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🎥 | Ryusei Fujii's "Kakegurui Part2" looks crazy!Special news video released

Ryusei Fujii's "Kakegurui Part 2" looks crazy!Special news video released

Photo The cast members will bet on this work as well! – (C) Homura Kawamoto / Toru Naomura / SQUARE ENIX (C) 2021 “Movie Bet Kegurui XNUMX” Production Committee

Ryusei Fujii's "Kakegurui Part 2" looks crazy!Special news video released

If you write the contents roughly
The demon god is the most crazy character in the history of the series, and the demon god who suddenly appeared at the beginning of the video defeated familiar characters such as Itsuki Emperor (Ruka Matsuda) and Mary Saotome (Aoi Morikawa) one after another. To go.

From "Movie Bet Kegurui Part 2 (tentative title)" (released in May), which is the second movie version of the popular series "Bet Kegurui" ... → Continue reading

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Aoi Morikawa

Aoi Morikawa(Aoi Morikawa,1995(7)6/17[1] -) isJapan Ofactress,talent.. Former fashion magazine "Seventeen] Exclusive model.

AichiTokai CityBackground[2].Stardust promotionPart of the entertainment department.


In 2010, fashion magazine "SeventeenFrom 5,575 applicants for the exclusive model audition "Miss Seventeen"Nagisa Abe,Nishino Mami,Miyoshi Ayaka,Kitayama ShioriIt was selected with the Grand Prix. August 8 of the same yearTokyo OfRyogoku KokugikanThe event was presented to readers at the "Seventeen Summer School Festival" invitation event held at[3]

Graduated from the magazine's exclusive model with the April 2015 issue of "Seventeen" released on February 2, 28[4]. July of the same year,Fuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesTeddy Go![5].

From April 2016 to March 4, the talk program "A-Studio』(TBS) Served as the 8th assistant[6][7].

The stage that will be performed from November 2018 ``Romeo and Juliet』, plays the role of Juliet[8][Annotation 1].. It becomes the first stage and becomes the leading role[8].

April 2020MogamiAt the same time, the YouTube channel "Aoi no Otaku" was opened.[10]BestAlong with this, we plan to post gameplay videos and so on.

It is described as a "chameleon actress" because it plays different roles freely for each work.[11].


Second from the top of the five brothers. One brother and one sister, two brothers[1].Hobbies TheSleep[2], Collecting cameras (owns about 20 cameras of various types)[12],knitting[13],Anime[14].. left handed.

the sameHairstyleI was tired of doing so and said, "If possible, I would like to change the hairstyle for each work"[15].. In fact, in the works since 2015, "Baby girl] InHair extensionsusinglong hair[15](At the opening day stage greetingTwin tailHe also showed off[16]), "Reed of glass] InBlonde,She], the hairstyle has a completely different image. In the movie "", to cut the hair, cut about 30 cm from the shoulderWhole cuttingHowever, I thought that I didn't need to have damaged hair because my hair was damaged. I was lucky to be able to just trim the hair."[17].

On the other hand, he is not good at dancing and singing, and is said to have been said to have "unlucky joints".[18].

My personal computerDospara OfGaming pc"GALLERIA". In conjunction with the opening of the YouTube channel "Aoi no Otaku"Microphone,カメラ,Capture boardSay you bought[19].


As a good entertainerKuroshima Yuna,Alice Hirose,Minami beach,Takahata Miki,Aoi Yu[20],Mogami[21],Risa NakamuraI'm giving their names.


Entertainment shows"What is that?(May 2019, 5 -,Chukyo TV-Nippon TVSystem), stacking dice in cups using centrifugal force(English edition, Compete for time to stack cups in a fixed shape and restore themSports stacking[22], Pull out the tablecloth laid under the tableware with both hands at once without dropping the tablecloth or dropping it from the tableTable cloth pull[23]I challenged such as and showed an extraordinary sense.


Starring heroine worksTaiziNotation


Theater animation

TV drama

Instagram drama

  • (July 2018, 7-August 17, Adastria)- Starring Role[88]


Radio program 

Radio Drama

  • Demon coming in spring (June 2015, 6,NHK-FM

YouTube drama

  • Pokemon Audio Drama "Friends are Eevee" (February 2021, 2, Pokémon Kids TV)- The main character, Rena


Entertainment shows



CD jacket



Photo album


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