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🏛 | Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation's permanent member of the council is held.


The permanent member of the Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation is held. XNUMXth ward officially recognized by Mr. Umetani, XNUMXnd ward abandoned unification of opposition candidates

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In response to a question from a reporter, "Please tell us the background and intention of Mr. Naoki Kazama's press release to the effect that he does not have a party membership" in relation to the 6th ward, Secretary-General Ken Obuchi said, "Kazama on January 1. He announced to several media companies that he would run for the 30th ward.

State of the permanent member of the council The Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Kenren held the first permanent member of the council this year at the Niigata Toei Hotel on the XNUMXth.In addition ... → Continue reading

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Naoki Kazama

Naoki Kazama(Naoki Kazama,1966May 10 -) isJapan Of政治家.Member of the House of Councilors(2rd term),Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs(Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet), House of CouncilorsSpecial Chair on Okinawa and Northern Issues,Niigata Prefectural Assembly memberServed as (1st term).


NiigataArai City (currentlyMyoko City)birth.Arai Municipal Arai Elementary School (currently Myoko Municipal Arai Elementary School),Joetsu University of Education Junior High School,Niigata Prefectural Takada High Schoolgraduate.1990,Keio University Faculty of LawDepartment of Political Sciencegraduate[1]. July of the same year,Mitsui & Co., Ltd.Joined the company.Kenichi OhmaeAlso works in the office.1992,Heisei Restoration SocietyAppointed Deputy Secretary General (to a colleague at the Secretariat)Akira NagatsumaThere was).

1999January,Niigata Prefectural AssemblyFor parliamentary electionsJoetsu CityFrom the constituencyLDPHe ran officially and was elected for the first time.During the prefectural assembly era, the source of local electionsMinister of Home Affairs-Katsuhiko ShirakawaIt was a series of.2003,43th House of Representatives general electionToNiigata 6th districtからIndependentAlthough he ran for the race, he was rejected.Initially, I was looking for a run for the LDP official recognition, butShutori TakatoriWas officially recognized, and Kazama was forced to run as an independent.After all, both Takatori and KazamaDemocratic PartyPrevious jobNobutaka TsutsuiLost to.

2007 Of21rd House of Councilors ordinary electionWith the Democratic Party official approvalProportional sectionI ran from and won.2012January,Noda Third Remodeling CabinetでParliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign AffairsIs appointed to.

2013January, July of the same year23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionThen, from the proportional districtNiigata Prefecture Election DistrictExpressed his intention to run for the race[2]..In the same election, he left the Democratic Party the previous year.Party of lifeIncumbent who ran officiallyYuko MoriDefeat,Ichiro TsukadaRe-elected with the second highest number of votes after.

2015 OfDemocratic Party for the Democratic PartyThen.Akira NagatsumaList the recommenders of[3]But,Katsuya OkadaWon[4].

2017XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Niigata DailyIn response to the interview, the Democratic Party left the partyConstitutional Democratic PartyExpressed his intention to join the party[5][6].. On December 12, submit a notice of withdrawal to the Democratic Party and a notice of admission to the Constitutional Democratic Party.[7][8], About the reason "Lower house electionIn the later party management, he became a part of the person in charge of the policy department and had various discussions, but from next yearConstitutional amendment debateI thought that the Constitutional Democratic Party (which has a close view of the Constitution) was the most suitable for me as it became active. "[9][10][11].. On December 12, the Democratic Party accepted the notice of withdrawal.[12][13], December 12, Constitutional Democratic Party approved Kazama's entry[14][15][16].

2019XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionHe announced his intention to run for the next House of Representatives election from the 6th district of Niigata, but the prefectural federation of the same party has already announced that he will run for the election district.National Democratic PartyMamoru Umetani, a former member of the Niigata Prefectural Assembly (son-in-law of Nobutaka Tsutsui)[17]) Is intended to be recommended as a candidate for unification of the opposition parties, and he was reluctant to say, "It will also significantly destroy the belief with other parties."[18].

2020The former Constitutional Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People joined in SeptemberConstitutional Democratic PartyEven after the formation, it was difficult to coordinate between Umetani, which is recommended by the Prefectural Federation, and Kazama, which is recommended by some executives of the party headquarters.[19]But,2021On January 1, the party appointed Umetani as the head of the Niigata 12th district, and it was virtually decided that Kazama would not be officially recognized by the party in the next House of Representatives election.[20]..On the other hand, on the same day, Kazama posted a comment on the homepage saying, "We will present a new framework for the House of Representatives election to embody our philosophy," indicating our intention to run for the House of Representatives election.[21].


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