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📦 | Travel feeling online Disseminate the charm of the hot spring town to Taiwanese people!Come when you're calm! <Aizu Higashiyama Onsen, Fukushima Prefecture>


Travel feeling online Disseminate the charm of the hot spring town to Taiwanese people!Come when you're calm! <Aizu Higashiyama Onsen, Fukushima Prefecture>

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Taiwanese participants: "I thought it was very simple and suitable for private trips.

An online tour using an internet app will come from Taiwan after the new coronavirus has converged ... → Continue reading

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"Fukushima TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Fukushima Prefecture.

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Personal trip

Personal tripWhat is (Travel)?TravelOne of the forms ofHomecoming, Business trips, etc., where individuals are the main actors of the trip[1].Group travelIs an antonym of. If it is a "small group" or "acquaintance" trip, it is often used for a trip with two or more people.

Definition of personal travel

According to market research in the travel market, travel types can be divided into group travel and individual travel.[1].. In the JTBF Travel Survey, individual sightseeing trips are treated as individual trips.[1]..Therefore, individual travel agency pack travel (パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー), It is classified as an "individual sightseeing trip" and is recognized as an individual trip.[1]..Group tours that use package tours are called group tours, and individual trips that use package tours are called individual tours.[2].

According to the JTBF Travel Survey, the following types are classified as individual travel.[1].

  1. Sightseeing trips conducted by individuals (including individual participation in sports trips and package trips)[1]
  2. Homecoming, housework, ceremonial occasion related trips[1]
  3. Meetings, meetings, business trips and business trips for inspection purposes[1]

A form of travel in which an individual traveler formulates a travel plan and makes reservations for airline tickets and hotels on his own without going through a travel agency.Free tripThat.

With or without a travel companionTraveling aloneThere is also a division[1]..However, as mentioned above, in the travel market market research, for example, in the JTBF travel fact-finding survey, even if an individual participates in a travel agency's package trip, the itinerary is a group action, but it is grasped as an individual trip.[1]..In the JTBF Travel Survey, solo travel (single travel) is used to classify travel for tourism and recreation according to the presence or absence of a companion.[1](The JTBF Travel Survey distinguishes between individual sightseeing trips and trips related to household chores such as homecoming and ceremonial occasions.)[1].

Pros and cons


High degree of freedom

Free trip・ There are almost no restrictions on the itinerary for arranged trips, and you can travel as you wish.You can visit your favorite place at any time, eat your favorite meal, and choose your own accommodation.It would even be possible to change destinations and dates during the trip.

Although it is not possible to change the schedule during a trip with a made-to-order planned trip, you can freely request a travel plan in advance within the range of airlines and accommodations handled by the travel agency.This is ideal if you want to safely travel around so-called "unexplored regions" such as Central Asia, South America, and Africa with a guide.

Recruitment-type planned trips are so-called package tours, and innumerable individual package tours are on sale, including small and medium-sized travel agencies.It is characterized by the fact that most of the time spent at the site is free time and that even one participant is held.Although it is not possible to significantly rearrange the itinerary, many of them can request in advance to extend the itinerary, select a hotel, participate in a local optional tour, etc., so it is possible to create an itinerary that is close to your request.

Benefits of avoiding mixed loading

It would be a great advantage to be able to travel alone or with a group of friends and acquaintances.In the case of a package tour, the enjoyment of the trip may be impaired because it is not familiar with the group of tours (all other than myself were married couples, I was only my age apart, there were customers who did not like it, etc.) ..There is no such concern on a private trip.In addition, some individual recruitment-type planned trips (airport transfers and optional tours) may be mixed with others.

Benefits of not having a minimum number of participants

Most group package tours have a minimum number of participants, and if the number of participants falls below this, the trip itself will be cancelled.There is no such concern on a private trip.



Compared to package tours for groups that assume the participation of a large number of people, the travel price tends to be higher for the same process and content.This is because it is difficult to apply various group fees.However, it is also possible to reduce the travel price compared to package tours for groups by the following measures.

