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🤖 | TV anime "Taisho Otome Otome Otowa" will start broadcasting in October!New visual release

TV anime "Taisho Otome Otome Otowa" will start broadcasting in October!New visual release


TV anime "Taisho Otome Otome Otowa" will start broadcasting in October!New visual release

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The TV anime "Taisho Otome Otome Otowa" is scheduled to start broadcasting on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, BS3, and AT-X from October 2021.

The TV anime "Taisho Otome Otome Otowa" will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, etc. from October 3. → Continue reading

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Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.

TV TOKYO Holdings > Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.

TV TOKYO Corporation(TV,British: TV TOKYO Corporation) IsTV TOKYO HoldingsIs a consolidated subsidiary ofKanto wide areaTheBroadcast target areaAsTelevision broadcastingDo businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.TXN networkIt is a key station of.

Abbreviation isTV Tokyo.Call codeIs "JOTX-DTV(Tokyo 23ch).Remote control key IDIs "7. "

Japan OfAnalog tv broadcastingでmaster station Offrequency VHFLast opened inBroadcasterIt was opened after thisCommercial broadcastThe station's parent stations are allUHFMet.

Branch office location



From opening to changing the trade name (Tokyo Channel 12)

FoundationJapan Science and Technology Foundation(Hereafter, abbreviated as "Foundation") was the original licensee.At the timemaster stationChannelIsVHF12Channel(Video frequency 217.25MHz, Voice frequency 221.75MHz)US Army in Japan radarIt is the frequency band used forTomoshige TsunodaIs said to have gone to the United States alone to request a return, which led to the opening of a new television channel.Tsunoda was also involved with the Foundation and was immediately approved. 12ch is just after the return1959からNHK Educational TelevisionIt was started to be used in Japan and was widely used on NHK Educational TV nationwide.[Note 1]In addition,1962Opened inHiroshima OfHiroshima TV Broadcast(NNN-NNSSeries) andMiyagi OfSendai Broadcast(FNN-FNSSeries)Terrestrial analog broadcasting12ch was also used for the master station of.

After the return of the channel, regarding the license of TV broadcasting using the channel, in addition to the Foundation, Radio Kanto (currentlyR/F Radio Japan,actuallyIchiro KonoIt is said that the intention of was working), Chiyoda TV (leading at that time)Yoshisuke Ayukawa(Mainly), Central Educational Broadcasting (Mainichi ShimbunとEvery day broadcasting,Japan Private University Federation(Center), Japan Radio Tower (Tokyo Tower), Etc. are said to have made a name for themselves, but originally the foundation was established.Masataro Matsuri-Yasuhiro Nakasone-Ishikawa Ichiro-Uemura KojiroSince many big names in the political and business world were involved, a license was finally issued to the foundation.[11].

After receiving the license, the foundation is a department (Japan Science and Technology Foundation TV Business Division) Is launched,1964May 4Opened in. "Science TV TOKYO 12 channel TVI gave it the nickname.From the countryScience and technology education program60%,General cultural program15%, liberal artsNews programThere was almost no entertaining program because it was required to broadcast 25%.By the way, around this time, there were many TVs in the Kanto region that did not show 12ch, soantennaThere was a situation where I could not receive even if there was[12].

Opened firstEducation program specialized stationJapanese Education Television (NET. Present:TV AsahiUnlike the [EX]), the former Tokyo Channel 12 was established in 1964 by the foundation of the Science and Technology Academy of Technology (currently:Science and Technology Academy High School) Was opened as an educational program specialized station (Science TV) that mainly broadcasts lessons, and although it was a commercial broadcaster, it did not broadcast commercials[Note 2]Was operated as.

Science TV costs tens of millions of yen every monthdeficitBecause it was issued1965Former in June instead of TsunodaNissan Life InsuranceThe president took office as a director and drastically reduced personnel.These days"NHKAbsorbs the Foundation's television division and builds a three-channel television system(NHK Educational TV was relocated to 12ch, and "NHK News TV" was moved to the vacant 3ch.[Note 3]Since the talk was being promoted, a large restructuring of the sales department was carried out from the judgment that "if it merges with NHK, the sales department is unnecessary", and in fact 75% of the personnel of the sales department are forced to retire. Tata[13].1966Is necessary for thatBroadcasting lawThe amendment was submitted to the Diet, but it was abandoned due to undelivered deliberation, and the merger story ended up flowing.

As a result of the merger with NHK returning to a blank slate, the scale was significantly reduced from April 1966, and the broadcast time on weekdays and Saturdays was 4 o'clock-one and a half hours at 10:11 and evening- Prime timeIt was shortened to only 17 and a half hours (however, the latter 21 hours on Sunday), which is 4 hours from 5:4 to 1967:2, which is the first half.After that, due to the difficulty of management in the foundation format, in February XNUMX, another person was in Tokyo.TV stationLaunched the "Science Television Cooperation Committee"Nippon TVからToshio Tokumitsu,TBSFrom Yasuo Suzuki,Fuji Television Network, IncFrom Gentaro Tamura,NETEndo Jiro and Ouchi Shujiro (changed on the way) were dispatched as cooperating committee members.With their cooperation, from April 1967, during the daytime and after the latter half of the golden time-the midnight time zone was resumed.Therefore, as a matter of course, general programs and commercials have come to be played like other commercial broadcasters.The Scientific Television Cooperation Committee was abolished in June 4, and was aimed at producing programs for the Foundation Television Business Headquarters in July 1968."Tokyo Twelve Channel Production Co., Ltd."(Hereafter, "Tokyo 12 Channel Production", the current corporate status of TV TOKYO Corporation, until the transfer of the broadcasting license in 1973Program production company) Was established.

At this time, under the surface of the water, in OsakaEvery day broadcasting(CurrentMBS Media Holdings) Has embarked on the management of Tokyo 12 channel production, so "Mainichi Broadcasting System"[Note 4]Will acquire Tokyo 12-channel production." In fact, the president of Mainichi Broadcasting (then)Shinzo TakahashiAcquired Tokyo 12-Channel Production Co., Ltd. and received the TX broadcasting license from the Japan Science and Technology Foundation, and established Tokyo 12-Channel as the 5th commercial station in the Tokyo metropolitan area."Tokyo Mainichi Broadcasting System" (MBS TVOf seriesQuasi-key stationPositioning)He was struggling to realize a new network with MBS TV as a key station (at the same time, he was planning to leave the network from another affiliate, NET (currently TV Asahi)).But of the timePrime MinisterIsEisaku Sato,LDPSecretary generalKakuei TanakaPostal servicesMember of the tribe,Postal ministerNative,Under Secretary of Postal Services OfKensumi Asano(AfterFuji Television Network, IncChairman)Ministry of PostBureaucrats were planning to eliminate intestinal torsionMainichi ShimbunChairman Kanae TanakaTBSAt the presidentCommercial broadcastingChairman Junzo Imado has revolted, and both of these acquisition plans have failed.[14].

After all,196911In the form of receiving requests from the business world over and over againNihon Keizai Shimbun(Nikkei Shimbun) Takes over the management of Tokyo 12 channel production and officially participates[15][Note 5][14].. Using "Science TV" as a radio wave medium for the groupAsahi ShimbunAlso tuned in to this move.Until then, Tokyo Channel 12 had a press tie-up with Asahi Shimbun, and all the coverage of the station was produced by Asahi Shimbun, which also held the foundation bonds of the Japan Science Foundation.On the other hand, Nihon Keizai Shimbun was run by Asahi Shimbun at that time.TV Asahi), But in February 1974, this investment was made with Asahi Shimbun.ObunshaWas split and bought and the newspaper capital of both stations was sorted out. TV Tokyo and its affiliates will continue to usePersonal computer sundae』And sent out science and technology programs.

August 1973, 10,Tokyo 12 Channel Co., Ltd.(Changed the trade name of Tokyo 12 Channel Production) took over the management and broadcasting business from the Foundation, the Foundation began to liquidate the department, and Science Television closed on October 10st.The license was also transferred from the Education Bureau to the General Broadcasting Station on November 31, the following day (a telop was displayed at the end of the broadcast on October 11, the day before the transition).After this, in order to overcome the handicap that does not have a local affiliated station like other key stations, in the Kinki / Chukyo areaIndependent broadcasting stationToProgram sales(Sale) will be developed.The main target stations areHyogo OfSun TV (SUN),Shiga OfBiwako Broadcasting (BBC),KyotoKinki Broadcasting System (currently:Kyoto broadcasting[KBS Kyoto]),Gifu OfGifuhoso (GBS) and so on.

From October 1969, 10 to March 1, 1975, with MBS TV in Osaka.[Note 4], Until September 1973, 3Chukyo TV Also had a partnership with (CTV)[Note 6].. Also, in the Kansai areaTV Osaka Until March 1982, when (TVO) opened, each quasi-key station in Osaka had been online for programs on the 3th channel of Tokyo in the form of sales purchases.

In the era of Tokyo 12th channel, while other stations started broadcasting from 6 o'clock in the morning, due to lack of program software, from the beginning of the station until around 1974 it was 10 am before (after June 1977 it was 6 From time → after July of the same year, it was further advanced before 9 o'clock) and it started broadcasting at a relatively slow time. Therefore, in some newspapersTV sectionSo I was replacing the morning part with the advertisement section[Note 7].

After the trade name change (TV Tokyo)

1981May 10, The trade name is changed from "Tokyo Twelve Channel Co., Ltd." ahead of the opening of TV Osaka in 1982."TV Tokyo Co., Ltd."[Note 8]Changed to.

With TV Osaka in 1983TV Aichi "Mega TON Network" by (TVA)[Note 9]Formed in 1985TV set (TSC) has opened.Then in 1989TV Hokkaido Since it was decided that (TVh) would open, the name was taken from the call sign "JOTX-TV" of TV TOKYO because "H" of "Hokkaido" and "S" of "Sapporo" do not match.TXN networkI changed it to. And in 1991 TXN Kyushu (laterTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) Has opened a network with 6 affiliated stations nationwide now. Six stations cover about 6% of Japan's total households (7 prefectures and their surrounding areas)[Note 10].

In addition, it is also being sold to independent broadcasting stations and other affiliated broadcasting stations. Until then, those broadcasting stations that purchased programs other than those from TV Tokyo and broadcasted on a voluntary organization frameHeisei New BureauAs a result of the successive opening of TV stations, there were cases of new purchases of TV Tokyo programs, and transactions tended to expand, but recentlyCable TV(Hereinafter "CATV") TXN system of the operatorRebroadcast outside the areaIncrease and BS Japan (current:BS TV Tokyo), the number of sales transactions is decreasing.[Note 11]..In addition, some local stations that are struggling with financial resources more than TV TOKYO do not purchase programs from TV TOKYO, and their own key stationsEntertainment shows Ofre-airThere are cases where the frame is filled with (especially NTV series).For this reason, Gifu Prefecture, where TVA agreed to rebroadcast to increase sales transactions as much as possible.MieAnd TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting agreed to rebroadcastSagaThere are some cases where CATV operators in 31 prefectures outside the broadcasting area of ​​the TXN series except for the above do not agree to rebroadcast outside the area.[Note 12].

But,Japan seriesSuch asLive broadcastThe program may not be broadcast live because it cannot be broadcast live outside the affiliated program, or it may be a recorded broadcast.NHK BS1However, it is being broadcast at the same time, and consideration is given to areas where live broadcasting cannot be viewed on terrestrial broadcasting.In some cases, CATV operators directly purchase TXN-series programs and broadcast the programs on independent broadcasting channels, but such cases are extremely rare.

Since the opening of TXN Kyushu (now TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) in April 1991, due to the sluggish performance of TV TOKYO, we have not opened new affiliated stations including 4 station and 1 waves by existing stations. This is because it is judged that it is more appropriate to earn revenue from the sales of existing local stations than to open a new affiliated station on its own.

Of satellite broadcastingBS Tele,AT-X,Nikkei CNBCIt was decided that the nationwide expansion was completed due to the opening of related stations such as[Note 13].. However, at that time,Professional baseball,J LeagueHe expressed his desire to set up resident interview bases in Miyagi, Shizuoka, and Hiroshima prefectures for interviews.

August 2004, 8,Tokyo Stock ExchangeLocated in the first part of the marketKey stationThe last (fifth) TV stationStock listingPlayed (Securities code: 9411). The initial price was 2,900 yen, which exceeded the public price of 3,350 yen.

averageAudience ratingIs in the 2010% range all day since 2,Prime time・ The prime time has been in the 5-6% range, and the overall audience rating is not as good as the other 4 key stations in Tokyo.If you turn around, TV TOKYOIt is sometimes said. However, a specific layer (mainly middle-aged and business people[16]) Program forsponsorIt was evaluated as having a high advertising spillover effect, and from the latter half of the 1990s, other stations began to follow suit.[Note 14].

Strengthen variety shows that have been thin since the 2000s.The experimental and challenging programs that the other four key stations in Tokyo do not perform have been well received, and in fiscal 4, the average audience rating wasTBS TVSome days have exceeded[17]。2013年の年間平均視聴率はゴールデンタイムで7.0パーセント、プライムタイムで6.6パーセントと上昇傾向にあり、直近の番組改編が功を奏する結果を見せている。そして2014年12月29日 - 2015年1月4日の週間平均視聴率で、ゴールデン・プライム2部門でFuji Television Network, IncIn addition, on January 2015, 1, it exceeded Fuji TV in all three divisions including all days.[18].. Since the 2010s, the rate of program reorganization during the reorganization period of four times per year is high, and there is a tendency for major changes.

Authorized to have multiple broadcasting stations under its control on October 2010, 6 at the shareholders meeting on June 25, 10Broadcasting holding companyIt was decided to move to "TV TOKYO Holdings"[19].

As a broadcasting holding company on October 2010, 10Fuji Media Holdings(Fuji TelevisionNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.-BS Fuji-Pony canyonEtc.) orTBS Holdings(TBS TVTBS Radio-BS-TBS-SunshineTV TOKYO Holdings, which is the third in history aftersubsidiaryBecame a consolidated subsidiary.

On November 2018, 11, the websites of TV TOKYO and BS TV TOKYO were significantly renewed. By integrating the website of BS TV Tokyo with that of TV TOKYO, the websites of key stations and affiliated BS stations became the same for the first time.


