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🎥 | Minami Hamabe's "Movie Bet Kegurui" sequel, new release date decided

Minami Hamabe's "Movie Bet Kegurui" sequel, new release date decided

Photo New release date has been decided! – (C) Homura Kawamoto / Toru Naomura / SQUARE ENIX (C) 2021 “Movie Bet Kegurui 2” Production Committee

Minami Hamabe's "Movie Bet Kegurui" sequel, new release date decided

If you write the contents roughly
Starring Minami Hamabe, co-starring Mahiro Takasugi, Ryusei Fujii (Johnny's WEST), Elaiza Ikeda, Aoi Morikawa, and director Tsutomu Hanabusa, milet who is in charge of the theme song will be on stage.

The new release date of "Movie Bet Kegurui Desperate Russian Roulette", which was announced to be postponed the other day, is May 5th ... → Continue reading

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Director Tsutomu Hanabusa

Johnny's WEST

Johnny's WEST(Johnny's West) is a Japanese sevensome[2]Male idol group.. The entertainment officeJohnny's Office[1], The record company to which you belongJohnny's Entertainment Record.. On August 2014, 4Come on, it's okMade a CD debut with[3].

Kansai Johnny's Jr.As a group consisting of natives,Kanjani EightDebut for the first time in 10 years[4].. Also"Johnny'sThe group nameThe first Johnny'sSince[5], Johnny's Office President in response to strong requests from membersJanie KitagawaWas decided by[5].


Official site profile[6][7]Created based on.

As for member colors, costumes and jacket graphics of successive CDs/DVDs[8]Also used in programs[9].

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeMember color[8][9]
Daiki Shigeoka
(It's Shigeoka)
(1992-08-26) 1992May 8(28 years old)HyogoBackgroundA type    "Red"
Akito Kiriyama
(Akito Kiriyama)
(1989-08-31) 1989May 8(31 years old)OsakaBackgroundA type    Orange
Junta Nakama
(Junta Nakama)
(1987-10-21) 1987May 10(33 years old)Born in HyogoO    yellow
Tomohiro Kamiyama
(Tomohiro Kamiyama)
(1993-07-01) 1993May 7(27 years old)Born in HyogoA type    绿
Ryusei Fujii
(Fujii Ryusei)
(1993-08-18) 1993May 8(27 years old)Born in OsakaType B    tag
Takahiro Hamada
(Still Takahiro)
(1988-12-19) 1988May 12(32 years old)Born in HyogoAB type    purple
Nozomu Kotaki
(Nozomi Kotaki)
(1996-07-30) 1996May 7(24 years old)Born in OsakaO    pink



From December 2013, 12 to January 31, 2014Tokyo DomeMade inJohnny's Countdown Live],Junta Middle,Kiriyama Terumi,Shigeoka Daiki,Nozomi Kotaki4 people announced the formation and CD debut with a paper handwritten with the group name[10].. Members got approval from Janie Kitagawa[11][4]Was announced 30 minutes before the appearance of the countdown live[11].. Initially the group name was "Johnny's WEST 4"[2][12]However, after that, it was changed to "Johnny's WEST" due to "bad word"[2].

From February 2014th to 2th 5, the first stage "Naniwa Samurai TOKYO!!"Nissay TheaterHeld in[13](The official name announced later is "Naniwa Samurai Hello Tokyo!!"[14]). February 2, the first day of this stageRehearsalAt an interview atTakahiro Hamada-Tomohiro Kamiyama-Fujii MeteorAnnounced that they will be active as a 3-member group[2][15].. It was also revealed that four of the members initially convinced Janie Kitagawa and realized the joining of three members.[2][16].. At the subsequent performances, the audience showed the story of the group growing from 4 to 7 people.[15][17].

Debut with 7 people

After debutMyojoIn an interview with Shueisha,debutUp toMembersReveals[18][19][20][21].. During the performance of “”, which was performed by 2013 people other than Fujii in September 9, it was reported by office officials that 6 people including Fujii, Kamiyama, and Hamada will make their debut. After that, we started to discuss what to do with the group name and debut song.May 12Was made inJohnny's Countdown LiveThe members thought it would be unveiled at. However, just before the countdown live, from the office ``Kansai Johnny's Jr.7 people were told that "I will no longer appear"[18].

