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🏛 | Cancellation of 4 prefectures in the Greater Tokyo area When to cancel the declaration of Osaka / Kyoto / Hyogo


Cancellation of 4 prefectures in the Greater Tokyo area When to cancel the declaration of Osaka / Kyoto / Hyogo

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After the meeting, the three governors requested the government to lift the declaration at the end of February, saying that the emergency situation was over due to the decrease in the number of newly infected people and the improvement of the medical system.

A video conference by the governors of Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures that started at 23:1 pm on the 3rd.Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture "Infected person ... → Continue reading

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Emergency(Emergency,British: Emergency) Is, in general,Health,lifeandpropertyOrEnvironmentIs imminentemergencyThe state of[1].

"Japanese language dictionary』Defines an emergency as follows.

"(1) A serious situation that requires urgent measures. (2) A state in which there is an urgent danger for security reasons.In Japan today, the Prime Minister can issue an emergency declaration to maintain security in the event of a large-scale disaster or sedition, temporarily control the police, and general police force can provide security. In the event of a situation that is deemed unsustainable, the Self-Defense Forces can be ordered to dispatch security.

* Police Law [1954] Article XNUMX "When the Prime Minister is proclamed for an emergency prescribed in the preceding Article", it may have a special legal meaning.


"Emergency situations" in international organizations

Various "emergency situations" stipulated in Japanese law

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2(Nigatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthUsually 28 days,leap yearThen it will be 29th.

February, which is the English name,Roman mythology OfFeburuus It is said that (Februus) was taken from the festival.

For normal years, January is the year3-11Starts on the same day of the week.In the case of a leap year, that year8Same asDay of the weekBegins with.

March in Japan

in JapanLunar month septemberTheFebruaryIt is called (Kisaragi, Kinsaragi, Kosaragi) and is nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for February. “Kisaragi” is a synonym for February in China and is not related to the Japanese name “Kisaragi”. There are various theories about the origin of the name "Kisaragi".

  • Since the cold still remains in February of the lunar calendar, it is the month to wear more clothes (Kinu), so "Kisaragi"
  • "Kusaki Haruki" because the buds of the trees are overhanging
  • In the lunar month of August of the previous yearGeeseCame and moreswallowIt's about time to come, so "Kisaragi"
  • "Kisaragi" because it's the month when the weather gets more cheerful

There are also other names such as Umezuki (Umetsuki) and Kogetsuki (Kometsuki). February of the lunar calendar corresponds to March of the new calendar,plumIt is time for the flowers to bloom.


Inshun (Yinchun), Umemizuki (Umemitsuki), Kisaragi (Kisaragi/Kisarazuki), Kenouzuki (Kenzozuki), Chushuun (Nakaharu), Nakaharu (Nakanoharu/Nakaharu) , Hatsuhanatsuki (Hatsukatsuki), Yukietsuki (Snow disappearing moon), Yukige Shizuki (Snow disappearing moon), Reigetsu (Reitsuki/Reitsuki), Higusa Ohtsuki (Kosetsutsuki)

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