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👍 | # Diet from today? !!Tomomi Kahara "Yokogawa-kun and Jim ⭐️"

# Diet from today? !!Tomomi Kahara "Yokogawa-kun and Jim ⭐️"

Photo Image: Tomomi Kahara Official Instagram

# Diet from today? !!Tomomi Kahara "Yokogawa-kun and Jim ⭐️"

If you write the contents roughly
On Instagram the other day, Tomomi Kahara shared an image that seems to be a dieter in a post called "Salad Life".

On the 22nd, singer Tomomi Kahara updated her Instagram.Share what seems to be working on a diet ... → Continue reading

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Tomomi Kahara

Tomomi Kahara(Tomomi Kahara,1974May 8 -) isJapan Ofsinger,talent,musicalactress,YouTuber.. My real name isTomomi Kahara(Tomomi Shimogawara)[2].. Nickname is "Tomomi. "

The representative song isMillion sellerRecorded "I'm proud""I BELIEVE""Hate tell a lieAnd many more.actress·Fukada Kyoko,singer·Ayumi HamasakiIt also influenced later artists.


TokyoKoto Wardbirth,ChibaUrayasu cityRaised.Height 156 cm[3]..Weight 42 kg[4].three sizeIs B86 / W58 / H84.Nickname is "Tomo-chan".Blood Type TheO.. My favoritebeef bowl.

2 older brothers and 4 younger brothers兄弟Born as the only daughter surrounded by.Chiba prefectureShowagakuin Elementary SchoolAfter graduation,Private Matsukage Junior and Senior High SchoolGraduated. A hobby that started around the age of 3 with the words "I want to ride that!"horse ridingParticipated in the third year of high school in 3Yamagata safflower national polityHe achieved a good result of winning 4th place, and after that he had a blank for more than 20 years, but he won the 2016 equestrian domestic tournament "Japan Open".[5]..My parents run a steel-related company and a welfare facility for the elderly in Chiba prefecture, and my mother and siblings are all born and raised in a wealthy family.Shogi OfClass(Japan Shogi FederationJunior class 1st grade, general class 3rd grade)[3],NHK satellite 2nd TV OfGreat Reversal ShogiThen I also served as the moderator. May 2012,drivers licenseGet.In June 2014, it was revealed that the blood type A, which had been announced since its debut, was actually type O.[Note 2][6].

As a singer
  • Parents raised as a singerTetsuya KomuroIs said to have been attracted to Tomomi Kahara as a singer, above all, for her wonderful voice quality. "OvertoneA voice with a rich sound that includes a lot of.It's a rare voice, and I'm glad I was born with that voice. "[7]"Before you are good or bad, you can express a wider world view such as affection and kindness with your voice."[8]Is described.
  • From riding experience etc.Vital capacityThe basic physical strength including the above is perfect, and the tongue is also good. Komuro's songs in the 1990s had very detailed staff divisions, but Kahara was good at uttering with a good mix of breath sounds, even with short notes.Therefore, Komuro does not have to think about restrictions when making music.[9].
  • As a way of dealing with him at the beginning of his debut, he praised him, saying, "I've grown up a normal artist who spends three years in one year. She did it well."[10].
  • For Komuro, "I'm proudAnd the album "LOVE BRACEIt was a miracle to be able to produce a work like[9].


Gravure idol era (-1995)

Miho Nakayama,Shizuka KudoWhen I was in my first year of high school (1)All Japan National Bishoujo ContestApply for.She was unable to participate in the main race because her mother said in a pre-parent-child interview that she was against her daughter's entry into the entertainment world.After that, scout calls from other offices came to my home, and I became strongly aware of entering the entertainment world.1992While devoting himself to horseback riding in his third year of high schoolShibuya OfYoshinoyaAnd the office at that timeAvant-gardeScouted and entered the entertainment world.After graduating from high schoolHairdresserAiming forYamano Beauty CollegeAlthough he entered, he decided to enter the entertainment world and dropped out.

1993FromEven nan of pacific saury is derby』(TV AsahiServed as a regular assistant in the system) and made his first appearance on TV.magazine"CanCam], [ViVi』And act as a model.In the fall of the same year, he auditioned for MBS Radio "Chayamachi Gakuen" but was unfortunately rejected.However, this audition triggered the opening gravure of the magazine "MABU".The stage name at that time was that of the same officeSanae MiuraIn connection withAyaka MiuraMainly (Ayaka Miura).

1994January,Tomomi Kahara(Tomine Arisa)stage nameStarted using Kaori Mochida (currently:Kaori Mochida) Etc. were enrolledBlack BUTA All StarsAlthough he was selected as the 4th gen member of the school, he immediately withdrew.Midnight programActive as an idol.At that time, he was auditioned almost every day.Also,karaokeHe also appeared in the video.variety"Thanks to everyone in TunnelsIn the audition for the role of a female member of the "Near Future Police 072" contestNanako MatsushimaAt the same time, up to two finalists remained, but unfortunately they were rejected due to their short stature.At that time, TunnelsTakaaki IshibashiIs a producer who has an interesting childAkimoto YasushiThere is an anecdote that he was talking to.

