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⚾ | [National High School Baseball Championship Kumamoto Tournament Quarterfinals] Yatsushiro defeats Buntoku

[National High School Baseball Championship Kumamoto Tournament Quarterfinals] Yatsushiro defeats Buntoku

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[National High School Baseball Championship Kumamoto Tournament Quarterfinals] Yatsushiro defeats Buntoku

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The quarterfinals of the National High School Baseball Championship Kumamoto Tournament were held on Friday, July 7, at the Livework Fujisakidai Stadium, where a match between Yatsushiro High School (boys) and Buntoku High School (boys) was held, and Yatsushiro won the match 23-8. ..

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Kumamoto Tournament

Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Field

Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Field(Fujisaki Daikenei and Kyujo, also known as:Livework Fujisakidai Stadium) IsKumamotoKumamoto-shiChuo-ku OfKumamoto Castle ParkInBaseball fieldAnd simply "Fujisakidai Baseball StadiumIt is also called by the common name.The facility is owned by Kumamoto Prefecture, and is owned by the Kumamoto Prefecture Sports Promotion Corporation Mizuno Corporation Group.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


There is a main stadiumKumamoto CastleOnce on the westFujisaki HachijyonomiyaThere was,1877 OfSouthwest WarCamphorThe company (Yashiro) burned down leaving the group.While Fujisaki Hachimangu was rebuilt at its current location about 3 km east, a military facility (Army prison) was built at Fujisakidai.[3]..In addition, Fujisakidai Army Hospital was established in some areas, and after the war,Kumamoto UniversityThe attached hospital Fujisakidai branch office was built.

1960 OfNational bodyIt was built as a high school baseball game venue when the event was held.After completionhigh school baseball,Adult baseballEtc.Amateur baseballEtc. are also held.The first official professional game will be held1972May 4 OfNishitetsu LionsversusHankyu BravesWar.Also, the first stadium in professional baseballHome run The1973May 5,Yakult AtomsversusChunichi DragonsOf warDouble headerIn the second game, in the top of the 2thHiroaki Inoue(Chunichi)Takeshi YasudaI released it from (Yakult).

At the time of completion of this stadium, there will be a field that meets the international game holding standards (both wings about 97.6m, mid-level players about 121.9m. Professional baseball holding standards require about 99.06m because both wings are wider), which is still rare in Japan. It is a baseball stadium that it owns, and is known in the professional baseball world as "a baseball stadium where home runs are hard to come out".1981In the prefectural council of Japan, combined with the idea of ​​fueling a sense of crisis about home runs and leading to the development of good pitchers.Lucky zoneThe installation of was also considered.However, baseball officials outside the prefecture criticized that "Japan has few baseball stadiums that comply with international rules and should not be narrowed easily," and the reduction was postponed.

1996Has undergone a large-scale renovation such as a complete renovation of the main stand, and continues to function as a baseball hall of fame in Kumamoto Prefecture.Due to the low outfield fence, spectators often break into the ground after the match in official professional games.

The site of Kumamoto Castle Park, including the main stadium, is a national land.Ministry of FinanceKyushu Finance BureauIs under the jurisdiction of.The site is lent to Kumamoto City free of charge, and the prefecture and city are responsible for the management and maintenance of the facilities located in the park, and the prefecture manages the site of this stadium, which corresponds to the facilities of the prefecture.[4].

Impact of the Kumamoto earthquake

2016May 4,Mashiro machiObserve seismic intensity 7 withKumamoto earthquakeOccurs.Immediately after thisMay 4Was scheduled to be held at this stadiumChunichi DragonsIn charge of the warYomiuri Giants(Giants) dispatched an investigation team to the site to check the damage situation, and found that a crack occurred in a part of the back screen, and it did not cause any special hindrance to the event, so it is assumed that this game will be held. Decided to prepare at[5].

HoweverMay 4In the mainshock of Okita (Mashiki-cho seismic intensity 6 upper → later corrected to 7), damage such as uplift of the outfield part, cracking of a part of the infield seat, damage to the lighting equipment (partially dropped), etc. When it occurred, the giant officially announced the cancellation of this game in the afternoon of the same day, saying that "the facility is in a dangerous state and it was decided that it would be impossible to hold it with the safety of the spectators as the top priority."[6]..The alternative event was set on September 9, changing the venue to Tokyo Dome.[7]Therefore, the official game of this year is no longer held in Kumamoto.

