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📦 | What is the message to "friends" contained in Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's new solo song "Michi"?

From left to right, Shingo Katori, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

What is the message to "friends" contained in Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's new solo song "Michi"?

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Former SMAP leader Masahiro Nakai has left Johnny's office this year.

Former SMAP Goro Inagaki (XNUMX), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (XNUMX), Shingo Katori (XNUMX) who will participate in the new map will be on on the XNUMXrd ... → Continue reading

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Masahiro Nakai

Masahiro Nakai(Masahiro Nakai,1972年8/18[7] -) isJapanMen oftalent,chairperson,An actor,singer.Male idol groupSMAPMembers of all activities (1988-2016)[6][Note 2].KanagawaFujisawaBackground[3]。芸能事務所のんびりなかいCEOThe president[7].


1972å¹´XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,KanagawaFujisawaBorn in.

1986年, At the age of 14Johnny's OfficeAdmission to[10].. 1986Korakuen StadiumJohnny's baseball tournament in Japan is my first job.After that, the group within Johnny's Jr.Skate boys』Become a member.1988年4, From the same groupKimura Takuya,Inagaki Goro,Mori Katsuko,Takeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriSelected withMale idol group"SMAPWas formed[11]..The oldest and leader in the group[12].. (The activities in the group after thatSMAP(See)

1989å¹´,TBSDrama"It's time]An actordebut.

1995年,Taste ichimonmeme』First starring in a serial drama[13].TV Asahiprogram"Sunday jungle』In charge of sports caster for the first time.

1997年"The 48th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], Selected as the MC of the White Group. The white group moderator at the age of 25 became the youngest record in the program.After that, he was in charge of the moderator 6 times in total.2007年"The 58th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』In charge of the red group moderator.

1998年からFuji Television Network, Incprogram"FNS 27-hour TVI was in charge of the general moderator for 3 years, and after thatNine TineIncluding with2004年,2006年,2011年,2015年In charge of.2016年Is in charge of the corresponding program department by the moderator relay method.

2000年3/31,Tokyo DomeMade in巨人Opening round (the opponent isHiroshima) At the opening ceremony before the start of the matchNational Anthem SingingIn charge.

2004å¹´, TBS Olympic Caster,2006å¹´In charge of the casters of the same station during the subsequent Olympics.

2009å¹´, 2thWorld Baseball ClassicIn charge of TV Asahi's Japan national team support captain at (WBC).

2009年, Documentary film "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT』(10/28World premiere (held in the US)Los Angelesで10/27), Invited and participated as the only guest in Japan.

2013å¹´, At the 3rd World Baseball ClassicJapan Baseball OrganizationBecame the first official supporter in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, "WBC SAMURAI JAPAN Official Supporter"[14]He also appeared on TV Asahi and TBS's WBC broadcast program.

2015å¹´Throat tumor surgery performed in early June[15].

2016å¹´December 12, SMAP dissolved. Become a solo talent[16].

2017å¹´In March, he became an official supporter of the World Baseball Classic.

2020å¹´A press conference was held on February 2st, and it was announced that he would leave Johnny's office on March 21st and belong to a private office, leisurely Nakai from April.


My father, Masashi NakaiHokkaidoIwanai TownBackground[17]..I once lamented Nakai, who continued to miss his marriage.[18]..Masashi in February 2015Laryngeal cancerDied because of[15][19].

  • The youngest of three brothers.
  • 前述の通り、中居は2015å¹´6月に喉の腫瘍を摘出する手術をしている。腫瘍が発見された際、主治医から「悪性だった場合は喉頭癌(の可能性もある)」と言われたため、上記の理由で父は死去したことから「すごいDNAだなと思った」と振り返っている[19]..However, later on another show, doctors said that benign polyps were DNA-independent and that laryngeal cancer was caused by aging, drinking, and smoking rather than DNA.[20].
  • NHK"Continuous tv novelIt is revealed that there is a desire to appear in[21].
  • 2020å¹´Broadcast on August 7Wednesday downtown"Ranking of Japanese name recognition in the east and west"[22]Then, it ranked in 7th place (93.2%).It was the only top 60 surviving person under the age of 10.[23].

