🧑‍🎨 | Reconstruction Manga Sanctuary “Tokiwa-sou” Museum Opened


Opening of the "Tokiwa-ban" museum, a holy place for restoration

[Kyodosha July 7 Denden], etc. <Tetsuwan Adogi> etc. Famous Japanese name Osamu Tezuka, representative of the Japanese Manga family, lived in the time of the year, "Kotobakan", Tokuwakan, Tokyo, "Ikibanen" Museum "Open 7th. Due to the traditional ceremonial rituals in this area, Yuuo Takano, Chono Yakucho, “Aspiring to be a world-wide cultural and cultural source.” Tokiwa is a two-story wooden structure with a four-and-a-half-mile length. Outside Tezukazuka, Fujiko F., Fujikazu F. Fujikazu, Geniusu Uruga, the author of Fujin Akahazu, who is a resident of Fujio Akatsuka. The museum is located in the museum, and there is a 7-storey display area. 4 To each of the members, Manma House-like room, Joint Koubou Kawashita room, and Tadashi Shigeaki's end. This is the area where the return is possible. Advocate Adachi-man, Yuka Kawasaki (2 years old), who is the most successful advocate. Written by: Ega: “Fenkai-Kou-Koubu-Ken-Kou-Kai-Kou-Taka-Kou-Tatsu-Tou-Kigen-Restoration, Fillet-Sensation-Abundant-House-Imperial-Life. Impressed by the deceased person.” Tokiwa Era Caused Aging in 1 Exclusions, but in the proviso that citizens hope for restoration and recovery, Yeoshima District Government 2 Construction plan. Opened the construction of Minami-Nagasaki Hanasaki Park, which is suitable for the Tokiwa Sukuya in 38. Originally opened in March, but postponement of the new epidemic of coronary sickness and venom has been postponed. Due to the museum opening hours, 1982 pm on the first day and 2016 pm on the first day of the day, no entry fee. Due to the spread of preventive epidemics, the current staircase demand has been appointed as a senior partner on the main page of the government network. 2019 (3) 10 for consultation. (End) → Continue reading

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