederationHowever, internally, "Kansai Student Baseball" is everywhere.Six University LeagueIs used.The name "Rokudai" is also used for conversations with fans and related parties, but slang that is sometimes seen in other leagues nationwide.[4]Instead, "Rokudai" is intentionally used everywhere, such as in the publications of the federation and the championship flag.This is from the background when the name of the new league was decided.KansaiXNUMX Baseball LeagueAlthough it was unavoidably abandoned, it was not mentioned in the English name at that time, so it was used as the official name in English in the former Kanroku.KANSAI BIG6Is a nickname in English name notation (even if it is written in English, the official federation name is the name described at the beginning of this article), which is a proud expression of a league that inherits the flow of the former Kanroku. It is also.Normally, when "XX BIG6" is used for English name notation, it is usually used for the official English notation in the federation name "XX Six University Baseball League" in Japanese, but in the past in the process of establishing the federation. Complex background (details are in addition to this articleKansai Roku University Baseball Federation (former Federation)(Refer to related articles such as), this federation uses BIG6 as a nickname for English name notation.This is the only case in Japanese college baseball[5].

From the inauguration of the new system until the spring of 2019, Kyoto University was the lowest among the six affiliated schools for 6 consecutive seasons, but in the fall of 37 it escaped from the bottom for the first time in 2019 seasons.

Operation method


6 fixed schools

How to play

  • Each league match will be held in spring and autumn.
  • There will be one match per team per day.2 battle first win methodA round robin battle will be held, and the same battle card will basically be held every day. (The draw will be a rematch and will not be included in the winning percentage calculation, but the record is valid.)
  • Basically, the team on the left side of the combination table (external link) is on the 3rd base side and is the first player.
2 battle first win method
The team that wins the same match school two times first wins the match and ends the match. (In the case of 2 win and 1 loss, the 1rd round will be held the next day or later and the settlement will be made. However, if the 3rd round cannot be settled due to a draw, etc., or if the reserve day is used up due to a natural disaster such as rainy weather Will play again until it is settled after announcing additional dates at a later date)

Ranking method

Points systemDetermined by

Points system
  • If you win the match school, you will get 1 point, and the one with the most points will be ranked higher.
  • If the points are the same, the wholeWin rateThe ranking is decided by comparison.
  • If the points and the winning percentage are the same, a deciding match (playoff) will be held only when the winning school is decided. (The results and records of the final match will not be added to the results and records of the league match.)
  • With the same points and the same win rate, the one who gets the points in the match between the schools according to the rules of the federation will be ranked higher.
Win rate
The number obtained by dividing the total number of wins by the total number of games (excluding draws because they are treated as replays).

Match place

  • Before being demolishedNissei Stadium, Was also held at Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium. In the spring of 2002, only 2 days (3 games) due to the suspension of rainFujiidera StadiumIt has also been held in.

Member universities

* University Championship = Number of appearances in the Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship, Jingu Tournament = Number of appearances in the Meiji Jingu Tournament. (The results of the championship and Jingu tournament include those before the league was established)

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularNumber of winsFinal victoryUniversity championshipJingu TournamentLast
Participation meet
Kinki University39Autumn 202011132018
Jingu Tournament
All Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship: 4 times
Meiji Jingu Tournament Winner: 2 times
Declined to participate in the fall of 2013
Former: 9 league championships in the Kansai Rokudai Baseball Federation
Participated in the university championship 9 times when belonging to the Kinki University Baseball Federation (currently the Kinki Student Baseball Federation)
Ritsumeikan University22Spring 20191842019
University championship
Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship Runner-up: 3 times
Meiji Jingu Tournament Best 4: 1 time
Former: 17 league championships in the Kansai Rokudai Baseball Federation
Doshisha University8Autumn 2011672011
University championship
Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship Runner-up: 1 times
Meiji Jingu Tournament Winner: 2 times
Former: 18 league championships in the Kansai Rokudai Baseball Federation
Kansai University6Autumn 20191162017
Jingu Tournament
All Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship: 2 times
Meiji Jingu Tournament Winner: 1 times
Declined to participate in the fall of 2009
Former: 31 league championships in the Kansai Rokudai Baseball Federation
Kwansei Gakuin University3Autumn 2013512013
Jingu Tournament
Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship Runner-up: 2 times
Former: 11 league championships in the Kansai Rokudai Baseball Federation
Kyoto University0-00-Former: Two league championships in the Kansai Roku University Baseball Federation (former: Kyoto Imperial University era)

Successive winning schools

Winning school after Heisei[6]

Held yearSpring league championshipAutumn league victory
1989Kinki University ☆Kinki University ◎ ☆
1990Ritsumeikan UniversityDoshisha University ◎ ☆
1991Kansai UniversityKinki University
1992Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University
1993Kwansei Gakuin UniversityDoshisha University ◎
1994Kinki UniversityKinki University
1995Kansai UniversityKinki University ◎
1996Ritsumeikan UniversityKinki University
1997Kinki University ☆Kinki University ◎ ☆
1998Kinki University ☆Kinki University ◎
1999Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University ◎
2000Ritsumeikan UniversityKinki University
2001Ritsumeikan UniversityKinki University ◎
2002Kinki UniversityKinki University
2003Kinki UniversityDoshisha University
2004Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University
2005Kinki UniversityKinki University ◎
2006Kinki UniversityKinki University ◎
2007Ritsumeikan UniversityKinki University
2008Kinki UniversityRitsumeikan University ◎
2009Kinki UniversityRitsumeikan University
2010Doshisha UniversityDoshisha University
2011Doshisha UniversityDoshisha University
2012Ritsumeikan UniversityKwansei Gakuin University
2013Kinki UniversityKwansei Gakuin University ◎
2014Ritsumeikan UniversityKansai University ◎
2015Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University ◎
2016Ritsumeikan UniversityKansai University ◎
2017Kinki UniversityKansai University ◎
2018Ritsumeikan UniversityKinki University ◎
2019Ritsumeikan UniversityKansai University ◎
2020CancelKinki University ◎


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  2. ^ There is a theory that the medical university that belonged to the Kyoto Five University Baseball Federation at that time was not the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine but the Kyoto Imperial University School of Medicine (before the integration into the Imperial University, it was "Kyoto Medical University"). At present, no confirmation has been obtained that will be the decisive factor for denial and affirmation.The baseball club of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine has been abolished and does not exist, but before the abolitionKeiji University Baseball FederationWas a member of.See also the notes on this page.
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  5. ^ While there are situations in which a name different from the original official name such as the description is frequently used internally, when introducing and explaining this league in an external or official place, it is generally "six universities". It is customary not to use the name.
  6. ^ See below for the winning schools before that.
    Former Kansai Roku University Baseball Federation Successive Winners(National University Baseball Comprehensive Information Site University Baseball-Road to Jingu-)
    Kansai Student Baseball Federation Successive Winners(National University Baseball Comprehensive Information Site University Baseball-Road to Jingu-)

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