Baseball related

SMAP / Johnny's related



■ TaiziIs on the air

Entertainment shows

Regular program

Regular special program

Irregular special program

One shot

Music program

Sports related programs


  • Testimony Record Citizens' War (August 2009, 8-August 9, 8,BShi)
  • Don't forget our war-Voice of the battlefield heard by Masahiro Nakai- (August 2009, 8, NHK General TV)

TV drama



Television Animation





  • Masahiro Nakai, Music clamp edition "SMAP MIND-Masahiro Nakai Music Dialogue <Vol.1>" (1997, XNUMXGentosha)978-4-87728-151-9
  • Masahiro Nakai, Music clamp edition "SMAP MIND-Masahiro Nakai Music Dialogue <Vol.2>" (1997, Gentosha)978-4-87728-160-1
  • Masahiro Nakai, Music clamp edition "SMAP MIND-Masahiro Nakai Music Dialogue <Vol.3>" (1997, Gentosha)978-4-87728-176-2
  • Masahiro Nakai, Music clamp edition "SMAP MIND-Masahiro Nakai Music Dialogue <Vol.4>" (1997, Gentosha)978-4-87728-177-9

Photo album

  • Masahiro Nakai special issue full of plain clothes ~ Shining ~ (August 2009, 8,Fusosha)978-4594060183
  • Masahiro Nakai special issue full of plain clothes ~ Shining ~ Part2 (December 2012, 12, Fusosha Publishing)978-4594067335
  • Masahiro Nakai special issue full of plain clothes ~ Shining ~ Part3 (December 2013, 1, Fusosha Publishing)978-4594067403
  • Masahiro Nakai special issue full of plain clothes ~ Shining ~ Part4 (April 2014, 4, Fusosha Publishing)978-4594070342

Magazine serialization


Solo song

  • I'm sad and can't sleep --JASRAC work code: 016-2435-1 (SMAP name song). "SMAP 003] Recording.
  • I want to cry --JASRAC work code: 018-5098-9 (SMAP name song) "SMAP 004] Recording.
  • My Childhood Friend ~ Radio in the Mirror --JASRAC work code: 026-4215-8 (SMAP name song). "SMAP 006 ~ SEXY SIX ~] Recording.

Music production

Under the name of "N. Mappy"

  • Not everyone is alone !?(Lyrics: N. Mappy) --JASRAC Work code: 052-7021-9. "SMAP 011] Recording.
  • The top of my life!(Lyrics / Composition: N. Mappy) --JASRAC Work Code: 060-5812-4. "The Feast』Recorded.Solo song.
  • Five True Love(Lyrics :: N. Mappy, Shingo, Kyoko Habu, Composition: N. Mappy, Satoshi Hidaka) --JASRAC Work code: 066-9157-9 (SMAP name song). "BIRDMAN ~ SMAP 013] Recording.
  • FIVE RESPECT(Lyrics: Osamu Suzuki, N. Mappy, Composition: N. Mappy) --JASRAC Work code: 103-1733-3 (SMAP name song). "SMAP 015 / Drink! Smap!] Recording.
  • Toilet paper man(Lyrics: Koji Ide, N. Mappy, Composition: Koji Ide, N. Mappy, Ryo Yonemitsu) --JASRAC Work code: 109-6009-1 (SMAP name song). "SMAP 016 / MIJ] Recording.
  • Buri Buri Man(Lyrics: N. Mappy, Koji Ide, Composition: N. Mappy, NAT All Stars) --JASRAC Work code: 125-2397-6 (SMAP name song). "SMAP017 / SAMPLE BANG!] Recording.
  • A song made by Miyashita(Lyrics: N. Mappy, Masaya Miyashita, Composition: N. Mappy, Koji Miyashita, Masaya Miyashita) --JASRAC Work code: 153-0098-6 (SMAP name song). "super.modern.artistic.performance] Recording.
  • Memory ~ June ~(Lyrics: N. Mappy, Masaya Miyashita, Koji Miyashita, Composition: N. Mappy, Koji Miyashita, Masaya Miyashita) --JASRAC Work code: 170-6007-9. "We are SMAP!』Recorded.Solo song.
  • Hey ...(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: N. Mappy / Naohisa Taniguchi) --JASRAC Work Code: 187-3986-5. "GIFT of SMAP』Recorded.Solo song.
  • CRAZY FIVE(Lyrics / Composer: N. Mappy / Koji Miyashita / Masaya Miyashita) --JASRAC Work Code: 187-3989-0 (SMAP name song). Includes "GIFT of SMAP".

In the name of "Nakai-san"

Under the name of "Masahiro Nakai"

  • Slicker's Blues(Lyrics: Takeshi Aida, Masahiro Nakai, Shingo Katori) --JASRAC Work code: 038-5741-7 (SMAP name song). "SMAP 008 TACOMAX] Recording.

Participating works

Nagashima ShigeoComment appearance on a document CD that traces the history of[44].
Bonus track"Fire & LightningParticipated as a chorus.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Actual height is 170 cm[4][5].
  2. ^ After forming the group, he later named himself the leader[8][9].
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