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🌐 | Internet bomb threat ... Hiroki Fukuyama arrested


Death threat on the Internet ... Arrested Hiroki Fukuyama

If you write the contents roughly
In Tokyo this year alone, there are more than 130 death threats claiming to be YouTubers and fictitious groups that slander specific lawyers, and the Metropolitan Police Department is carefully investigating the relationship.

Explosion notice on the Internet ... Hiroki Fukuyama arrested 9 Photos Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division XNUMX on November XNUMXth, power disruption of business ... → Continue reading


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Crime notice

Crime notice(Hanzai Yokoku) is an act that touches the lawTo give noticeでConstitutionWill be done.Explosion notice that specifies the location, date and time (en: bomb threat) And the murder notice after naming the personal name etc. (en: death threatSee also).Crime noticeAlso known as (Hankou Yokoku).

Criminal notice and punishment

NormallyThreatening crimeHowever, in the case of a bomb threat or indiscriminate murder notice, the target of intimidation is wide-ranging, so the police and the targeted organizations are contacted.Business interruptionYou may be asked.The details are as follows.The following will be criminalized even if the notice is not executed.

  • When threatening a specific individual --Threatening crime.
  • When business is interrupted by using false information etc. --False business obstruction charges.
  • When you interfere with your business using violent expressions --Powerful business interruption crime.
  • When a specific group foretells terrorism - Destructive activity prevention lawviolation.
  • If you do it for mischief even if the above 4 items do not apply - Light crime lawViolation (business interruption).

Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases of being arrested on suspicion of obstructing false accounting work against the police, alleging that security had to be increased due to notice.Also, notice for non-existent places[1]Or misread as if it were a crime notice[2][3]If you read it literally, you may be charged with a crime even if it is infeasible or meaningless.

History of crime notices in Japan

Before the spread of the Internet

インターネットPrior to its widespread use, there were many cases in which the other party was notified of the harm by sending a letter or making a phone call, and was charged with threatening crimes. I think it is out of the category of "notice").

An example in which the establishment of a threatening crime was affirmed
At a time when the conflict between the two factions was fierce on political issues, even though there was no actual fire in the house of the central figure of one faction, the text saying "I would like to express my sympathy for the fire, beware of the fire." Act of sending postcards[4].
An example in which the establishment of a threatening crime was denied
The act of announcing in a postcard that "a murderer, a seller, and you will be subject to a strict judgment."Because the text is euphemism and it is completely unclear how many people will do the harm (Nagoya High Court, October 45, 10, Penal Month Vol. 28, No. 2, p. 10).

After the spread of the Internet

インターネットWhen becomes widespreadBulletin board site, Wikisite,Social MediaThe number of cases where criminal notices are written is increasing, and the number of arrests is increasing.The suspectPolicemenAt the request ofserverDisclosureIP addressWhen,Internet service providerIt is identified from information such as the address and name owned by.Others無線 LANIn some cases, he was arrested for writing accessed from.

When there is a big incident,channel 2In addition to being checked by related organizations for the relationship between the murder / attack notice and the incident, which are frequently written inNational Police Agency OfCyber ​​forceBegan to search regularly."Kill" to "kill" to escape this searchcastTo[2], "Around the time"Japanese alphabetOrHidden wordsSome people write it as a homicide, but in most cases it is judged as a murder notice from the content of the text.

2008å¹´(20)6/8 OfAkihabara street magic incidentHowever, a notice was given on the electronic bulletin board of the mobile site, and the progress up to just before the crime was shown in detail.Due to the frequent occurrence of demon cases and the increase in crime notices after this incident, dealing with crime notices has become more important in society as a whole, and punishment is severe, including for mischievous purposes. It became so.3 people have been arrested in the three months following the incident[5].6/11ToMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsHiroya MasudaHas indicated its intention to develop a system aimed at detecting crime notices, but the next daySatoru YanoCrime notice information sharing site byNotice.inHas been released.Police officials said, "If you read the crime notice110Calling through the bulletin board operator to "report"[6][7]..On the other hand, "Notice.inThere are also criticisms such as the constitution (accept as much as accepting, do nothing else), and overkill and developing into word hunting.[8] .

In addition to murder notices and attack notices, a wide variety of other crime notices have been made.For example2010å¹´1To theWithout wearing pantsJRYamanote LineLet's get on. 10 pm on the 1thOtsuka StationGather at "[9]A text calling for was written on the Internet (Public obsceneNotice).In response to this situationSugamo Police StationThen, put up a strict alertChiefTakes the baton himself, and about 60 peoplePolice officerLeadSugamo StationIt became a riot to be wary of[9].

2012å¹´Someone else'sPCTheBot virusManipulate crime notice byComputer remote control incidentHappened[10][11].

After 2012,channel 2でBurning officialSpecific attorneyThere are some phenomena that were unthinkable before the spread of the Internet, such as the announcement of the bombing under the guise of "" and the death threat of the lawyer, which is said to reach 100 million times.

For the bomb threatTorOr anonymousVPNIn such a case, it will be more difficult than a normal investigation, and the communication history (log) of hundreds of millions of lines will be examined and the statements and records will be compared one by one.[12], It will be necessary to request investigation cooperation overseas[13]..During an international investigationMinistry of Foreign AffairsDiplomatic route through,Ministry of JusticeとNational Public Safety CommissionCentral authority route through,International Criminal Police OrganizationThere is a route such as[13]..Such an international investigation takes several months just for the procedure, and it is not uncommon to not even get an answer, and in factNational Police AgencyIn the summary of, the number of cases accepted was 2018 out of 180 cases in which Japanese investigative agencies requested overseas investigation cooperation in 94.[13].

Overseas cases

English-speaking countriesBut similar concepts exist and they threaten to kill[14](English edition), Murder threat[15]Translated as such.

Crime notice on Wikipedia

WikipediaDue to the nature of, anyone can edit it, so it is a major company since 2008Mass mediaPosted 2 crime notices in Japan in 10 years, with 3 arrests[16].

Other famous cases

President Obama assassination vote
In the United States, September 2009, 9,Social Media OfFacebookAtBarack ObamaPresidentTheassassinationIt turns out that an online vote was being held asking if it should be done,secret Service investigationDeveloped into a situation to embark on[17]..The investigation revealed that it was created by a minor, but the Secret Service decided not to impose criminal penalties on the creator and parents.[18].


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