After the story changed over and over, "After all, I decided to appear.TokyoI want you to come to. "Shigeoka, Kiriyama, Naka, and Kotaki were the only members who boarded the Shinkansen after being contacted." At the time of the meeting in Tokyo, when the middle asked the staff why they were four, they were told that they would make their debut with four people. The four members told the three of them a few hours before the countdown live, and they appeared in subsequent performances, but during the performance, the four did not feel like smiling at all. Immediately after that, during the Kansai Johnny's Jr. concert held on January 4, 4, four people could not meet with three people and said the middle was "hell"[18].

After that, the members continued to plead with "I want them to debut with 7 people," and they will be able to make their CD debut with 7 people.[18].. Shigeoka was at the center of this plea, and it was Shigeoka who didn't give up "4 instead of 7" from the beginning, multiple members said.[18][19][20].. Regarding this matter, Shigeoka said, "I was accepted as four people, but once I accepted it, I couldn't give up the feeling of seven people. I can't do that. I want to be a national group as a group. I thought that the power of three people was absolutely necessary for that."[21].

Yearly record

  • 2020
    • January 3nd, 18th album "W troubleWas released.
    • It was being broadcast on ParaviPapa Jani WEST"Has been decided to be a terrestrial regular.
    • May 5th, by Johnny's office groupNew coronavirusSupport activities to prevent the spread of infectionSmile Up! ProjectAs a part of ", a limited time unit of 75 people including members of Johnny's WEST ``Twenty ★ TwentyIt was announced that[34].
    • March 6th, 24th single "evidenceWas released.
    • On July 7, "Johnny's DREAM IsLAND 28 → 2020 ~ From this favorite town ~" will be performed at Expo Park with Kanjani ∞ and Kansai Johnny's Jr.
    • On August 8st, Johnny's WEST performance of "Johnny's DREAM IsLAND 1 → 2020 ~ From this favorite town ~" was performed at Shochikuza.
    • From December 12th to 11th, "Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 13 W trouble", which had been postponed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, will be performed online.


Starring stage "Naniwa Samurai Hello TOKYO !!Of the 10 songs to be performed atフ ァ ンDecide the debut song based on the vote[35]Planned to release debut single in April 2014[35].. Also, when we announced the formation, we already had 13 songsrecordingAnd the songKansai dialectIt was revealed that it included[36].. After that, I decided to debut song "Come on, it's okIs also a song that uses the Kansai dialect as lyrics[37].


About tie-upJohnny's tie-up list # Johnny's WESTSee. Rank isOriconThe highest in the weekly ranking announced by.



Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberMaximum week


Initial transitionRecording album
120140May 4Come on, it's okFirst Edition (Naniwa Samurai Edition) (CD + DVD)JECN-0347 / 81 bit[3]26.2 million pieces[3]go WEST Good Don!
First Edition (Shinobi Jani Edition) (CD + DVD)JECN-0349 / 50
First edition (WEST edition) (CD + DVD)JECN-0351 / 2
Normal board (CD)JECN-0353
MY BEST CD board* Mail order only
2Year ending March 201408 DayZipangu/Ookini Daisakusen/Hug a DreamFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0369 / 702 bit[38]11 sheets[39]Lucky 7
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0371 / 2
First edition C (CD)JECN-0373
Normal board (CD)JECN-0374
320150204 DayZundco ParadiseFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0392 / 31 bit[40]9.7 million pieces[40]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0394 / 5
Normal board (CD)JECN-0396
420150May 7Bali HapiFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0420 / 11 bit[41]10.1 million pieces[41]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0422 / 3
Normal board (CD)JECN-0424
520160May 4Reverse WinnerFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0441 / 21 bit[42]11.5 million pieces[42]WESTival
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0443 / 4
Normal board (CD)JECN-0445
620160May 7life is wonderfulFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0457 / 82 bit[43]12.2 million pieces[44]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0459 / 60
Normal board (CD)JECN-0461
720170May 6Osaka☆Ai・EYE・Sorrow/Ya! Hot! Hot!First edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0485 / 61 bit[44]13.8 million pieces[44]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0487 / 8
Normal board (CD)JECN-0489
82017th of February 11We're still alive/don't think, burn!First edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0495 / 62 bit[45]12 sheets[46]WESTV!
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0497 / 8
Normal board (CD)JECN-0499
920180307 DayPrincipal Kimihe / Dragon DogFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0523 / 42 bit[47]14 sheets[48]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0525 / 6
Normal board (CD)JECN-0527
1020180May 8Start dash!First edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0535 / 62 bit[49]12 sheets[50]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0537 / 8
Normal board (CD)JECN-0539
1120190May 1Homegilist/Scarred LoveFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0552 / 31 bit[51]13.8 million pieces[51]W trouble
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0554 / 5
Normal board (CD)JECN-0556
1220190May 4AmenotachihareFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0560 / 11 bit[52]15.9 million pieces[52]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0562 / 3
Normal board (CD)JECN-0564
13Year ending March 201909 DayBig Shot !!First edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0570 / 11 bit[53]16.7 million pieces[53]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0572 / 3
Normal board (CD)JECN-0574
1420200May 6evidenceFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0594 / 51 bit[54]21.2 million pieces[54]rainboW
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0596 / 7
Normal board (CD)JECN-0598
1520210May 1Weekly successful daysFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0621 / 21 bit[55]22.7 million pieces[55]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0623 / 4
Normal board (CD)JECN-0625
1620210May 5Something NewFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0631 / 21 bit[56]21.8 million pieces[56]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0633 / 4
Normal board (CD)JECN-0635