Immediately after that, as an idol, the variety show "Angel's U ・ B ・ U ・ G』(October 1994-March 10), I was watching when I was a regular performerTetsuya KomuroKomuro at that time through the program producerAoyamaSoon after being called by the store "TJM" that was run in, the relationship with Komuro began.

Kahara was aspiring to be an actress at the age of 20, but shortly after she met her, she sang trf at karaoke, and Komuro was impressed when she heard that singing voice. The first record I boughtMiho Nakayamaof"50/50It was a work composed by Komuro, strangely.)Also, a weekly photo magazine that pulled out the relationship between the two just before their debut.FridayKomuro said to the reporter,I didn't touch the artist, I just wrote a song for my private lover and made my debut.".The first impression I saw from Komuro was, "It doesn't matter who I am, I have a bad mouth and attitude, and I often quarreled at first. On the contrary, it was fresh and from her point of view I was an uncle suitable for my age. "For the first time, I thought I'd use my private life as a material."[11].1995In April, Komuro's TV program "TK MUSIC CLAMP』In the endingTM NETWORKof"Get wildIs singing.In addition, the variety show "Koji Imada's Shibuya back apple』Immediately dropped off and transferred the office under the initiative of Komuro.

Produced by Tetsuya Komuro (1995-1998)

Transferred office in June 1995, same as Komuro's initialsT. KAnd yet it's close to your real nameTomomi KaharaRenamed to.The origin is Komuro's intention that "I and you are a unit of the heart".[12], The image of the production is "Maruyama TownI tried to express "a woman crouching at a convenience store in front of the club"[13]..In addition, the original Roman alphabet notation is "KahalaIn August, Komuro released the image video "PARADOX" in charge of music.Fuji TV Visual Queen・ Selected as Of the Year '95. September, at the age of 9Pioneer LDCA new label launched by KomuroORUMOK RECORDSAs the first artist of, the single "keep yourself aliveDebuted as a singer.Although there were few media appearancesOricon・ Recorded the highest number 8 on the single chart and suddenly became a hit with 37 copies.The second single "I BELIEVERecorded an astonishing long-selling record and recorded the highest 4th place on the Oricon chart.The song swept the year-end rookie award.

1996, The third single "I'm proudReleased.The previous work "I BELIEVE" was released on March 3th.Million sellerIt was an exceptional achievement for a newcomer less than half a year after his debut. "I'm proud" continued to record a million seller, and with the same song, she became one of the top artists, including the highest number 8 on the annual single chart female solo artist and the number 6 on the annual karaoke request. In June, the first album "LOVE BRACE, And won the first Oricon chart, and recorded the highest initial sales of the first album in history (later)Hikaru Utada,Kuraki MaiIs updated).The work recorded sales of 257 million copies (according to Oricon chart).Same month,New Takanawa Prince HotelHeld "Tomomi Kahara Hit Commemorative Party" at.Komuro andBoth of youThey rushed to the celebration and were attended by 1,000 people from the industry and the press. In October, the fifth single "save your dreamWas released and won the first place in the single.On New Year's Eve, "The 47th NHK Red and White Singing Battle, And sang "I'm proud" with Komuro's piano performance.

1997In January, TK Konetto, which was released by the Familia Komuro family.YOU ARE THE ONEParticipated in AprilKanebo cosmeticsFirst appointed as an image character of "Bronze Love"Tie-upsong"Hate tell a lieReleased. He won the top spot for three consecutive weeks and recorded the third million-seller single. From JuneFuji Television Network, Inc"TK MUSIC CLAMP』\ In charge of the third generation personality. In July, "LOVE IS ALL MUSICIn September, co-written with Komuro, "It ’s fun, it ’s fun, it ’s kind.In December, the second album "storytelling] Was released (million seller), and the CDs released this year both won the top spot.Same month,Hong KongHeld inTK GROOVE MUSEUM,”globe"DEPARTURESShow off the cover. "The 48th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』In Part 2top batterKomuro jumped in with a guitar and sang "Hate tell a lie".

1998February, self-appearanceJT"Natural water of peachThe CM on-air started, and the lines of Kahara in the CM "HYUXNUMX "Became a big topic such as becoming a buzzword at that time. Record company in JuneWarner Music JapanTransferred to the 11th single "Tie-up of peach natural water"tumblin'diceReleased. In decemberFuji TV month 9 drama"Boy hunt] In the main characterFemale college student(Performance: There is moon watching) First appearance in the drama as a classmate.In the same month, another drama of the same cool "Rendez-Vous"" Was appointed as the theme songhere we areReleased. In November, the third album "nine cubes], But in December it will be catastrophic with Komuro.After the catastrophe, he participated for three consecutive years.The 49th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], The last single song produced by Komuro "daily newsWas sung (no backing performance by Komuro).

At that time, the magazine "JUNON』, And was selected as the" No. 1 face to be ", and received tremendous support centered on the same sex.Namie Amuroof"AmlaOn the other hand, girls who imitate Kahara's fashion and behavior were called "Kahara" and "Gal", and were also called "Heisei Cinderella".Hello Kitty SanrioThe president also re-emerged mainly high school girls to the extent that he recognized the effect, and announced on TVYoshinoyabeef bowl"Tsuyudaku", a specialized way of eating in Japan, became popular, and in the commercial, "Tsuyudaku"Huh Huh"ofフ レ ー ズ"Peach natural water", which emphasized the above, became a big hit product with sales of 1 million cases in just one year, and became a leader in various booms.

