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🏛 | Liberal Democratic Party Fumio Kishida to be appointed as the third chairman of the Hiroshima Prefectural Federation


Mr. Fumio Kishida, Liberal Democratic Party

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With the re-election of the House of Councilors and Hiroshima constituency due to the invalidation of Mr. Anri Kawai's election next month, there was an urgent need to find a replacement for Yoichi Miyazawa, the chairman of the Prefectural Federation, who has already announced his intention to resign.

On the XNUMXnd, former Liberal Democratic Party chairman Fumio Kishida held a meeting with executives of the Hiroshima Prefectural Federation and expressed his intention to assume the role of "Chairman of the Prefectural Federation" ... → Continue reading

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Yoichi Miyazawa, Chairman of the Prefectural Federation

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