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🏛 | This is the horror that many women have experienced. A third woman accuses NY Governor Kuomo of sexual harassment in a photo


This is the horror that many women have experienced. A third woman accuses NY Governor Kuomo of sexual harassment in a photo

If you write the contents roughly
"I was confused, shocked and embarrassed," Latch told The New York Times.

Many women may be able to understand what this look is like.A man in power (many places ... → Continue reading

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New York Times

New York Times(The New York Times) IsThe United States of AmericaNew York StateNew York CityHeadquartered inNew York Times CompanyIssued byDailynewspaper.The United States of AmericaThe circulation withinUSA Today(162 million copies),Wall Street Journal101th place (3 copies) after (48 million copies)[3].


New York TribuneTaking the style of a high-end newspaper for paper1851It was first published in New York City.Initially, the excellent appearance gained popularity and the circulation increased steadily, butCivil WarLater, the generous tone of the South was repulsed and temporarily sluggish.afterwards20st centuryWhen you enter, you will have a network of interviews all over the world.Washington Post,Wall Street JournalEstablished a position as a high-class paper representing the United States along with.

Often in America The Times Is abbreviated as. The "times.com" domain is owned by The New York Times.All The News That's Fit To Print(I will post all the news that deserves printing)mottoIs printed on the upper left of page A-1 of each issue.

In Japan,Asahi ShimbunIn partnership with the Tokyo branch officeAsahi Shimbun Tokyo Head OfficeIt is installed in the building.Also, once jointly in EnglishHerald Asahi(International Herald Tribune / The Asahi Shimbun) was published.The Tokyo bureau chiefMartin Fuckler(Martin Fackler, as of October 2011).

Billy JoelIs a representative song, "Thoughts for New York",ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThe feeling of nostalgiaDaily NewsI put it in the New York Times.


The New York Times1851It was first published on September 9 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones under the name New York Daily Times.RaymondAP communicationIs also the founder of[Source required]..This newspaper1896ToAdolph OchsAcquired by, under his guidance, strengthened articles on international, economic, etc.1897Is called "All The News That's Fit To Print"sloganWas adopted, but this is a competing New York City newspaper, "New York WorldAnd 'New York Journal AmericanSuch asYellow journalismIt seems to be a check against.After moving the head office to 42nd Street1904In this neighborhoodTimes SquareCame to be called. Nine years later, the company built its headquarters building, Times Tower, at 9, 43rd Street.But the Times Tower1961Has been sold to.

The early Times, though daily, were not published every Sunday,Civil WarThe Sunday edition was published during the period.1918ToWorld War IIn the article aboutPulitzer PrizeHas won the award for the first time.following year1919IsUKPaper transportation to is started.

Crossword puzzle The1942It was started as a special article in.FashionItem is1946Is the start of. The international version has been published since 1946,1967Stop it in the New York Herald Tribune andWashington PostIn collaboration withParisToInternational Herald TribuneWas launched.Op-edThe newspaper first appeared in the world in 1970.1996ToインターネットI opened my own site above.The new headquarters buildingRenzo PianoIn a skyscraper designed byマ ン ハ ッ タ ンIt is built at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 41st Street.

The TimesEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euProfessionalRadio stationsHe owned WQXR (96.3 FM) and WQEW (1560 AM). WQXR moved from The Times to WNYC, and the frequency was changed from (2008 FM) to (10 FM) at 8:8 pm (New York time) on October 96.3, 105.9.[4]


The current New York Times are the two biggest in terms of circulationNational newspaper OfUSA Today(227.8 million copies),Wall Street JournalAbout half of (206.2 copies),General paperAs a well-known newspaper along with the Washington Post,Local newspaperHowever, it is considered to be the leading newspaper in the United States (99% of the daily newspapers in the United States are local newspapers, and the only national newspapers are USA Today and The Wall Street Journal).