According to a subsequent interview with the Nishinippon Shimbun, it will be described later.National High School Baseball Championship Kumamoto TournamentFar from being uncertain about the recovery by July, when the event will be held, it was found that the damage was enormous.In addition to the above-mentioned outfield uplift and partial damage to lighting and seats, the majority of the stone walls on the left stand (lawn seats) collapsed, and the cracks on the back screen expanded, greatly restricting access to the area around the stadium.In addition, some of the ceiling boards have been damaged, such as peeling off, and the Kumamoto Prefectural Health and Physical Education Division said, "Since ensuring the safety of athletes and spectators is the first priority, even if restoration work is done, the game will be held unless safety can be confirmed. "I can't go sign" and "I'm considering whether to use the stadium in a partially closed form, or if it can be used, when it will be available", and there is no provisional service.[8].

Also sponsored by "45thRKK"Flag Battle", "64thNHKSince the safety of the spring prefectural tournament scheduled to be held at this stadium, including the "flag battle", could not be confirmed, the tournament itself was canceled because it was not in a state where it could be played.[9]..At that time, the damage situation of the national high school baseball championship Kumamoto tournament was grasped, and if the restoration work of this stadium was not in time, it was planned to hold it outside the prefecture in the neighboring prefecture.[10]..After that, Kumamoto Prefecture Takano Ren is a sub-venue so that if the restoration of Fujisakidai cannot be held in time, it can be held in Kumamoto Prefecture as much as possible.Prefectural Yatsushiro Athletic ParkIn addition to the baseball stadium, it is said that it will be adjusted in addition to the venue[11].

The Kumamoto Prefectural High School Baseball Federation announced on June 6 that the facility's emergency measures work is expected to be completed by July 21, and that it will be used as the main venue for the championship prefectural tournament.However, some of the stands will be off limits, so the number of people that can be accommodated after reopening will decrease.[12].

Restored in April 2017.On April 4th, it will be the first official match in 4 years as a giant-led match.Tokyo Yakult SwallowsAnd "TOKYO seriesWas done.

Facility naming rights

August 2018, 6,Yamaga CityAnnounced that it will conclude a naming rights contract with "Lib Work Co., Ltd.", a local housing manufacturer headquartered in[13]..Nicknamed "Livework Fujisakidai StadiumIt became.The contract period is 2018 years from July 7, 1.July 3, the same yearNational High School Baseball ChampionshipThe first day of the Kumamoto tournament was the first match under the new nickname.

Professional baseball

Central League

Long time agoYomiuri GiantsIt was customary for the (giant) to play the first match of the Kyushu series three consecutive games at the main stadium, one game every year.However, in the 1s, he was the owner at that time.Tsuneo WatanabeHowever, there is a large audience capacity for local eventsDome StadiumBecause we focused on the dome, such as taking a policy of focusing on1992Finally, the official game sponsored by the Giants was not held for a while,2006May 8ToHiroshima Toyo CarpThe 16th round was held for the first time in 14 years.

SE LeagueThen, in addition to this, Yakult Swallows19981 match,Yokohama DeNA BaystarsHolds one game a year on an irregular basis.In addition, it should be noted.2012May 4The Giants vs. DeNA battle was scheduled, but it was canceled in the rain.2016May 4Giants vs.ChunichiAlthough the battle was scheduledKumamoto earthquakeWas canceled due to[14]..The following year, on April 2017, 4, after the completion of recovery from the earthquake, the Yakult game was held as the first professional baseball game. (Above)

Pacific League

Fukuoka Softbank HawksIs homeFukuokaIn the Daiei era that moved to1989Only held one match in[15]But,2007Was scheduled for the first official match in 18 years.However, the weather did not improve even after the match start time, and the match was canceled due to bad weather due to rain (no postponement at the main stadium), so the next day2008May 4Pair ofOrix BuffaloesThe official match was held for the first time in 19 years.Since then, one SoftBank-sponsored game has been held every year, which is the third game.2010May 7Pair ofTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHe won the battle and won his first victory at the main stadium.The Hawks won in Kumamoto during the Nankai era.1951May 8,Kumamoto City Suizenji Baseball StadiumMade inTokyu FlyersIt goes back to the war.

