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🏛 | Prime Minister Suga's eldest son, "Former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications bureaucrats" Background of illegal entertainment-Importance of "compliance advisor"


Prime Minister Suga's eldest son, "Former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications bureaucrats" Background of illegal entertainment-Importance of "compliance advisor"

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Local governments also have whistleblower contact points in relation to the Whistleblower Protection Act, but I don't hear many local governments that have "compliance advisors" who are directly commissioned by the chief.

Mr. Masatake Suga, the eldest son of Prime Minister Suga, who works for a broadcasting company, has been illegally entertaining four executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications who hold the license ... → Continue reading

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Whistle-blowingWhat is (Naibu Kokuhatsu)?組織(Company) Internal human beings are wrong or wrong with their organization (decreeViolations, etc.), external regulatory agencies (regulatory agencies, etc.)News agencyIt is an act of notifying and disseminating information.Of the organizationScandalAnd its concealment are often revealed by this whistleblower.Clear streamAnonymous account is a global case discovered by whistleblowers.ABB GroupIn both 2007 and 2014cartelFirst accusedEuropean CommissionIs exempt from sanctions.

In addition, it is done to the internal audit department by "internal" report "", outside the company (Mass mediaIn many cases, the term "whistle-blowing" is used to refer to "whistle-blowing" or "accusation", but they all have the common point that they are recognized as acts that should be encouraged.Regarding the former, the management支店Etc. on-site fraudScandalSome companies have created a whistleblower system as a means of knowing.However, whistle-blowing does not work as designed by the system alone.In order to encourage accusations, it is necessary to reform awareness through employee education in addition to system design.[1].

As a law regarding whistleblowers in Japan,Public Interest Whistleblower Protection ActThere is.

Required requirements for whistleblowers

Facts to be reported, that is, grounds and evidence that can prove the legitimacy of the content of the accusation are required.
the purpose
It has a public interest and has no purpose of harm.
Accusation destination
If the public interest reporting window (helpline) in the company is functioning effectively, it should be selected first in the sense that it requires improvement efforts within the company.In addition, regulatory agenciesMass media・ Third parties such as general residents may be selected.[2].

Protection system

By past practice, whistle-blowing was usually considered a betrayal by the organization.[3]..Therefore, whistleblowers are inevitably perceived as unfavorable by organizations and related industries.As a result, there are a number of cases in which a person who announces an organization's fraud or wrongdoing for the public good is treated unfavorably by the organization or related industries, sanctioned, or banished from the industry. That's right.

Whistleblowers play a very important role in knowing and correcting organizational injustice.Therefore, it is necessary to protect whistleblowers from improper retaliation by such organizations, and legislation will be promoted in each country.

The United States of AmericaThen.1989"Whistleblower Protection Act (Whistleblower Protection Act) ”,英国Then.1998To "Public Interest Disclosure Law (Public Interest Disclosure Act) ”Is established.Equivalent to this in JapanlawAs,2004(Heisei16 years)Public Interest Whistleblower Protection ActWas established.

Adverse activities against JapanInternational includingIntelligence activitiesExposedStanislav Levchenko,Vasili MitrokhinAsylum in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively.Detail isLevchenko case,Mitrokhin ArchiveSee also Government Accountability Project To sayNPO Edward SnowdenAnd so on.

Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act

20064/1Japanese law enforced in.WhistleblowerWorkerThe purpose is to protect.The legitimacy of a whistleblower is determined based on the protection requirements of the law.

The law is just "Law to protect whistleblowersIt is not the main axis to detect the misconduct of the organization.Therefore, the protection of whistleblowers does not necessarily lead to the detection and correction of misconduct in the organization.

Even after the law came into force, corporate sanctions have been imposed on whistleblowers.In addition, the requirements for protected accusations and reports are variously limited, and the position of the accusator[4]And tied up to the report destination[5]There is.For this reason, some have pointed out that the law does not provide sufficient protection for whistleblowers.[6][7].

