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🚄 | “Freight station” that prioritizes automobile routes Container accumulation areas encountered along national roads

"Freight station" that prioritizes automobile routes Container accumulation area encountered along national roads


"Freight station" that prioritizes automobile routes Container accumulation area encountered along national roads

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It is a property called Off-rail-station (ORS), and as the name suggests, it is a freight station without railroad tracks and a relay point for handling railway containers.

When driving near the interchange on a highway or a motorway, JR freight containers are lined up in an orderly manner ... → Continue reading

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Off-rail station

Off-rail station(Off-rail-station, abbreviation: ORS) isJapan Freight Railway(JR Freight)Freight stationA form.Some were established as off-rail stations from the beginning, while others were renamed from the automobile agency station / container center (described later).From the latter half of the 2010s, the scale of the business format was reviewed for some off-rail stations, and "New sales officeThere is an example of the name being changed to.This paper also describes the new sales office.

As the name implies, as a transportation routelineNot accompanied byRailroad containerHandling base (container yard)freight trainOf course there is no arrival or departure.However,Car agency stationSome off-rail stations that have been switched from to have railroad tracks remaining.Since it is connected to other freight stations via the nearest base station, truck flights are set up to and from the base station several times a day.

The fare for freight departing and arriving was set at the freight station before the abolition / relocation if it was an off-rail station that had a car agency station / container center as its predecessor.Operating kiloIs calculated using.At the Hanyu Off-Rail Station, which does not have a predecessor station, a separate fee will be collected according to the mileage of the truck.


2000(12)May 10Was installed in a place where there was no freight station nearbyHanyu Off-rail StationIs the beginning.2005(17)May 9Due to the relocation of the Kariya Container CenterKariya off-rail stationRenamed to, and became the second example.Both ORS were established for the purpose of improving the convenience of shippers and promoting the use of railway containers in areas where there are no freight stations in the vicinity.

The original container handling stations, which were scattered all over the country including small scale stations in the past, have been abolished one after another due to rationalization.As a result, it continues in detail in some areas.Local industry(For example,Agriculture:,Vegetables ・ Cultivation ・ 陶器,BricksEtc.Ceramic industry) Due to the difficulty of shipping, the same method was adopted as an alternative solution.Car agency stationとContainer centerThe name of2006(18)May 4In addition, it was decided to unify to off-rail stations, and there were 33 locations.After that, 3 places were added,20095At that time, there were 36 off-rail stations.

However, in the 2010s, the setting of the truck flight was abolished, and there are cases where the off-rail station is closed.As a result, four locations have been added and four locations have been closed since 2010.20173At the time, there are 36 locations.In addition, as mentioned above, some of them were converted to "new sales offices" in the latter half of the 2010s.

Car agency station
A common name for a station that transports trucks instead of trains to and from the nearest freight station.[1].1996Since (8), some freight stations whose use has decreased or were close to the base station have been designated and switched to truck transportation.[1]..Some of JR FreightSecond-class railway businessAs a station due to abolitionAbolishedSome were switched to the container center.At the time of setting, 11 stations were specified, but when the names were unified, there were 18 stations.
Container center
A facility that abolished the freight station whose use has decreased and installed it as a substitute.Similar to the car agency station, truck transportation was carried out to and from the nearest freight train departure and arrival station.February 1986, 11 National Railway timetable revisionIt was installed in 13 places.There were 15 locations when the names were unified, but the container centers in Kitami and Furano were integrated into the station and did not become an ORS.

In addition, there was a freight station dedicated to automobiles even during the JNR era.At that timeCar bureauIt is a business of, and it operates trucks along the bus route, and in some cases it operates on the Japanese National Railways.Nippon ExpressIn some cases, it was outsourced to.Among them, in Nagano prefectureKitayama Line(Chino Station --Izumino / Itokaya / Tateshina) is a freight line for automobiles at 4 locations (Shinano Tamagawa, Shinanozanji, Tateshina, Izumino).Car stationAlthough the station name notation was erased especially in Shinano Tamagawa, the building still remains.