Articles in the United States are mainly selected for the TimesPulitzer PrizeThe article has been highly acclaimed in the United States, including over 90 awards.1971IsVietnam WarAbout AmericaDepartment of DefenseSecret materialPentagon PapersWas posted.In response to this, the government accused the Times of leaking confidential informationChargesBut the courtFreedom of the pressWas decided to take precedence over the government's document disclosure standards.This trial isUnited States Constitution OfAmended Article 1(Freedom of speech) Has had a great influence on the subsequent judicial precedents.following year1972IsAfrican American OfsyphilisIt caused a great deal of controversy, reporting that infected people were secretly denied treatment.recently,2004He has won the Purica Award for his article on workplace safety.

It is also known that when important speeches and discussions are made, the manuscript is posted in its entirety without giving up word for word.

New York StateHas 16 stations, 11 domestic bureaus and 26 overseas bureaus. As of December 2004, 12, the total circulation was 26 on weekdays and 1,124,700 on Sundays.

ManagementNew York Times CompanyMade byAdolph OchsThe Salzberger family, a descendant of the company, owns the shares.

2016 OfDonald Trump OfPresidentSince taking office, it has become difficult for President Trump to access information announced by the administration.Investigation reportBegan to focus on.

Investigation reportThe stance of power monitoring, including the above, has sympathized with me.2018The number of subscribers to the electronic version recorded a 21% increase from last year, and it was announced that the number of reporters will be increased and the editorial department will be expanded to 1600 people because there is a certain prospect for the recovery of management.[5]

2019May 10until,White HouseAnnounced that it has called on all federal agencies to unsubscribe from the New York Times.President Trump2016 United States Presidential ElectionConsistently from the Times and other media reportsFake newsHas continued to criticize[6].

About the content of the report

Liberal tone

Generally the TimesliberalIt is said to have a good tone.This is especially true in political and social articles.Same-sex marriageIs also positive, and same-sex marriage articles will be published without discrimination from the opposite sex.But in AmericaPresidential electionIt is permissible for newspapers to strongly emphasize politics, such as clarifying the support of specific candidates.MaintenanceOf the mediaFOX NewsHas been consistently attacked in recent years.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRicardo Paglisi2004Published a treatise entitled "Being the New York Times: The Political Behavior of a Newspaper".In this he1946から1994Investigating the articles featured in The Times during the period, The TimesDemocratic PartyStatistics prove that it is supportive.For examplePresidential electionLet's give priority to Democratic candidates and confrontRepublican PartyCandidates will be dealt with in a small article.

For political comments in art-related articles (see key items) in the featured articles, see Journalism.biasIt is also pointed out that it is typical of.As an example,A.O.ScottFilm critic articles are occasionally sarcastic about conservatives, and Frank Rich's art-related columns frequently make conservative attacks that are less relevant to art.

Exclusive of TimescolumnistWritten by Op-Eds It is said that there is more independence and less political bias than other papers.However, political neutrality can also be criticized for this section.

Confusion of news, editorials and advertisements

2002May 11, Posted an article as the top article on the paper, "CBS keeps silent about female athletes participating in Augusta".In this articleMasters ChampionshipOrganizer ofAugusta Golf ClubIs a womangolferDealing with the issue of refusing to participate inboycottHowever, critics criticized it as a confusion between factual reports and editorials.Conservative blog owner Mickey Kaus says the editor-in-chief, Reins, is reconcepting the word "news," which means that individuals and groups make the mistakes that Reins wants. I criticized it.

On the editorial pageExxon mobilThere are also criticisms about posting an advertorial article.A letter to the editor on paper " letters to the editors There are also criticisms that he has chosen "arbitrarily.

Investigation of bias by the Times itself

2004In the summer of, a research article written by public editor Daniel Octrent was published in response to the above criticisms.He said the Times in some itemsliberalSupportivebiasIt is certain that you have, as an exampleゲ イI raised the issue of marriage for a couple.He said this bias was as a New York newspaperCosmopolitanismIt is said that it is caused by.

OkrentEconomy,Politics,外交problem,CitizenshipI avoid mentioning articles about such things.But heIraq warRegarding the problem ofブ ッ シ ュHe said there was a lack of criticism of the administration.

Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction Press Issue

In an article by Judith Miller on September 2002, 9, "(I.e.In the last 1-2 yearsuraniumI was trying to get thousands of aluminum tubes needed for enrichment technology, "said a government official.that dayCheneyVice President"This is solid information that was also on the New York Times this morning," he said in an interview on TV.HusseinPresidentIt was used to induce public opinion to the Iraq War by appealing for allegations of nuclear development.It was none other than Vice President Dick Cheney's staff (White House Chief of Staff Libby) who disseminated this information, which later turned out to be a forgery.It was likely that Vice President Dick Cheney was self-made, but Judith Miller and the New York Times followed the principle of source concealment and kept this fact hidden even after the start of the war in Iraq. I received severe criticism.

May 2004, 5, the newspaper in IraqWeapons of mass destructionWas not found, so I posted an article by an editor who self-criticized that the article before the start of the war in Iraq was incorrect.In addition to the above article, it is said that there was an error with a terrorist training center in Iraq dated October 2001, 10.Biological weaponsAn article saying that there is a factory and a date of December 12, the same year,BaghdadThere are several articles telling the story of Iraqi asylum seekers that there is a storage facility for weapons of mass destruction in the basement of the hospital."The article wasn't accurate, and there were a number of things that shouldn't be there," the newspaper said, and didn't correct any articles that were found to be incorrect in subsequent interviews.

External judge on May 5 (Ombudsman) Has posted an article that verifies past articles and points out errors.On October 10, the same year, he published a special article on Iraq's nuclear allegations, pointing out that there was systematic manipulation of information by the US government, and rigorously pursued the responsibility of the Bush administration.

Judith Miller then reports on Iraq's weapons of mass destructionPlame affairHe was imprisoned for refusing to testify at a federal grand jury in connection with.The newspaper has defended Miller in accordance with the principle of "confidential coverage", but when Miller reveals the source of coverage and is released, he turns around and criticizes the entire company.Bill Keller, the newspaper's chief editor, withdrew his defense of Miller in an email to all employees, and columnist Moline Daud criticized Miller as a "mass destroyer."Miller, who was blamed by his colleagues, left the New York Times on November 2005, 11, but the New York Times' response to her "seems to shake the woman she used to date" ( It was ridiculed as Newsweek).

Articles related to Japan

NewsweekThe magazine describes the New York Times' reporting stance: "Whenever the newspaper writes articles about Japan, it's decided not to write them favorably."[7]. AlsoGreat East Japan EarthquakeWhile praising the New York Times' coverage of the New York Times, he points out that "I once continued to publish stereotyped articles about Japan."[8].north koreabyJapanese abduction issueSo, in an editorial, I have stated that the abduction issue has been resolved.[9].