Before establishment

  • 1964 April 4-Science and Technology Technical High School (currently Science and Technology High School) opened, lesson broadcasting (Science TV) opened.
From 11:30 amTest patternThe sound of all the songs of the 9th movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 "Chorus" was played and the station name was "Tokyo.12"Channel",At 12It started broadcasting from. at first"Asahi Shimbun News] Was also broadcast.
  • On August 1965, 8, an all-night teach-in for "thinking about war and peace" (sponsored by the executive committee of the commemorative rally on August 14) was held at the Akasaka Prince Hotel, and the originally planned live broadcast was canceled halfway. , Problematization.
  • October 1968, 3- Color broadcastingStarted (fifth in the Tokyo area).The first color program to be broadcast on TV is "40th Selected High School Baseball Tournament Opening Ceremony ”(simultaneous online broadcasting from MBS TV).

After establishment

  • July 1968, 7-broadcast dailyHitachi, Ltd.,Nissan Motor,Toray[Note 15]Established Tokyo Twelve Channel Production Co., Ltd. with the investment of companies such as.
  • 1969
    • October 10-Nikkei Inc.Japan Science and Technology Foundation TV Business DivisionUndertake the management of.
    • November 11-Increased the capital from 1 billion yen to 10 billion yen.
Nikkei Inc. 6 million yen,Nippon LifeGroup 4 million yen. The Nippon Life Group will raise its capital in July 1970.
  • 1973
    • October 10-trade nameTokyo XNUMX Channel Co., Ltd.It was changed to.Takes over the broadcasting business from the Japan Science Foundation.
    • November 11-Transition to the general broadcasting station.
  • December 1978, 12-Standard TelevisionMultiplex audio broadcasting(JOTX-TAM) started broadcasting.
The first bilingual broadcast is "guidance for starting multiplex audio broadcasting". The first stereo broadcast started on the same daypioneer・Stereo Music Hall” (CM has stereo sound from the beginning of the program).
  • December 1985, 12 --Moved to the "Nikkei Denpa Kaikan" built in Toranomon 12-chome with the investment of Nikkei Inc. (the company building is owned by Nikkei).At the same time, the old building of Shibakoen was TV Tokyo Studio Center (later Shibakoen Studio → Tokyo Tower Shibakoen Studio →Tokyo Tower Studio→Tokyo Tower Media Center).
  • October 1993, 10-With the 1th anniversary of the opening of the station, with the production work credit, in front of the conventional "TV TOKYO" logoKiss markIn addition to the credit mark with the catch phrase "Chu!" At that time under the red circle (○) imitating the There is also.As a result, some programs used solid white or solid black credits. This credit was abolished until March 1998 (the credit of "TV TOKYO" remains for half a year from April 3st to September 4th of the same year).
  • October 1996, 10-Standard television data multiplex (IT vision) Started (until December 2003, 12).
  • December 1997, 12-Paid CS broadcasting "Anime Theater X (AT-X)" started broadcasting.
  • October 1998, 10-The logo mark was renewed on the occasion of the 1th anniversary of the opening of the station. Born as the name of "TV TOKYO".
  • October 1999, 12- Tennozu StudioStarted operation.
  • 2000
    • June-Established subsidiary ATX, transfer AT-X business.
    • December 12-BS digital broadcasting station "BS Japan" opening.
Among terrestrial broadcast programs, live broadcast programs such as news and some variety programsHigh definitionWill be broadcast on.
  • 2003
    • June 6-English company nameTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, LimitedからTV TOKYO CorporationIs changed to.
    • September 9-April 29, 2005-With the 4th anniversary of the opening of the station, the logo of "2th Anniversary" was changed to the right side of the conventional "TV TOKYO" with the production work credit (April 40, 40). I returned to the one with the above "TV TOKYO" logo from the broadcast of.
    • December 12-Start the main broadcast of terrestrial digital television broadcasting.
  • December 2005, 12-Official anime site from "Anime Express""Adee"(Officially announced that it was done around 12:12:12 on the same day).Divide the domain and aim to become a comprehensive anime site.
  • 2006
    • April 4-Digital Terrestrial TelevisionOne SegThe main broadcast of is started.
    • August 5- Tokyo DomeAt巨人The hosting match was relayed for the first time since it startedYakultBattle).
  • 2007
    • May 5-At the regular conference held on that day,Sadahiko SugayaThe president (at that time) clarified the network expansion plan after the full shift to terrestrial digital broadcasting on July 2011, 7 (Details)
    • July 7-"TV Tokyo Network Tanabata Festival" will be broadcast. Of TV TOKYO in 7 years until 2011Remote control key ID"7" is publicized (including special programs).
  • 2008
    • July 7-At the beginning of the program and after the commercial, "TV TOKYO 1ch digital" is displayed on the screen (mainly the main program at night. This kind of thing is also done on TV Asahi, but the same image is always used. is not it).For data broadcasting, "Digital 7 Chan BINGO" will be held only for one month in July.On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the opening of the station, the production and copyright credits have been changed from the conventional "TV TOKYO" to "TV TOKYO 1ch Digital". On the right side of the station logo of "TV TOKYO", there is a white "7ch" character in a two-color circle of red and blue, and under that circle is a blue character "digital". Will be credited.Depending on the program, credits in white or black are used.This is the first time for a key station in Tokyo to produce and put a remote control key ID for terrestrial digital broadcasting into a copyright.In addition, a program co-produced with TV TOKYO on BS Japan's independent broadcast ("NIKKEI x BS LIVE 7PM] Etc.) is displayed.afterwards,"JAPAN COUNTDOWN(Until the end of September 2011 when the production station is changed to TV Osaka),Good luck!Some programs, such as ", remained in the old production/writing credit (TV TOKYO) until later years. Also, from the same day as the TV TOKYO group, TV Osaka of the same TXN series has put the remote control key ID “7” in the production and copyright credits.
    • July 7-The official anime site "Adere" will be renewed at 7:7:7 on the same day.
  • January 2009, 1-"Analog" in the analog broadcasting of all commercial TV stationsWatermarkIs displayed at the same time.
  • 2010
    • August 3- Broadcast satellite(BS) BS simul broadcasting (BS297) for terrestrial digital broadcasting difficult-to-view areas via Safety Net will open for a limited time
    • March 3-BS Japan announces that it will merge with TV Tokyo Broadband to establish a certified broadcasting holding company "TV Tokyo Holdings Co., Ltd. (tentative name)" on October 26st.[20].
    • July 7-The "Broadcast on TV Tokyo series at that time"PiramechinoThe mascot character of "Pirameki Panda" will be released from this day.7 pandaWas appointed as a terrestrial digital 7ch promotion ambassador, and from this day, 7 champandas will be included in the production (copyright) credits except for some programs (in addition, July 2008, 7 for some programs). Continue to use the one when it appeared on the day).
  • 2013
    • May 5, 31am- Tokyo Sky TreeStart sending from.
    • September 9-Announcing the banana character as a new station mascot character, and on September 12th, the name "NananaIs named.
    • September 9-Changed the production and copyright credits from the conventional "TV TOKYO 30ch Digital" / "TV TOKYO 50 Champanda" to "TV TOKYO Nanana" on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the opening of the station.Watermark will also introduce the "TV TOKYO 7th" logo.Nanana is in the form of a remote control key ID "50" (in some programs, the one that appeared on July 7, 2008 will continue to be used).
  • 2015
    • March 3 --Broadcasting measures against terrestrial digital difficulty viewing by BS Safety Net has closed.
    • November 11-November 16- "TV Tokyo, is it good to see?" Campaign will be held.During the period, we planned to receive gifts by watching the program of the same station.
  • 2016
    • August 8-Started relocation of head office to Sumitomo Real Estate Roppongi Grand Tower.Announced that the General Affairs Bureau and Group Strategy Office will be relocated as the first step.
    • August 8-As the second stage of the relocation of the head office, the news station, sports station, functions and departments other than the sending master are relocated, and a new dedicated zip code "29-2" is set.[Note 17].. Nikkei Denpa Kaikan will continue to produce and broadcast live programs.
    • August 11-TXN NEWS』(Monday early morning version) at the end of 0:35 at the end of business at the Nikkei Denpa Kaikan, the news station, sports station, studio functions moved to the new headquarters. 5:45Mosate] Will start broadcasting from the new headquarters. At the same time, the operation of the terrestrial/BS integrated master (made by NEC) in the new headquarters started[21].
  • 2018
    • October 10-April 1, 2020 --With the 4th anniversary of the opening of TV TOKYO, the production work credit will be changed to the conventional "TV TOKYO Nanana 11th Anniversary" (from April 55, 55) I returned to the above "TV TOKYO Nanana" logo again.)In addition, special programs and live programs will be broadcast on the 2020th anniversary broadcast program.
    • October 10-In order to clarify that BS Japan, the "brother company", is the 1th anniversary of the opening of TV Tokyo, the company name is "BS TV TokyoTo the station nameBS TeleIs changed to.A campaign to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the opening of the station will be held on TV TOKYO.During the period, we planned to receive gifts by watching the program of the same station. (It is not a special homepage commemorating the 55th anniversary.) After that, the homepages of TV TOKYO and BS TV TOKYO were significantly renewed.
  • 2020
  • 2021
    • March 3-TV anime "Dragon Quest Dai no DaiboukenAs a collaboration project, the mascot character "Nanana" of the same station was appointed as an official supporter.

Organization of opening day

Source "Nihon Keizai Shimbun (reduced edition)" Tokyo edition, page 39 TV section dated April 4, 12
  • 12:00 --Tokyo 12 channel birth (opening commemorative program)
  • 13:00 --Science and human resource development
  • 13:30 --Japanese science and technology
  • 14:30 --The Road to the Moon World
  • 15:00 --Primitive birds
  • 15:30-Science and humans
  • 16: 10 - NHK Symphony OrchestraSpecial concert
  • 17:30 --Drama "Night on the Galaxy Railroad"
  • 18:00-News
  • 18:10 --1012 Sekisho Guest Tournament
  • 19: 00-Let's sing the future
  • 20: 00 - Wide news
  • 20:30 --Good evening 21st century
  • 21:30 --The play "The Shore of Solitude"
  • 23:00-News
  • 23:10 --Overseas News
  • 23:15 --Open tomorrow (this is the final program of the day)

Company history/commemorative magazine

TV TOKYO publishes the following seven books (including the one published in the 12th era of Tokyo).

  • Tokyo 12 Channel 15 Year History(Tokyo 12 Channel Company History Compilation Committee, edited) Published April 1979, 4 pages.
  • 20 years history of TV Tokyo(TV Tokyo 20-year history compilation committee, edited) April 1984 issue, 4 pages.
  • 25 years history of TV Tokyo(TV Tokyo 25 years history compilation committee, compilation) Published April 1989, 4, 12 pages.
  • 30 years history of TV Tokyo(TV Tokyo 30 Year History Compilation Committee/Compilation) Published April 1994, 4 pages.
  • History of TV Tokyo 20th Century(TV Tokyo, edited) Published in April 2000, 4 pages.
  • 40 years history of TV Tokyo(TV Tokyo, edited) Published in April 2004.
  • 50 years history of TV Tokyo(TV Tokyo, edited) Published in April 2014.

History of network construction

  • October 1969, 10-Built the internet with MBS TV and Chukyo TV.It was built for the first time by the establishment of the program production company "Tokyo 1 Channel Production" (both stations were networked with Nippon Educational Television (Chukyo Television is an anomaly with Nippon Television), which was the same education specialist at that time. And de factoCross net stationMet).By the way, in the era of only the Japan Science Foundation TV Business Headquarters, it was positioned as the Kanto Wide Area Independent Station.
  • 1973 November 11-Tokyo 1 channel was opened as a private broadcast, the station will be the 12th commercial key station.
  • October 1975, 3- Asahi Broadcasting TVWithEliminate intestinal torsion(However, MBS TV will continue broadcasting until the opening of TV Osaka after switching to program purchase from the existing 12 channels of Tokyo).Formed a sales net with Kinki Broadcasting System and Sun TV.
  • 1982 March 3-Established Mega TON network with the opening of the first affiliate station TV Osaka. Transition from Kinki Broadcasting/Sun Television (Osakaonly).
  • October 1983, 9- TV AichiIs open.Mega TON Network (currently:TXN network) Sees the tentative completion.
  • October 1985, 10-The first local must-buy stationTV setIs open.
  • 1989May 3 -Last broadcast as Mega TON network.
  • April 1989, 4-Change the network name to "TXN", at the same time "TX" as the official abbreviation. Before that, it was relatively common to abbreviate "1ch" from the time of opening. Later, the four stations of the TXN network established the first network with TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi (Nagoya) and TV Setouchi (Okayama).
  • October 1989, 10- TV HokkaidoIs open.
  • October 1991, 4- TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting(At that time: TXN Kyushu) opened, and TXN's Japan Transit Network was completed.

Network expansion plan

Ministry of PostPolicy in JapanBS digital broadcastingBS Japan (currently:BS TV Tokyo) Is opened. Poor compared to other seriesTXN networkIn order to expand theSimul broadcastingWith the aim of (simultaneous broadcasting), the long-awaited nationwide broadcasting has started. But before the openingJapan Music Business AssociationFromSimul broadcastingIn response to the fierce protest, the simulcast with terrestrial broadcasting was gradually reduced immediately after opening. Also, based on the agreement with the Japan Music Business Association, some programs are delayed by one day to one year.Time difference broadcastingI had no choice but to[24][25].. This led to the disciplinary action of the person in charge, and President Yutaka Ichiki also retired. Dream of nationalization of TV TOKYO[26]I had the bitter experience of being refused.

On May 2007, 5, the successor of IchikiSadahiko SugayaAnnounced the following plans at a regular meeting[27].. It should be noted that these are examples of the president and are not officially recognized as an official business plan of TV TOKYO.

  1. MiyagiNew station opening
  2. Shizuoka-HiroshimaBroadcasting area expansion of new affiliate stations to both prefectures or neighboring affiliate stations (TV Aichi in Shizuoka and TV Setouchi in Hiroshima)
  3. Broadcast area of ​​TV OsakaKyoto-HyogoExpand to

AuthenticTerrestrial digitalIt was a strategy that looked at the times, but there was no concrete progress after that.[28].

Main program

News (emergency broadcast)

Even if a major social event occurs, TXN affiliated stations including TV TOKYO will broadcast emergency (Press special program) And election bulletins (Election special program) Is not broadcast, or even if it is broadcast, it is often delayed or short in start time from other stations. This is an internet station that provides personnel and coverage bases as well as mutual provision and production cooperation of news materials compared to other stations (TXN network) Is small[29].. In the case of special election special numbers until the middle of the 2000s, most stations started before 20:21, but TV Tokyo often started around 30:2009, and the roundup was characteristic compared to other stations. .. However, after 20, it started starting before XNUMX:XNUMX. There is also a case where a high audience rating was recorded due to the fact that other stations were broadcasting the regular programs only while forming special coverage numbers. This is commonly called "TV Tokyo LegendIs called (so-calledNet slangKind of)[30].

