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Northern hemisphere

Northern hemisphereWhat is (Kitahankyu)?Celestial bodyTheequatorialWhen divided into twoNorthRefers to the part corresponding to the side.以下、特に断らない限りBelow, unless otherwise specified地球Describes the Northern Hemisphere.

ContinentOut ofEurasia-North AmericaIn addition,African continentMore than 1/2 ofSouth AmericaAbout 1/7 of is included in the Northern Hemisphere.Six great statesasAsia-Europe-North AmericaThe entire area of ​​is located in the Northern Hemisphere.In the ocean distribution,The Pacific Ocean-大西洋-Indian OceanPart of, andArctic Ocean-地中海-Gulf of Mexico-East China SeaIncluding attached seas such as.


Land area ratio, especially compared to the Southern HemisphereTemperateThe high proportion of land located in is affecting both population and climate.The land area ratio of the entire Northern Hemisphere is 39.4%,Southern hemisphereHigher than 18.4% of land area[1]..温帯の例として北緯30度-40度(北半球)における陸地面積比が43%であるのに対し、南緯30度-40度では11%と少ないAs an example of the temperate zone, the land area ratio at latitude XNUMX ° -XNUMX ° N (Northern Hemisphere) is XNUMX%, while that at latitude XNUMX ° -XNUMX ° S is as low as XNUMX%.[1].. For this reason,Four major civilizationsThe population has historically been biased towards the Northern Hemisphere, including its origins.About 92% of the world's population lives in the Northern Hemisphere (according to the World Population Yearbook 1999).特にIn particularPeople's Republic of China13 billion people, second placeIndiaIt is biased toward Asia, such as 10 billion people.

In the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere10-3Is cold,4-9Is warm.Due to the high proportion of land area and the location of the continents in high latitudes, the climate of the Northern Hemisphere is somewhat different from that of the Southern Hemisphere.Because the continent is located at high latitudesSiberian cold air groupな どSouthern hemisphereLarger thanair massOccurs.Because the area ratio of land is highThermal equatorThe average position of is mainly running in the northern hemisphere.AntarcticaThe lowest temperature excludingロシア OfOimyakonIt was observed in (-71.2 degrees), and the maximum temperature wasアメリカ合衆国 OfCaliforniaDeath ValleyObserved at (56.7 degrees)[2]) Can be explained by the bias of the land ratio.

Atmospheric circulationThe outline of is similar to that of the Southern Hemisphere.亜熱帯地方から赤道に向けて北東Northeast from the subtropical region towards the equatorTrade windBut in mid-latitude areasWesterliesBlows.西太平洋を中心に移動するMove around the western Pacific OceantyphoonAnd the eastern and western oceans of the North American continentHurricaneWidely seen from the eastern coast of the continent to the equatormonsoonMeteorological phenomena such as are remarkable.

The highest peak in the worldEverest TheHimalayasBelonging to, second placeK2 TheKarakorum MountainsLocated in.全長が最大のMaximum total lengthNile RiverPour into the Mediterranean Sea in the Northern Hemisphere, 3rd placeYangtze River TheEast China SeaPour into.


Continental driftOnly touch on.About 2 million years agoPangea continentThe part that was separated and located in the northern hemisphereLaurasiaIt was further separated into the Eurasian continent and the North American continent.afterwards,Indian subcontinent Gondwana ContinentIt moved further north and collided with the Eurasian continent, forming the Himalayas.It is said that the collision changed the airflow, drying Central Asia and moistening East Asia.






Ocean current

The Pacific Ocean


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