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🧑‍🎨 | Sendai City Transportation Bureau decides new vehicle design for Nanboku Line The theme is "evolution"

Sendai City Transportation Bureau decides on new vehicle design for Nanboku Line The theme is "evolution"

Photo New model "3000 series" design of Namboku Line

Sendai City Transportation Bureau decides on new vehicle design for Nanboku Line The theme is "evolution"

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The Sendai City Transportation Bureau started introducing "2024 series" vehicles in 3000, and plans to introduce up to 2030 trains by 22.

Sendai City Transportation Bureau will announce the new model "2021 series" scheduled to start operation from 5 on May 19, 2024 (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading

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Sendai City Transportation Bureau

Sendai City Transportation Bureau(Sendai Shikoutsukyoku)Sendai city OfLocal public enterpriseOne of theMiyagiIn Sendai City and its surroundingsPublic transportAnd so on.Transit Busbusiness(Sendai City Bus) "Automobile department",subwaybusiness(Sendai Subway) Is divided into "high-speed train departments".

Sendai City Gas Bureau-Sendai City Waterworks BureauSimilarly,Sendai City HallIt has an independent government building.


For details, refer to the section of each part.

Chronological Table

  • 1926(Taisho15 years)May 11, Sendai City Electricity Department Train Division (at that time)TramOpened[1].
  • 1942(Showa17 years)May 8, Acquired Sendai city carMunicipal busStart business[1].
  • 1943(18)May 11, Definition Tourist car, Masuto car (Zodong OrbitAcquired Nenoshiroishi Motor Transport, Senzan Motor, and Minatogumi.
  • 1945(20)May 8, Reorganized into Sendai City Traffic Department.
  • 1952(27)May 10, Renamed Sendai City Transportation Department to Sendai City Transportation Business Bureau.
  • 1955(30)May 9, Renamed Sendai City Transportation Bureau to Sendai City Transportation Bureau[1]..Newly established train department and automobile department[1].
  • 1976(51)May 3, All streetcar lines abolished for this day only[1][2].
  • 1987(62)May 7,Subway Namboku Line Yaotome - TomizawaOpening[1].
  • 1991(Heisei3 years)May 4, Tram Museum opened[1].
  • 1992(4) July 7, Subway Nanboku Line Yaotome- Izumi ChuoOpening[1].
  • 1998(10)May 11,officialサイトBegan to publish[1].
  • 2002(14)May 3, Sendai cityOmnibus townSpecified.
  • 2006(18) March 4,Bus location systemIntroduction[1]..Driving and vehicle management work at Shirasawa branch office with a 5-year time limitJR Bus Tohoku Sendai BranchEntrusted to[1].
  • 2007(19), subway Tozai line construction started.The name of the subway business guide has been unified to "Sendai Subway".
  • 2008(20) March 4,Okada branch officeDriving and vehicle management work with a 5-year time limitMiyagi TransportationEntrusted to[1].
  • 2009(21) April 4st, driving and vehicle management work at the Nanabita branch office with a 1-year deadlineJR Bus TohokuEntrusted to[1].
  • 2010(22) March 4,Shintera branch officeEstablishment[1]..Outsource the operation and vehicle management work of the Shintera branch office to Miyagi Transportation for a period of 5 years (of the contract to outsource the East Sendai sales office, only the first 2 years are partially outsourced)[1].
  • 2011(23)
    • May 3,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Occurrence.Municipal buses will stop operating on all lines, and will resume operation on routes for which safety has been confirmed.[1]..Okada branch office is accompanied by an earthquake(I.e.Damaged by[1]..As for the subway, the Namboku line was suspended and the Tozai line was suspended in all construction areas.[1].
    • May 3, Resumed operation on the main trunk line of municipal buses with irregular schedules[1]..Moved the business of Okada branch office to Kasumome sales office and resumed[1].
    • May 3, Subway Nanboku Line Tomizawa- DainoharaThe operation resumes with a turnaround operation between the two, and a shuttle bus runs between Dainohara and Izumi Chuo on behalf of the operator.[1].
    • May 3, Switch municipal bus to holiday timetable[1].
    • May 4, Switch the municipal bus to normal timetable operation[1].
    • May 4, Subway Nanboku Line is set to "" and all lines resume operation[1].
    • May 6, Revised the timetable of the municipal bus two months later due to the impact of the earthquake[1]..The operation and vehicle management work of the Higashi Sendai Sales Office is outsourced to Miyagi Transportation under a five-year contract including the start of the outsourcing of the Shintera Branch Office.[1]..Along with this, the Nanabita branch office under the Higashi Sendai sales office will be replaced under the Sanezawa sales office, and the Shintera branch office will be replaced under the Nagamachi sales office.
    • May 6, Subway Tozai Line construction resumed[1].
  • 2012(24) On April 4, the operation and vehicle management work of the Shinji branch office was temporarily re-entrusted to Miyagi Transportation in the form of combining the functions of the Okada branch office, which was not functioning due to the impact of the earthquake.[1]..Along with this, the Shintera branch office was replaced from the Nagamachi sales office to the Kasume sales office (Okada branch office is under the Kasume sales office).
  • 2013(25) March 4,Kasume Sales Office BranchOpened.Officially started outsourcing the operation and vehicle management of the Shintera branch office to Miyagi Transportation.At the same time, a part of Kasumome Sales Office Headquarters will be made independent in the same place as "Kasumome Sales Office Branch Office" and then outsourced to Miyagi Transportation separately.
  • 2014(26)
  • 2015(27)
    • On April 4, the vehicle maintenance department of the Nagamachi Sales Office was outsourced to a private company.
    • July 7, Subway Nanboku LineSendai StationThere are 4 shops set up on the premisesFamilyMartConverted to and started business[4][5].
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Subway Tozai Line Arai-Opened between Yagiyama Zoological Park. Started using icsca's subway Tozai Line and buses, and finished selling magnetic cards (joy card, skip card, bus card) in 5 days the day before.The entire operation and vehicle operations of the Kasumome Sales Office are outsourced to Miyagi Transportation in the form of a consignment office transfer with the Kasumome Sales Office branch office.At the same time, the Shintera branch office and Kasumome sales office branch office were integrated.The Shintera branch office returns to the Shintera parking lot.
  • 2016(28)
    • On March 3, the mutual use service of "icsca" and "suica" started in the Sendai area.[6].
    • On October 10, the use of magnetic card tickets (joy card, skip card, bus card) will end.

