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🎥 | Mugi Kadowaki, "Anoko is a nobleman" is "a story of girls being released from the curse" Making image arrived

Mugi Kadowaki, "Anoko is a nobleman" is a "story of girls being released from the curse"

Photograph Movie "Anoko is a nobleman" (from left) Mugi Kadowaki, Director Yukiko Sode (C) Mariko Yamauchi / Shueisha, "Anoko is a nobleman" production committee

Mugi Kadowaki, "Anoko is a nobleman" is a "story of girls being released from the curse"

If you write the contents roughly
This work is a youth tan based on Mariko Yamauchi's novel of the same name.

Eight making images have been unveiled from the movie "Anoko is a nobleman" starring actress Mugi Kadowaki and co-starring Kiko Mizuhara.In addition ... → Continue reading

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Novel with the same name

Mariko Yamauchi

Mariko Yamauchi(Mariko Yamauchi,1980May 11 -) isJapan OfNovelist,Essayist.


ToyamaToyamaI'm fromToyama Daiichi High SchoolGraduate,Osaka University of ArtsFaculty of ArtsAfter graduating from the film departmentKyotoでWriterI was active, but when I was 25, I quit my job and moved to Tokyo.[1][2].

About a year and a half after coming to Tokyo2008, 7th in the short story "XNUMX years old is the age of sex"R-18 Literature Award・ Received the Reader's Award[1].

2012, Spent four years since receiving the award, a collection of short stories including the same workCome here to pick you up"GentoshaPublished by.While making debutTakehiro Higuchi[3],Meron Uminekozawa[4],Miliyah Kato[5],Radish[6],Maki Sakai[7]Received praise from celebrities of various genres such as, and attracted a lot of attention.

Modeled on my hometown Toyama, including "Come here to meet me bored"Provincial cityThere were many works on the theme of the feeling of blockage, but in local citiesShopping districtThere are an increasing number of works that are favorable to their hometown, such as "Glasses and Prodigal Daughters" with the theme of reproduction.[8][9].


  • moviesDeep knowledge,MasterpieceSpell out the impression of the movie you watched inBlog"The world of maricoff f"[10]Has been established.
  • He is a cat lover and owns a hybrid cat "Chichimo" that he picked up when he was a college student.[11].
  • Married at the age of 29 with a cohabitation with a man who started dating at the age of 34[8].



Collection of essays

Works not included in the book


Band text, commentary, book review




  • Blog "Mariko Yamauchi's Homecoming Diary" (Toyama City Portal Site Maipre, April 2013-Currently serialized)
  • New movie review (Hyakka Bijin)
  • Column (North Japan Newspaper 02 (Zerony), May 2014 issue-)
  • Essay "Outing in the daytime, curiosity in the middle of the night" ("R Card-Magazine" January 2016 issue-)
  • Essay "~ Taking" cute "in the city as a souvenir ~ Looking for Souvenir" ("Fureai no Mado", published by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, May 2017 issue-currently serialized)

End of serialization

* Items that have not been made into books

  • Blog "Moe Professional Women's Club" (New Japan Pro Wrestling, August 2015)




  • Toyama Daihatsu Mariko Yamauchi's OK Talk (FM Toyama, June 2014-Currently on air) Every Friday broadcast / personality
  • music is music (InterFM. --Currently on air) Every Sunday 23: 00-23: 30 Biweekly appearance)

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