On the other hand, TV TOKYO has expressed the view that it is switching to emergency broadcasting by comprehensively judging the importance and needs of viewers, etc., regarding the criteria for broadcasting news coverage special numbers.[31].

This means, "Even if there is any big incident, the evening animation will be broadcast as usual (= normal composition)"urban legendThe Public Relations and IR Department of the same department replied, "I know that you can see it that way."[31].. Finally of the stationAnime "Sergeant Keroro"However, it was made a story and the appearing character is "TV Tokyo broadcasts a special number when the earth is destroyed"[Note 18]There was a scene to make a statement that means[31]..Also broadcast on November 2018, 11Beat takeshiIn the special program "Suddenly Takeshi"Gulf WarWhile each station reported in a flash report when the start of, only TV TOKYO said "MoominWas broadcast and recorded a high audience rating, "he read aloud the special certificate of commendation and was the president at that time.Shigeru KosonHanding over to[Note 19].Movie "I Am a Hero"The main characters are also on the TV Tokyo-like channel, "If it is streaming anime, it's still okay"[Note 20]However, there is a scene that it will soon become an emergency broadcast of a pandemic on a national scale.

However, this organization may be criticized by viewers. As an example, on March 2011, 3Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Although it was later than other stations at the time of the occurrence, it moved to a special formation system of emergency broadcast from the studio and full cut of CM at 8:14 eight minutes after the earthquake occurred.[32](However, not for breaking the earthquakeTsunami warningBy announcementEmergency alert broadcast(Measures for issuing), but because the timing to return to the normal program was early[33][34], Some viewers said on Twitter, etc., "While I am mentally exhausted that other stations are broadcasting special news programs, I am mentally relieved to see that they broadcast in normal organization such as animation and variety shows. There was a positive opinion, but there were about 600 protests that far exceeded that.The content of the protest was that it was inappropriate to play an anime program, and he was the president at that time.Masayuki ShimadaExplained at a regular press conference on March 3 of the same year, "I received about 31 encouragements, but many were scolded. I would like to make use of them as valuable opinions."[Note 21].

On the other hand, since the beginning of the 2010s,Akira IkegamiWe have started to focus on election specials such as appointed as the main and expanded the broadcast time. And, it has become possible to obtain a high audience rating in the election special program (for details, see "Akira Ikegami's election live) Section). On the other hand, contrary to the former, there may be cases where serious news about the economy is reported after the special news program has been set up while other stations including NHK do not.[35][36].

For TV TOKYOBroadcasting station specializing in newsBecause I do not own[Note 22], April 2019, to cover itUAF YouTubeEstablished "TV Tokyo NEWS" as the official channel of.The news broadcast in each news program and the emergency news that occurred between programs are reconstructed and distributed.[37].. Of the economic program that the company operated on April 2021, 4Flat-rate video distribution serviceIt was integrated with TV TOKYO business on demand, and was renewed to "TV TOKYO BIZ".[38].

Example of broadcasting a regular program without switching to a special program

  • Okinawa returnAgreement signing ceremony (1972)
  • Asama Sanso Incident(1972)[Note 23]
  • Eruption of Miyakejima Oyama(2000)
    It was only enough to display an image of the sky above Oyama at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Miyagiken-oki Earthquake(Occurred on August 2005, 8)
    Breaking telopIt was about to display. afterwards"Fast hoo!"World Business Satellite] (Hereinafter referred to as "WBS") was also reported in the follow-up, but the broadcast time was not expanded together.
  • Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake(Occurred on August 2007, 7)
    On the day of occurrencepublic holidayAlthough it was organized, the program was continuously broadcast while broadcasting a breaking telop even after the outbreak, and the first report was reported in "TXN News" from 12:25 pm on the day.After that, the follow-up news was reported on "Hayaho!" And "WBS", but the broadcast time was not expanded in either case.
  • China Airlines 120 flight flaming accident(Occurred on August 2007, 8)
    Immediately after the occurrenceNEWS MARKET 11』Broadcast as a bulletin.
  • Iwate-Miyagi Inland Earthquake(Occurred on August 2008, 6)
    "Weekly News New Book], the first report was transmitted. The subsequent report was also reported in the subsequent "TXN News".
  • Sanriku Earthquake(Occurred on August 2012, 12)
    Since the tsunami warning and warning had been announced, we continued broadcasting while displaying a flashing telop at the top and a tsunami information telop at the bottom right.
  • 28 Kumamoto earthquake(Foreshock) (generated on April 2016, 4)
    Of the epicenterKumamoto-OitaSince there is no TXN-affiliated TV station in Japan, regular broadcasting continues. As earthquake information on TVQ Kyushu BroadcastingL-shaped screenWe responded by providing information at. After that, I sent the first report on "WBS" from 23:00 on the same day, and "The next morning"News Morning Satellite(Hereinafter referred to as “Mosate”) and “Morning charge!] Also reported the follow-up, but neither was the expansion of the broadcast time. In addition, some rebroadcast programs and "THE fishing(Produced by TV Osaka), on the 17th, some rebroadcast programs were suspended, and then a special news program related to the earthquake was broadcast.
  • Missile launch by North Korea on August 2017, 8(2017 8 å¹´ 月 日 29)
    J alertSince it was transmitted, the first report was announced in "Mosate" and it was scheduled to be broadcast shortly thereafter.Good morning』Is expanded on the rest and reported the follow-up. 『Kemono Friends』Was re-broadcasting the normal formation, but only TV TokyoL-shaped screenI told you the follow up.
  • Missile launch by North Korea on August 2017, 9(2017 9 å¹´ 月 日 15)
    Since J-alert was transmitted again, the first report was sent in "Mosate", and it was scheduled to be broadcast immediately after "Ohasta" and "Morning! Sanpo Road』Is expanded on the rest and reported the follow-up. 『Carefully Selected! Good Inn], the normal formation was resumed, but the follow-up information was conveyed on the L-shaped screen.
  • New coronavirusWith the spread of infection,New influenza measures special measures lawbased onEmergency declarationIssued (April 2020, 4)
    At that time around 17:40Prime Minister OfShinzo AbeWhen declaring an emergency byChina Pushu』(Rebroadcast for the day) will be broadcast as usual[39].. Abe at 19:XNUMXPress conferenceAfter 18:55,Arihen ∞ World] (2 hours special) will be broadcast a special program about the press conference in the form of interrupting about 40 minutes. Even after the normal program resumes, the L-shaped screen will continue to broadcast follow-up information and life information regarding the emergency situation declaration. After that, from 22:XNUMXNikkei Special Gaia Dawn], and broadcast a special news program related to the declaration of emergency[40][41]..In addition, Abe appeared as a guest commentator in the latter news special program.[42].

Sports broadcast

In 1966, due to a chronic deficit, the broadcast time for one day was reduced to five and a half hours, but it was necessary to increase the number of programs to rebuild the business. Therefore, in order to fill the broadcasting frame, we focused on sports broadcasting, which has a low production cost. From spring 1Women's pro wrestling-Roller games-サ ッ カ ー-Horse racing-boxing-Tennis-marathonAndFIFA World Cup West Germany Tournament(1974)Professional baseball draft conference(1977)Hakone Ekiden(1979-1986)Junior all-star game(1980s) and other sports have started to be broadcast. Some of these things sparked a boom in Japan,Longevity programSome became[43].


When all-day broadcasting resumes → "Sengoku Nighter"

From the era of Tokyo 12 channel, Tokyo Orions (current:Chiba Lotte Marines) Was broadcast proactively centered on sponsored games. In the late 1990s, Nippon Ham Fighters (now:Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) Also had a home game at Tokyo Dome, which was mainly broadcast on weekends, and related programs were also broadcast.

At the beginning of the full-day broadcasting resumed in 1967, Sankei Atoms (currently Tokyo Yakult Swallows) was formed by a partnership with Fuji TV (mainly technically responsible for 12ch) in addition to the relay produced by the company.Meiji Jingu Stadium-Tokyo stadiumThere was also a live broadcast of the game sponsored by, and the announcer and commentator dispatched from the same station were also made to appear.

After that, when independent broadcasting stations opened one after another in the suburbs of three major cities in Higashimeihan, instead of terminating the tie-up with Fuji TV (at the end of Tokyo 3 channel, it was broadcasted as "Sengoku Nighter"), Sun On TVSun tv box seats, KBS Kyoto's "KBS Kyoto Excite Nighter],Mie televisionof"Mie TV Night] (The actual production of the match hosted by ChunichiTokai TVIn addition to broadcasting games involving Kanto baseball teams other than the Yomiuri Giants, there were also cases where the company boarded and relayed with the cooperation of the above-mentioned stations.In addition, the games held in the Kanto area were sometimes netted to the above-mentioned stations.

1979 yearsSeibu LionsAt the time of birth, I had relayed several games sponsored by the game, but on September 2006, 9 it was the first time in 18 years that the game hosted by Seibu (vs.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) Was broadcast.

On the other hand, after the bases of Lions were relocated, Heiwadai Baseball Co., Ltd. became the promoter of promotion, and various team-sponsored games were co-sponsored by the company and each team.Heiwadai baseball fieldFor the official match inTV West JapanIn some cases, the production cooperation was done by the company.

Japan series broadcast

Lotte Orions1970 Japan Series, But the 12th channel in Tokyo has won the broadcasting rights of the 3rd and 4th rounds. This is originallywrestlingGotatsu Shiraishi (later), who was the director of the athletic department of the same station at the time, to plan the broadcast and broadcast overseas games instead of the domestic games that NTV had already held.Chiyoda videoWhile the president) went to the United States to buy a match film, it happened locallyサ ッ カ ー・The World Cup match is being broadcast, and Shiraishi and his friends are immediately attracted to soccer and are in a hurryメキシコ, NHK and NTV, which had already offered offers, got the right to broadcast.

This match film is a souvenir for Lotte ownerMasakazu NagataAnd requested the broadcasting rights of the Japan Series.The Nagata side is not interested in soccer, but since he came directly to the event, he originally intended to hand over all the broadcasting rights to TBS TV in relation to the Mainichi Shimbun.NHK general TV・ TBS TV also broadcasts) promised to be ceded.As a result, Round 3 was broadcast on the national network with 12 channels in Tokyo as the key station.In order to acquire the broadcasting rights, the commissioner requested that the broadcast be broadcast on more than 20 stations nationwide, but the broadcast was realized by broadcasting on 32 stations.[44].

In addition, the film of the overseas wrestling game is "Wrestling hour』Broadcast, also soccer World Cup games "Mitsubishi diamond soccerIt was broadcast for one year in the frame, and as a result, it was decided that both wins were obtained.

In addition, there is Lotte vs Chunichi Round 12 in 1974 in the broadcast of the Japan Series that was broadcast during the Tokyo 5 channel era.

2003Nihon Professional Baseball Series, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (current:Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) VsHanshin TigersOf the 7th round ofBroadcast rightWas acquired by TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. This was initially broadcast on the Fuji TV of the key station, though the westernmost Japan, which had the largest number of Hawks broadcasts in 2003, was regarded as the most promising.Wannai R & R"soSadaharu OhInsulted during the broadcast, so-calledKing Shlet CaseThe biggest reason is that I did not recommend Fuji TV because I bought a related person, Hyunshu, but the station has the most number of game relays of the team since the Nankai Hawks moved to Fukuoka. In addition to that,BS analog broadcastingIs spreading, and areas without affiliated stations are called NHK BS1.NHK HDTVCan be covered withJapan Baseball OrganizationIt is based on the judgment of.Since the series of this year entered the 7th round (final round), this made it possible to broadcast the Japan Series for the first time in 29 years on TV TOKYO.In the Kinki region, in addition to TV Osaka, simultaneous broadcasts were also made on Sun TV and KBS Kyoto, which originally did not have TV Tokyo programs online.

In 2004, he bet on a Japanese seriesPacific League Playoffs Stage 2The same complaint came out because TVQ got the right to broadcast the final round (Fukuoka Daiei Hawks VS Seibu Lions) again and was actually broadcast.

Regarding the same playoff Softbank vs Lotte match of 2005, there was no terrestrial broadcast until the third round so far, so fans who can not watch BS and CS will be terrestrial broadcast in the metropolitan area. There were many opinions that welcomed. However, on the other hand, it was not production of local TVQ Kyushu broadcasting but production on TV Tokyo (TVQ Kyushu broadcasting only production cooperation) (However, TVQ announcer gave live performance in the Japan series of 3, the final playoff of 2003) ing). In addition, Rounds 2005 and 4 broadcasted on TXN were also simultaneously broadcasted on BS digital broadcasting station BS Japan (at that time), and in fact Rounds 5 and 4 could be broadcast nationwide, but Lotte won the Par League. As a result, it was confirmed that the rounds 5 and 2 of the Lotte sponsored games of the Japan series will be broadcast. It was the first time in history that more than two Japanese series were broadcasted on TXN, but since Lotte won the fourth consecutive victory and decided the best in Japan, the holding after the fifth round was erased, and the relay was only one game of the second round. Stayed at. In addition, since Hanshin has won the Se League, as in 7, normally it does not simultaneously broadcast programs on TV Tokyo, and it also co-exists on independent stations in Hyogo, Kyoto, Mie where there are many time difference programs. I relayed it.

In addition, both Japan series until 2010, BS Japan did not relay because of the insufficient spread of digital BS, and both were broadcast live on NHK BS1 and NHK HDTV. However, even after the full digitalization in 2011, BS will continue to be relayed at NHK BS1 (since 2009, BS will not be relayed at BS stations other than NHK BS1).

2003 7th Match・2005 (2nd Match・Chiba Marine StadiumHanshin Tigers x Chiba Lotte Marines) · 2007 (5th round ·Nagoya DomeAtChunichi DragonsX Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) was broadcast by TV Tokyo, but both have the highest viewer ratings at the same time (it is also Japan's best match except 2005. It is 30 when the Daiei beat Hanshin). It has exceeded the percent level, and the 2007 tournament has been the first two games broadcast since 1970, after the establishment of the nationwide net).

In 2009, he had acquired the right to relay the 7th round, but the relay was postponed because the giant became the best in Japan in the 6th round.Also, in 2010, affiliated station TV Aichi acquired the right to relay the first round at Nagoya Dome, but since it was a local sales frame on that day, it was broadcast on TV Osaka, but other than TV Tokyo It was not broadcast on 1 affiliated stations.As a result, the first ever Japan Series became a match that was not broadcast nationwide on terrestrial broadcasting.

