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🌐 | Suspicion of "romance scam" to the general public who appeared in "Hirunandesu" !? "I turned pale ..."

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Suspicion of "romance scam" to the general public who appeared in "Hirunandesu" !? "Pale ..."

If you write the contents roughly
Is it dark or true? >>
《When I was sick of saying,'I have a great dream,' I was told on SNS that it was a romance scam, and I wondered if there was that line ... >>
<< I think it's just a romance scam, such as selling luxury furniture to a thrift shop.

"Hirunandesu!" Broadcast on December 12th! (Nippon TV) is a large recycle shop "Treasure Factory ..." → Continue reading


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Romance scam

Romance scam(Romance heron) is mainlyインターネットSkillfully deceive the overseas partner you met on the above exchange site, act as if you were a lover or a marriage partner, and send moneyWire fraudA kind of[1]..International romance scams, international romance scams,Nigerian scamAlso called.If you send money, there are currently few measures to get it back after the fact.[2].

Not limited to single offenders, they often form fraudulent groups, conspiring with friends to make victims believe and send money.Lawyer, Play the role of an airport officer and deceive.It may take more than a year to trust and deceive after getting to know each other.[3]..International remittances can be made XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a weekWestern UnionIs often used[4].

Impersonating person

According to the caseMaleIfBritish,AmericansSuch,FemaleIfRussianOften impersonates.Social MediaMost of the photos used as profiles, from good-looking models to ordinary people with good personalities, are randomly collected from the Internet and plagiarized.In order not to warn the other person, he synthesizes pictures of the child to pretend to be a single person with a child, and to create a situation where only the victim can rely on, he makes a sad story such as losing his family and being lonely.They also show other people's websites and counterfeit business sites to make them credible.

Flow to remittance

After getting to know each other on SNS etc.E-mail,Skype,TelUse such as to deepen exchanges and repeat romantic sweet words to make you feel as if you are in love.marriageMay promise.

After a few days to a few months (some more than a year later), I cut out something that changed my personal situation, such as getting a big job or getting sick, and gave money for various reasons. Create a situation where you want to be temporarily replaced.Forged contracts andpassportOften show[5][6].

He tells me that he is going to see Japan soon and promises to refund when he meets, but he does not come to Japan saying that an accident or incident occurred on the day.In some cases, the contact may be lost, or a fellow scammer may appear in the guise of a friend or attorney, tricking him into "saving his lover" and sending him more money.In Ghana, there are cases where victims were called to the site and charged a ransom.[7]..In malaysiaフィリピンThere was also an incident in which a Japanese man invited by a woman was imprisoned by a Nigerian scammer.[8].

Example of technique

  • Cash sent in parcels to fund marriage and expensive gifts to relatives are the transshipment port of MalaysiaCustomsI want you to be seized and remit as the tariff or cancellation fee[2][3].
  • I bought a machine for a new business while on a business trip abroad, but I can't use the card I brought, so I'd like you to temporarily reimburse the price.[2].
  • My family has an incurable disease, so I want you to remit it as a treatment fee[2][3].
  • The victim's fiancé was detained by the police at the airport and asked for defense, so I would like you to use the defense costs (in the case of calling the victim to the site and cheating cash directly)[2][3].
  • You need money to get out of the army, so I want you to reimburse your private jet and stay expenses to go to Japan[9].
  • My family has been detained for failing to comply with the new coronavirus's home-based policy and has been required to pay a fine.

Damage situation in each country


In March 2019, a woman working for a 3-year-old medical corporation who seems to have been involved in an international romance scam has been working as an accountant from the medical corporation where she works to contribute to the perpetrator. A woman has been arrested after taking 66 yen twice and finding out that more than 2018 million yen has been spent for unknown money in a few months.[10].


Romance scam in the United States社会 問題Attention has been drawn through TV and other media.2012年IC3 (FBIAccording to a report from the Internet Crime Claims Center, which is under the jurisdiction of the company, about 1% of all online scams are due to romance scams, and nearly 3% of the victims were women over 50 years old.[11].. Total damage in 2012 amounted to $ 5600 million reported alone[12].

Many of the criminals are Africans such as Nigeria, Malaysians, and Canadians, who impersonate Americans and send money.[13]..Most of the reported victims are middle-aged women, but male victims are also believed to be quite real, just to say nothing because of embarrassment.[13]..The technique is almost the same as in Japan, posting stolen photos and false profiles on online date sites, etc., and after interacting with the victim, send money with excuses such as travel expenses to go to meet and disappear. ..Some victims send sexy images and videos to the other party before they realize that they are fraudulent, and in some cases they are threatened by remittance fraud.[13].

In case of damage, it is recommended to report to the following[13].

  1. If you send money by Western Union, go to the company.Money is irretrievable, but the account used is monitored.
  2. Internet Crime Claim Center (IC3)[14]
  3. Federal police
  4. A site specializing in romance scams



According to the Federal Center for Fraud Prevention (CAFC), 2012 cases were reported during 1,460.The total damage is more than any other scam, about $ 1500 million.Almost 70% of all victims are in their 40s and 50s.Many victims are single or recently broken relationships.It is recommended to report to the district police or crime stoppers.[1]

Cases other than the Internet

  • IstanbulThen, a man can easily talk to a Japanese woman, apply for dating or marriage, make the other person feel that way, then ask for debt or invest in business, or make him buy a carpet at a high price. Cases of deceiving money have been reported[16].


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