Chronological Table

  • 1986(61)May 11 - Japan National Railway(JNR) opens a container center.At that time, there were a total of 13 locations in Kitami, Furano, Otaru Chikko, Hago Honso, Okaya, Kariya, Fukuchiyama, Wakayama, Hiroshi, Tokushima, Kochi, Miyakonojo, and Miyazaki.
  • 1987(62)May 4 - Privatization of the national railway divisionAs a result, JR Freight inherited.
  • 1991(3)May 7 - Sadohara StationMiyazaki Container Center was abolished due to the resumption of cargo handling.
  • 1996(8)
    • May 3 --Start of transportation on behalf of automobiles[1]..11 stations of Yokote, Yamagata, Furukawa, Aizuwakamatsu, Koyama, Nakajo, Uozu, Itozaki, Higashimatsue, Arita, and Omuta are designated as car agency stations.[1].
    • May 9 --Designated Nayoro Station as a car agency station.
  • 1997(9)
    • May 3 --Naka-Shari, Kashiwazaki, and Shin-Moriyama stations are designated as car agency stations.
    • May 10 --Designated Koyama Station as a car agency station.
  • 1998(10)
    • May 3 --Designated two stations, Higashi Noshiro and Higashi Fukushima, as car agency stations.
    • April 4-Designated Higashi-Sanjo Station as a car agency station.
    • May 10 --Annaka, Hachioji, Toyohashi, Hofu Freight Terminal, and Sadowara are designated as car agency stations, for a total of 5 stations.
  • 1999(11)
    • April 4-Abolished car transportation at Annaka and Oyama stations.Seishō Kamotsu StationIs designated as a car agency station.
    • May 7 --Designated Nagasaki Station as a car agency station.
  • 2000(12)May 10 --Hanyu off-rail station opened.
  • 2002(14)
    • April 4-With the abolition of the Type 1 railway business, the three stations of Naka-Shari, Yamagata, and Furukawa were abolished and switched to a container center.
    • November 11-Abolished car agency transportation at Seishō Kamotsu Station.
  • 2004(16) April 4-Abolished Koyama Station due to the abolition of the Type 1 railway business, and switched to a container center.
  • 2005(17)
    • May 5 --Abolished car transportation at Shin-Moriyama Station.
    • May 9 --Kariya Container Center changed its name to Kariya Off-rail Station.
  • 2006(18) April 4-1 container centers will be renamed off-rail stations, and 13 car agency stations will be off-rail stations.
  • 2007(19)May 3 --Opened sheet pile off-rail station.
  • 2008(20)May 3 --Aomi off-rail station opened.
  • 2009(21) April 4-Tsuruga Port off-rail station opened.
  • Time unknown (2010-During 2012) --During this period, Hofu Freight Station will be abolished as a station, and Hofu Freight Off-rail Station will be treated the same as the former container center.
  • 2012(24)May 3 --Opened three off-rail stations in Rokuhara, Natori, and Mito.Two off-rail stations, Higashi-Sanjo and Hiro, have been closed (Higashi-Sanjo Station continues to be a temporary car handling station).
  • 2013(25)May 3 --Higashi Noshiro Off-rail Station is closed (Higashi Noshiro Station continues to be a temporary car handling station).
  • 2014(26) Around May --- Uzen-Mizusawa off-rail station opened.
  • 2015(27) April 4-Higashi Matsue Station will be abolished as a freight station, and Higashi Matsue Off-rail Station will be treated the same as the former container center.
  • 2016(28) September --Closed Natori Off-rail Station[2](Natori Station continues as a container handling station without regular flights).
  • 2019(31) April 4-Tsuruga Minato Station will be abandoned as a railway station due to the discontinuation of the Tsuruga Minato Line, and the new Tsuruga Minato Sales Office will be treated the same as the former container center.[3].
  • 2020(Reiwa2 years)May 3 --Opened new Hirosaki sales office.