Tomomi Kahara at that timeAvexOthers belonging toKomuro FamilyUnlike,Pioneer LDCBelonging to the original label ORUMOK launched by Komuro, Komuro was produced strategically over time.Also, at that time, because he was a partner including Tetsuya Komuro and public and private, Komuro himself led the episodes of Kahara and Komuro.globeIt becomes the subject of the lyrics of the work, and KaharaNamie AmuroSometimes sang a demo tape[14].

Tomomi Kahara, produced by Tetsuya Komuro, was also a pioneer of the great success of a former idol who turned into an artist brilliantly.At that time, I saw this success example up closeAvex OfMatsuura KatsutoDetecting that an artist with an idol-like appearance can sell as a fashion leader, etc., while incorporating Komuro & Kahara's success methods and know-how, as a strategy to remove Komuro at Avex, the former idolEvery Little Thing(Kaori Mochida) AndAyumi HamasakiHas a history of making its debut after that.

Rest-After transfer to affiliated office-Indefinite rest / overseas training (1999-2001)

1999May 1, While cooking at homegasPoisoningHe collapsed and was hospitalized urgently.At this time, it was reported that he had been resting since the beginning of the year for the first time and that he had a catastrophe and eccentricity with Komuro.Although he was discharged on January 1, the following day, he was unconscious at one point and was reported daily on TV and weekly magazines, but Komuro's office at that time pierced no comment.The following February, during the rest, the first best album "kahala compilationWas released and won the top spot, but at the end of March, the commercial for "Peach Natural Water" was dropped. May, entertainment agencyProduction OgiTransferred to, and held a limited return interview for newspaper companies, but only a week later, he collapsed due to anemia in the lobby of his apartment and was readmitted to the hospital.Next timeMay 6,ShizuokaGotembaWe held a second return interview at the riding club "Arcadia" in Japan.It was the first appearance in a public place in half a year, but the mental damage caused by the catastrophe with Komuro was great, and although he was 2 years old at that time, the appearance of another person due to drug dependence was reported in the media like every day, and it shocked the world. Gave.

First in July of the same yearFan club・ Launched Pretty Eye and returned single "as A personWas released, and recorded 6th place on the Oricon chart and about 30 hits.Held PR events in 4 cities nationwide,Music Station], And returned to TV for the first time in eight months. In November, all songs were written by themselvesMatsuura KatsutoReleased the album "One Fine Day" produced by Oricon, and recorded the 7th place on the Oricon chart.The first fan event was also held.However, because the body and mind are incomplete, the next2000Early on, I went to rest indefinitely to "regain 100% of myself" again.カナダStudy abroad at.

In January 2000, he released his first photo and essay collection "Believe in the Future" while he was resting in Canada, and in February, he released "Believe In Future -Midnight Cinderella-". In July, it was reported that both body and mind were recovering in Canada, and from "One Fine Day" released the previous year, "Blue SkyWas appointed as the theme song of the drama, so it was made into a single cut.At the same timeカナダDuring temporary return fromNippon TV"Do not proceed!』FromThe United States of AmericaAppeared after receiving an offer from the debut project.From the following August, "Don't go! Denpa Shonen ~ Tomomi Kahara's Road to Denpa Shonen's National Debut ~』Started on air.As a result, I went to the United States for 7 months and went to the car wash.Part-time job, Self-catering, club stage, voice lessons and more.Next time2001January,Celine Dion,Diana KingPassed the audition produced by Andy Marvel, who works on such things, and grabbed the ticket to make his debut in the United States.Andy's compilation album includes "NEVER SAY NEVER" sung by Kahara, but the CD has not been released yet.The following February, I returned to Japan for the first time in about 2 months.SHIBUYA-AXHeld a triumphant return concert at.

Started activities other than the main business (2001-2004)

After returning to Japan in 2001, he returned to the single "Never Say NeverWas released and recorded the 10th place on the Oricon chart for the first time. In July, the second collection of photo and essays, "Bitter and Comfortable-Believe in the Future Part 7-" was released, and the first handshake event was held. In augustIn sync"Vincent Degiorgio" produced by Vincent DegiorgioPRECIOUSWas released, and it became the first solo tour in the 7th year since its debut.TOMOMI KAHALA FIRST LIVE TOUR 2001 ~ Wait for me Arigato ~Was held. From October on regular radio programsNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc."Tomomi Kahara'sLIPS PARTY 21.jp』Started (until the end of the year). In November, the fifth album "Love Again" was released, commemorating the release under the name of "DJ Tomo".DJHold an event. In December, the magazine "Petit SevenReleased the manga "SHOWBIZ", which was serialized in "SHOWBIZ", and held a second handshake event.Full-scale from this yearEntertainment showsAlso begins to appear in.

2002,NHK general TVPublic recording program "Nippon Fun Family"socroquetteIn charge of the moderator, the program started in April.In the same month, he appearedPokkaCanned coffee CM song "Let's give upReleased. In July, the best album "Natural Breeze ~ KAHALA BEST 1998-2002 ~] Was released, and from the following AugustholeHeld the tour "Tomomi Kahala Concert Tour 2002" Natural Breeze "". Played the fourth return blooming participation for the first time in four years "The 53th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] InZONEParticipated in a backing band and sang "Let's give up".