Bar Association consultation desk

As a consultation desk for those who are considering whistleblowersBar associationHas set up a free or inexpensive consultation desk (see the external link at the end of the article).The law stipulates various requirements for whistleblowers to be protected, and careless whistleblowers outside the company will not be protected.That point,LawyerToconfidentialityTherefore, even if you consult with a whistleblower, you can be asked to show a reliable procedure for the method of accusation and protection of your status without being regarded as a complaint to the outside of the company.

Risk of becoming a whistleblower

Sanctions and retaliation against whistleblowers

JapanIn Japan, the organization sanctions and retaliates against the whistleblower (as a disadvantageous disposition)Unfair disciplinary action) Is illustrated.

Mistakes and concealment of supervisory ministries

Whistle-blowing is an act that has an important element to correct the injustice of the organization, but whistle-blowing is such as creating a cause that puts the whistle-blowing person at risk or leaving the whistle-blowing unattended to spread the damage. The poor attitude and response of the supervising ministries and agencies that are supposed to receive and dispose of them often becomes a problem.

Notification of personal information of whistleblowers

Whistleblowers, despite the high risk of inducing unfair sanctions and retaliation against corporate whistleblowerspersonal informationThere is a problem of providing (name, etc.) to the company.

Discovered in 2002TEPCO Nuclear Power Trouble Hidden CaseReceived a whistleblowerMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryNuclear Safety and Safety AgencyHowever, the material including the name of the whistleblower,TEPCOIt turns out that it was informing[18].

2013 years,TokyoSetagayaThe Setagaya Health Center, which is set up by the company, notified the company of the name of the person who made the whistleblower regarding hygiene management.Whistleblowers on the same dayDismissalWas done[19].

In 2014, the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareJ-ADNIFrom the person in charge of verification who accused the data falsification of電子 メ ー ルTransferred to the principal investigator as it is.The verifier was forced to resign[20].

Whistleblower neglect problem

Whistleblowers have been neglected or ignored, delaying the detection of fraudulent organizations, and the whistleblowers filed against regulatory agencies have not been put to good use, causing problems such as corporate fraud being neglected and causing further damage.

2007January,HokkaidoFood processing wholesale companyMeat hopeHowever, it has been disguised as a quality label for minced beef for many years.News reportIt became public by, but about a year before thatHokkaido Government,Ministry of AgricultureThere was a whistleblower against him.However, the response of the ministries was sluggish, and the whistleblower was virtually neglected.As a result, for about a year, the falsely labeled beef minced meat could not be prevented from being distributed in the market, and it continued to cheat while knowing the fraud of Meat Hope, and the response of the government office was regarded as a problem.[21].

In addition,JAS methodviolation(Food camouflageEtc.) whistleblowerPublic interest reportHas started the public interest reporting system2006In the next 5 yearsJapanese GovernmentAnd eachPrefecturesIn response to this, a total of 63 cases have been received, but there have been no cases that led to the "improvement instruction" in which the name of the violating business operator was announced, and there were strong opinions that questioned the effectiveness of the system. ing[22].

Case of whistleblower

Whistle blower

In English, the whistleblowerWhistle blower(Whistleblower, literally "whistleblower").The word itself has existed since the 19th century, but modern usage is American citizen activist.Ralph NaderIt is due to.Until then, there were only negative names like "informer" and "snitch", so in the early 1970s Nader diverted the word whistle blower and spread it.[25].

The term is related to the use of a whistle to alert the public and the crowd about bad situations, such as crimes and rule violations during sports games.whistle blowerThe phrase originally referred to law enforcement officers (police officers) in the 19th century, who used whistles to draw attention to the public and fellow police officers.[26]..In addition, sports referees also blow whistles when there is an offense, so the same applies.whistle blowerWas called[27][28].. In a 1883 newspaper article, a policeman who whistled against a rioting citizen,whistle blowerIs written. By 1963, this phrase was hyphenatedwhistle-blowerIt came to be written as.

In the 1960s, journalists began to use the term for people like Nader who revealed cheating.in the endwhistleblowerDeveloped into a compound word[26].

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