In 2011, the 11nd round of November 13th and the 2th round of November 11th were broadcasted nationwide.

In addition, in the nationwide broadcast, as with TV Asahi, except for the Hanshin Tigers (the Hanshin Tigers are produced by TV TOKYO), TV TOKYO produced the works, affiliated stations cooperated in the production, and the actual situation is done by the announcer of TV TOKYO.

Prior to these, there were cases in which the 1999th game of "Daiei vs. China-Japan" in 7 was returned by the commissioner's ruling while TXN Kyushu (now TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) once acquired the broadcasting right. This is because there are few terrestrial affiliated stations, there are areas where direct reception is not possible in some areas such as TV Hokkaido even within the service area of ​​affiliated stations, and BS commercial broadcasting There was no station at that time[Note 24]And if this match isKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(Television Asahi system) was transferred to the broadcasting rights, but it was not implemented because Daiei won the fifth round.

All star games

Line up with the Japanese seriesJapan Professional Baseball OrganizationIt is a jurisdiction gameAll starOnly once in the past,1971Only the second round was aired.

This is originally from CBC TV on the day it is heldJNNIt was scheduled to be broadcast nationwide, but it was canceled on rainy days, and because CBC could not broadcast due to the organization on that day, it was broadcast on Channel 12 in Tokyo, which was not scheduled to be broadcast. However, Tokyo 12 channel at that time was an independent station without a full-net station. Chukyo Television Broadcasting in Aichi Prefecture, which has the capital of Nikkei, was originally NET Television (ANNIt was a formation of Nippon Television Broadcasting Network (NNS) and 3 series cross net centering on the (affiliation), but there is no organization situation at that time or the capital of Chunichi Shimbun[Note 25]Therefore, it was not broadcast on Chukyo TV, and it was broadcasted in the form of technical cooperation/simultaneous netting by Mie TV broadcasting / Gifu broadcasting, which was a prefectural independent station same as Tokyo 12 channel and had many programs from Tokyo 12 channel online (In other areas, there were areas that were not broadcast, such as the Chugoku region).

However, from the stage when the initial schedule was announced, Tokyo 12 channel → TV Tokyo will not broadcast the all-star schedule in advance until 2019.[Note 26].. Meanwhile, the tournament of the two forcesFresh all-star game(Former: Junior All-Star) has been broadcast from 1978 to 1998 (although there was an interruption).

Giant battle relay for the first time in 29 years

From 2005 to professional baseballExchange matchWith the introduction of the game, it was broadcast for the first time in 1976 years since the match against Yakult (Meiji Jingu baseball field), which broadcasted the official baseball game of the Giants game on August 8, 29. ). Any broadcast of the Giant Battle was broadcastPacific LeagueIt is an exchange game with. In addition, beforeKagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Baseball StadiumAnd the battle between giants, including the vs Lotte battle at Chiba Marine StadiumOpen battleThere are many cases of relaying.

In addition, from the 2006 season, he also participated in the live broadcast of the Giants-sponsored game, and in 2007 also broadcast the Yakult game at Jingu Stadium. Since the latter half of the 2010s, terrestrial broadcasting has been cut off at the end of 2017 due to the organization policy that prioritizes regular programs, and it is in a state of de facto withdrawal.

Soccer relay

For the first time in JapanWorld CupBroadcasting and broadcasting a lot of business team football even before the J League boom, sports baseball on sports news,Major LeagueIt is also known as a TV station focusing on soccer, such as giving priority to the J League. Also popularVoice actorHas appeared as an image that sets it apart from other stations, such as by appearing as a caster or image character in the World Cup.

The relationship with soccer isMitsubishi GroupThe broadcasting of the provided "Mitsubishi Diamond Soccer" is the start. This program, which introduced the charm of soccer, which was still a minor sport, was planned by the sponsor side Mitsubishi Group.Hideo Shinojima(at that timeMitsubishi KaseiPresident,Japan Football AssociationIt was said that the proposal was made by the vice-chairman and the committee member of the 12-channel program on Tokyo. In response to this proposal,Morohashi Shinroku(At that time, the company's London branch manager, and later the company's president and chairman) bought the game film and used it for broadcasting. At the time, Tokyo's 12th channel was in the process of rebuilding, centered around the business world, and the opinions of business world executives and others were known for planning the program. A program that started with a similar processOedo investigation network』(Nissan Motor) Or “Enka no Hanaido』(Taisho Pharmaceutical)and so on.

In 1970, as mentioned earlier in the section on the Japan Series of Professional Baseball, he won the World Cup match film and its broadcasting rights, although it was a consequence. In July 1974, the live broadcast of the World Cup final was broadcast live at midnight. Both are Japan's first. Behind the finals, NHK and commercial broadcastersHouse of Councillors electionWas broadcasting a bulletin of the ballot.

On October 1993, 10,Doha tragedyWorld Cup Asian Final Qualifying called Japan vs Japan(I.e.The game was broadcast, and it had the highest rating of 48.1% in the history of the authorities.boxing世界FeatherweightTitle matchShozo SaijoIt was a match against Frankie Crawford.The 48.1% recorded at this time was the 4th place for commercial broadcasters in Tokyo, which has long surpassed TV Asahi as the highest audience rating by station, but it was overtaken by 2006% in the 52.7 World Cup Germany tournament, Japan vs. Croatia).

On January 2003, 8,FC TokyoとスペインPowerhousereal MadridThe battle was broadcast. But after the transferDavid BeckhamMoved to Real Madrid and became a hot card, gaining a rating of 16.9% and ironically surpassing TBS in terms of rating.

In addition, since this game was originally scheduled to be broadcast on TV Osaka and some independent TV stations in the Kansai area at the same time as the Yakult x Hanshin game, soccer was scheduled to be recorded and broadcast at midnight, but the baseball broadcast was broadcast. Due to the suspension of rainfall, it eventually became a simultaneous broadcast in the Kansai area, and the late-night broadcast that was scheduled to be recorded was cut off early[Note 27].

2006 year 9 month 3 dayAsian CupOf the final qualifyingSaudi ArabiaIn the battle, he won the broadcasting right at the last minute when relaying was difficult to decide.

On July 2008, 7, FC Tokyo, a shareholder, and “Preseason Match FC Tokyo vs. Club OlympiaWas co-sponsored and aired a live broadcast at midnight on the same day.[45].

In addition to the above-mentioned "Mitsubishi Diamond Soccer", the program for soccer enthusiasts was broadcast in April 1998-March 4.Number 12-Heavy Blood Soccer Declaration(Friday 22:2011). From April 4, we will develop a talk on the theme of "to make Japanese soccer world-class"FOOT x BRAIN] Is being broadcast.

Martial arts relay

In the past, he also focused on professional wrestling programs. In the 1960s, as part of strengthening sports broadcasting, "Wrestling Hour", which broadcasted a film of overseas professional wrestling competitions, and Japan's first regular broadcast program for female wrestlingWomen's professional wrestling world championship seriesStarted from the 1970sInternational wrestling"International Wrestling Hour" as a regular broadcast of, and in the 1980s also introduced overseas wrestling "World wrestlingWas being broadcast. "World wrestling"Road WarriorsOr Dingo Warrior (laterUltimate Warrior) Was introduced to Japan for the first time, while the firstUWFIt is also known to have performed the television relay of the program within the frame of the program. In the 1990sTenryu GenichiroEstablished in 1991 after leaving the All Japan Pro Wrestling, the group headed by Tenryu "SWSThe flagship game of "" was relayed by a special program, and in the latter half of the group, it was regularly broadcast once a month at midnight.WWE(Formerly WWF) digest program "WWF LiveWire''WWE Afterburn] OrAll Japan Pro WrestlingRelay program ofWrestling LOVE],ZERO-ONEBroadcast program "Destruction King Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE",PancrasThe broadcast program "Fighting X Pancrase" was also broadcast.

Also, in professional boxing broadcast, onceMohammed Ali,Mike TysonIt was called "the century's death fight", starting with these big matchesKanazawa KuraWorld championRuben OliveralesChallenge to,Shoji OkumaRegaining the world's throne,Jiro WatanabeOverseas defense warfare,Shinji TakeharaMany Japanese world title matches such as the middleweight title challenge have also been broadcast. Overseas gamesWOWOW,J SPORTS(OldSports Eye ESPN), but is currently relaying the Japanese title match and the world game of the boxer belonging to the small and medium gyms,Teikoku-CooperationWe may also partner with both promotions. Held on September 2006th, 9, as the debate over boxing decisions intensifiedKatsushige KawashimaVSChristian MijaresIn battleGuts IshimatsuThe original score byJBCAffects the score disclosure. In addition, the following year was held in 2007Boxing Grand Prix 2007In January, we are broadcasting big matches. Since 1, it has been broadcasting the world game on New Year's Eve, and in 2011, it broadcasted the triple world game. recent years[When?]Was released by TV AsahiWatanabeAlthough it was mainly sponsored by the box office, in 2017 the broadcast right of the Watanabe sponsored box office wasTBSBoxing was not broadcast last year because of the move to.

1970'sKickboxingAt the time of the boom, it was also broadcast along with TBS TV, Nippon TV, and NET TV.Women's kicks were also broadcast under the titles of "Pink Shock!" And "Crash! Women's Martial Arts Great War" from the 1970s to the 80s. Even after entering the 21st century, the women's martial arts program "Powerful woman] Was broadcast.

In 2005AmericaMixed Martial ArtsUFCIs the only terrestrial broadcast, and in 2010 was the first prime time broadcast. Also, since 2006, Japan’s only wire mesh martial artsCAGE FORCE] Has started broadcasting.

Since 2006, a new style of professional wrestlingHustle], the right to broadcast was acquired, and the special number was broadcast irregularly. The regular program "October 2007-March 10"Do hustle!!] Was also broadcast locally in the Kanto region. Also in 2007New Year's EveAlso broadcast (recorded broadcast. BS Japan does not broadcast. LaterFIGHTING TV SamuraiBroadcast on TV and first on TV Tokyored and whiteIt became a martial arts broadcast on the back program[46].

Mixed martial arts boxing that was launched in 2008War pole] The terrestrial broadcasting right was acquired. A special program was broadcast on September 9, and from October 27 the following day, a regular program in the middle of the night, "Mightiest Martial Arts, Senkyoku G!" → "Martial Arts Document SRC Soul→ → "Legend of Martial Arts Raiden" is performed. March 2009, 3DRAGON GATE3.22 Ryogoku congress" was broadcast. Since October 2015K-1It will be the first terrestrial wave for a long timeNew K-1 Legend] Has begun.

Other sports broadcasting

Traditionally, the three major sports that TV TOKYO is good at are:Motor sports,Golf, Soccer (another item). In addition to live broadcasts, golf shows have been open on Saturday for more than 20 years (at one time there was a maximum of 3 hours on Sunday lunch).


For many years, traditional Keimei battle, all-Way Keimei three university rivalry, adult rugby, test match of Japanese national team, etc.Recording relayWas broadcast mainly. Especially 1990National Adult Rugby Football TournamentFinals (January 1991, 1Kobe Steel vs Tokyo Sanyo ElectricIn the second half of the battleIan WilliamsIn the same tie try, Kobe Steel has won the tournament's third consecutive championship). In the fall of 3Rugby World CupWas recorded and relayed mainly in Japan (not broadcast on BS Japan, but on J SPORTS).

Table tennis

"World table tennis championshipHas been broadcast since 2005[Note 28].. In 2006, an extension option of 30 minutes was set, and if it was extended (except Sundays and holidays), the start time of the program after the relay end was moved back.[Note 29].

Also experienced table tennisAkira Fukuzawa(Free announcer・OriginalNippon Television Announcer), in April 2016Good luck!] Has also been the moderator, acting as a relay facilitator.


4 major competitionsWhich is one of theFrench Open] Is being broadcast. Due to budget constraints, I had been postponing broadcasting since 2009Kei NishikoriBroadcasting resumed from 2014 due to the success of Live broadcasts centered around the Nishikori battle.

Public competition

In the Kanto area from April 12 to Saturday in the 1970th era of TokyoCentral horse racingrelay("Saturday horse racing→ Current “Winning horse racing")It is carried out. Also,Bicycle race[Note 30],Boat racing[47]The main race of is also being broadcast. However, in the Kansai area KBS Kyoto and Sun TVSaturday horse racing broadcast (KBS production)Since it broadcasts exclusively, the central horse racing relay is not broadcast on TV Osaka. The program is being broadcast by two stations interwoven with the KBS production version.

Motor sports

RC carboom,Four wheel drive miniThe spark of the boomTamiya RC Car Grand Prix] OrRoad Race World ChampionshipBroadcast (TV Osaka production), "Motorland』(Later moved to "Motorland 2" produced by TV Aichi), etc.GT! GT→ →SUPER GT +,"AXEL",World Rally Championship,Dakar Rally,Suzuka 8 HoursBroadcasts digest programs such as (TV Osaka production).

Roller games

Roller games from 1972 to March 1975Tokyo Bombers vsThe game of the American team is "US-Japan Counter Roller Game(Actual condition:Doi Masaru, Commentary: Doctor Miyamoto, Guest: Miyuki Kojima <Current:Miyuki Kojima〉) was broadcast every week, and had a high audience rating so that it was commended in the station.


NBAIn 2004, the only right to hold the broadcast ofYuta TabuseThere was also a recording relay of the opening game that participated. other,JBLIt was relaying the Kirin Championship (now: JBL Final).

Arm wrestling

12 years from 1975:4 pm on weekdays from April 10 in the Tokyo 50 channel eraMini showWas broadcast as.When 10 contestants who have won the preliminary battle passGuam, 20 people outHawaii、30人抜くとヨー口ッパ、50人抜くとヨー口ッパにペアで、以下10人抜くごとに同伴者が1人増えるという懸賞がついた。1976年には勝抜き腕相撲で勝ったチャンピオンと在日外国人の腕自慢を集めて『国際腕相撲選手権大会』銘打って8月28日午後7時30分から翌日午前1時30分にわたって特別番組を放送した。


At the beginning of the station, a sex appeal line was laid, and "Harenchi AcademyAnd 'Play girl] Was popular.From the background mentioned above in the historical drama, it became a gorgeous casting for TV TOKYO at that time.Oedo investigation networkHas been broadcast for 14 years, and a remake version has also been produced. Since 1981, every New Year,New Year wide historical drama』Broadcast (until 2016).Initially, it was a long-time broadcast of 12 hours due to the channel number, which was an unusual organization at that time.