2003,Crayon Shin-chan』\ Original author'sUsui YoshitoSince Kahara and Kahara are fans of each other, they will be in charge of the opening theme of the TV anime "Crayon Shin-chan".PLEASUREReleased. In decemberNHK educational TV OfDrama love poem"Papa Told Me ~ To your dear one ~』Returned to the drama for the first time in about 5 years, and spends busy days recording in parallel with" Nippon Fun Family ".In April of the same year, "Crayon Shin-chan Calling Arashi Yakinik Road of Glory』(The 11th movie series) in the role of Tomo-chan, an idol singer with her own motif.Voice actorAttended the preview for the first time. Born in October with a love call from Croquette, who co-stars in "Nippon Fun Family"Tomo-chan & CroquetteAsduet・ Released the single "Thank you!". First time in DecemberDinner showWas held, and it was the 2th participation for 5 consecutive years.The 54th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], "Thank you!" Was sung as "Tomomi Kahara with Croquette".

2004, Drama appearances continued from March, and in SeptemberHistorical drama"Mito Komon』Part 33 final episode 2 hours specialSAYAKA,MEGUMIAppeared as a helper.In the role of a brilliant daughter swordsmanSwordFor the first time, he also showed off his equestrian skills.In February in the main businessKuala LumpurAppeared in "J-ASEAN POPS" held in Japan and sang "I BELIEVE". The third concert tour will be held from May.

Record company in August of the same yearUniversal sigma OfA & M RecordsTransferred to the label and changed his romaji notation to "KahalaFrom "to"KaharaChange to "("l"From"r”), Celebrated his 30th birthday. The following September,K-POPThe ballad "If you have me" is covered with Japanese lyricsif you putWas released, and recorded a long chart-in for 16 consecutive weeks on Oricon. In November, Fuji TV "Our music』, And is the original songwriterKang Hyun MinA duet with is realized.In the same song, "46th Japan Record AwardHe won the gold medal and made a comeback on the stage of the record award for the first time in eight years.

10th anniversary of debut (2005-2006)

Celebrated the 10th anniversary of debut2005, Singing a broken heart in the past in MayContinuation of tearsReleased, and in June, the sixth album "Naked] Is released.I showed my back boldly as the title says with a jacketSemi nudeWas shown.From June of the same year, the 6th anniversary concert tour "10th Anniversary Celebration Tomomi Kahara Concert 2005] Is held. In December, "Redhead anne』\ In the role of the main character Annemusicaldebut. From September, Fuji TV "Shindomoto Brothers]Fukada KyokoRato regular appearance. First in DecemberPhoto albumReleased "Crystallize" and showed off semi-nude.Also in 2005,pachinkoMachine "CRTomomi Kahara and Considered Hatch ”(Fields) To make a pachinko machine as a character.

2006In February, it was re-used as an image character for the reprinted version commemorating the 2th anniversary of the release of "Momo no Shizensui" for the first time in eight years, and the new and old comparison commercials started airing.In the same month, the first double-sided A-side single "Hana / Keep On RunningReleased.In springSakurai ShoAppeared in the leading musical "Beautiful Game". In JulyMiyuki NakajimaNew song "Goodbye to that goodbyeReleased.Kahara's eagerness to sing Nakajima's work, which he had long admired for a long time, was met by Nakajima, who agreed to provide the song. In August, he starred in the musical "Anne of Green Gables" for the second consecutive year (the following year, he dropped out for medical treatment). In decemberYumi MatsutoyaAn unusual "Yumin" song musical composed only of the songs ofGirl friends』Starring.During the performanceacute bronchitisとAcute vocal cord inflammationAlthough it was a situation where a part of the performance was canceled due to the simultaneous occurrence of, it returned, and the pattern of the returned time was recorded on the visualized DVD.Also, in this year alone, he appeared on three stages and started his activities as a musical actress in earnest.However, at the same time, he suffered from domestic violence from his dating partner and fell into drug addiction again.

Cancellation of contract with affiliated office / suspension of long-term activities in the entertainment industry (2007-2011)

From the effects of bronchitis at the end of the year2007From the beginning of the year to the end of April, he will be treated at home and will be on his third rest since 4. I resumed work in May and returned to work in June the following year.May 6Production Ogi of the affiliated office announced the cancellation of the exclusive contract on June 6th.The office side said, "Sudden workCancelThe recovery of physical and mental health is not as good as expected, and it is impossible to support entertainment activities any more. "[15]..The official fan club "Pretty Eye" was also disbanded on June 6, and the contract with the record company Universal Music was terminated on June 29 due to the intention of the office.

Same year after 3 monthsMay 9Established his own blog for fans and posted an apology for job cancellation in it.As for the reason, he confessed that his health management was poor and he was mentally down, and that he had a broken coccyx, and he wrote that he was completely healed and healthy now.[16]..However, immediately after being reported in the mediaMay 9In just nine days, the blog was suddenly closed.