  • So-calledCheap flightsTo use.Most travel agencies these days offer cheap flights.
  • Use public transportation whenever possible.
  • Make good use of local optional tours.Due to fares and admission fees, it may be cheaper to take an optional tour than to visit individually.In particular, optional tours conducted by local travel agencies are cheap, but with some exceptions, Japanese is not spoken.
  • Youth Hostel-Guesthouse-B&B・ Use low-priced accommodations such as guest houses.Some facilities are not handled by travel companies or agencies, and you may have to make a reservation directly via the Internet or telephone.

In addition, the price of package tours for groups continues to decline in line with the economic downturn, and there are tours that are even lower than the price of airline tickets, especially for Asia.Participation is required to stop at duty-free shops and souvenir shops, and it is difficult to make a private trip with the same content at a lower price.

With or without guarantee

Whether or not personal travel is guaranteed depends on the contract with the travel agency.

Free tripNeedless to say, the travel agency is not obliged to compensate for the arranged trips, and in principle, in case of trouble or schedule change, you should negotiate directly with the airline or hotel.In recent yearsインターネットAlthough it has become possible to book airline tickets and hotels above, inquiries and negotiations after booking are not always smooth.Especially overseasWebsiteIf you use, you need to be careful because you often have to negotiate in English.

On the other hand, in order-based planned trips and individual recruitment-type planned trips, even if the trip is for individuals.You can get the same guarantee as a regular package tour..In addition to being obliged to pay compensation for accidents during travel and changes in travel schedules, it is possible to entrust the travel agency to handle troubles at the destination.

Restrictions on destinations

There are some places that are difficult to visit on a private trip, as shown below.

  • Private parts such as museums, scientific facilities, military facilities, etc.To visit these, you must take a package tour with special permission.
  • Tourist destinations that restrict the entry of individual guests (in summer)Catherine PalaceSuch).This is to give priority to the group of customers for some reason.These can often be visited by taking a local optional tour.

National restrictions

Countries that can only be entered in the form of tours through travel agencies (ブ ー タ タ,サウジアラビア,north korea,ChugokuTibet), You must use a made-to-order planned trip or a recruited planned trip.If you apply for these individually, you can travel individually, but you still have to act as planned in advance with your guide, and in any case, "free travel" is not possible.

ロシアIn order to travel, it is necessary to book a hotel through a travel agency in Russia authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, obtain documents (invitation = invitation) to prove it, and submit it to the Russian embassy. ..Since these procedures are difficult for individuals, it is common to have a travel agency in Japan act for them.As a form, one of the arranged trip (requesting only hotel reservation and issuance of invitation), order-based planned trip, and recruitment-type planned trip will be used.No guide is required and you can act freely in Russia.

Information and transportation

There is no or simplification of airport check-in, immigration procedures, on-site transfers, accommodation check-in, etc., which are commonplace in group package tours.

  • Free trip・ As a general rule, the above services are not available for arranged trips.Local transfers may be possible by individually requesting a travel agency.
  • The above services are also possible for make-to-order planned trips by having them included in the itinerary in advance.In addition, local transportation may be included in the price in areas with poor traffic conditions or insecurity.
  • There are various types of personal package tours.Some include all of the above, while others have to do everything individually.Local transfers seem to be done on many plans for safety.

Individual travel in each country



Generally, in tourism policy, international tourism is often developed after domestic tourism precedes.[3]..However, in the case of China, inbound international tourism for foreign currency acquisition preceded, followed by domestic tourism and outbound international tourism.[3].

Outbound international tourism has been permitted to the general public in China since 1983.[3]..Departure tourism was allowed for the first time in 1997 other than relative visits to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, but was restricted to group travel only.[3].. Since the trial permission for private tourism to Hong Kong in 2003, the regulations have been gradually relaxed and private travel has been permitted.[3].


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