Norimitsu Onishi reporter's article about Japan
Nicholas Kristof's article on Japan
  • 1991 OfGulf WarAt that time, a female columnist of the same newspaper posted a well-known editorial stating that "Japan does not share international responsibility and is irresponsible."Currently, this female columnist is the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.Also consistent and hard "anti"whalingAlso known as the tone.
  • 1995Happened toOkinawa U.S. Girl Assault CaseI didn't make a breaking news, and finally made a solid article three days later.Furthermore, he was the director of the Tokyo bureau.Nicholas ChristophTitled "Savage comics read by Japanese women," he said that the Japanese were indignant at the incident, and said, "It's erotic from an American sense, like'praising rape'. Women's comics with more morbid content than ticks,Ladies comicsIs read by many Japanese women. "[10].
  • 1998I couldn't seeニ ュ ー ヨ ー クMainly women livingJapaneseSeven people selected and verified and criticized the 7 most misleading articles related to Japan from the newspaper's articles related to Japan so far, "Laughing Japanese --Mysterious Japan drawn by the New York Times" in Japan and the United States at the same timeSelf-publishedTooth[11], A panel discussion entitled "Misunderstandings in Japanese Media Coverage"Chizuko UenoWe invited them to the event.Ueno severely criticized "Japan forged by the United States" and "It is too small that only the United States is the world."[12]..In addition, Hideko Otake, the editor-in-chief of the same book,AERAIn the interview, "The problem is that every article looks at Japan through colored glasses. When sensational spectacle reports are reported separately without showing the whole picture, it piles up and says," Japan is strange. It's a country that's a country, and it encourages stereotypes. "[13].
  • 2005Made in44th House of Representatives general electionAbout the article aboutLDPLong-term administrationChinese Communist Party,Korean Labor Party OfOne-party dictatorshipRegarding the analogyJapan OfMinistry of Foreign AffairsReceived a formal protest from "It is an unfair article."[Source required]
  • 2006August "Japanese abduction issue by North KoreaWithout focusing on solving the original abduction problem,north korea-ChugokuThe Japanese people's dislike of this is aroused, and such public opinionConstitutional revision issueWe are also trying to use it for political issues such as "."At a later date,Japanese govermentConsiders this report as a problemKyoko Nakayama-Head Complementary Officer(In charge of the abduction issue)International Herald TribunePosted in.The latter was published on the 26th, but was not published in the same paper.
  • 2007In 3 monthShinzo Abeprime ministerIn response to the (at that time) denial of forced entrainment, Shinzo Abe was called "NationalismCriticize the Japanese government's responseComfort womenA special article has been posted on the front page.[Source required]
  • 2008,Taro AsoTwo days after taking office as prime minister, "warlikeNationalistInsisted in an editorial.In response, the Japanese government sent an official counter-thesis to the newspaper.[14], Was published on October 10th.
  • 2009In September,Yukio HatoyamaDemocratic PartyThe representative (at that time)PHP InstituteIssued "TestimonialsNot only was the treatise contributed to "" reprinted without permission, but the content was modified or deleted, and Hatoyama said "Anti-AmericanImpression that he is a "priest"US GovernmentGave to.In the past, the newspaper also had a scandal of article fabrication and plagiarism by reporter Jayson Blair (Note: this is a completely different case, and the case of Jayson Blair was investigated in detail internally).
  • 2010August 8, 29Kyoto Korea First Elementary School Illegal occupation of the parkAs,Citizens' association that does not allow privilege in JapanIntroduced that he had protested, "Young people in the lower layers of Japanese society feel disappointed and discouraged about their lives.インターネットThrough such means, it leads to exclusion from foreigners.And these JapaneseNet right wingAlso called. "Also, most of the Japanese on the net right wing are young men,SalaryHe said that he was engaged in low-priced work, and without showing any rationale, he said, "9,000 organized members decided the time and place on the Internet, and then demonstrated to foreigners.キ リ ス ト 教We are carrying out an exclusion campaign against[15][16].
  • 2010On October 10, he introduced the difficult life of Japanese people, saying, "It is rare in history that a country whose economic prosperity has reversed as rapidly as Japan."On the other handConsulate-General of Japan in New York"The article is an oversimplification of Japan's socio-economic situation, not looking at trees and looking at forests," he said. "If you look at foreign policy and the vitality of young people, Japan will continue to be a leader in the world. It's clear that it's working, "a statement was published in the electronic version on November 11st.[17].