2011FromKagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Baseball StadiumIn many cases, two consecutive battles with the company were organized, and the entire line was opened in the same year.Kyushu ShinkansenIt is called "Kyushu Shinkansen series" after that.

Independent League

2008May 7, From this yearShikoku/Kyushu Island LeagueJoinedNagasaki SaintsFukuoka Red WarblersThe match was held (sponsored by Nagasaki).

2021More official game startedKyushu Asia League OfFire Country SalamandersEstablished this stadium as the base[16], The opening game was supposed to be held on March 3, but it was canceled in the rain (only the ceremony was held)[17].. The match on April 4 was the first official match, and the land of fire won and marked the first home match.[18].

Events at Fujisakidai Baseball Stadium

  • 1980At the autumn open game (Giants vs. Hanshin) on November 11th, the GiantsSadaharu OhHas hit the last home run in active duty.This pattern was broadcast on TV, and when the king hit a home run into the right wing seat and went around the ground, all the players of Hanshin as well as the giant bowed and greeted the king and greeted him.[19]
  • On March 1981, 3, in the open match between Hiroshima and Nippon-Ham, HiroshimaRyuzo Yamazaki Hideshi MuraiCrash into the concrete fence of the outfield following the hit ball, rightpatellaThere was an accident that broke[20]..At that time, the fences of the professional baseball baseball stadium were covered with rubber, but most of the local stadiums still had concrete fences.It was officially obligatory to install cushioning material for the fence of the stadium where the official game of professional baseball was held.1988From[21].
  • 1987May 6Giants vs. China-Japan battle, GiantsWarren CromartyIs ChineseMiyashita MasamiWhen Cromartie rushed to the mound and asked Miyashita to take off his hat and apologize when he received a hit by pitch from the pitcher, but Miyashita did not take off his hat, so Cromartie moved to Miyashita's jaw on the mound. An incident of shooting a straight punch occurred, and it became a hot topic at that time.The two have since reunited in the planning of a television show.[19]
  • 1999May 3, In the open game between Giants and Hanshin, started practicing as a pitcher from the autumn camp of the previous year and concurrently serves as the original outfielder (Two-sword style) Aiming for HanshinTakeshi ShinjoHowever, it will be the first pitchRelief1 inning was suppressed to a trio[19].
  • 2018May 4,Kumamoto earthquakeOn this day, two years after the foreshock occurred, the Softbank vs. Lotte game was scheduled to start at 2:13, but it was announced that it would be canceled at 13:04 due to the rain.But right after thatOpening ceremonyWas scheduled to appear incroquetteSuddenly appeared on the ground at his requestChiharu Matsuyama,Koji TamakiIt became a hot topic that the venue was lively by showing off impersonations such as[22][23].
  • 2018May 7, First in Kumamoto PrefectureAll star gamesWas held.In this game, he was 6 years and 4 months old as the 43th place in the Central League in the top of the 3th inning.Koji Uehara(Giant) pitched, until thenKimiyasu KudoBreaks the oldest pitching record in the All-Star game that he had[24].

Achievements of professional baseball

As of the end of 2020, there will be 66 official games,All star gamesOne game is held.The breakdown of the official game isSE LeagueTwo games,Pacific League31 games.

