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🏛 | "Wedding reception culture with a large number of people may disappear" Okinawa bridal industry requests support


"The wedding reception culture with a large number of people may disappear" Okinawa bridal industry requests support

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In addition to financial support for the industry, the request also requested subsidies for couples holding weddings and receptions.

A bridal industry group that has been hit hard by the new coronavirus visits Governor Tamaki and faces a management crisis ... → Continue reading

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a wedding ceremony

a wedding ceremony(Kekkon Hiroen)marriageInviting relatives, acquaintances, and friends to show offBanquetIs.The custom of holding a wedding reception to inform the local community and society about marriage and to celebrate it together has been seen for a long time all over the world.The wedding reception isReligiousDark color儀式AsweddingIt is often held together with (wedding), and sometimes the wedding and wedding reception are combined into a wedding (wedding).

In the olden days, a wedding reception was used to establish a marriage.After that, due to the organization of religion and the development of social systems, the wedding ceremony, which is a religious ceremony, was emphasized, and the wedding ceremony was regarded as the establishment of the marriage, and the wedding reception became an accompanying party.In modern times, marriage is simply civil in many countries.AgreementHowever, the religious colors of weddings are strongly inherited, and wedding receptions are widely held.儀式For more information on the wedding asweddingSee section.

Wedding reception in Japan


JapanThe transition of the marriage form is explained in three major periods: ancient to medieval, medieval to modern, and modern.Wedding receptions have also changed their meaning as the form of marriage has changed.

Ancient timesから中 世(Kamakura Period) Until the beginning, the husband goes to his wifeWife marriageWas widely done.Between the peopleloveStarting from, a man goes to a woman's houseHusband and wifeGenerate a relationship.It is the female parent who admits marriage, a kind ofSon-in-law marriageIs said to be.It is said that the female parents slept in their footwear so that the man would not return immediately.When the man went for three days and three nights, the female parent admitted the marriage,Son-in-lawWe had a lot of food and drinks to entertain, and held a banquet inviting relatives to show off their son-in-law.this所顕-露顕(Awara).Heian periodBefore the reception, there were ceremonies such as "Mikayo no Mochi" that lead to modern wedding ceremonies.

During the period from the Middle Ages to modern times (prewar)MarriageHas spread.In marriage,MarryIs on the male sideHomeMarriage is established by the marriage of a member, and the life of the couple is often done by the husband and wife.Marriage emphasized the beginning of the connection between homes, and a wedding reception was held inviting relatives of both families to the male side of the house.Marriage issamuraiIt is a manifestation of the patriarchal family system seen in the above, and as it matured, it became established in societies other than the samurai family.Feudal societyWhen the organization is established,Matchmaking,engagement-Conclusion, Ceremony dates, wedding reception ceremonies are also in place,Ogasawara style,Ise styleAnd even the ritual school was born.MeijiOf the old Civil Code enacted in the timesFamily system, Based on itFamily registerEven in the system, marriage is built as a basic form of marriage.

After the war1946Promulgated inThe Constitution of Japan(Especially14 article,24 articleEtc.) and the current Civil Code revised based on this (Family law), The system and perceptions related to marriage and couples / families have changed significantly.In modern times, marriage is not a form of one entering the other's house, but "Bisexual agreementThere is a strong recognition that a new independent couple / family will be formed based solely on.Therefore, the matchmaking is reduced,Love marriageIs emphasized.Also, as for the actual situation of life, we live only with a couple and their children.Nuclear FamilyThere are many.As a result, weddings and wedding receptions are less often held at couples' homes and their parents' homes.Hotel,Wedding hall,RestaurantIt is often done in such places.However, the aspect of the connection between homes can be seen everywhere in modern weddings and wedding receptions.Avoiding big banquets and home consciousness, simply celebrate at restaurants with only the bride and groom's parents, siblings, close friends and acquaintances, so-calledJimi (plain) marriageIs also increasing.

