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🏛 | Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 4 executives, disposition within the month Entertainment problem of the prime minister's eldest son

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4 executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, disposition within the month Entertainment problem of the prime minister's eldest son

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There is a strong suspicion that he has violated the National Civil Service Code of Ethics after receiving entertainment from "interested parties" in his duties, and he is considering disciplinary action.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to dispose of the four participating executives by the end of the month due to entertainment issues by the eldest son of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.Multiple politics ... → Continue reading

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Strong disciplinary action


Stakeholders(British: stakeholder) Means a person who has a direct or indirect interest in the interests and actions of companies, governments, NPOs, etc.JapaneseThen.StakeholdersIt is called (Rigaikan Keisha). Specifically, consumers (customers), employees, shareholders, creditors, suppliers, customers, local communities, government agencies, etc.

The concept of stakeholders is1963In usaSRI InternationalFirst used in a memo inside. It defined stakeholders for an organization as "a group that would not survive without the group's support".[1].. This theory was later introduced in the 1980s by R. Edward Freeman (R. Edward Freeman), it came to be advocated. After that, also in the practice of business,Management strategy,Corporate Governance,Business purpose,Corporate social responsibilityIt has also become widely accepted in theorizing.

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It can be said that the scope of stakeholders of a company varies depending on the way of thinking and a certain definition has not been established.[2], Generally include:


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  2. ^ JIS Q 14031 (related to environmental managementspecification) Specifies stakeholders from the perspective of "environmentally friendly management".

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