NPB official game

DatesHOMEScorevisitorNumber of spectatorsRemarks
1972May 4Nishitetsu1 5Hankyu16,000
1973May 5Yakult3 2Chunichi18,000Double header1 match
1973/5/27Yakult1 3Chunichi21,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1973/9/2The Pacific Ocean1 3Kintetsu17,500Doubleheader 1nd match
1973/9/2The Pacific Ocean4 0Kintetsu21,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1973/9/30The Pacific Ocean5 0Nitaku9,200
1974May 4Nippon Ham0 5Hankyu7,000The first home game for the Nippon-Ham Fighters
1974/4/10Nippon Ham2 9Hankyu6,000Doubleheader 1nd match
1974/4/10Nippon Ham0 9Hankyu8,500Doubleheader 2nd match
1974/5/14The Pacific Ocean0 1Kintetsu12,000
1974/5/15The Pacific Ocean4 1Kintetsu6,500Doubleheader 1nd match
1974/5/15The Pacific Ocean0 2Kintetsu13,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1974/7/30The Pacific Ocean5 1Hankyu13,000
1974/7/31The Pacific Ocean0 4Hankyu15,000
1975May 4巨人4 2Hiroshima27,000
1975/5/3Yakult0 2Ocean7,000
1975/5/5Yakult4 2Ocean9,500
1975/5/24The Pacific Ocean4 5Nippon Ham15,000
1975/5/25The Pacific Ocean0 1Nippon Ham17,000Doubleheader 1nd match
1975/5/25The Pacific Ocean5 1Nippon Ham22,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1975/6/14Hanshin1 0Ocean15,000
1975/6/15Hanshin5 4Ocean14,000
1975/8/29The Pacific Ocean0 4Lotte21,000
1976May 5Yakult2 5Hiroshima14,000
1976/7/2The Pacific Ocean5 4Hankyu8,000Late opening round
1976/7/3The Pacific Ocean3 1Hankyu15,000
1976/7/15巨人1 3Yakult28,000
1977May 5Yakult5 8Chunichi22,000Doubleheader 1nd match
1977/5/29Yakult7 1Chunichi22,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1977/8/2ク ラ ウ ン1 0Lotte12,000
1978May 4巨人6 0Ocean28,000
1978/8/5Yakult1 9Hiroshima23,000
1978/8/6Yakult1 4Hiroshima21,000Doubleheader 1nd match
1978/8/6Yakult4 3Hiroshima22,000Doubleheader 2nd match
1982May 4巨人3 2Chunichi25,000
1982/6/10Hiroshima4 3Chunichi6,500
1987May 6巨人5 1Chunichi25,000
1988May 5巨人3 2Hiroshima25,000
1989May 5巨人3 7Chunichi25,000
1989/6/13Daiei4 7Nippon Ham10,000
1989/8/26Ocean6 11Yakult25,000
1990May 5巨人2 8Yakult25,000
1990/6/30Ocean7 2Hanshin15,000
1991May 5巨人5 2Ocean25,000
1991/8/31Ocean4 7Yakult25,000
1992May 5巨人4 3Yakult25,000
1992/8/29Ocean4 3Hanshin24,000
1994May 9Yokohama5 0Chunichi21,000
1996May 9Yokohama0 5Yakult25,000
1998May 5Yokohama6 7Hiroshima22,000
1998May 7Yakult5 11Yokohama18,000
2003May 4Yokohama3 4Chunichi18,000
2006May 8巨人6 0Hiroshima14,786
2008May 4Softbank3 8Oryx13,141
2009May 4Softbank3 5Seibu14,451
2010May 7Softbank4 3Rakuten14,659
2011May 4Softbank5 3Lotte14,001
2012May 4Softbank0 1Rakuten14,259
2013May 5Softbank5 2Seibu14,634
2014May 8Softbank2 1Rakuten14,883
2015May 4Softbank0 1Nippon Ham15,088
2016May 4Softbank10 0Oryx12,376
2017May 4巨人3 0Yakult13,276
2017/5/13Softbank3 2Rakuten12,922
2019May 4巨人4 5Hiroshima13,681
2019/5/18Softbank2 1Nippon Ham14,020

NPB sponsored match

DatesHome teamScoreVisitor teamNumber of spectatorsRemarks
2018/7/14All Central1 5All Pacific13,760My Navi All-Star Game 2018Round 2

Fujisakidai Camphor Tree

The seven giant camphor trees standing around the back screen behind the outfield stand are a symbol of the stadium.The largest one has a trunk circumference of 7 m, a tree height of 12 m, and a tree age of about 28 years, making it one of the largest camphor trees in Japan.Even a small one has a trunk circumference of 1000 m, a tree height of 7 m, and a tree age of about 20 years.It is rare for such giant trees to grow in clusters,1924(Taisho 13)May 12,country'sNatural treasureWas specified in.The camphor tree group is directly managed by the prefecture based on the "Handling Guidelines for Management of Kumamoto Castle" established by the national government, Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City.[25].