Next day2008XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo MidtownAttended the party held at. "I want to come back by the end of the year," but about half a year later2009On January 1, the destination was not told to the taxi at JR Kinshicho Station, and it was acute.Drug addictionCollapsed and was urgently transported to the hospital[17]..Prescribed by a doctorTranquilizerI have a lot ofHigh doseDrug addiction by "was reported.

Next day2010On August 8, it was reported that he was taken to the hospital by ambulance because he became conscious while taking a taxi in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.[18]..Everyday life also collapsed, and at the discretion of the family I could not seeClosed wardThere was a time when I was hospitalized in[19][20]..Father lives after dischargeフィリピンAcrossNPOEngaged in volunteer activities at the recommendation of his father who runs the company.I took care of my child at a local orphanage[21].

Resuming entertainment activities (2012-2014)

2011, On August 8th, his birthday, brother[Note 3]I reported on my blog that I have been improving myself overseas since the previous year and my current appearance.I posted a message again on my blog dated October 10, the same year, and reported that I would return to Japan later this year and prepare for my return.[22]..After returning to Japan, while helping the nursing care facility run by his brother, he moved toward his return by sending a CD of his own song recorded in a karaoke box to his former office.[20].

Next day2012An article such as "Tomomi is enjoying various things toward her return. This blog will be graduating soon" was also posted on the blog dated July 7.[23]..And as a result of long negotiations with the former agency from around September, on December 9st of the same year, the contract with Production Ogi was renewed, and the first stage after returning was Fuji TV's "FNS Song FestivalWas announced to be appearing in[24].

June 2012, 12, ``2012 FNS Song FestivalAppeared live in "I'm proudIs sung.He showed a stable singing voice for the first time in 6 years, and when the video at the time of this appearance was temporarily uploaded on the Internet, it was immediately played over 100 million times, attracting a very big topic mainly on SNS.[25]..On December 12th of the same year, he appeared in the live event "MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE" and returned to the live stage for the first time in about 24 years.

2013, Re-contracted with Universal Music in February, and in AprilLes MiserablesThe song in the play "I dreamed a dreamThe first single in 7 years with the Japanese cover of ""Yume Yabure -I DREAMED A DREAM-Released. In decemberSelf cover·Best album"DREAM -Self Cover Best-, And opened the official fan club "DREAM" for the first time in 6 years.[26].. In November, it was the first solo live in 11 years.DREAM ~ TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT 2013 ~(3 performances including additional performances), and in commemoration of the long sales of "DREAM", a premium edition version limited to full production was released.In the same month, it became the first regular radio program in 12 years.FM Tokyo"It's not the case when Tomomi Kahara is sleeping ♡" has started (until the end of 2014). In December, "2013 FNS Song Festival, And co-starred with former producer Tetsuya Komuro for the first time in 15 and a half years, singing "I'm proud" and "I BELIEVE".

2014,In Septemberglobeof"DEPARTURESThe first cover album "MEMORIES -Kahara Covers-] Is released.It became the 10th place on Oricon's first appearance, and recorded the top 13 return bloom for the first time in 10 years. In August, he turned 8, and in October, the second cover album "MEMORIES 2 -Kahara All Time Covers-] Is released.The recorded song is the movie "Gyojo -quime-』のイメージソングとなり、自身8年ぶりのタイアップとなった。この『MEMORIES 2』もオリコン初登場9位となり、自身14年10ヶ月ぶりの2作連続トップ10入りを記録した。『MEMORIES』2作を引っさげて、9月から9年ぶりとなる全国ツアー『TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 2014 ~ MEMORIES ~] Is held. In December, "56th Japan Record AwardWon the planning award and sang "DEPARTURES".

20th anniversary of debut (2015-present)

2015, Nippon Television's information program "PON!Was appointed as a regular commentator on Monday, and appeared from the time of March 3th.[27].. In May, Tetsuya Komuro provided the song for the first time in 5 and a half years.You can hear the beginning songIn June, his first all-time best album "ALL TIME SINGLES BEST"When"ALL TIME SELECTION BEST, And from July, the 7th anniversary national tour "TOMOMI KAHARA 20th Anniversary TOUR KAHARA's HISTORY @ 19952015Was held. In August, he released a book "" to commemorate the 8th anniversary (including a photo book and a dialogue with Tetsuya Komuro). On September 20th, the 20th anniversary of debut,Billboard driveHeld a one-night-only "" 20th Anniversary LIVE "at Billboard Live TOKYO". From octoberMX TVNew music program "Sound blur POPS』In charge of MC regular. The third cover album, which was well received on December 12, "MEMORIES 3 -Kahara Back to 1995-Was released.

2016In May, the movie "Menopausal girlfriendJapanese version theme song "You are by my side, And held a national tour "TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 3 -Kimiga Sobade-" for the third consecutive year (at the Tokyo performance)Fujisawa Norimasa,Mountain monkeyParticipated in collaboration).In November of the same year, I canceled my job due to poor physical condition.[28]..On the 5th of the same month, it was announced that it was diagnosed as an "acute stress reaction" by a hospital examination, and that it would be suspended until the end of the month.[29].. Discharged on the 30th[30].. Activities resumed at "PON!" On December 12th[31].