"Moteki』(July 2010) hit, the number of late-night drama slots began to increase[48], 2021 drama slots per week in the fiscal year ending April 4 (Golden band)Friday 8pm dramaExpanded to)[49].. As of 2021,2-hour dramaIt is the only key station that has a regular broadcast frame.

Often seen in animeProduction Committee MethodIn addition to the package business, it is making a profit by selling to distribution services, event income, etc.[50].

Although intermittentSpecial effectsWe are also actively producing works, and since 2011Ultra seriesThe production of was taken over from the TBS series.Also,"Excellent master's bat''Spiderman''Super Light Warrior ChampsThere are many works that have gained cult popularity due to their style that sets them apart from the past. From 2017, a female heroine ``Girls x Warrior seriesIs being produced.


As mentioned in the history section, many experimental and challenging programs have been sent out, and while many programs have been discontinued in a short period of time, "Shinsuke Sanba's Uneven College], [Showdown! Super Car Quiz], [Emergency SOS! Great strategy to pull out all the water in the pond] And other popular programs.Regarding popular programs, similar projects are being broadcast on other stations, which has an impact, but in the end, there are many cases where TV TOKYO programs survive ("Good luck!], [The originator! Desperate King"Such).

We are good at travel and travel programs,Good trip/dream feelingPrograms that are particular about video, such as "Local Transit Bus Transit TripSeries andCan you charge Tetsuro Degawa?] And other programs with a twist.

Movie production

Production CommitteeIncluding works participating in.


Covert Concentration/Oedo Investigative Network


Star child

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Organization chart

  • board of directors
  • CEO
  • HD Content Management Meeting
  • Management meeting
  • Cyber ​​Security Promotion Council
  • Broadcast Program Council
  • Broadcast Program Council Secretariat
  • Statutory Auditor
  • Audit & Supervisory Board
  • CIO
  • Management Planning Bureau
  • Public Relations Bureau
  • Media Strategy Office
  • General Affairs and Human Resources Bureau
  • Accounting Bureau
  • Network station
  • Anime Business Headquarters
    • Anime station
    • International Business Office
    • China Business Office
    • Business Development Bureau
  • Line management station
  • Delivery Business Bureau
  • General formation station
  • General Marketing Bureau
  • Sales office
  • Production Bureau
  • News agency
  • Sports bureau
  • Technology Bureau
  • IT Promotion Bureau



Roppongi Head Office (now Roppongi Grand Tower)

Broadcasting from the new head office started on November 2016, 11.

History of relocation

Expansion of new business and master (Main adjustment room) In 2012, the station announced the relocation of its headquarters function for the first time in about 30 years due to equipment updates.[54]..About 500 west of the old headquarters in Toranomonm"Type 3 Urban Redevelopment Project in Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku" (Roppongi Prince Hotel-IBM JapanFormer headquarters site)[54]As part ofSumitomo Real EstateMoved to the new head office where a new studio master facility (integrated master that integrates terrestrial and BS broadcasting facilities) was built in the "Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower" constructed in the same area.[54].. In addition, we will consolidate office functions, including affiliated companies that are dispersed around the head office, to improve work efficiency.[54].. Initially planned for relocation in the fall of 2015, it was postponed in the fall of 2016 due to a delay in construction. Expected total cost of relocation is about 180 billion yen[54].. It should be noted that some functions will be left at the old headquarters in Toranomon.[55].

Behind the relocation of the head office, the main coordinating room of BS Japan (now BS TV Tokyo), which was opened and operated on December 2000, 12, and the main office of TV Tokyo on March 1, 2004 The adjustment rooms (terrestrial analog/terrestrial digital integrated master) were about to be renewed, but when updating the equipment of the main adjustment room at the Kamiyacho (Toranomon) office building, in addition to space issues, power supply capacity became an issue. Because it was decided that it was difficult, in recent years it has become inefficient because it has to work not only in the Kamiyacho (Toranomon) office building but also in three nearby tenant buildings.[56].. Also, regarding the selection of an integrated master that integrated the terrestrial/BS broadcasting equipment, we also determined that it was difficult because the power supply capacity of the main control room became a problem in addition to the space issue. Built as a BS integrated master[57].

The relocation was carried out sequentially from August 2016, and the departments of public relations and sales moved to the new head office on the 8th of the same month, and the news station, sports station, functions other than the sending master on the 15th. In addition, the group companies TV TOKYO Holdings and BS Japan headquarters have also moved to the new headquarters. The full move was on November 29, 2016, and the last show from the old headquarters was "TXN News" from 11:7 to 11 on November 7. After that, the master (main coordination room) was switched from the old head office to the new head office during the suspension of broadcasting. All head office functions were moved from Kamiyacho to Roppongi at 0:30 on the same day, and broadcasting from the new head office started from "Mosate" on the same day.[55].. The production bases that had been dispersed since November 11 have been consolidated, but the affiliated companies are not occupying the new headquarters except TV Tokyo Holdings and BS TV Tokyo. The new head office is the same as the old Kamiyacho head office, and there is no tour space like other key stations, but the product sales corner isTully's coffeeOpened on December 12th in collaboration with[58].

TV TOKYO has tenants on the 1st floor (3rd basement floor) to 3rd floor (1st basement floor) of Roppongi Grand Tower, and the 10th to 14th floor office floors as tenants. There are two entrances to the new head office.In addition to the general entrance on the 2th floor (4st floor above ground), there is a dedicated entrance for talents and program performers in the underground parking lot on the 1rd floor (3st floor below ground). There are talent cloakrooms and dressing rooms on the ground floor. This dedicated entrance is a dedicated entrance made for the 1st and 3nd basements.

Overview of each studio

The new head office has the same 1st to 4th studios as the current one[59].. Especially, the second studio is made by Sony4KCompatible broadcasting equipment is adopted, and the studio is compatible with 4K shooting.[60].. Also, in the case of the old Toranomon office building, the former 3rd studio and the former 4th studio were operated separately as news program dedicated studios, but in this new building, the 3rd studio is aggregated for news program dedicated and the 4th studio is Was built as a studio dedicated to sports news, live information programs and variety programs[61].

The 1st and 2nd studios are installed in the basement (1st to 3rd floors), but the 3rd and 4th studios are installed on the general office floor (10th floor), so the ceiling is low and In the scheduled news program to be broadcastvirtualThe ceiling is made higher by responding to. In addition, LED lighting has been introduced in all studios.

In addition, due to budget constraints, the studio may be set up as an improvised studio by setting a background in the meeting room inside the company. "Why do you go to Japan?"A real moment like a lie! A TV you will definitely see after 30 seconds"Such.

In early May 2017, the renewal work for TV Tokyo's old headquarters was completed on 5st and 1nd studios, and the operation of the studio began again on 2th May. Along with thisNanairo weather!And 'Yojigoji Days] And some live broadcast programs were broadcast in Kamiyacho from Roppongi.

Tennozu Studio

Toranomon Head Office (Nikkei Toranomon Annex/TV Tokyo Kamiyacho Studio)

It started operation from December 1985, 12, and was operated as the headquarters of TV Tokyo until November 12, 2016. After that, the office floor, 11 star, 6 star, 3 star were removed, and the TV Tokyo logo of the company building and the clocks and objects near the entrance were also removed. In addition, we renovated large studios 4 and 7 studios, and from May 1, 2 we will use the studio floor as TV Tokyo Kamiyacho Studio. August 2017 on the office floor,Nikkei BPThe company's head office has moved/moved in. Also, on the office floor is an affiliate of TV Tokyo.

  • First studio(4K compatible, 1F / 200 tsubo) --Mainly large programs such as song programs. "Japan Lyricist Awards" (last Sunday in November), "A large collection of pets! Pochitama, "Akira Ikegami's general election live", etc.
  • First studio(1F / 130 tsubo) --Mainly live programs. Used in "Nanairo weather!" And "Yojigoji Days".In the past, "Oha Suta", "Mono Star], [Ladys' 4→ →L4 YOU!, "Yasuhiro Tase's Weekly News New Book", etc.

External studio

Studios used in the past

Shiba Park Head Office (now Tokyo Tower Media Center)

Toranomon Head Office (Nikkei Toranomon Annex/TV Tokyo Kamiyacho Studio)

  • First studio(70 tsubo)-News-only studio dedicated to wide programs. Until the beginning of November 2016, "World Business Satellite", "Chase LIVE!Sports Watcher",NEWS Answer], “Morning Charge!”, etc.
    • Long time ago,"Here Economic Editor(BS Japan) andE morning, Etc., information variety "" (April-September 1989, Saturday 4:9), railway information program "Rail 7, "Oha Suta" at the beginning (only the "Super Live" part), and other programs that are not directly related to the news program were also recorded.
  • First studio(35 tsubo)-Studio dedicated to regular news. Until the beginning of November 2016, "News Morning Satellite", "M plus], [News break], “TXN News” etc.
    • At the beginning of operation, it was an open style with no wall with the news agency side, except for "Mega TON News" (later "TXN News"), "TV Tokyo News",Businessman NEWSIt was only used in part, but with the start of "World Business Satellite" (WBS), the studio facilities were slightly reinforced, and the set was set only during WBS broadcasting. It was later refurbished into a fully enclosed studio (see below).
  • Multipurpose space(1F/30 tsubo)-Nickname:7 star.. 『7 Star Live, "NIKKEI x BS LIVE 7PM" → "BS News Nikkei Plus 10" (BS TV Tokyo) etc.
"Headquarters" of the people stationed in TokyoIt was the oldest building from March 2004 to October 3. In December 2016, the former headquarters of TV Tokyo moved from the first headquarters in Shiba Park, Minato-ku (existing as Tokyo Tower Studio → Tokyo Tower Media Center), and started operations.[Note 33].. Due to the expansion of the company's business, the head office just before the relocation was small, and there was a branch called "Tereto Plaza" in the building adjacent to the Nikkei Denpa Kaikan, which was used for meetings. ..
Overview of each studio

The number of studios, the area, and the operation form are largely the same as those of the former Shiba Koen's first building.Basically, the 1st and 2nd studios are used as general-purpose studios, and the 1st studio is mainly packaged programs, The second studio was used mainly for weekday obi programs and small-scale programs.

In addition, the 3rd and 4th studios, which are adjacent to the news station, are mainly operated by news programs and sports news.The third studio was also used for live broadcasting and recording of information-related programs (mentioned above).Initially, assuming that the operating rate of the 3th studio was low, the 4rd and 3th studios were driven in the 3rd sub-control room (3 subs) (the 4th sub-control room was for the 4th studio). Only a dimmer was installed).The 4th studio was an open style with no walls on the newsroom side at the beginning of operation, but later remodeled into a completely sealed studio.However, when the 4th studio was remodeled into a completely sealed type, the 4th sub-control room (4 subs) was newly constructed and separated in order to increase the operating rate of the 4th studio.After that, with the expansion of the VTR editing equipment, the 4 subs were abolished or withdrawn due to the need to secure space, and the VTR editing room was renovated, and the 4 subs were used to drive the 3 and 3 stars again.There is a CG production room in the 4 subs. In the fall 3 reorganization, programs recorded in 2008 stars other than regular news were consolidated into 4 stars, but the studio set was left as it was and has been used again since the spring of 3.

In 2000, all the studio equipment at the Toranomon head office was compatible with high-definition recording, ahead of other key stations in Tokyo. BS Japan, which is affiliated BS station (opened in December 2000), was planning a terrestrial simul broadcast by high-definition, and the following Tennozu Studio was also set up for the same reason. As of June 12, 6 months before the start of digital terrestrial broadcasting, 2003% of all programs broadcast on TV Tokyo were produced in high definition. Both studios support high-definition (HD) recordingSD(Conventional standard image quality) Recording is also possible. It should be noted that, except for a small part of the telop display of news programs (such as the header display at the upper right of the screen of "World Business Satellite" etc.), the SD specifications were up-converted for a long time, but around the end of September 2011 Has been changed to HD specifications (the font itself has not changed. NHK and other private key stations in Tokyo already have HD specifications).

In October 2010, an open space was opened in the former cafe space on the first floor of the headquarters.7 starIs completed ("7 Star" is a nickname after the terrestrial digital channel number, not the 7th Studio).Taking advantage of the fact that it was originally a coffee shop where you can see the outside, you can see the inside of the space from the outside of the building with all the walls covered with glass.Rather than a broadcasting studio, it is treated as a multipurpose space where broadcasting is possible (the sub-control room uses a remote sub dedicated to relaying).It was the first open studio where you can see the inside of the building from the outside of the building since TV TOKYO moved to the current head office, but due to the relocation of the head office, the operation ended on November 2016, 11, and 6 studios were used in just 6 years. Finished[62].

There were three monitors in the reception lobby on the first floor of the old head office, and from the left, a terrestrial broadcasting screen, a screen that seems to be a promotion written as "ZOOM UP", and a BS Japan broadcasting screen were displayed. There was no tour space or product sales corner like other key stations.[Note 34].. On November 2016, 11, all departments moved to the new head office.

1st and 2nd will continue to be used as Kamiyacho Studio. In addition, there is a plan to move the headquarters of Nikkei BP[63], Moved in August 2017. As of 8, all the logos of TV TOKYO that had been installed in the company building have been removed, and the large signboard on the right side of the front door and the objects and clock towers at the front gate have also been removed.

Information camera installation point

● is HD compatible

  • Imperial PalacePrevious(Palace Hotel(Rooftop) ●-It used to be used before entering OP/ED/CM of "Ladies 4", but it was removed in late January 2009 due to the temporary closure of the Palace Hotel.
  • Toranomon(Nikkei Toranomon Annex[Note 35]Roof) (top of steel tower) ●
  • Shiba Park(Tokyo Tower Studio) ●-Installed in late January 2009.