Modern wedding reception

Preparing for a wedding reception

Wedding reception venue
The modern Japanese wedding ceremony is a Shinto ceremony (ShintoExpression) orキ リ ス ト 教Wedding receptions are often held at hotels, wedding halls, and restaurants.For this reason,ShrineThere is a wedding hall in the hotel, a Shinto altar and Christianity in the hotel / wedding hall.ChapelIn many cases, a wedding reception and a wedding reception are held together in one place.In recent years, it is sometimes held in party spaces and guest houses with originality, and it is also held in public ceremonies where all the attendees of the ceremony are witnesses and vow to marry.
Invited guests for weddings and wedding receptions
Invitations to weddings and receptions are often made under the joint name of the bride and groom or the joint name of the bride and groom's father.In the case of the Shinto ceremony, only the relatives of the bride and groom are often invited to the wedding ceremony, and in the Christian ceremony, in addition to the relatives, close friends and acquaintances are often invited.This is because the ceremonial hall of the Shinto shrine is often smaller than the chapel, and as seen in the "Cup of relatives of both families," it is a ritual for connecting the two families.
The wedding reception invites relatives of the bride and groom, close friends and acquaintances, as well as teachers, bosses and colleagues at work, and friends and acquaintances of parents.In particular, teachers and bosses are considered to be the guests of the wedding reception, and seats are prepared in the front row of the venue (position facing the bride and groom).
Wedding / wedding reception costumes / clothes
Regarding wedding costumes, in the case of the Shinto ceremony, the groomCrest haori hakama, The bride is innocent whiteUchikakeFor cotton hats or colored uchikakeTsunokakushiOften.In the case of Christianity, the groomMorning court(Daytime)tuxedo(Night), the brideWedding dressTo wear.At many wedding receptionsMakeoverAs the bride and groom sit in the middle, from Japanese clothes to Western clothes, or from wedding dresses to colorful gorgeousCocktail dressChange into.
Regarding the clothes of the bride and groom's parents and relatives, men should wear a crested haori or morning coat, or black.SuitWhitetieOften tightened, and women have five kimonosCrest OfTomesode(Black tomesode, colored tomesode)Visiting dress,Furisode(Unmarried person), if it is clothes, it will not be flashy except pure whiteEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euI often wear.
Other guests are dressed in black or dark suits with white or light ties for men, and colored tomesodes or houmongi for women, kimono sleeves, and one crest for women.Solid color,AttachFor clothes, other than pure white (White is the color of the brideI often wear non-flashy dresses.
Taking a commemorative photo and introducing relatives
Between the wedding and the wedding reception, relatives often line up on the chicks to take a commemorative group photo or introduce relatives to each of the relatives of both families.
Wedding celebration / reception
Wedding giftscashOr give an item.At the wedding reception, cash is given as a celebration.Invited guests book at the reception of the wedding reception andMizuhikiPut it in a gift bag with the word "Shou" written on it and hand it over.The market price for celebrations is 5 to 10 yen for relatives, 5 yen for teachers and bosses, and 3 yen for friends and colleagues. Even numbers such as 2 yen and 4 yen are considered to be "breakable" numbers and are rude.The gift bag can be changed according to the amount of money you put in.In addition, it should be notedHokkaido,Tohoku regionIn some cases, the membership fee system (mainly around 1 to 1 yen per person).
Directing a wedding reception
The genre of production is expanding with the times, but the standard isProfile videoA slide that collects photos of the background and the beginning of the two people's familiarity.Like the profile videos and slides, I wrote an article about their upbringing and getting used to it.Wedding newspaperEtc. are also popular.There are also services such as inviting entertainers to a wedding reception for entertainment.

