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🏛 | Mr. Shunichi Kamiya was elected mayor of Chiba for the first time.What was your background policy?


Mr. Shunichi Kamiya was elected for the first time in the Mayor of Chiba election.What was your background policy?

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Joined the former Ministry of Home Affairs, Saga Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Commerce and Industry Headquarters New Industry Division Manager, Saga City Deputy Mayor, Chiba City Economic and Agricultural Administration Bureau Economic Department Director, Chiba City Economic and Agricultural Administration Bureau Director, Chiba City Deputy Mayor, Fire and Disaster Management Agency National Protection and Disaster Prevention Department Wide Area I have served as the cheering office manager.

Former Deputy Mayor of Chiba City, Shunichi Kamiya, was elected for the first time in the Chiba Mayoral Election, which was voted on March 3st.Kamiya's main ... → Continue reading

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Chiba City Economic and Agricultural Policy Bureau Economic Department

National protection

National protection(Kokuminhogo) is a country, capital, in order to protect the lives, bodies and property of the people and minimize the damage caused by the armed attack in the unlikely event of an armed attack on Japan by a foreign enemy. It means that prefectures, municipalities, etc. cooperate with each other to evacuate residents and take relief measures from the standpoint of civilians.InternationallyCivil defenseEquivalent to.

What is national protection?

What is national protection?Geneva Conventions First Additional Protocolas well as the Second ProtocolThat is, based on the Civil Defense Treaty, Japan prepared it to protect civilians from emergencies such as war.Law Concerning Measures to Protect People in Armed Attacks, etc.According to the (National Protection Law), it means providing evacuation relief for the people in the event of an unforeseen situation such as an emergency.In other countries, it is called civil defense or civilian protection, but internationally, civil defense is a comprehensive concept that includes not only civilian protection from war but also disaster countermeasures such as relief from natural disasters.Behind the fact that it was called national protection in Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translated civil defense as civil defense, so the protection of its own people by the Japanese government came to be called national protection. Is.The name itself of national protection is mainly used in Japan.

In Japan, disaster countermeasures, that is, disaster prevention and national protection, are stipulated in different laws, and emergency and disaster countermeasures are considered separately.Also, under the National Protection Law,terrorismIt is supposed that measures will be taken in accordance with the protection of the people in an emergency for such damages.From this, today's national protection isMaterial impact situation(Armed Assault) andterrorismIt is stipulated as a measure against the threat of.

Basic guidelines

Based on the National Protection Law, the national government must formulate a basic policy for coping and basic guidelines for national protection (Article 10, Paragraph 1), and publicly announce it after a decision by the Cabinet and a Diet report (Article 32, Paragraph 2). Item 3).The matters stipulated in the basic policy are stipulated in Article 32, Paragraph 2 of the National Protection Law.

National protection plan

It is a plan for the protection of the people that must be formulated by designated administrative agencies, prefectures, and municipalities based on the National Protection Law (Article 10, Paragraph 2, Article 11, Article 12).In addition, the matters stipulated in the National Protection Plan, the procedure for formulating, etc. are stipulated in Articles 33 to 35 of the National Protection Law.The national protection plan isMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsBased on the template transmitted as a format from, the geography of prefectures and municipalities is mainly explained, and the guidelines for national protection measures such as evacuation and relief of residents are stipulated.However, in areas where the Self-Defense Forces and police are engaged with enemy regular troops and terrorists who are the main invaders, from the viewpoint of preventing secondary damage, national protection measures cannot be implemented until there is a prospect of ensuring safety. For the time being for the residentsIndoor evacuationIs instructed.Residents pay attention to public broadcasting and disaster prevention radioLegitimate defense-Emergency evacuationMust be devoted to.In addition, national protection measures can be enjoyed by foreigners residing in Japan who do not have Japanese nationality or illegal immigrants who live in Japan due to stowaways or illegal stays, without distinction from the people.

Unforeseen energy security

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has prepared a manual based on the "Food, Agriculture and Rural Basic Plan" (Cabinet decision in March 12) based on the Food Law, the National Life Stabilization Emergency Measures Law, and the Price Control Ordinance. In the event that food cannot be imported from overseas due to an emergency or significant impact, the government plans to implement a distribution system or secure food by cultivating in the wilderness or fallow land to protect the people.[1]..In an emergency, it is stipulated that fossil fuels should be preferentially supplied to emergency vehicles or vehicles used in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism uses it for emergency transportation of resources in the event of an emergency.CabotageIt is possible to enforce a voyage order based on Article 26 of the Marine Transportation Act for vessels of Japanese nationality under the system.

Public relations for the public

In the event of an emergency, the countryJ-ALERT (J-Alert: National Instant Alert System)To publicize to the public through the media or through the media.In public relationsIndoor evacuationAnd evacuation, various warnings, etc. are transmitted.

The Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and local public organizations are constantly striving for public relations, such as providing opportunities for the public to participate in training and meetings related to national protection.In addition, he has created a manual entitled "To protect himself from armed attacks and terrorism."The content of the manual is simple,Japan emergencyEven in the case of, everyone can practice immediatelyCivil defenseIt is a summary of the points of.ContentsIndoor evacuationMainly commentary on the procedure of first aid and emergency legislation.This manual "To protect yourself from armed attacks and terrorism" is publicized to the public through the Internet and can be viewed by anyone on the national protection portal site operated by the Cabinet Secretariat.In addition, on the same site, in the event of an emergency, J-ALERT will sound "National protection sirenCan be auditioned (Audition page).


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