Original album

#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberMaximum week


Initial transition
120140806 Daygo WEST Good Don!First edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0360 / 11 bit[57]8.3 million pieces[57]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0362
2Year ending March 201509 DayLucky 7First edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0430 / 12 bit[58]8.5 million pieces[59]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0432
32016th of February 11New yearFirst edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0470 / 11 bit[60]8.6 million pieces[60]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0472
420180102 DayWESTivalFirst edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0511 / 21 bit[61]10.5 million pieces[61]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0513
5Year ending March 201805 DayWESTV!First edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0544 / 52 bit[62]9 sheets[63]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0546
620200May 3W troubleFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0583 / 41 bit[64]20.8 million pieces[64]
First edition B (CD + DVD)JECN-0585 / 6
Normal board (CD)JECN-0587
Online shopping board with T-shirt (CD + Goods)JECT-0022
720210May 3rainboWFirst edition A (CD + DVD)JECN-0626 / 71 bit[65]24.6 million pieces[65]
First edition B (2CD)JECN-0628 / 9
Normal board (CD)JECN-0630
WEST Nya T-shirt with mail order board (CD + Goods)JECT-0049

Mini album

#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberMaximum week


Initial transition
120150May 4Paris PipoFirst edition (CD + DVD)JECN-0405 / 61 bit[66]8.1 million pieces[66]
Normal board (CD)JECN-0407

Video work

#Release datetitleSales formHighest (DVD / BD)Initial transition
12014th of February 12Naniwa Samurai Hello TOKYO !!DVD / BD3st place (DVD)[67]
3nd place (BD)[68]
2.0 copies (DVD)[67]
220150May 6Anyway, thank you so much1st place (DVD)[67]
2nd place (BD)[67]
2.9 copies (DVD)[67]
1.9 thousand sheets (BD)[67]
3Year ending March 201507 DayJohnny's WEST 1st concert One shot!1st place (DVD)[69]
2nd place (BD)[69]
3.1 copies (DVD)[69]
2.2 thousand sheets (BD)[69]
420160May 5Johnny's WEST 1st Tour Paris Pippo1st place (DVD)[70]
1nd place (BD)[70]
3.8 copies (DVD)[70]
3.0 thousand sheets (BD)[70]
52016th of February 11Johnny's WEST CONCERT TOUR 2016 Lucky 71st place (DVD)[71]
1nd place (BD)[71]
3.9 copies (DVD)[71]
3.0 thousand sheets (BD)[71]
620170May 5Johnny's WEST 1st Dome LIVE ♡ 24 (Nishi) thank you 🎄 Deliver ♡1st place (DVD)[72]
2nd place (BD)[72]
5.1 copies (DVD)[72]
4.3 thousand sheets (BD)[72]
72017th of February 10Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 20172st place (DVD)[73]
1nd place (BD)[74]
4.4 copies (DVD)[74]
3.8 thousand sheets (BD)[74]
82018th of February 10Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2018 WESTival2st place (DVD)[75]
1nd place (BD)[76]
3.7 thousand sheets (BD)[76]
92019th of February 7Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2019 WESTV!1st place (DVD)[77]
1nd place (BD)[78]
4.4 copies (DVD)[77]
4.2 thousand sheets (BD)[78]


"INFORMATION" page of Johnny's entertainment official website, only for regular appearances and crown programs in the group[79]See also

Entertainment shows

Delivery drama

Delivery variety

  • Papa Jani WEST (April 2019, 4-Start of distribution,paravi[103] -Later terrestrial regularization