  • 2011Damaged by the tsunami on March 3MiyagiIshinomakiFocusing on the damage to the whaling industry at Ayukawahama, "The tsunami has overthrown the pillars of the Japanese whaling industry, which has not been able to reach the protests and sabotage activities of Western environmental groups." Reported the sadness of.Meanwhile, the Consulate-General of Japan in New York protested the newspaper on the same day, saying, "It is too ruthless to report that the tsunami was'successful'at the end of the whaling industry."[18][19].
  • 2011 year 3 month 11 dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeImmediately after, he entered the site and reported on the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami.Also, in the article on the nuclear accident, prior to the coverage of JapanmeltdownReported about.With many foreign media withdrawing from Japan, his enthusiastic coverage was praised by Newsweek magazine.According to an independent investigative journalism, "By vigorously investigating a series of serious failures hidden by the Japanese government after the tsunami and earthquake that destroyed the land and caused the nuclear accident (from the Puritza Award website)", 2012 Puritza He was nominated for the award finalist (runner-up).In addition, as a research article team, he received the runner-up of the Hal Boyle Award of the Overseas Press Club of America, and the highest award for investigative journalism from the Asian Publishing Association.In addition, he won the highest award of the World Energy Award in the 2011 energy-related coverage.
  • August 2013, 4,Naoki InoseGovernor of Tokyo"(A rival to the bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics)Istanbul"Critique" was scooped by reporters Hiroko Tabuchi and Ken Belson and became a hot topic.[20]..Inose apologizes for this[21]However, at the same time, he also claims that "the questioner had a certain amount of guidance."[22]..Tabuchi reporterTohashi HashishitaRegarding the remarks about the comfort women, he wrote an article to the effect that "Japanese men have the lowest dignity."[23].
  • On June 2013, 6, reporter Hiroko TabuchiHideaki UedaHuman Rights and Humanitarian Ambassador's "Sharap" RemarksTwitterTold in[24]. this isCommittee against tortureWas done in response to the bitter smile in[25][26][27][28]..There is also the view that only Japanese NGOs laughed ("Of course, we laughed at the ambassador's rage and the ridiculousness of the counterargument."[29]The ambassador's angry echoed throughout the UN Commission on Human Rights, though the parties testified).translatorでEnglish conversation schoolManageDavid ThaneAccording to "Shut up!"JapaneseIt's a word that means "shut up"English-speaking countriesThen, it is often used with a strong nuance such as "Meme, shut up", and it is not an intellectual expression.[27]..Also, "Shut up!" Is usually used to silence a person who is talking, and it is unnatural to say it to a person who is laughing.There are many criticisms that Ueda's remarks are inappropriate and could lead to a downturn in Japan's image.[27][28], There was also a voice calling for resignation[30].Daily GendaiAccording to the interviewMinistry of Foreign AffairsAccording to people familiar with the matter, Ueda was originally not very good at English.[26], AFP News also commented that Ueda's English ability "does not seem to be very good"[30]..Also, when Ueda should say "the Middle Ages" which means "medieval", he uttered "middle age" which means "middle age" (there is no definite article the and age is singular). There was also a theory that it might have been the cause.[31]..The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave oral attention to Ueda by June 6, the following day, after which Ueda retired as a human rights and humanitarian ambassador on September 17, and resigned from the post of advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the resignation was due to Ueda's request for resignation and had nothing to do with the "Sharap" remark.
  • On February 2015, 2, Tabuchi reporterRats & StarとMomoiro Clover ZTogether in the recording of the TV showBlack paint makeProtested on Twitter that the photo taken in was published on Twitter (the first tweet was deleted)[32]Posts such as "Why Japan needs to have a conversation on racism?"[33]..Pros and cons on the net[33]And criticized by black people[32]There was also, Momokuro was scheduled for February 2thJapan Foreign Correspondents AssociationCanceled the press conference at[32].
  • On May 2019, 5, a caricature was posted entitled "New Emperor, Old Throne" that ridiculed the Japanese imperial system in which the empress is in a low position, and protests were raised from the Japanese side.[34].