Off-rail station list

NameBase stationRemarks
Naka-Shari Off-rail StationKushiro Freight StationFormer Nakashari Container Center
Nayoro off-rail stationKita-Asahikawa StationNayoro StationCampus
Otaru Chikko Off-rail StationSapporo Freight Terminal StationFormer Otaru Chikko Container Center
Hirosaki New Sales OfficeHigashi Aomori StationHirosaki StationCampus
Rokuhara Off-rail StationMizusawa StationRokuhara StationCampus
Yokote New Sales OfficeAkita Freight StationYokote StationCampus
Ugohonjo Off-rail StationFormer Ugo Honjo Container Center
Yamagata Off-rail StationSendai Freight Terminal StationFormer Yamagata Container Center
Furukawa Off-rail StationFormer Furukawa Container Center
Aizu-Wakamatsu Off-rail StationKoriyama Freight Terminal StationAizuwakamatsu StationCampus
Higashi Fukushima Off Rail StationHigashifukushima StationCampus
Mito off-rail stationTsuchiura StationMito StationCampus
Uzen Mizusawa Off-rail StationSakatako StationUzen-Mizusawa StationCampus
Nakajo Off-rail StationNiigata Freight Terminal StationNakajo StationCampus
Kashiwazaki Off-rail StationMinami Nagaoka StationKashiwazaki StationCampus
Qinghai Off Rail StationKuroi Station-Toyama Freight StationAomi StationCampus
Uozu Off Rail StationToyama Freight StationUozu StationCampus
Hachioji Off Rail StationKajigaya Freight Terminal StationHachioji StationCampus
Sheet pile off-rail stationUtsunomiya Freight Terminal StationYaita StationCampus
Hanyu Off-rail StationKoshigaya Freight Terminal Station・ Utsunomiya Freight Terminal Station 
Okaya New Sales OfficeMinami Matsumoto StationFormer Okaya Container Center
Toyohashi Off-rail StationNishihamamatsu StationToyohashi StationCampus
Kariya off-rail stationNagoya Freight Terminal Station 
Tsuruga Minato New Sales OfficeMinami Fukui StationOldTsuruga Port Station
Wakayama New Sales OfficeOsaka Freight Terminal Station-Suita Freight Terminal Station
-Ajikawaguchi Station-Baekje Freight Terminal Station
Former Wakayama Container Center
Fukuchiyama Off Rail StationFormer Fukuchiyama Container Center
Koyama Off Rail StationHimeji Freight StationFormer Koyama Container Center
Higashi Matsue New Sales OfficeHoki Mt. Ooyama StationOldHigashimatsue Station
Kochi Off Rail StationTakamatsu Freight Terminal StationFormer Kochi Container Center
Tokushima Off Rail StationFormer Tokushima Container Center
Hofu Freight New Sales OfficeShin-Nanyo StationOldHofu Freight Station
Omuta Off-rail StationTosu Freight Terminal StationOmuta StationCampus
Nagasaki Off Rail StationNabeshima StationNagasaki StationCampus
Arita Off-rail StationArita StationCampus
Sadowara Off-rail StationNobeoka StationSadohara StationCampus
Miyakonojo Off-rail StationKagoshima Freight Terminal StationFormer Miyakonojo Container Center

Although it is not an off-rail station,Kitami StationとFurano StationThe two stations are acting as automobiles throughout the year, and temporary freight trains are also set up during the season when the transportation volume is high.

Off-rail station that has already closed

NameBase stationRemarks
Higashi Noshiro Off-rail StationAkita Freight StationHigashi Noshiro StationOn the premises (the freight station is nominally alive)
Natori Off-rail StationSendai Freight Terminal StationNatori StationOn the premises (the freight station is nominally alive)
Higashi Sanjo Off Rail StationNiigata Freight Terminal Station / Minami Nagaoka StationHigashisanjo StationOn the premises (the freight station is nominally alive)
Hiro off-rail stationHiroshima Freight Terminal StationHiro Station premises (former Hiro Container Center)
Itozaki New Sales OfficeHigashifukuyama StationInside Itozaki Station (Deleted from JR Freight Official Homepage)


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