Music program



  • Naniwa Samurai Hello TOKYO!! (February 2014, 2-February 5,Nissay Theater)-Starring[105]
  • Typhoon n Dreamer Typhoon Dreamer (August 2014-August 8, 2: Osaka Shochikuza)[106], September 9-3: Nissay Theater)-Starring[107](Shigeoka does not appear[108]
  • Naniwa Samurai Dan Goro Ichiza (January 2015, 1-10, Nissay Theater)-Starring[109]



Special supporters


20144 July-26 SeptemberJohnny's WEST Concert Debut Memorial
Anyway, thank you so much![118]
Osaka ShochikuzaConcert debut anniversary
20145 July-11 SeptemberJohnny's WEST Concert Debut Memorial
Thank you so much for anything! in TOKYO[119]
Shimbashi Theater
2015January 1, 2rd, 3th, 5thJohnny's WEST 1st concert One shot!Yokohama Arena
Osaka Castle Hall
20155 July-4 SeptemberJohnny's WEST 1st Tour Paris PippoYokohama Arena
Nagoya International Convention Center
Osaka Castle Hall
Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall
Fukuoka Sun Palace
Kobe World Memorial Hall
20161 July-3 SeptemberJohnny's WEST CONCERT TOUR 2016 Lucky 7Osaka Castle Hall
Yokohama Arena
NGK Sports Plaza
Hiroshima Green Arena
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Niigata Convention Center
Osaka Castle Hall
Sekisui Heim Super Arena
201612 month 24 day · 25 dayJohnny's WEST 1st Dome LIVE ♡ 24 (Nishi) thank you 🎄 Deliver ♡[120]Kyocera Dome OsakaFirst dome performance
20171 July-3 SeptemberJohnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2017Yokohama Arena
Sun Dome Fukui
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Sekisui Heim Super Arena
NGK Sports Plaza
Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
Osaka Castle Hall
Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
Hiroshima Green Arena
20181 July-3 SeptemberJohnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2018 WESTivalYokohama Arena
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Ecopa arena
NGK Sports Plaza
World Memorial Hall
Sekisui Heim Super Arena
Niigata Convention Center
Osaka Castle Hall
Hiroshima Green Arena
Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
20191 July-3 SeptemberJohnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2019 WESTV![121]Yokohama Arena
NGK Sports Plaza
Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Osaka Castle Hall
Sekisui Heim Super Arena
World Memorial Hall
Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
20203 July-29 September
August 12-11[122]
Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2020 W trouble[123]Port Messe Nagoya Building 3
Yokohama Arena
Osaka Castle Hall
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Sun Dome Fukui

Johnny's net online
New coronavirusDue to the spread of infection, all 7 performances in 23 cities scheduled to be held were canceled[123].. After that the transfer performance was decided[124], Johnny's Office announced self-restraint of large performances by the end of 2020, so all performances were canceled again[125][Note 2]..The performance will be held online[125], Live streamed from December 12th to 11th[127].
20214 July-3 SeptemberJohnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2021 rainboW[128]Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena
Sekisui Heim Super Arena
NGK Sports Plaza NGK Hall
Osaka Castle Hall
Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
Saitama Super Arena
Grand Messe Kumamoto
We were planning to hold 7 performances in 24 cities[129], Osaka performance canceled due to emergency declaration due to spread of new coronavirus infection[130].. It was the first audience tour in two years,[131], The capacity is limited to 5000 people, and measures such as not performing an encore for the end of the performance at 8 pm are taken.[129], Instead of prohibiting cheering, it was devised such as incorporating a production that fans can participate in dance[131].. 7 people, 7th year, so sticking to "7"[132], 7th full album "rainboW』Shows 29 songs centering on the recorded songs[131].. The group's first attempt was also made, with each of the seven singing solo songs.[133].


Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • 7 colors of Johnny's WEST ("WiNK UP], Wanibooks)
  • Johnny's WEST Honago de !! ("POTATO", One Publishing)
  • Johnny's WESTyle ("duet", Home)
  • Jani Streeteeeeet! ("Myojo", Shueisha)
  • Mechakan ("TVfan", Media Boy)
  • Kansai Johnny's Future Expo ("Daily Sports") --Joint serialization with Kanjani Eight and Kansai Johnny's Jr.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially it was supposed to start on April 2020, 4[97], The first broadcast date was postponed because the location and studio recording were postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[98].
  2. ^ W Dome LIVE at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome Osaka announced at the end of 2019 and scheduled for the summer of 2020[126]Has also been cancelled.


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