Business transition

  1.   Sendai City Bus(July 1942, 8 -)
  2.   Limited expressSendai Airportbus"Airport limousine bus(Chartered: April 1957-, Route Bus: December 4, 1965-March 12, 1)
  3.   Sendai City Sightseeing City Loop Bus "Loople Sendai(September 1999, 5 -)
  4.   Sendai tramAbolished alternative busRoute "Green Bus" (March 1976, 3-July 31, 1987)
  5.   Sendai tram(December 1926, 11-February 25, 1976)
  6.   Sendai City Subway Logo.svg Sendai City Subway Namboku Line(July 1987, 7 -)
  7.   Sendai City Subway Logo.svg Sendai Subway Tozai Line(July 2015, 12 -)
* AnnuallyADVertical lines other thanShowa-The end of the war-HeiseiAnd now.

Jewelry business

Automotive department
Sendai City Bus
High-speed train club
Sendai Subway
Train club
Sendai tram --Abolished in 1976

Organizational structure

Both the high-speed rail department and the automobile department are affiliated with some operations such as cleaning and maintenance.Sendai TransportationIt is outsourced to a corporation.

Sales offices marked with ★Miyagi TransportationTo, the branch offices marked with ☆JR Bus Tohoku Sendai BranchBases outsourced to each.


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注 釈

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