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🏛 | [New Corona] Governor Nisaka "Infection continues to remain high"


[New Corona] Governor Nisaka "Infection continues to remain high"

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In addition, Governor Nisaka told the residents of the three prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, where the state of emergency was declared, "I will never tell my fellow residents not to come to Wakayama." It was.

Regarding the infection status of the new coronavirus in Wakayama Prefecture, Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka said, "The state of staying high ... → Continue reading

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    Emergency declaration

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      Emergency declaration(Emergency emergency)

      1. For general state of emergencyEmergency declarationSee.
      2. New coronavirus infectionTo prevent the spread of the epidemicNew influenza measures special measures lawRegarding the state of emergency issued by the Japanese government or prefectures based onPriority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spreadSee.
      3. 2. A movie delivered in 2020 with the motif of the state of emergency in Emergency Statement (Movie)


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