UK related articles

  • The United Kingdom OfMeganThe princessBritish royal familyStrongly defends Meghan and critically addresses racism and discrimination against women in Britain for her departure from[35]..On this topic, British media outlet Piers Morgan dismisses it as "a shameless column by any means."[36].

Medical / health related articles

Articles related to China

GuardianAccording to the New York TimesMainichi Newspapers,Daily TelegraphAlong withChugoku OfCGTNIt is listed as one of the media outlets that are influenced and supported by such companies.It has been pointed out that these media outlets may intentionally carry out reports that prioritize favorable reports, excluding negative reports on China.[37].

Misinformation and false alarms

"To Professor Goddard, who is doing research at Clark University with the help of the Smithsonian Institution.Law of action and reactionSeems to be incomprehensible.He is todayUniversityYou probably don't have the basic knowledge taught in. "
  • 1969ToApollo 11Just before he landed on the moon, the newspaper published a corrected article.
"From both scientific research and experimentation17st centuryToIsaac NewtonDiscovered byphysicalThe effectiveness of the law is being demonstrated.And today the rocketatmosphereAs well as insideSpaceIt has become a well-known fact that it can fly in space.This paper admits past mistakes. "
  • Iraq's weapons of mass destruction coverage issue.
  • 2000On January 1, the newspaper announced an unusual correction stating that "the number of issues issued until yesterday was incorrect."
"According to the same article at the time, in February 1898, the day after issue 2 was mistakenly set to 14499, and for 15000 years, 102 more numbers than they actually are have been posted on the front page every day."
  • 2008On December 12, the newspaper found that the Mayor of Paris' letter to the editor, which was posted on the 23nd, was fake, admitted that it was posted without verification, and made corrections and apologies.
"The letter posted as belonging to the Mayor of Paris isHillary ClintonSenator OfSecretary of StateBecause the name is mentioned as a successor to take officeKennedyThe eldest daughter of the presidentCarolineHe criticized him as "not qualified to succeed" and "surprising to say the least, not very democratic." "

I have published several obituaries prior to his death.

Main items

The page is composed of three main items.

1. NEWS News
international,Domestic,Washington politics,Business,Technology,Science,Health,Sports,New York area,Education,weather, Obligations and corrected articles (permanent).
2. Editorial Opinion
editorial Editorials , Op-Ed, And posts from readers Letters to the Editor Composed of.
3. 特集 Features
art,Book,movies,theater,Travel, New York Guide,Restaurant-Wine,家庭とgardening,Fashion,Crossword-ゲーム,Cartoon,magazine, Consists of a weekly summary.


They consistently follow the same style when it comes to paper and article composition.Person's nameWhen referring to, use the title and title instead of calling it by the usual surname.Headlines have a large number of words, and important articles are subheaded.USA TodayI was particular about monochrome even when the colorization of the paper, which was started by.The top articles on the paper will be posted on the upper right side of the front page.

Internet version

New York TimeswebEdition1995Was started in.It is one of the most popular news sites.In the US newspaper, the WEB version also ranks third after USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

On September 2007, 9, the New York Times announced that due to increased page views, revenue from subscription fees on the paid portion of the website was commensurate with advertising revenue from the free portion of the site that increased with traffic. It was announced that the billing would be canceled because it was gone, and it was carried out from midnight the next day.[38]..In addition to releasing the entire site to all readers, the New York Times has paid for all but the latest week of news articles from 1 to the present, and under US law.Public domainFreed all articles from 1851 to 1922 in[39].


Separate volume of this Sunday edition (Two-part paper), "New York Times MagazineHas been issued.Magazine1896With the first issue of, long articles that can not be published in this paper and photos with large color photographsreportage(News photo) Is known. As of January 2007, the circulation is about 1 million.

Book review

Published books that exist in the special items on the paperBook reviewThere are people who appreciate it.Some say that sales depend on how they are featured in this book review.Will be posted at the same timeBestseller listIs also known as a representative list in American book clubs.As one of the authorsMichiko KakutaniAlthough his book reviews are highly evaluated, such as receiving the Pulitzer Prize in the criticism category, he is often criticized for writing extremely dry articles.

TV / radio program schedule

Television and radio on paper for the first time since May 1939, 5A TV scheduleStarted posting.In recent years, the national version has been abolished, but the New York City version continued to have a TV section and related columns ("What's on TV").[40][41][42].

NetflixSuch asOn-demand delivery serviceDue to the widespread use of the program guide, the publication of the program guide was terminated as of August 2020, 8, saying that "the format of the program guide no longer suits people's TV viewing style."In addition, it is said that writing and posting of articles related to television, such as introduction of program-related columns and streaming works, will continue.[40][41].

Business owners and reporters, etc.



  • Turner Cutridge (1964-1968)
  • James Reston (1968-1969)
  • <Vacant seats> (1969-1976)
  • Ave Rosenthal(1977-1986)
  • Max Frankel (1986-1994)
  • Joseph Lilliverd (1994-2001)
  • Wheel Rains (2001-2003)
  • Bill Keller (2003-)

Currently active reporters and columnists

Well-known reporters and columnists who were enrolled in the past

List of copies of American newspapers


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