2017January 1, TBS TV program "Flame sports club tv, Hanahara won the Japanese national equestrian tournament "Japan Open" held in October 2016 (the horse name is "Carry's Sun"), and the "International Equestrian Tournament in" will be held from March 10, 2017. It became clear that he had acquired the right to participate in "Kakegawa"[5].. In February, I bought the Classic, a child of the Carry's Sun, at my own expense.[32].. On March 3, he missed the podium that he had been aiming for in the show jumping top score competition of "International Equestrian Kakegawa 26", but announced that he would aim to participate in the All Japan Show Jumping Tournament in September.[32]..On the other hand, the national tour "TOMOMI KAHALA CONCERT TOUR 4 ~ CARRYS SON and CLASSIC ~" will be held for 2017 consecutive years.From the same year, the Kahara notation was changed back to the Kahala notation.Graduated from "PON!" Regular on September 9th of the same year[33]However, the MC regular of "Otoboke POPS" has also ended, and since then there will be less public activity.

2018July 7th, announced that it will close its SNS (Instagram, Twitter) and membership blog[34]..However, on the 31st of the same month, on August 8th and 25th, it was announced that a member-only event for the fan site "DREAM" would be held urgently.[35]Opinions disagree over the office and entertainment activity policy, and the stagnation of activities is announced.Also, on August 8th, the following day, the 10th Hokuso Summer Night Horse Show (Hokuso Riding Club) Participation was announced[36].. May 12, same year,Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo"Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2018" will be held at Grand Hall Tsubaki[37].

2019On May 5, it was announced on the fan club site that the other party was a general man working for a foreign-affiliated company at 4 months of pregnancy.[38][39].. Reported the birth of the first boy at the age of 8 on August 30[40].. On December 12th, "Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 19" was held for the fifth consecutive year, and she performed her first singing voice after giving birth.

2020On February 2, attended the public draft meeting of the girls audition project "DUO presents TCG AUDITION 9".After giving birth, she first appeared on the front stage.On September 2020th of the same year, it was announced that the contract with the agency Production Ogi and the record company Universal Music was canceled on August 9st at the request of the person himself, and he became virtually freelance.[41].

2021Affiliation office from JanuaryDengen Co., Ltd.Transferred to[42]..On August 8, the same year, he announced his marriage to Tomohiro Ohno, the president and exclusive manager of his agency.[43][44].


YearsAward (work)
1995Fuji TV Visual Queen・ Of the Year '95-"PARADOX"
28 timesJapan Cable Awards Newcomer Award, Best Newcomer Award-"I BELIEVE'
28 timesAll Japan Cable Broadcasting Award Best New Face Award-"I BELIEVE"
37th Japan Record Award New Face Award-"I BELIEVE"
199610 timesJapan Gold Disc Award Best 5 New Artist Awards
1st Idol Music Award Best Video Award
29th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-"Save your dream'
29th All Japan Cable Broadcasting Award Yomiuri TV Gold Artist Award
38th Japan Record Award Excellent Work Award-"I'm proud'
199711th Japan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Artist Award
30th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-"Hate tell a lie'
30th All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award Yomiuri TV Special Award- "Hate tell a lie"
199812th Japan Gold Disc Award Pop Album of the Year-"storytelling"
200446th Japan Record Award gold medal -"if you put'
20053 timesZennoren・ Natto Queen
201456th Japan Record Award Planning Award-"MEMORIES -Kahara Covers-"+"MEMORIES 2 -Kahara All Time Covers-"



titleRelease dateStandard product numberhighest
Recording album
1keep yourself alive1995/9/8PIDX-10018LOVE BRACE
2I BELIEVE1995/10/11PIDX-10034
3I'm proud1996/3/6PIDX-10062
4LOVE BRACE1996/7/22PIDX-10096LOVE BRACE-single cut
5save your dream1996/10/2PIDX-10111storytelling
6Hate tell a lie1997/4/23PIDX-10121
7LOVE IS ALL MUSIC1997/7/2PIDX-10131
8It ’s fun, it ’s fun, it ’s kind.1997/9/18PIDX-10141
9I WANNA GO1998/2/11PIDX-101520storytelling --single cut
10YOU DON'T GIVE UP1998/4/8PIDX-10167
Warner Music Japan
11tumblin'dice1998/6/17WPD6-91912nine cubes
12here we are1998/7/29WPD6-91925
13daily news1998/10/21WPC6-870013
14as A person1999/7/22WPD6-100026One Fine Day
15be honest1999/10/27WPC6-1004612
16Believe In Future ~ Midnight Cinderella ~2000/2/23WPC6-1007528Natural Breeze ~ KAHALA BEST 1998-2002 ~
17Blue Sky2000/7/26WPC6-1009655One Fine Day-single cut
18Never Say Never2001/4/18WPC6-1013410Love again
20Your fragment2001/10/24WPC6-1016936
21Let's give up2002/4/24WPC6-7000228Natural Breeze ~ KAHALA BEST 1998-2002 ~
22PLEASURE2003/2/26WPC6-7001355Super Best Singles ~ 10th Anniversary ~
Tokuma Japan Communications