As mentioned above, the location of the stadium used to be Fujisaki Hachimangu, but it was relocated after the shrine was destroyed by fire during the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877.Even after the site became a military site, the camphor tree that was originally in the guardian forest as a sacred tree remains as it is, and when the stadium was constructed, it was already designated as a natural monument, so it was not cut down and the outfield stand Was placed in contact with the camphor tree group, and a fence was installed around the root to protect the root.This fence1964The height was raised to 2.2m in the wake of a misfire caused by a visitor who entered the hole in the trunk, and a barbed wire was stretched over the fence.

The branch of camphor tree standing on the left wing side protrudes so as to cover the upper left middle of the stand, creating a comfortable shade for the audience of the stand in fine weather.Since the stadium is located at a small elevation, it stands out from the surroundings and is a symbol of Kumamoto, the city of forests.Koshi CityLocated inForest Research InstituteAt the Kyushu breeding ground, twigs are collected as a valuable forest tree genetic resource, and efforts are being made to preserve the species of the camphor tree group. Around 2008, one of the seven branches had dead branches, which was thought to be caused by a bacterial infection, but in 7, the prefecture took measures such as pruning dead branches, improving soil, and injecting antibiotics, and withering has been avoided. ..At the same time when this branch withering occurred, the "Kumamoto Castle Fujisakidai Millennium Camphor Tree Award Preservation Society" was formed with the aim of protecting the camphor tree group and utilizing it as a tourism resource, centered on the residents around the stadium. ..In order to create a space where citizens and tourists can relax more by advocating this preservation society, the prefecture removed the fence with barbed wire installed around the root from autumn 1 to autumn 2010, and instead citizens ButJapanese hollyWas planted and re-enclosed with wooden fences and ropes to restore the landscape.

In addition, although a part of the branch on the left wing side protrudes into the field by about 1.5 m, the tree designated as a natural monument cannot be pruned without permission, so in the official professional baseball game, the hit ball comes into contact with the branch or trunk and the field If it bounces back toBall in playIf the hit ball is caught in a branch or trunk, it is treated as a home run.Also, in the official high school baseball game, if the hit ball touches a branch or trunk, it is treated as a home run.[26].

Equipment outline

  • Both wings: 99.117m, Mid-size: 121.920m
  • Infield: Sat, Outfield: Natural turf
  • Scoreboard: full colorLEDSystem, large video device (H6 x W10.8m) available
    • 1960-1978: Full panel type.Installed directly behind the back screen
    • 1978-2010: Score display, large clock only light bulb, others panel type.Player names are written vertically,Nominated batterThe pitcher notation at the time of use was written horizontally in the upper right corner of each team player name.
    • At the time of renovation in the spring of 2011, it was fully electrified at a cost of about 2 million yen.Mitsubishi ElectricMade ofAurora visionWas introduced.On the left side, there are displays such as inning score, batting average and home run number of current batter, ball speed, team name, ball count (in BSO order), judgment, referee, etc.A large video device is placed on the right side, and the player name is displayed during the match.Except for the count and judgment display, all are compatible with full-color display.An LED-type sub-score board is also installed on the shed of the main stand, and the total score, ball speed, count, judgment, etc. can be displayed.
  • Night game lighting equipment: 6 units
  • Capacity: 24,000 (Infield: 10,429 seats, Outfield: Lawn)



Route bus, etc.

  • Kumamoto StationSakuramachi BTからTransit BusNumber
    • From Kumamoto StationCity busAbout 1 minutes on foot after getting off at "Urusammachi" on "O0-1 system (former: station 10) via Kami-Kumamoto station / Kokaibashi first ring road"
    • 熊本駅・桜町BTから都市バス「W1-1・W2-1系統(旧:島1・島2)岳林寺経由 荒尾橋」行、または「U1-1系統(旧・島3)段山・上熊本駅経由 上熊本営業所」行で「段山・市立博物館入口」下車後徒歩約10分
    • From Kumamoto Station / Sakuramachi BTKumamoto city bus"SS system Kumamoto Castle Tour BusAbout 5 minutes on foot after getting off at "Children's Cultural Center" at "Shiromegurin"


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