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🏛 | Governor Suzuki Visits Vaccine Priority Inoculation “Big Step” to Prevent Infection


Governor Suzuki Visits Vaccine Priority Inoculation "Big Step" to Prevent Infection

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At Sapporo Medical University, about 8 people gave priority vaccination on the 40th.

On the 8th, Governor Naomichi Suzuki inspected the state of priority vaccination of the new corona vaccine for medical professionals.Governor Suzuki is this month ... → Continue reading

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Sapporo Medical University

Sapporo Medical University(Sapporo Medical University,English: Sapporo Medical University) IsHokkaidoSapporoChuo-kuHeadquarters in Minami 1 West 17-chomeJapan OfPublic university.1950 Was installed in.Abbreviation of university The札医(In the Sapporo area, there is an example of simply calling it "medical college"),SMU. Sapporo Medical University Hospital TheHokkaido University HospitalAt the same time, it is positioned as a core hospital in Hokkaido.


Whole university

The university,Faculty of medicineとFaculty of Health CareConsists of 2 faculties and 4 departmentsMedical scienceUniversity.


Chronological Table

basic data


  • 1-chome, Minami 17 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Education and research


Faculty Department

Graduate Schools

  • Graduate School of Medicine(Doctor course)
    • Department of Community Medicine and Human Arts and Sciences
    • Department of Molecular and Organ Control Medicine
    • Information Transmission Control Medicine Major
    • Nursing major (master's course)
    • Department of Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy (Master's Program / Late Program)


Affiliated organization

University-launched venture company

* A "university-launched venture company" is an entrepreneur based on the research results of a university.Venture company.

University officials and graduates

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

Agreement with private companies

Agreements with other facilities / institutions

International Exchange

Inter-university academic exchange agreement
Student exchange agreement

Main club activities

Sports Club

Handball club

Cultural system

  • Chamber music ensemble
  • Brass bandunit
  • Mixed chorus song club (chorusunit)
  • 写真unit
  • POPS Study Group
  • Theater department
  • IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students)
  • Jazz study group
  • A cappella club
  • Iris Association (Faculty of Fine Arts)
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Surgical Procedure Department
  • Dance club

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