Tomo-chan & CroquetteName
Universal Music
23if you put2004/9/29UICJ-503915Naked
24Continuation of tears2005/5/25UMCK-512930
25Hana / Keep On Running2006/2/22UMCK-513937ALL TIME SINGLES BEST
26Goodbye to that goodbye2006/7/5UMCK-514946
27Yume Yabure -I DREAMED A DREAM-2013/4/17UPCH-9854 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-5795 (regular edition)
13DREAM -Self Cover Best-
28You can hear the beginning song2015/5/20UPCH-9998 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-5838 (regular edition)
29You are by my side2016/5/11UPCH-7137 (First Press Edition + Music Connecting Card)
UPCH-5874 (regular edition)


Original album

titleRelease dateStandard product numberhighest
1LOVE BRACE1996/6/3PICX-10041
3nine cubes1998/11/26WPC6-85005
4One Fine Day1999/11/25WPC6-100537
5Love again2001/11/21WPC6-1017936
6Naked2005/6/29UMCK-9112 (First Edition + DVD)
UMCK-1186 (Regular Edition)

Best album

titleRelease dateStandard product numberhighest
kahala compilation1999/2/10FOCX-10021
1999/12/22PICX-1007 (Limited production of 3 sheets, low-priced board)
Best Selection2001/9/27PICL-123123
Natural Breeze ~ KAHALA BEST 1998-2002 ~2002/7/17WPC6-1021937
Super Best Singles ~ 10th Anniversary ~2005/12/14GNCL-104465
DREAM -Self Cover Best-2013/6/26UPCH-9873 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-1939 (regular edition)
DREAM -Self Cover Best- Premium Edition2013/11/13UPCH-9907
ALL TIME SINGLES BEST2015/6/24UPCH-7007 (First edition 2CD + DVD)
UPCH-2040 (Regular Edition 2CD)
UPCH-2042 (regular edition)

Cover album

titleRelease dateStandard product numberhighest
MEMORIES -Kahara Covers-2014/3/12UPCH-9923 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-1964 (regular edition)
MEMORIES 2 -Kahara All Time Covers-2014/10/1UPCH-9956 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-1995 (regular edition)
MEMORIES -1 & 2 Special Limited Edition-2015/2/11UPCH-9907111
MEMORIES 3 -Kahara Back to 1995-2015/12/2UPCH-7088 (First Edition + DVD)
UPCH-2061 (regular edition)

Digital live album

titleRelease date

Video work

formtitleRelease dateStandard product number
VHSPARADOX -Visual Queen of The Year '95-1995/8/19PCVC-10384
VHSkeep yourself alive1995/9/16PIVX-4001
VHSI'm proud1996/3/27PIVX-4008
VHSsave your dream1996/10/23PIVX-4013
VHSHOW TO MAKE TOMOMI KAHALA How could Tomomi Kahara become Tomomi Kahara?1997/11/27TGVS-38
TOMOMI KAHALA FIRST LIVE TOUR 2001 ~ Wait for me Arigato ~2001/12/12WPV6-90024
DVDvery best of MUSIC CLIPS2002/3/27PIBL-1018
2005/12/14GNBL-1016 (Low-priced board)
DVD10th Anniversary Celebration Tomomi Kahara Concert 20052005/12/7UMBK-1088
Kahara Clips 2013-20142014/12/3UPXH-1018
TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 2014 ~ MEMORIES ~2015/2/11UPXH-9003 (+Music connecting card)
UPBH-9526 (+ Music Connecting Card)
TOMOMI KAHARA 20th Anniversary Live2016/2/3UPXH-9012 (+Music connecting card)
UPBH-9531 (+ Music Connecting Card)


Planning single
Chorus participation CD
Cover song
  • save your dream (1996) -not for sale
  • Tears Don't Lie (October 2001) -Not for sale
  • I BELIEVE 2004 --12inch mix (October 2004, 10)
Musical relationship
Tribute album

Tie-up song

Song titleTie-up
keep yourself aliveOracle Japan CM song
FM FESTIVAL '95 Campaign Song
I'm proudTBC Tokyo Beauty Center"The Lady Esthetic TBC" CM Song
Just a real love nightDDI pocket CM song
LOVE BRACEDaiichi Kosho"MADCM song
save your dreamLottechocolate"SasaCM song
Hate tell a lieKanebo cosmetics"" CM song
LOVE IS ALL MUSICMiki"Ginza Jewelery Maki Estate Twin Jewelery" CM Song
It ’s fun, it ’s fun, it ’s kind.Kanebo Cosmetics "REVUE" CM Song
Every morningNTTPC Communications"InfosphereCM song
You just gonna sing a songJT"Natural water of peachCM song
daily news
needs somebody's love
here we areTBSsystemFriday drama"Rendez-Vous] Theme song
as A personNTVsystem"FUN] FUN'S RECOMMEND # 006
True Mind2000 SSAWS CM song
Believe In Future ~ Midnight Cinderella ~YTV・ NTV drama "Cinderella never sleeps"Ending theme
Blue SkyTHK-CXDrama seriesWomen] Theme song
Your fragmentNHKFriday historical drama"Gourd camellia"Ending theme
Let's give upPokkaCanned coffee "FIRST DRIP BLACK" CM song
PLEASUREANBSeries animeCrayon Shin-chan"Opening theme
TohoDistribution Theater Movie Series 11 "Crayon Shin-chan Calling Arashi Yakinik Road of Glory] Theme song
Future-colored stardustToho Distribution Theater Movie Series 11 "Crayon Shin-chan: The Glory Yakiniku Road Calling the Storm" Insert Song
if you putTBS systemAnimal fantasy outrageous!"Ending theme
Continuation of tearsTXDrama seriesWednesday Mystery 9" Ending theme
flowerMBS・ TBS system "Wolrun stay in the world"Ending theme
Keep On RunningJT "Peach Natural Water -Reprint-" 2006 Image Song
Goodbye to that goodbyeNHKThursday historical drama"Jiro long shoulder Fuji] Theme song
Thread of fateCelebrity girls futsalteam"FANTASISTA"Theme song
JT "Peach Natural Water -Reprint-,Natural water of applesCM song
ROSIERToeiDistribution movie "Gyojo -quime-"Image Song
HOWEVERYTV "Music Nochikara] March ending theme
Let It Go ~ As It Go ~ [Japanese Song]"Disney on ice2015 ”Anniversary Song
You can hear the beginning songTX drama "Wednesday Mystery 9" ending theme
never give up !!NTV "PON!] July ending theme
You are by my sidemovies"Menopausal girlfriend』Japanese version theme song [47]
Wind colormovies"Wind color] Theme song[47]