Depends on the wedding reception ceremony

  1. Seating of invited guests
    When the customer enters, he / she will be seated according to the seating order list given at the reception.The seating order is a problem for the bride and groom as well as the selection of invited guests.
  2. Bride and groom admission
    When everyone is seated, the bride and groom will enter.Matchmaker (matchmaker)If you set up, you will be accompanied by a drinker, and if you do not stand up, you will enter only with the bride and groom or with assistance.At this time, a wedding march is played as BGM.As a wedding march, once "Wedding march"(MendelssohnComposition, "Summer night dreamFrom) and "Bridal Chorus" (WagnerComposition, "Low Englin”) Was often used, but today, the bride and groom's favorite songs are often used.CustomersapplauseWelcome the bride and groom.
  3. Greetings from the party
    • When the bride and groom are seated in Takasago (the main table in front of the venue) and the venue is quiet, the moderator will briefly introduce himself and then give a greeting of the party.
  4. Introducing the bride and groom
    • If a person is set up, the person will report the successful completion of the wedding ceremony, introduce the two people's biography, family, familiarity, etc., and ask the guests for future support and guidance.If you do not have a drinker, the moderator will do it.
  5. Congratulations to the guest of honor
    • The guest of honor congratulates on behalf of the guest.The groom and the bride may each give a congratulatory message.The bride and groom stand up and receive greetings, but the guest of honor often recommends sitting at the beginning of the greeting.
  6. cheers
    • In advanceglassPoured intoChampagneAnd all stand up.The ondo of the toast is taken by the deputy guest or the elder, and after a brief greeting, he utters "Cheers" and everyone sings "Cheers".In Japan, when you open a glass, you immediately put it down and applaud.MannersIs.The survey where the groom cuts off the mouth of champagne is also one of the sideshows.
  7. Wedding cake sword
    • The bride and groomWedding cakeTo sword.At this time, the moderator said, "カメラIf you have one, please go ahead and take a picture. "In the past, the moderator said, "This is the first collaboration between the bride and groom," but nowadays it is not often said.
    • The wedding cakes that were sworded at this time used to be only shaped, but now they are raw.cakeIn many cases, the cake was brilliantly enlivened, and after the sword was cut, it was cut in the kitchen and behaved to the customers.In addition, an event called "First Byte", in which the bride and groom eat cakes with each other, is becoming widespread.
  8. Start meals and recolor
    • First of all, the event is over, and the bride and groom leave for a change.Customers start eating and enjoy chatting.
    • RecoloringMuromachi PeriodIt is said to start with.Initially, on the day of the wedding ceremony, both men and women wore white costumes and dressed in white, and three days after the ceremony, they changed into the colored items they had given in advance and met their parents.This isEdo PeriodIt has been held on the day of the ceremony and continues to the present day.For the original purpose, it may be done once, but nowadays it is often done twice.Pure whiteUchikakeFrom pure whiteWedding dress,ColorEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSometimes you change into a color dress, and sometimes you change from a pure white wedding dress to a colored dress.The groom also changes clothes accordingly, but the main is the bride here as well.
  9. Celebration telegram
    • A congratulatory telegram is shown while the bride and groom are leaving to change colors.Due to the development of communication meansRetax,電子 メ ー ルBut although I can send a message, it is a congratulatory message for a wedding receptiontelegramIs often used.For the congratulatory telegramPressed flowersTelegramembroiderytelegram,Plush DollCharacter telegram with and full-scale art accessories are attachedUrushitelegram,CloisonneThere are various types such as telegrams.
    • The telegram to be introduced is政治家And the bride and groom's workplaceThe presidentMost of them are from people who are important, original texts, and people who are especially close to the bride and groom.
  10. Candle service Candle relay
    • Candle service is often provided when the bride and groom change their colors and re-enter.4st centuryMid(I.e.Derived from the candle mass held in, the light of the candle is "the light of the world" ("Matthew Gospel』Chapter 5, Sections 13-15)[1]..The first thing I introduced in Japan wasKameyama candleIs said to have used.Wedding reception candle service was placed at each tableCandleThe bride and groom will light the fire, and finally the wedding candles set on the main table and the dedicated candle stand will be lit.Sometimes friends play a trick by soaking only the wick of the candles on their table with water to prevent it from easily igniting.
    • Recently, instead of the candle service, invited guests also participatedCandleCandle relays are often used in the style of relaying the lights of.
  11. Guest congratulations
    • When the bride and groom are seated, the moderator asks the guests to congratulate them.
    • In the congratulatory address of the wedding reception, be careful of abusive words and repeated words.Abomination, Both words are words that make you imagine decline, divorce, and remarriage, and are considered to be words that should be avoided in the congratulatory message of a wedding reception.This thinks that words have spiritual powerKotodamaIt is said that it is based on the idea of.Here is an example.
      • Abomination: Cut (cut), leave, return (return), return (return), part, return, leave, repeat, retreat, dislike, get bored, get out (put out), get cold, cool, perish (die), get sick, die , Worry, suffer, weaken, worried, wither, tear, lose, end, die, lose, chase, flow, hurt, fall, fall, sparse, again and again, again and again , Repeatedly, repeatedly, etc.
      • Overlapping words: Overlapping, often and again, returning, heavy, finally, more and more, stubbornly, variously, often again.
      • When referring to the names of the bride and groom, we often say "groom, XX" and "bride, XX", but we also add "groom, XX" and "bride, XX". It is the correct manner of modern times to do.This is a contradiction because married people often have older husbands and younger wives, and "san" can be used by older people, but "kun" can only be used by peers or current people. Because it makes you feel.
    • In addition, there are many standard congratulatory messages. "Making chrysanthemums When you see chrysanthemums, you are a person with a shadow"Eiji Yoshikawa Of俳 句The(I.e.He quotes the bride's father's feelings regardless, and warns him that "there are three bags that must be cherished in life."There are various variations of this "bag", and a typical one isWeariness,Salary bag,mother,Answers,stomach,Ikebukuro,Swamp bag,paper bag,Plastic bag,Etiquette bag,玉袋,gloves,足 袋,marsupial,コ ア ラ,Kangarooand so on.
  12. entertainment
  13. Presenting bouquets to parents, reading letters, acknowledgments of both families, acknowledgments of the bride and groom
    • The atmosphere changes here.Bride and groom to their parents花束To present.At this time, the bride and groom addressed to their parentsletterMay be read aloud.While there is an opinion that it is the best climax in the reception, there is also an opinion that personal letters between families should not be read at the reception, so it can be said that it is a production of pros and cons.
    • Representatives of both families acknowledge.It is customary for the groom's father to say it, but sometimes the bride's father or mother says it.Acknowledgments for the bride and groom are also given.It is customary for the groom to state, but the bride may add a word.
  14. Closing remarks / exit / see-off
    • The moderator gives the closing words, and the bride and groom and their parents give a bow.hereTejimeMay be done.The moderator must avoid the abomination of "finishing" and say "open."The bride and groom and their parents leave and line up at the exit to see off the guests.At this time, from the bride and groom to the guestDrageeと 呼 ば れ るAlmond OfSugar confectioneryIs passed.

