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🏛 | Haruna Kondo "Governor comes first, Prime Minister comes first ..."

Photo Haruna Kondo from Harisenbon

Haruna Kondo "Governor comes first, Prime Minister comes first ..." Expect words to be close to the re-extension of the declaration

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Haruna Kondo, a porcupinefish in the studio, also said, "If the people are satisfied, they will cooperate.

Haruna Kondo of Harisenbon will be announced on the 5th on Nippon Television's "Refreshing" in the Tokyo metropolitan area, 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures ... → Continue reading

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Haruna Kondo

Haruna Kondo(Hello,1983(58)May 2 -) isJapan Ofcomedian.. Comedy combinationHaliselbon OfTsukkomiResponsible[1].. My partner isMinowa Haruka.

TokyoKomaeBackground[2][3].Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.

Career etc.

Born in Komae City. Komae City Komae Daiichi Elementary School, Komae City Komae Daiichi Junior High School,Kunimoto Girls' High School[4], Toho Gakuen Junior College (currentlyToho Gakuen College of Art) Graduated from Japanese culture major[2].

The popular name is "Haruna" (similar to Minowa, so called by seniors). Height 155 cm, weight 83 kg.星座 ThePisces.. Blood typeA type.. FatherMetropolitan Police DepartmentPolice officer[Note 1].

It was when I was in high school that I first formed a comedy combination in my life, and my partner was at that time.girl ScoutYuki Kasahara who was a friend.However, after that, the combination disappears naturally.

I have been a senior member of my office since March 2016, 3.Koji KatoInformation program in the morningRefreshing』(Nippon TVBecame a sub MC of (affiliation) and has been appearing all day from Monday to Friday.[8].

Broadcasted on August 2019th and 8th, 2424-hour TV 4224 as a runner in the 1st ward of the 32.195-hour relay road racekmCompleted[9].


Appearance/body type
Seen to be significantly old, and the appearance and way of speaking are considered to be middle-aged women themselves. In my childhood, it was normal except for being big, and when I was a high school student, I was already in my current appearance. He seemed to look like a student and a teacher or a person in charge despite the picture.[5][10].
I admit it to myself and othersKakuno TakuzoKondo himself took it in the wrong direction, and when the other party said "Mr. Sumino", he pointed to his face and said, "It's not Takuzo Kadono!I have a clue that it is sharp[11]. Because it is said that it is too similar to Takuzo Tsuno,wipeWhen using the picture of Kakuno, when I call in to the office of Kakuno to get permission, "Ah, that's right." What is Kakuno himself in 2008May 3Was broadcast toTBSOf seriesSpecial program"All-Star Thanksgiving '08 SpringFor the first time, I got the approval of "look-alike" and use of face photo[12]. Also in the same yearMay 7からMay 7Was broadcast overFuji Television Network, Incseries"FNS 27-hour TV (2008)Is a drama of the TBS series "The passing world is full of demonsIs played by KakunoChinese cuisineAppeared as the owner of the store, Isamu Kojima, and said, "Takuzo Kakuno, that's it!" The same yearMay 11Broadcast TBS seriesUtabanWas formed by the project of "Wrapping the World is Demon Only"unit"Toki father bandKurito played the first co-star with "Honke" when two of the Harisenbon also appeared as special guests.[13]. Tsunono expressed his gratitude to Kondo for being imitated, and he himself said,It's Haruna Kondo!We sometimes show off a return gag[14].
2014Fuji TV system of broadcasting9 dramas a month"HEROIn 』, because Miyuki, the daughter of Deputy Ushimaru who plays Sumino, was set to be" just like my father ", I got a lot of attention from the expectation that Kondo would appear as a daughter someday.[15][16]However, it never appeared until the end. However, "Drama Legend HERO Special Edition" broadcast on August 2015, 8[17], And the movie version released in the same yearHERO"[11]Finally (although it is the standby screen of Prosecutor Tamura's mobile phone), it appeared and met the expectations of the fans.Also, as a parent and childNTT DoCoMo OfCMIs also produced[11][18].
In 2013 the movie "Body fat meter Tanita's employee cafeteria』Was measured at the event just before the releasebody fat percentageIs 44.7%. The partner's Minowa body fat percentage was 26.4%.[19].
visionIs a strength of 0.04myopiaWas,Myopia correction surgeryI got 1.5.GlassesAfter that because I likefake glassesIs hanging[20].
Hobbies and knowledge
インターネットとMusicMy hobby is watching. I first heard about 13 years oldNamie Amuroof"Don't wanna cry"I am a big fan of Namie Amuro, so much that I am shocked by" and join the fan club[10]. A program that Amuro will appear in when he was in high schoolHEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMPHave been elected for viewing[21]. In addition, we are often witnessed that people are lined up at the goods section of the live venue, and they get tickets by the same lottery as the general public, not by invitation as a related person.[22]. I haven't had the opportunity to co-star like this, but on March 2010, 3, I was performing at workOkinawa International Film FestivalNamie Amuro made a surprise appearance in "[10]. Furthermore, Amuro himself participated in the evening drinking party.[23], KondoBlogThe impression at that time was "OkinawaSo, my dream came true.Incredible things happened.I'm still absent-minded. "fireworksI expressed that feeling with the image of[24].
The official blog replies to questions in the comments section on an irregular basis.For menKenichi MatsuyamaI am a fan ofSplashing doorThe first time I met a female entertainer cooking show[25]..In addition to Matsuyama mentioned above as a favorite type,Koji Murofushi,storm OfNinomiya Kazuya(Similar to Minowa)[26].
In middle schoolbasketballBelonged to the department[4][27].
I haven't been in contact with Yuki Kasahara, who first formed a combination, for 15 years since the dissolution, but on March 2016, 3, "Yukichi Sakurai Abanai Evening Party"(TBSReunion was achieved by the plan. In addition, Kasahara is a comedy combination "ScankyAfter working as a member of "Chako", the stage name of "Enomoto Kanna"actressAre active as[28].
perfume OfAyaka Nishiwaki[10],Moriya Kanna,Mizukawa Asami[29]I have friends with female entertainers other than female entertainers.EspeciallyNHKContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne』Yuriko YoshitakaIs said to be a close friend, and Yoshitaka's starring drama "Justice』(Nippon TV) Co-starring in episode 8[10][30].
Imitation repertoire
After imitating someone's shaking, it is standard for Kondo to scream "It's not XX!".OriginallyAtsushi TamuraIt was born when I was told that it was similar to Takuzo Kadono in the program, and it has been used for more than 20 years since then.[36].
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Combi appearanceHaliselbonSee


Information program





Radio Drama



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注 釈

  1. ^ As of 2012Inspector[5]でMetropolitan Police DepartmentCriminal departmentSecond Section of InvestigationFormer detective of. As the chief of the second intelligence criminal in the section, exclusivelyElection violationCollecting information on the incident and detecting it[6].. 『Partner"ofUkyo SugishitaHave also been reported to be the model of[7]


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