Main transmitting stations/relay stations

Digital broadcasting

  • Call code:JOTX-DTV
  • Call name:TV Tokyo Digital Television
  • Remote control key ID:7
  • 071-073 ch is assigned. In addition, 671ch for 077Seg and XNUMXch for temporary service are assigned.
  • Tokyo
    • Tokyo Sky Tree 23ch 10kW[65]
    • Niijima 23ch 30W
    • Izu Oshima 51ch 1W
    • Hachijo 39ch 10W
    • Omezawai 23ch 0.3W
    • Hachioji 23ch 3W
    • Niijima Honmura 23ch 0.01W (vertically polarized)
    • Hachioji Kamikata 40ch 0.01W
    • Tsurukawa 44ch 1W
    • Kobutsuguyama 44ch 3W
  • Ibaraki
    • Mito 18ch 300W
    • 日立 18ch 3W
    • Juou 18ch 3W
    • Hitachi Omiya Mountain 23ch 3W
    • Hitachi Kashima 23ch 3W
    • Hitachi Kamimine 23ch 0.3W
    • Ryujindaira 23ch 1W (vertically polarized)
    • Kitaibaraki 46ch 1W
    • Okuhichi Man Body 23ch 1W
    • Daiko 18ch 0.3W
    • Satomi 18ch 1W
    • Mt. Gozenyama 23ch 3W
    • Mizufu 18ch 1W
    • Kasama 43ch 3W (vertical polarization)
    • Iwase 23ch 1W
    • Nakaminato 23ch 0.05W
    • Hachigo 18ch 1W (vertically polarized)
  • Tochigi
  • Gunma
    • Maebashi 45ch 100W
    • Numata/Water 23ch 5W
    • Azuma 29ch 1W
    • Numata Tone 23ch 1W (vertical polarization)
    • Shimonita 23ch 3W
    • Kiryu 23ch 3W
    • Kusatsu 18ch 1W
    • Single item 18ch 1W
    • Kawaba 23ch 0.1W
    • Numata Discovery 18ch 0.3W
    • Kiryu Umeda 40ch 0.1W (vertical polarization)
    • Tsumagoi Tashiro 44ch 0.1W
    • Numata Numasu 18ch 0.3W
    • Kurabuchi 18ch 3W
    • Myogi 38ch 1W
    • Yokogawa 23ch 0.3W
    • Tsumagoi dried mat 44ch 0.1W (vertical polarization)
    • Katashina Higashi Ogawa 18ch 0.01W
    • Kochi Ogawara 18ch 0.01W
    • Tone Ohara 23ch 0.01W (vertical polarization)
    • Shirasawa 18ch 0.3W
    • Matsuida Ueda 18ch 0.01W
  • Saitama
    • Kodama 23ch 3W (vertically polarized)
    • Chichibu 23ch 10W
    • Ogano 61ch 1W
    • Oniishi 44ch 0.3W (vertical polarization)
    • Chichibu Sadamine 50ch 0.01W (vertical polarization)
    • Chichibu Tochiya 50ch 0.01W (vertical polarization)
    • Futon 23ch 0.01W
    • Hanno Kamikako 44ch 0.01W
    • Yokosene Furuya 50ch 0.04W (vertically polarized)
    • Hannohara Market 44ch 0.01W
  • Chiba
    • Choshi 23ch 10W
    • Togane 23ch 10W
    • Otaki 23ch 3W
    • Kimitsu 23ch 3W (vertically polarized)
    • Chonan 18ch 1W
    • Kamo Ichihara 31ch 1W
    • Katsuura 23ch 10W
    • Tateyama 23ch 3W (vertical polarization)
    • Omigawa 23ch 3W
    • Sahara 23ch 3W
    • Shimosou 23ch 3W
    • Maruyama 31ch 0.3W
    • Katsuura Sono 31ch 0.3W
    • Kamogawa 31ch 1W
  • Kanagawa
    • Hiratsuka Shonandaira 23ch 100W (vertically polarized)
    • Manazuru/Odawara 49ch 10W
    • Minami Ashigara 44ch 1W
    • Yugawara 44ch 0.1W (vertically polarized)
    • Aikawa 50ch 1W
    • Hakone Yumoto 44ch 0.1W (vertical polarization)
    • Takeshi Yokosuka 44ch 1W (vertically polarized)
    • Lake Sagami 23ch 0.3W
    • Sengokuhara 44ch 0.3W (vertically polarized)
    • Yamakita 23ch 0.3W
    • Tsukui 44ch 0.3W (vertically polarized)
    • Kurihama 52ch 0.3W (west direction: vertical polarization)
    • Zushi 44ch 1W (east direction: vertical polarization)
    • Hadano 44ch 1W (vertically polarized)
    • Yokosuka Kamoi 44ch 0.1W
    • Yunosawa 28ch 0.01W
    • Sasashita 23ch 0.1W
    • Kamariya 41ch 0.1W (vertically polarized)
    • Hadano Bodhi 39ch 0.05W
    • Nakai 44ch 0.1W
    • Totsuka 23ch 1W
    • Kamakura 44ch 0.3W
    • Kinugasa 44ch 1W
    • Ofuna 44ch 1W (vertically polarized)
    • Hakone Gora 43ch 1W
    • Odawara East 49ch 3W
    • Minatomirai 50ch 3W (Southwest direction: Vertical polarization)
    • Fujino 50ch 0.3W

Analog broadcasting

Closed on July 2011, 7.

Call code:JOTX-TV

Call name:TV Tokyo

  • Until 1980, the number of relay stations was very small compared to other key stations (the management crisis of 1966, the relay stations were postponed for several years after the broadcast time was shortened, and the pace of the establishment was slow after that) , After several years of changing the company name to TV TOKYO, the number has finally reached the same level.
  • Tokyo
    • Tokyo Tower 12ch 50kW
    • Oi town 78ch 50mW (SHF)
    • Hachioji 62ch (61ch before conversion) 10W
    • Tama 59ch (18ch before conversion) 200W
    • Niijima 62ch 300W (vertically polarized)
    • Miyakejima 12ch 10W (vertically polarized)
    • Hachijojima 12ch 30W
    • Chichijima 61ch 10W
  • Ibaraki
    • Mito (Senba Town) 32ch 30W (vertically polarized)
    • Hitachi(Fukamizan) 62ch 100W
    • Juo (Ishison Mountain) 61ch 100W
  • Tochigi
    • Utsunomiya 44ch (17ch before Ana-ana conversion) 100W
    • Imaichi 62ch 100W
    • Sheet pile 61ch 100W
  • Gunma
    • Harunayama(Maebashi) 62ch 100W
    • Kiryu 61ch (31ch before conversion) 30W
    • Numata 61ch 50W
  • Saitama
    • Chichibu 44ch 100W
    • Kodama 61ch (17ch before analog-ana conversion) 30W (vertically polarized)
  • Chiba
    • Tateyama 62ch 30W (vertical polarization)
    • Choshi 61ch 100W
    • Katsuura 61ch 100W
    • Narita 61ch (18ch before Ana-ana conversion) 30W
    • Katori Sahara 62ch (17ch before conversion) 30W
    • Katori Omikawa 38ch 30W
    • Yokoshiba Hikari 47ch 30W (vertical polarization)
  • Kanagawa
    • Yokohama Minato (Yokohama Landmark Tower) 62ch 30W
    • Yamashita Town 79ch 100mW (SHF)
    • Yokosuka Kurihama 33ch 3W
    • Hiratsuka (Shonandaira) 43ch 300W (vertical polarization)
    • Manazuru (Odawara) 62ch 100W
    • Yunosawa 48ch 100mW
  • etc.
Relay station obsolete by July 2011, 7

Rebroadcast outside the area

Rebroadcast outside the areaHas been planning to carry out three years from the end of analog broadcasting (until July 3, 2014) as a measure to mitigate cataclysmic changes, but since there is no affiliated station, it has agreed to continue implementation. Niigata Prefecture (Chuetsu-JoetsuIn both prefectures), Miyagi prefecture, and Fukushima prefecture, there is a technical problem in that TV east radio waves are suppressed by small relay stations, so rebroadcasting is not possible.

TaiziIs a pass-through method.

Yamanashi Prefecture (Yamanashi Prefecture is also a de facto viewing area because the CATV / co-listening equipment subscription rate in Yamanashi Prefecture exceeds 9%)

Note: Some areas may not be implemented even in the listed areas, and some areas may not be implemented.


Online delivery

PayVideo distributionAs a service,TV TOKYO business on demand(Economic program),AhIn addition to (animation), we provide various distribution services.
In addition, parent company TV TOKYO Holdings,Internet tvParaviHas invested in Premium Platform Japan, which operates

Drama, variety program missed delivery (latest episode) "Net Mo TV"GYAO!,Nico Nico DougaFrom April 2015[66],TVerFrom the beginning of October of the same year[67]We are supplying programs.

Successive catchphrases

Tokyo 12 channel era

  • For fathers and mothers worried about ``TV kid'' Science TV Tokyo 12 channel TV (April 1964-September 4)
  • Contact Window 12 Tokyo 12 Channel (October 1973-(March 10)
  • Familyship family channel (around 1978. Used in combination with "Fureai no Mado" above)
  • 12 months of fun (April 1979-September 4. However, even after the company name was changed, it will continue to be used until September 1981)

After TV Tokyo

  • Green refreshing, 12 months of fun TV TOKYO 12 (October 1981-December 10)
  • Tachibana Individuality Opened 20 years TV Tokyo (1984, for 20th anniversary of opening)
  • Heart Bing TV Tokyo 12 (April 1987-September 4)
  • Show me and be fascinating!
  • TV Tokyo (October 1993-March 10)
  • Tere to Shiru Bure! (October 1998-March 10)
  • Tere toma. (April 2001-March 4)
  • That, this, and that. (April 2004-June 4)
  • Continued (July 2009-September 7)
  • Straight, all the time. (Current October 2013 -)

In addition, the commercial of "TV TOKYO Digital 7 channel" (TV TOKYO Digital 7) was used in affiliated stations after partly changing the wording (in TV Setouchi, it is written as "TV Setouchi Digital 7"). BGM isLenny Kravitz"Love Revolution".


過去の「テレビ東京」のロゴマークは1981年10月1日(「TV TOKYO」の英語ロゴマークは1985年12月12日)から1998年9月30日まで使用していた。現在の「TV TOKYO」と「テレビ東京」のロゴマークは1998年10月1日から使用しており、TVのVとTOKYOのYのリングでメディアと社会のインタラクティブの重要性を模り、信頼性の高い情報とユニークな番組で未来を想像し、ジャーナリズムの在り方を提案する企業姿勢を表している[68].

Image character

In the past, to commemorate the start of digital TV broadcasting, 7ch digital 7-channel Pirameki Panda was used.

Currently established on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the stationNananaIs used.

Past presidents/representatives

Science Education Bureau

YearTokyo 12 Channel
Production President
Japan Science and Technology FoundationEvent
General Manager of TV Business DivisionPresident
196004*Before establishment※absenceKurata taxEstablished Japan Science and Technology Foundation
196306Kurata taxEstablished Television Business Division
196403Tomoshige Tsunoda
196506Teruo Fujimoto
August, 1966Kentaro UemuraUemura KojiroFirst reconstruction plan decided to increase general programs
196701Takeo Muraki
196805Shinichi HaseSecond rebuilding plan Decided to split the production department
196807Kentaro UemuraEstablished Tokyo 12 Channel Production
August, 1969Shizuo KawaguchiShizuo KawaguchiNikkei newspaper management participation
197304Yoshikuni SatoYoshikuni SatoFormer managing director of Nikkei Inc. appointed as president

General Bureau

YearThe presidentPresident
August, 1973Yoshikuni Sato※absence
August, 1975Nakagawa Jun
198906Naomichi SuginoNakagawa Jun
199606Yutaka IchikiNaomichi Sugino
200106Sadahiko SugayaYutaka Ichiki
200706Masayuki ShimadaSadahiko Sugaya
201306Yuichi TakahashiMasayuki Shimada
201706Shigeru KosonYuichi Takahashi
202006Ishikawa IchiroShigeru Koson

Individual details

NameCompany/GroupTokyo 12 Channel Related Positions
Kurata taxHitachi, Ltd. President → Chairman1960.04.19-1966.12.18: Foundation Chairman
1963.06.22-1964.03.09: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
Uemura KojiroFederation of Economic Organizations Vice Chairman → Chairman
Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. President
Japan Airlines President
1961.10. 00 -December 1966.12.18, XNUMX: Science Television Cooperation Association[69] President
1966.12.19-1973.10.31: Foundation Chairman
Tomoshige Tsunoda1964.03.10-1965.06.19: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
Teruo FujimotoNissan Life Insurance The president1965.06.20-1966.12.18: Foundation Vice President
1965.06.20-1966.12.18: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
Kentaro UemuraJapan Highway Public Corporation President1966.12.19-1973.03.31: Foundation Vice President
1966.12.19-1967.01.10: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
1968.07.01-1969.10.31: Production President
Takeo MurakiSumitomo Coal Mining Vice president1967.01.11-1968.05.21: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
Shinichi Hase1968.05.22-1969.10.31: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
Shizuo KawaguchiSankyo Vice president
President, All Japan Advertising Federation
President of Nikkei Advertising Research Institute
1969.11.01-1973.03.31: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
1969.11.01-1973.04.08: Production President
Masahiro TsukudaManaging Director, Nikkei Inc.1969.11.01 - 1971.02. 00: Deputy Head of Foundation Television Business
1969.11.01 - 1971.02. 00: Production Managing Director
Yoshikuni SatoManaging Director, Nikkei Inc.1973.04.01-1973.10.31: Head of Foundation Television Business Division
1973.04.09-1973.10.31: Production President
1973.11.01-1975.09.30: Tokyo Channel 12 President
Nakagawa JunManaging Director, Nikkei Inc.1971.02. 00 -Oct. 1973.10.31, XNUMX: Deputy Head of Foundation Television Business
1971.02. 00 -1973.10.31: Production Managing Director
1973.11.01-1975.09.30: Tokyo Channel 12 Senior Managing Director
1975.10.01-1981.09.30: Tokyo Channel 12 President
1981.10.01-1989.06.29: TV Tokyo President
1989.06.30-1993.06.27: TV Tokyo Chairman

Major officers/employees



Group Companies

Authorized broadcasting holding company TV TOKYO Holdings Co., Ltd. and 3 operating subsidiaries and 15 affiliates (as of March 2019, 3)[4].