After the wedding reception

Attendees at the wedding reception will be presented with a gift called a gift by the bride and groom.Previously for gifts,Red snapperHuge in the shape ofKamaboko (steamed fish cake)And sugar,Tableware,花瓶Large and heavy items were considered good.However, things that are too big and heavy are rather annoying, so nowadaysBonito,BaumkuchenWith light foods such asCatalog giftGifts that are easy to take home are considered gifts.
Heian periodPulled the horse out of the stable and used it as a souvenir.Therefore, it came to be called a "gift gift".
Second party
After the wedding reception, the bride and groom's friends and colleagues are often the secretaries, and mainly young people gather to hold a second party.The second party is often a membership fee system, and it has a relaxed atmosphere.Since there are many young people, it is often a place for new men and women to meet, and there are also many attractions such as games with prizes and prizes.Bouquet tossIs often held at the second party.As with the reception, the bride and groom often edit and stream pre-marriage photos and video images from an early age, and the bride and groom leave and line up at the exit to see off customers.At this time, the bride and groom hand over small items to the customer.
Nowadays, many brides and grooms ask the secretary of the second party.

Wedding reception in the West

WesternBut along with weddings, wedding receptions are important.Wedding cake swords, first bites, bouquet toss andSomething forMany customs have been incorporated into Japanese wedding receptions.

Wedding reception in Asia

South Korea

South KoreaThen there is a custom of bullying the groom at a wedding reception (Korean groom bullying).


ChugokuLet's have a wedding reception喜酒(Chinese: Shijo).Wedding receptionMarriage registrationAnd more important than marriage ceremonies.Wedding receptions are often held at hotels and restaurants.


TaiwanLet's have a wedding reception喜酒,辦桌(Formosan, Making a large amount of food at a banquet).Often done in hotels and restaurants.But even today, the road near my house is blocked and bigtentThere are not a few traditional "dining parties" that are held upright.Such a dinner party is popular in TaiwanKuromatsu HotelAlso called, this is "black pineThe beverage maker also rents out tents for outdoor banquets, and it is because tents marked with "Kuromatsu" are often seen at such banquets.

Celebrity wedding

entertainer,athleteWhen a celebrity holds a wedding reception, you can see the luxurious content that is different from the general public and the appearance of the invited celebrities from various fields.TV stationEtc. may be relayed.

The first wedding reception in Japan that was televised1960May 3Was held inAshiya Kanosuke,Ashiya small goose,Komura(BothComedy actor・ UpperComedian) Joint wedding ceremony by 3 couples[2]Is (Yomiuri TelevisionProduction)[3].. From the 1970s to the 80s, various celebrity receptions were broadcast on commercial broadcasters on average.Audience ratingWas popular, with more than 30%, but since the 1990s, in addition to the same change of consciousness as ordinary people, there is a risk of invasion of privacy, so the reception itself will not be held, or even if there is a reception, it will be broadcast. The number of cases that do not exist is increasing.


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