Single Author


Photo album

  • Crystallize (December 2005, 12, Wanibooks, Photo:Fujishiro Meisasa)ISBN-4 84-702906-2 ――First photo book
  • Tomomi Kahara BOX CrystallizeII (March 2006, 3, Wanibooks, Photo: Meisa Fujishiro)ISBN-4 84-702912-7 --Photobook & DVD / Limited Premium BOX Reservation order system


ScheduleTour titleNumber of performances
August, 2001TOMOMI KAHALA FIRST LIVE TOUR 2001 ~ Wait for me Arigato ~7 locations
August-September, 2002Tomomi Kahala Concert Tour 2002 "Natural Breeze"13 locations
May-June, 2004, September-OctoberTOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT 20047 locations
August, 2005Tomomi Kahara Concert 2005One shot
May-June, 2005, September-October
August, 2006
10th Anniversary Celebration Tomomi Kahara Concert 200515 performances
2006/9/23Tomomi Kahara Concert 2006One shot[49]
August, 2013DREAM ~ TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT 2013 ~3 performances[50]
April-May 2014TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 2014 ~ MEMORIES ~14 venue 15 performance[51]
April-May 2015TOMOMI KAHARA 20th Anniversary TOUR KAHARA's HISTORY @ 1995201516 performances[52]
2015/9/8"20th Anniversary LIVE" at Billboard Live TOKYO1 venue 2 performance
April-May 2016TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 2016 ~ Kimiga Sobade ~11 performances[53]
2016/9/15TOMOMI KAHARA PREMIUM LIVE 2016 at Billboard Live TOKYOOne shot
April-May 2017TOMOMI KAHALA CONCERT TOUR 2017 ~ CARRY'S SON and CLASSIC ~12 performances[54]
2017/7/4TOMOMI KAHALA PREMIUM LIVE at Billboard Live TOKYOOne shot

Dinner show

ScheduletitleNumber of performances
August, 2003
August, 2004
Tomomi Kahala Dinner Show2 locations
August, 2004Tomomi Kahara Summer Dinner Show2 locations
August, 2004Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 20042 locations
August, 2005Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 20055 locations[Note 5]
August, 2006Tomomi Kahara NEW YEAR LIVE 2006One shot
August, 2006Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2006 ~ Gorgeous and Glossy ~3 locations
August, 2014Tomomi Kahara Westin Nagoya Castle Christmas Dinner Show 2014One shot
August, 2015Tomomi Kahara Dinner Show 2015 in IwakiOne shot
August, 2015Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2015[Note 6]4 locations
August, 2016Tomomi Kahara Xmas Dinner Show 2016[55][Note 6]2 locations
2017/12/20Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2017[Note 6]One shot
2018/12/11Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2018[37]One shot
2019/12/16Tomomi Kahara Christmas Dinner Show 2019One shot



Other image characters
  • Fujibo Apparel "KANGOL Jeans" (2006)-Poster / Magazine Advertisement
  • Kose Body Essence "Styris" (2006)-Posters, websites, magazine advertisements

tv set

TV drama

Television Animation

  • Doraemon(February 2014, 2, TV Asahi, Phase 14) -White cat Luna

Animated movie



  • Redhead anne(August 2005, nationwide) -The role of the main character Anne Shirley
  • The Beautiful Game (March 2006-April, Tokyo / Osaka) -As Christine Warner
  • Anne of Green Gables (August 2006, nationwide) -The role of the main character Anne Shirley
  • Yumin Song Musical "Girl Friends" -(December 2006, 12-1th, Tokyo Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater) -As the heroine Mariko

WEB distribution program

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1996(8)/ 47 timesFirstI'm proud12/25Fumiya FujiiPiano: Tetsuya Komuro
1997(9)/ 48 times2Hate tell a lie11/25SMAPGuitar: Tetsuya Komuro
1998(10)/ 49 times3daily news13/25Kenichi Mikawa
2002(14)/ 53 times4Let's give up7/27KICK THE CAN CREWBack band:ZONE
2003(15)/ 54 times5Thanks dear!12/30Shinji TanimuraCroquette and duet. CDTomo-chan & CroquetteReleased under the name.


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