Certified Broadcast Holding Company

Business subsidiary

  • BS Tv Tokyo Co., Ltd. (BS Tv Tokyo, BS Tv Tokyo, former BS Japan)
  • Ltd.TV TOKYO Communications(Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothers(Listing) (Distribution and provision of video content)

Affiliated Company

  • Ltd.TV Tokyo Music(Management of music copyrights, events, production of music programs, etc.)
  • Ltd.TV TOKYO media net(Program sales)
  • TV TOKYO Commercial Co., Ltd. (preparation for commercial broadcasting)
  • Ltd.TV TOKYO ART(Planning and production of art equipment and lighting for programs)
  • TV TOKYO system (system development)
  • Ltd.TV Tokyo production(PROTX) (Program planning and production)
  • TV TOKYO Direct Co., Ltd. (former: Pronto Corporation) (mail order / advertising sales)
  • TV TOKYO Human Co., Ltd. (preparation for broadcasting)
  • Ltd.Techno max(Technical production)
  • TV TOKYO business service Co., Ltd. (facility management, etc.)
  • ATX Corporation (Anime theater x) (Animated program provided)
  • Ltd.Nikkei video(Program production)
  • Ltd.Interactiv(CS consignment broadcasting)
  • Ltd.Nikkei CNBC
  • Premium Platform Japan Co., Ltd. (Paravi)
  • Ltd.TVer

Related broadcasters

Affiliated broadcasting station

Related company

Of the same stationAnime showIsPokemon』Theatrical version production cooperation and promotion cooperation, using the Pokemon characterSummer VacationDuring the periodStamp RallyHolding and wrappingShinkansenRunningKiha 100 series OfJoyful Train"POKÉMON with YOU train”Running and other events, planned by the companyShinkansen E5 seriesHayabusa,Yamanote LineE235 seriesIs the motif of "Shinkansen deformation robot ShinkalionThe second series of TV animation "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z" was produced and broadcast on the same station.[Note 36], Operated by the companySmartphone app"JR East App" is the program of the same station "Haunting! Ad street paradise』, Etc., and distribute travel / city walking content, etc.[70], The predecessorJapan National RailwayAnd a railway program provided by the companyRail 7Is being broadcast on the same station, or is a program of the same station.Nikkei Special Cumbria PalaceOf the company chairmanTetsuro TomitaAfter appearingPrivatizationTaking up business strategies, etc. that took the opportunity of the next 30 years[Note 37][71], The program of the same station "Nikkei Special Gaia DawnAtNew coronavirusI was interviewing and covering the company's survival strategy in the disaster[72]In addition, the program of the same station, "Prince Moja"Hikaru no Go"Yoshiki Hidaka's Washington Report] And so on.
In addition to being in charge of the advertising agency for the anime programs "Mojacko" and "Pokemon" series, he is also involved in the production of the anime "Pokemon".
Tobu Railway OfグループIt is a facilityTokyo Sky TreeThere is a digital master station transmitting station of the same station, or is sponsored by the same stationNew Year's EveIt's an annual projectTokyu Jilbester Concert"ToTokyu Group(Tokyu CorporationAndTokyu Corporation, Etc., or at the program “Nikkei Special Cumbria Palace”Odakyu Electric Railway OfToshimitsu YamakiAfter the chairman appeared,HakoneTaking up business strategies centered on[73],Keio Electric Railway OfInokashira Line1000 seriesThe newsreel of the same station is distributed on the liquid crystal display in the car.[74],Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu Group Holdings)ofgroup EnterpriseIsKNT-CT Holdings(Club tourism) Is the program of the same stationTabi Suru Otsukare-Half Time Tours-In conjunction with[75]KintetsuFresh fish trainChartered tour[76]・ New modelMeihan limited expressHinori[77]And sightseeing limited expressShimakazeとBlue symphony[78]Planning of tours to board the TV TOKYO and operation of the travel information site "Tele East Travel" in collaboration with TV TOKYO Direct, a subsidiary of the same station.[79]In addition to selling various travel products, major private railway companies also hold stamp rallies using characters from the anime program of the same station during the summer vacation, etc.amusement parkHeld an event tied up with the anime program of the same station, and major private railway companies invested in some TXN affiliated stations[Note 38]Are widely involved.
An aircraft that depicts the characters of Pokémon, an anime program of the same station.Pokemon jetIn addition to operating "Nikkei Special Cambria Palace" and "Nikkei Special Cambria Palace" of the same stationEconomic Documentary Drama Rubicon's Decision], the company is featured, "haunt! Ad street paradise" of the same station is provided.
Of TV TOKYOMain bank.. A TXN charity fund-raising account is also set up in the same bank.TMJ[80]Was installed (with the relocation of the head office, removed in the summer of 2016).


  • From October 1970 to April 10Nagai HaoCartoon ofHarenchi AcademyDrama based onHarenchi Academy』Broadcast. While the station was suffering from chronic low ratings before it was converted to a general station, the program had a maximum rating of 32%. However, because of the radical expression at that time, it became a social problem,Vulgar showIt ended in half a year without being criticized[81].
  • In 1997, the TV animation "Pokemon] During the broadcast,AudienceSuddenly fell down and was taken to the hospital (so-called "Pokemon shock").Since then, commercial broadcasters have begun to display telops such as "When watching TV, brighten the room and watch away from the TV" when broadcasting the all-day Levi animation.
  • In February 1998, the late-night program "GilgameshIn March of the same year, as a result of many complaints from viewers to the program council, "Isn't the content beyond the range that can be overlooked by laughing as a sexy program?" The program ended with.
  • June 2002, 5, ``News watch"When"TXN News Eye』At the beginning of the program, the whole story from the crime of the Chinese thieves to the arrest was broadcast as a scoop video. However, it was found that he had previously obtained information from a Japanese man who was a guide to the thieves, and although he contacted the police, he did not contact the company that was actually damaged.[82].
  • June 2005, 1, ``Tell me! Ultra Experiment Team』, the number of times dealing with hay fever measures broadcast on 25thChiba UniversityRegarding the latest treatment method "sublingual desensitization therapy" under clinical experiment, "It takes about 2 days to perform a 5-week experiment in about 2 days, and it takes at least 3-2 months to be effective in 2 weeks" It was broadcast as if the effect had appeared." However, on February 1, an additional survey result was announced, and the above explanation was also partly false, "I did not conduct any experiments and made false testimony to untreated people" Discovered, the program was discontinued on February 2th. In addition, four executives involved in production were punished.
  • On June 2005, 6, in the "Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn", he referred to a man in Tokyo as "nodding" and said, "Nods to the other person's talk is 14 yen for two hours." In response, a man protested to the BPO, saying that he was "misunderstood as an illicit trader." It turned out that the scene of cash delivery was requested by TV Tokyo. It was also pointed out that this scene was a violation of human rights.
  • May 2006, 5, in the end of April of the same year "World table tennis 2006』By the extension of the broadcast timeMidnight program OfRecordingI got a protest saying that I failed and a bone-like thing小包Was delivered to TV Tokyo[83][84].
  • October 2006, 10, at "Oha Suta"blueberryIntroduced as "PokeweedIsPhytolaccaceae OfPerennialHerbでPoisonous plantIsplantso,root.Stem,leaf, Ripe to black purplefruitWhen you eatVomiting,diarrheaIt was discovered that it would cause a problem, and he called attention in the news of the same station.Also, the moderator's broadcast on October 10th the following weekKoichi YamaderaIssued an apology for this matter and warned him not to eat it by mistake.
  • In January 2007, TV Tokyo Direct (TXD) advertised that "Good Sleep ★ Yume Pillow", which uses germanium and bamboo fiber, has antibacterial, deodorant, and far-infrared effects.However, in reality, the above materials were not used, and TXD stopped selling, repurchased the product, and refunded it.furtherFair Trade CommissionIt is said that it is a violation of the Premium Labeling Law (good misidentification), and an exclusion order has been issued to prevent recurrence.
  • June 2008, 12, ``Yoro Sen!Was a performer℃ -uteOne of the membersAdolf HitlerApologized on the website on the 8th, saying that "It was inappropriate content based on incorrect history recognition" was introduced as a problem.
  • On July 2009nd and 7rd, 22, it was revealed at the food and drink corner of the event "Dinosaur 23" that the seller used the expired bread for the hot dog that was being sold. On the 2009th, President Shimada expressed his apologies as one of the organizers at the July regular meeting.
  • In the broadcast of the figure skating show on April 2010, 4,Mao AsadaThe performance failure of the three players was replaced with the same performance of another performance and broadcast. On this subject, sports sociologist Sadao Morikawa (Nippon Sport Science University(Professor) points out that the current media has a problem of neglecting the recordability, which is biased toward entertainment, and deceiving the viewer without clearly indicating that it is an edited video.[85].. Regarding this matter, it was thought that TV TOKYO was a "show" where players could see the top-level performances of athletes, not a competition involving scoring. Tsukimin commented on the president's regular interview.
  • Broadcasted on May 2010, 11Monday premiere! Clinic where you can find your doctor), a healthy drink using an enzyme was used during the program and an experiment involving fasting was performed, and one of the investigators who was successful in dieting using this method sold the healthy drink in question. It was discovered that he was the president of. TV TOKYO apologized, "I made people who shouldn't appear. I wasn't sure about the confirmation work during the interview. I will review the interview and production system." Also,Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement OrganizationIn July 2011, the BPO recognized that it was a violation of broadcasting ethics, as it was considered a problem at the (BPO).
  • Broadcasted on May 2011, 1Arihen ∞ World], Okinawa PrefectureMinami Daito IslandWhen we picked up sugarcane farmers, we found that there are 1000 to 150 farmers with annual income of 200 million yen or more.Okinawa main islandToBeverly HillsIt is introduced that you own a luxurious villa likeMinamidaito VillageIt turned out that the village chief was protesting that it was based on prejudice and was not true. Also,Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement OrganizationHowever, it was regarded as a problem, and the opinion that "it is funnyly edited and malicious as if the farmer is living a luxurious life with a subsidy" was given, and it developed into a situation of deliberation, and in September of the same year BPO Was found to be a violation of broadcasting ethics. TV TOKYO apologized to Minamidaito Village on June 9th.
  • June 2011, 6, ``Monthly MelodiX!] During the recording of a female idol groupPure FuruAn accident occurred in which two members (Wheat Ayakawa and Asami Fujisaki) were injured.In the game corner "Guru-Guru Chocobat Showdown" in the same program, Ayakawa and Fujisaki fell into a groove at the end of the studio with their eyes turned, and Ayakawa broke his left ischium and nasal bone. Also suffered a minor injury that sprained his left ankle.In the fax, the bureau said, "We deeply apologize for the occurrence of such an accident. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to Mr. Ayakawa and Mr. Fujisaki, and to remind them of safety management to prevent recurrence. I am willing to do so, "he apologized.In addition, the broadcast was postponed for the part of the same corner that was scheduled to be broadcast on June 2 of the same year.
  • Broadcasted on May 2019, 6God Tan』, By mistake, broadcast the CM of a company different from the original sponsor, and the CM of the original sponsor does not flow (Trouble (Broadcasting accident)There has occurred. The sponsors of "Godtan" are "The Reeve" (real estate agent) and "Rudel" (game company, provided by the company's app game "Dragon Egg"), but these two companies broadcast on this day. notKaoThe telop provided by Kao was broadcast, and Kao's commercial was broadcast. Until just before "Godtan"French open tennisWas being broadcast, but the match ended earlier than the originally scheduled time, and the broadcast ended accordingly, and the broadcast of "Godtan" was advanced.Since Kao was a sponsor of the French Open tennis, it seems that it was unavoidable to broadcast within "Godtan" because the adjustments for changing and replacing the broadcast time could not be made in time.He apologized after the ending on the broadcast on July 7th of the same year.
  • On February 2020, 2, production department employees assaulted a taxi driver and caused minor injuries,Meguro Police StationCurrent criminal was arrested on suspicion of injury[86].


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  2. ^ It does not mean that you will not receive any sponsors.
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  10. ^ However, since TV Osaka and TV Aichi are prefectural and prefectural stations, the output of the parent station is kept low compared to each of the four wide-area stations in Osaka and in the name, and the viewing area is narrow, and TV Hokkaido・ In TV Setouchi, there are some areas in the broadcasting area where viewing is difficult or reception is not possible.However, after the complete transition to digital broadcasting, TV Hokkaido has been proceeding with the installation of digital relay stations in areas where analog stations have not yet been opened, starting with the Kushiro transmission station and the Furenai relay station in Biratori-cho.In the past, even with TVQ, there were areas where it was difficult to watch or receive with analog broadcasting, but with digital broadcasting, it has become possible to watch in the entire broadcasting area.
  11. ^ Currently, simultaneous and staggered broadcasting of terrestrial programs broadcast on BS TV Tokyo is centered on news / information programs, sports broadcasts, travel programs, and some anime programs, and a small number of regular programs and single-shot special programs in variety programs. Except for, it is hardly broadcast.
  12. ^ When analog broadcasting was abolished, we agreed to rebroadcast outside the area for a limited period of three years as a measure to mitigate catastrophic changes.The prefectures without CATV operators who obtained the consent of TXN affiliated broadcasting stations after the catastrophic change mitigation measures are Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Akita prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, ○ Niigata prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture ○ Shiga prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, ○ Kochi prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, Okinawa prefecture (○ mark indicates that there are businesses that were rebroadcasting in the analog era (with complete transition) Rebroadcast abolished) prefecture).
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  16. ^ On this day, a full-scale advertisement was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun,Asahi-every day-YomiuriHalf-ads were posted in each newspaper.
  17. ^ It is named after the remote control key ID "7" for digital broadcasting. As a result, the number "12-105" dedicated to Nikkei Denpa Kaikan due to analog 8012ch was abolished and returned (both 105 and 106 are nowLawn post office, But until 106Azabu Post OfficeWas in charge of collection and delivery work).
  18. ^ To be precise, it is "TV Oku Tokyo" modeled after TV Tokyo, but the exterior of the headquarters was modeled after the Nikkei Denpa Kaikan, which was the headquarters at the time of the main broadcast.
  19. ^ The plan for this day was "Akira Ikegami vs. Japan's 100 presidents gathered together! In the parody of "SP", the subtitle "Takeshi Kitano and President of TV Tokyo" was given.
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  24. ^ Commercial broadcasting BS opened on December 2000, 12 at the same time.
  25. ^ This is because, in principle, only the Tokai Television Broadcasting / Mie Television Broadcasting Union and CBC Television, which are owned by the Chunichi Shimbun, were assigned to the Chunichi-controlled games (currently, this includes TV Aichi).
  26. ^ In addition, the relay of the all-star game has withdrawn from other stations since the latter half of the 2000s, and since 2014 it has been broadcast on all card TV Asahi series.
  27. ^ at that time,Terrestrial digital TV broadcastingThe midnight all night broadcast was suspended to broadcast the test radio wave, and it was scheduled to end around 3 o'clock after the recorded soccer broadcast if the baseball broadcast was performed as scheduled. Because the baseball was canceled, soccer was not re-broadcast and the broadcast of the day was discontinued around 1:XNUMX.
  28. ^ This is also not broadcast in BS TV East other than the 2009 tournament (however, sports news is also broadcast in the same station). Basically, it will be broadcast on J SPORTS.
  29. ^ BS Japan (now BS TV Tokyo), which does not broadcast the same program, has also delayed the start time of programs after "World Business Satellite". The extended time is 10 minutes to fill in the gap.Travel programWas broadcast several times.
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Other chronology

in Japan,ADIn addition toChronologyAre using. In addition, the following chronology is the Western calendarDateAre matched.



public holiday

The event was postponed this year2020 Tokyo OlympicsAs a result, somepublic holidayMoves.

