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🏛 | Toru Hashimoto criticizes the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for entertainment issues of the prime minister's eldest son "Fairness is distorted"


Toru Hashimoto criticizes the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for entertaining the prime minister's eldest son "fairness is distorted"

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In addition, Mr. Hashimoto tweeted before the tweet, "We should establish a contact rule between the business operator licensed by the government and the administrative man" "If the dinner is OK, we should eat with all the companies who have an offer" He consistently and severely criticizes the unfairness of responding to dinner depending on the other party.

Toru Hashimoto severely criticizes the entertainment issue of Prime Minister Suga's eldest son.Former Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto will be on Twitter on the 22nd ... → Continue reading


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Civil servant

Civil servant(Komuin,British: public servant, civil servant) IsCountryandMunicipalities,International organizationEtc.Public affairs, Iepublic serviceThe staff who executes.Or thatidentityThat.

The term civil servant, which is still used today, is not commonly used in Japan.Meiji EraIt is said to be the beginning[1].190134th from (Meiji 16)Imperial Assembly In, a bill to amend the Penal Code was submitted, and in Article 7 of this draft, "public servants are defined as" members, staff, and other staff engaged in public affairs according to public history, public history, and laws and regulations. "Since then, civil servants with a clearer meaning will be used instead of the official positions that were vaguely used until then.

Civil servants of each country


Japanese civil servantsgovernment officialとLocal civil servantDivided into[2].

The unemployment rate has declined due to the recovery of the Japanese economy, and the number of applicants has decreased by 2017% from the previous year in the 6 Japanese National Civil Service General Employment Examination.Therefore, there are voices from South Korea who are trying to increase the number of civil servants by taking measures against unemployment, especially for the high-ranking youth.[3][4].

The United States of America

Public servants in the United States are divided into federal public servants, state government public servants, and county / city public servants.[2]..The United States personnel administrations are the Personnel Administration Agency, the Merit System Protection Commission, the Federal Labor Relations Agency, the Government Ethics Agency, and the Special Counsel Office.[2].

As a general rule, when a seat becomes available, a civil servant is hired individually by applying for it and being hired by an individual recruitment examination.[2].


In Germany, civil servants are divided into federal civil servants, state government civil servants, municipal civil servants, and social insurance agency civil servants.[2]..The German personnel administration is the Federal Ministry of Interior, the Federal Personnel Commission.[2].

Recruitment tests for civil servants are conducted by ministry and agency depending on the vacancy situation.[2].


In France, civil servants are divided into national civil servants, local public servants, and national public medical institution employees.[2]..France's personnel administration agencies include the General Administration of Public Service[2].

Recruitment tests are conducted for each employee group when hiring civil servants.[2].

The United Kingdom

In the UK, civil servants are divided into national civil servants, local public servants, and public enterprise employees.[2]..The UK's personnel administration is the Cabinet Office, the Personnel Committee.[2].

As a general rule, when a seat becomes available, a public recruitment or recruitment test will be conducted individually for the recruitment of civil servants.[2].

Civil servants of international organizations

International organization staffInternational civil servantThat.


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