  • Marine Day(Normal time: 7rd Monday of July every year) is limited to this yearMay 7(The day before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games)[1].
  • Sports day(Normal time: Every second Monday of October, the name was changed from "Health Sports Day" in the previous year.[2]) Is only for this yearMay 7(On the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games)[1].
  • Mountain of the day(Normal time: every yearMay 8) Is only for this yearMay 8(On the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, this daySundayBecause of the next9 daysAlsoTransfer holiday)become[1].
  • No change on other holidays.


Royal family

Three powers









  • May 5
    • Ministry of FinanceAnnounced the financial situation at the end of 2020, and it turned out that the national debt was more than 1216 trillion yen.The annual increase was 10 to 20 trillion yen, but in 2020 it was more than 101 trillion yen due to the influence of the new coronavirus.[140].
    • At around 11:40, two ships of the China Coast Guard ("Kaiken 2" and "Kaiken 2202") invaded the territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands.[141]..After that, it sailed in the territorial waters until about 11:8 on the 40th.[142].
  • May 5
  • May 5 --The revised Juvenile Law is enacted[150].. From April 2022, boys aged 4 and 18 were designated as "specific boys", and it became possible to report their real names after the indictment.[150].
  • May 5
    • the governmentYoichi TakahashiAnnounced the resignation of Special Advisor to the Cabinet.Kan CabinetSimilar personnel inKimiya NishikawaSecond since[151].
    • Around 16:4, four ships of the China Coast Guard invaded the territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands.[152]..After that, the two ships left the territorial waters at around 2:18.[152]However, the remaining two vessels sailed in the territorial waters until after 2 o'clock on the 25th.[153].
  • May 5
  • May 5 - NHK Educational Television"Shogi focusUsed the manuscript of the narration in the program without permission from the unrelated Shogi website "Shogi Lecture.com", and was discovered by a complaint from the victim.[156].




  • May 8 - AichiToyohashi内 のObstetrics and gynecologyBy this day, it was discovered that the clinic director had undergone childbirth surgery on the night of July 7, under the influence of alcohol.Although the baby gave birth, it was in a state of temporary life threatening.The director said that he admitted that he was drinking alcohol on a daily basis when asked by the baby's father.[191].
  • May 8
    • Around 20:30,Odakyu Odawara Line OfSeijogakuenmae Station - Soshigaya Okura StationA 36-year-old man swung a knife around on an up-speed express train running between them, and 10 people were seriously injured, including a passenger who fell when he escaped.Indiscriminate stab injury caseOccurs.The man who seems to have caused the incident was about 4 km away from the scene on the night of the day.Suginami-ku, TokyoAt a convenience store inside, I was secured by the Metropolitan Police Department.Due to this effect, the line was suspended for a long time.[192].
    • "It fell immediately after the atomic bomb was dropped.black RainAs a result of being exposed toHiroshima84 of them are from the prefectureHiroshima cityToA-bomb victim health certificateIn the appeal decision of the proceedings demanding the issuance of the plaintiffs, the Hiroshima High Court recognized all the plaintiffs as atomic bomb survivors and upheld the first-instance decision ordering the issuance of a notebook.Dismissed appeals from prefectures, etc.[193]. 
  • May 8~May 8 - Front stagnantToothLinear precipitation zoneIn some areas, such as northern Kyushu, where the total rainfall exceeds 1,000 mm and reaches 5% of the annual rainfall, record heavy rainfall occurs mainly in western Japan, causing damage due to sediment-related disasters and flooding of rivers. Came out[194][195].
  • May 8 - YamanashiFujiyoshidaAmusement park "Fujikyu HighlandAttraction "De dodonpaYamanashi Prefecture announced that from December last year to August this year, four passengers had an accident that caused a fracture for one to three months after the cure.It is said that there was no report from the amusement park until August 12.Although the amusement park has already stopped using this attraction[196], The prefecture conducted the first on-site inspection on the morning of the 21st.The policy is to conduct the survey in several steps in the future.On the other hand, the amusement park side says, "We cannot confirm the causal relationship between attractions and fractures."[197].
  • May 8 --Following the Tokyo Olympics, a rehearsal of an exhibition flight by Blue Impulse was held over Tokyo at the time of the Paralympic Games.Unlike the Tokyo Olympics, this time white smoke was used instead of full color.The Paralympic symbol mark is not drawn.[198].
  • May 8


  • May 9 - Digital AgencyWas officially installed.OnlineFacilitation of various administrative systems above (ITAndDXThe purpose is to promote)Civilian(About 600 out of about 200 staff) are also appointed.The inauguration ceremony was held in the afternoon of the same day[207][208][209].
  • May 9 --April 2019, occurred in Higashiikebukuro, TokyoHigashiikebukuro car runaway accidentso,Negligence driving fatal injuryTo a 90-year-old man who was a former director of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of the Ministry of International Trade and IndustryTokyo District CourtAdmits the man's negligence,imprisonmentHe was sentenced to five years in prison (sentence: seven years in prison).The man consistently pleaded not guilty to the cause of a car defect[210]..After that, neither the defense nor the prosecution appealed by the 16th of the appeal deadline, so the man's prison sentence was finalized on the 17th.However, the execution of the sentence may be suspended because the man is 90 years old and claimed during the trial that he may be ill.[211].
  • May 9
  • May 9 --Around 23:40, Minato-ku, TokyoAkasaka OfTBS Broadcast CenterIn the parking lot on the premises of the talent and movie directorBeat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano)The car I was riding in became a man in his 40sPickaxeAn incident occurred.The man rushed to the Metropolitan Police DepartmentAkasaka stationTo the membersGun sword methodArrested the current offender for the violation.Takeshi and the driver were not injured.In response to the investigation, he stated, "I volunteered to enter the entertainment world and sat down in the car, but it was ignored."The man had a knife in addition to the pickaxe[214][215].
  • May 9 --This afternoonYahooNews app "Yahoo! JAPANIn the push notification of "(in Kumamoto prefecture)"Mount AsoAn eruption occurred in Japan. "According to the company's investigation, the cause was that the test information for the distribution system was mistakenly distributed due to human error.In response to this, the company apologized on the official website etc.[216].
  • May 9 -Around 4:20 pm,TokyoChiyoda Ward OfChiyoda Ward OfficeA taxi went out of control in the vicinity, causing an accident that plunged into the sidewalk.One of the passers-by died as a result of the accident.Five people, including passengers, were seriously injured.The driver was also taken to the hospital with unconsciousness, but died the next day.[217][218].
  • May 9 - New coronavirus infection OfvaccineMore than 2% of the total population has completed the second vaccination.The government has indicated that it will complete vaccinations for all applicants early in October-November.[219].
  • May 9 - Typhoon 14Landed in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.There are many cases of typhoons landing in Kyushu in the past, but it is the first time in history that a typhoon has landed in Fukuoka Prefecture since the start of statistics in 1951.In addition, as a result, only Saga Prefecture has not landed typhoons in each prefecture in the Kyushu region.[220].


GlobalEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionThis has affected various schedules, and the following schedules may be changed or canceled.





  • May 12 - Keiko AimiyaCelebrated his 20th birthday,adultBecomes
  • May 12~31 days --Postponed from the winter of the previous yearComic market99 will be held.In addition, it is stated that there is a possibility of postponement again depending on the infection situation of the new coronavirus.[230].

The date is undecided

  • Is Honda Motor Co., the prospect of the fiscal yearSaitamaSayamaClosed its factory in the same prefectureYorii TownTransferred functions to the factory (at the time of the announcement in October 2017, about 10 people worked)[231]..Along with this, it was produced in SayamaMinivan"Odyssey, Luxury sedan "legend, Fuel cell vehicle (later released as an electric vehicle and hybrid specification vehicle)ClarityWill be discontinued by the end of the year[232][233].
  • International Deep Sea Biology Society (Headquarters:英国)ofSymposiumIs held inShizuoka CityHas been decided. This is the first time it will be held in Asia[234].
  • JAXAIs the next corerocketBecomeH3 rocketIs scheduled to be launched (during 2021).
  • JNR 185 seriesWill retire.



(In case of expiration of term)


  • 1991EnforcementLand rent lawUpon expiration of the leased land with special contract for building transfer specified in Article 23 (30 years have passed), the building on the leased land will be sold to the landlord.







natural Science

Weather, natural disasters, observations, etc.

Weather, geography, heaven

  • weather
    • May 5 --In Okinawa and Amamirainy seasonenter.It was raining during Golden Week2014It's been 7 years since then[238].
      • May 7 --The end of the rainy season in the Okinawa region has been announced.The end of the rainy season was about 11 days later than normal.[239].
      • May 7 --The Amami region is over the rainy season.The end of the rainy season was about 4 days later than normal.[240].
    • May 5 ――It's raining in southern Kyushu.19 days earlier than normal,1951It was the second earliest rainy season in history since the start of observation.[241].
      • May 7 --The end of the rainy season in southern Kyushu has been announced.The rainy season ended about 4 days earlier than normal.[242].
    • May 5 --The northern part of Kyushu, the Chugoku region, and the Shikoku region are in the rain.It was the second earliest rainy season in history since the start of statistics, and all three regions had a rainy season more than 2 days earlier than normal.[243].
      • May 7 --The rainy season is over in northern Kyushu and the Chugoku region.Both of them ended the rainy season about 6 days earlier than normal.[244].
      • May 7 ――The rainy season is over in the Shikoku region.Two days later than normal, it was the longest rainy season since the start of statistics.In addition, the last rainy season in the Shikoku region is the first in history since the start of statistics.[245].
    • May 6 --The Kinki region is in the rain.Breaking newsMay 5However, the Japan Meteorological Agency later scrutinized the information and corrected this with a fixed value of June 6.The Kinki region initially set a new record as the earliest rainy season, but it was canceled by this revision.[246].
    • May 6 --The Tokai region is in the rain.The preliminary figures were May 5th, but they were revised as in the Kinki region mentioned above.[246].
      • May 7 ――The rainy season is over in the Kinki and Tokai regions[247].
    • May 6 --The Kanto and Koshin regions are in the rain.It was raining 7 days later than normal.[248].
      • May 7 ――The rainy season is over in the Kanto and Koshin regions as well as the Tohoku region.The rainy season ended three days earlier than normal[249].
    • May 6 --The Hokuriku region is in the rain.It was raining 7 days later than normal.[250].
      • May 7 --The rainy season is over in the Hokuriku region.The rainy season ended about 9 days earlier than normal.Also, the end of the rainy season earlier than the Kanto and Koshin regions2016For the first time in 5 years since then, the end of the rainy season earlier than the Kinki region1992It's been 19 years since then[251].
    • May 6 --The Tohoku region is in the rain.It was raining about 4 days later than normal.[252].
      • May 7 ――The rainy season is over in the Tohoku region along with the Kanto and Koshin regions.The rainy season ended a few days earlier than normal[253].
Natural disasters
Observation (including celestial events)
  • May 5 --All over JapanTotal lunar eclipseWas observed.What I could observe all over Japan2018It's been 3 years since the year.The total lunar eclipse of this year is the closest to the earth.Super moonIt was also a day called, and I was able to observe the moon larger than usual.The total lunar eclipse was observed in the supermoon state for the first time in 1997 years since 24, and the total lunar eclipse can be observed in the next supermoon state.2033To become[260].

Culture and art

GlobalNew coronavirus infectious disease epidemicDue to the influence of such factors, the following schedules may change.






Global pandemic of new coronavirusThis has had various effects on movie shooting and movie theaters, and the release has been postponed one after another from the previous year.

Japanese movies
Animated movieFor more information in the latter section# ア ニ メSee.
Western painting

tv set


Contest show winner
NHK Kamani Manzai Contest
M-1 Grand Prix(TV Asahisystem)
R-1 Grand Prix(Fuji Television Network, Incsystem)
King of conte(TBSsystem)
Female entertainer No.1 deciding match THE W(Nippon TVsystem)



Animated movie
Television Animation


Computer games


General competition

Summer Olympics and Paralympics

Summer olympic-Paralympic TokyoHeld in (1964 competitionSecond time since then).Global epidemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)Under the influence ofModern olympicIt was postponed for about a year for the first time in history.Countries around the world (Olympic Games: 1 countries / regions[188]/ Paralympics: 162 countries / regions[201]) To manyathleteIs participating.

Each competition


  • Professional baseball
  • MLB Japanese player



The event of fiction

  • 1 -Last month, Juda Peter, who turned Atom charcoal with a bomb robot, kills one after another with supernatural powers and is repairing AtomDr. OchanomizuAlso erase. However, during the funeral of the doctor, the truth was revealed and Atom and JudahArcticHowever, Judas, who has exhausted himself, converts his energy into light and sends a signal to an airplane that goes through the sky, and Atom is rescued. (Manga"Astro boy"The man who returned from Mars")
  • 2 -Chitose Murai, a doctor of medicine who is the developer of "Murai Vaccine", died at the age of 68. (Anime"Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX])
  • 4 -"Murai Vaccine," which is said to be effective for cybersclerosis, is approved as a designated-specified paid experimental drug. (Anime "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX")
  • Unidentified weapons are attacking all over the globe. The special fighter "Buster" opposes this. (game"Air buster])[303]
  • X-rayLaser propulsionLight century ship using the "Star Rainbow"Jupiter moonTo the maiden voyage.Gravity wave41.3 East of the solar system where communication signals were observedLight yearsPresumed to exist atBlack HoleHowever, after a while, the communication will be cut off. (novel"Light Century Patrol])[304]
  • Aoi ZIP Alzard NP-1 debut. (Anime"New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula])
  • Sugo Garland SF-03 debut. (Anime "Neon Genesis GPX Cyber ​​Formula")
  • Union Saber Ischzak 00-X3 debut. (Anime "Neon Genesis GPX Cyber ​​Formula")
  • Sugo debuted from Round 6 with ν Asurada AKF-0. (Anime "Neon Genesis GPX Cyber ​​Formula")
  • Human race is defeated in the "Gastrea War", a war with the parasite "Gastrea" that suddenly appeared in the world. (Novel/Animeblack bullet])[305]


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